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Found 1 result

  1. HARD SPOILERS BELOW! Hi. Im just trough my marathon with The Walking Dead: Season One and "The Wolf Among us episode 2" Before i start, i must say, that i never got into TWD before, and to be honest the comic series was boring for me. Not mentioning the TV-series, but i sometimes watch it if i have some spare time. About "Fables", i never heard of this series before now. So, first off, the TWD. i must say, one of the best stories ive ever played. Its simple by mechanics, but the story is great, thought sometimes predictible (Come on, who thought that black protagonist would've live trught the entire season ) Game just kicks you in the face, with hard, gruesome and depressing background, the music etc etc. And it affected me, and really made me think about myself. And believe me... thats something. So, heres an example. The Ben. GOD i hated that character. And i know it was wrote this way on purpose. But i only waited for a moment to get rid of that guy. And then it comes in EP:4. And when i let down the Ben, and the game showed, the breaking legs, and the screams of him. Man... the game just smears the feeling of guilt on your face. Also the statistics that shows you how other players did trough the episodes are nice... you can see how big psychopath you are .... I mean, come on... it showed me that just abut 20% players killed the whole cannnibal family. Damn... Characters are just great, you reallly like, or hate them. And thats nice, it means they are wrote by some good writers. Also, the ending, with Lee going to die is just... wow. Also, i just loved the standoff between Lee and the Stranger\kidnapper. I was playing in my headphones and just this silence... no music... no other noises... just two men with shitload of "baggage" seating face to face and dueling on words. Just vrilliant scene. IMO, one of the best in gaming. And i played alot of games, believe me. I mean, words cant explain all i felt trughout the game, but i felt sad.... sad... as... fuck. It just like Telltale kicks you in the nuts screming "THERES NO HAPPY ENDING BIATCh". And thats good. Was amazed, sad, felt really "beaten" after finishing this. After that i reached for "TWAU". Not reading anything about the game before, just my friends told me "ya know, its a fun point'n click with fables from our childhood". I think bastards did this on purpose . I MEan, me, and a lot of you guys definately were raised on many, if not all fables and stories that are in this game, told to us by our fathers, mothers or even grandparents. So, the games starts, the Bigby (another great character. Thats just how i'd imagine a wolf in human skin^^) walks into the building, and there is the cnversation with Toad. And im like "Oh, thats nice... and funny. Gonna be goood antidepressant after TWD" Boy... oh boy how wrong i was O.O, 30 seconds later, BAM, you see the hero from your childhood (always liked wolf aswell, cause he was badass. but ya know... wooody wins ), the brave Woodsman.... beating the shit out of a hooker.... and im just like "What the... why? Oh fucking come on really o.O"? Its 21:26, i finished the game like 30 minutes ago, and im just sitting here... with my childhood ruined o.O. Woodsman, beating fuck out of a hooker, the monkey from oz, the damn alcohlic, Toad is a damn slum thief (also nice character and sad character at once. I mean if you think abut it... its a lone father, raising his son is such shitty place Gonna make you think about this problem in real life). Game is brutal, music is great, plot is very nice and wow. just... im wasted... and amazed in the same moment.