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Found 12 results

  1. To let everyone know, special thanks to Nintendo and Namco Bandai for providing me a early review copy of the game. However I'm told the limited gameplay I can provide is up to 30 minutes and it can be split into 10 minute increments. I'm alright with that. However it won't stop me from showing off how great the game is and it TRULY IS great. Without a doubt. Up first is some gameplay showing off Pikachu Libre against a Machamp. Enjoy. More will be coming so stay tuned. #freegame #PokkénTournament
  2. Hello All I'm a bad gamer who makes bad videos about games I'm bad at please leave me some feedback I'd like to better myself in creating content but that's hard when I don't know what is wrong thanks!!
  3. Hi Angry Army! I got my hands on a very early build of Killing Floor 2 which hits Steam Early Access on the 21st April. Is it any good so far? Yes. Yes it is! Reckon the Angry Army will want to get their teeth into this when it comes out?
  4. The guys over at Wales Interactive were kind enough to send along an Early Access copy of Soul Axiom, so I wanted to go over my initial thoughts on the first half hour or so of the game. I plan to play through much more of the title when I have the time for more concrete information. Soul Axiom is an adventure puzzle game with various mechanics used to manipulate the environment in order to progress throughout the game. The mechanics involve using powers which allow you to create or remove certain objects in the game such as walls, crystals, ramps, etc. The game is generally a linear experience with a focus on mystery in the story. You can view the trailer here. Let's go over some pros and cons in the first chunk of gameplay. Pros: Story is intriguing. While the first few levels are very mysterious, the end of the tutorial reveals a very interesting narrative that makes me want to discover more about the world. Gameplay is familiar but different. If you have played first person puzzle games you will be very at home here. It reminds me of Portal in how the puzzles work along with the character's powers.The two abilities you initially control work in tangent with each other to progress you through the game. Your right hand will create objects in certain places, while your left hand destroys them. Puzzles were decently challenging, but never frustrating. This is of course subjective depending on how good you are at solving them in the first place. The setting is very pleasing to the eye. Lots of soft neon glows from technology beside darker environments make an eerie atmosphere that keeps your mind alert, yet is somehow calm and non-threatening. The lighting effects are great. They help to hide some of the graphical issues and low texture quality. The art style does a good job of smoothing textures so they don't show as being low budget. Many games attempt this but I believe Soul Axiom pulls it off very well. Cons: Placement of some objects looks odd or clips through the environment. This is particularly evident with certain ramps that sink in to the ground. Frame-rate is currently inconsistent. My frames would be all over the place from 75 all the way down to 29 in some areas, even looking around would see changes. Considering the game is not extremely taxing on the graphics end and levels are broken apart with almost no AI involved, this should not be the case. The center reticle is ugly. Normally this would be nitpicking, but it's currently a large box with jagged lines in the center of the screen, takes away from immersion and sometimes obstructs. Only a master volume slider. What if I want to play my own music without turning off all the sound? I get that this is the type of game where music and other sounds add to the experience, but it should be an option nonetheless. Those are my thoughts on the first 45 minutes or so of the game. This should definitely be taken with a grain of salt as it's only the beginning. Currently you can purchase Soul Axiom for roughly $19.99 on Steam or your regional equivalent. The game is currently in the Early Access program so I would advise against purchasing unless you plan on giving feedback to the developer. If you would like to see the first chunk of gameplay, you can view my live impressions here. Let me know if you've got any questions or comments, i'll do my best to answer everything. You can also contact the developer on Twitter @WalesInter.
  5. Hi guys, here's my preview of Dead State, a zombie apocalypse survival RPG from Double Bear Productions. This game is currently in Early Access so please bear in mind all content is subject to change. Any of you guys picked this up yet? What do you think? I really like the way your characters level up by improving their chances of survival rather than just by killing 50 zombies. It's an interesting system.
  6. Hi guys, Here's my video preview of the upcoming, and extremely harrowing, survival game This War of Mine from 11bit Studios. Set in a fictional Eastern European war you must guide a small group of civilians to survival. The art style is extremely evocative and the game presents some interesting questions both in terms of morality and gameplay. Looking forward to the finished product!
  7. Hi guys, Here's my video preview of Heroes of The Storm, the upcoming MOBA from Blizzard. Any of you guys got access to the Alpha build yet? What do you think of it so far? Got potential?
  8. Hi guys, Here's my video preview of Doom Warrior, a dark fantasy gladiatorial MMO in which you develop your warrior and compete with other players for gold and glory. Sounds great right? Well... So what do you think? Have you got beta access? What do you think about Doom Warrior?
  9. Preview Verdict: 7.4 / 10 1 - Stability / Engine 8/10 The game is very compatible and has very low system requirements. Especially if you choose lower resolution packs you can run it on almost any system. A fellow AJSA member tried it with Intel Integrated Graphics: this is where your system starts to be too weak because it is generally lacking the ability to render certain things. I personally tested it on a GTX730M with medium settings and on an HD7970 with maxed settings. They both run perfectly at 60fps, just when you set your textures to "insane" you might get longer loadingscreens. The game only tends to crash when you keep [ALT]+[Tab]'ing over and over again, other than that you could consider the beta as a demo. There are few bugs, like the burn-card screen flickers with black screens. After Battlefield4's horrible launch you still should pre-order with caution, because BF4's beta was also running very well and stable! The "netcode" is generally far better than in BF4, no excessive shooting through cover or anything. Although when your ping gets a little higher, the game tends to freak out a little. Most of the time you don't notice it, but sometimes people come around corners and take multiple seconds to kill you, while on your screen they never showed up - keep that in mind. (and yes, I know there is a cloak funcion, I kept that in mind) Also sometimes an enemy titan with a high ping appears to not be using his force field and taking every single hit, eventhough on his screen he catches every single bullet and repels them to you. 2 - Gameplay How well, intuitive and self-explaining the game mechanics work. 2.1 - Human Gameplay: 7/10 In general the movement system is very intuitive. It is fast paced and you can make your way through the map without a lot of effort. Though the mini-jetpack system has its issues, because you sometimes automatically use wallhanging and walljumping skills eventhough you only wanted to hop over a small obstacle. What I feel also is missing is for example to go prone, or to lean around a corner. Since a lot of games consider this as standard function today, this decreases the score a little. Also there is not much interaction with your environment, you only shoot or melee-attack enemies. The only immersive point where you get to fully interact with you environment is when you get into your titan, or when you "rodeo" on top of one. The weapons fire with laser-beam accuracy. Only the projectiles of anti-titan weapons have travel time. There is no bullet-drop either (except for hand grenades d’uh). This might be more a matter of taste, than a downgrade, but I believe you should be aware of that fact. 2.2 - Titan Gameplay 8/10 The controls are also intuitive, you only have to learn which button does what, since you switch to the titan keybindings. It is very enjoyable and you really feel like you have the control over a big killer robot. While titans move almost as agile and flexible as a human, they are not able to jump or climb over obstacles. Though when you switch to the titan gameplay, the map gets an entirely new set of physic-boxes which makes up for the lack of movement abilities, but also leads to your "dash" ability sometimes not doing what it is supposed to do, like if you try to dash around a corner in a certain vector, you might hit the physic-box and dash alongside it. Also here the game lacks interaction with the environment, since there is just the physic-box set and the physic-boxes of other titans. What serves it an upgrade again is that you can "interact" with enemy titans, like for exaple that you can rip an enemy pilot out of his titan. Also you don't get teleported out of your titan, your character presses the eject button and gets launched high into the air in realtime. The projectiles of your titan’s weapons have travel time, but no bullet-drop. I believe that also the chaingun’s projectiles have travel times, they are just extremely fast so you will probably not notice it anyways. 2.3 - Balance 8/10 There is aim assist for XBOX-Controller users. The aim assist is ridiculously high. In a killcam I saw how an XBOX-Controller user barely even had me on his screen and every single one of his bullets hit me. To me that is a huge issue, because it gives them an unfair advantage. (I should have recorded that footage, it looked so ridiculous how far he was aiming into the wrong direction - up to about 40°) I highly recommend that they reduce the aim-assistance for controllers. The Auto-Aim-Pistol feels overpowered. That is mainly because if the player who uses the gun gets a jump on his enemy he will definately win. On the other hand if it is on even ground an Assault Rifle is the better choice. Since the game is a lot about fast paced chaotic gunfights, it still feels overpowered, because it is easy to get a jump on someone plus it is far easier to kill minions with it, which gives you an advantage for your titanfall timer. Aside from that the minions are partially just for targetpractice, except for the specters, which are able to kill a titan with 2-3 hits if they manage to pull that off, which might happen in some situations, like in small alley ways where you can't move a lot or in very open areas, where you can't get any cover. Also it is hard for a titan to kill the huge ammounts of minions that appear on the map if he picked the chaingun, since it doesn't deal any AoE damage and specters survive a hit or two. Also doing the "rodeo", which is jumping on top of a titan and killing it by shooting its vulnerable parts, feels a little too easy. Almost every building is tall enough for players to jump onto a titan, plus double-jump is also enough to get on top of a titan. Since "rodeo" is already a bigger threat than other titans, players feel forced to use the electric smoke to protect themselves. The shotgun is overpowered, it's at medium range still more dangerous than an assault rifle.Anyways you usually don’t get killed on spawn and always have a chance. 2.4 - Menu System 9/10 You can easily navigate through the menus. The game didn't feel to me like a console port at all and I believe it is very optimized for PC gaming. 2.5 - Artificial Intelligence 5/10 This is a pure multiplayer title, so the AI is rather a gameplay element, than a standalone feature. The AI is oh so useless! While you’re not piloting it your titan basically just paces around while it is attacked. Minions let enemy players walk right past them. You have to give them multiple seconds to actually notice you. Also the minions often play cut scenes, like carrying an injured soldier through a room, or engaging a melee fight: they wait for the player to approach. While this sounds like a neat idea, it often ends up in frozen minons, because as long as you don’t approach, they don’t do anything. Often you can see them from far away just standing still and waiting for you to come closer. 3 - Graphics The graphics quality, the model's polygon count, texture quality and animation quality. 3.1 – Graphics Quality 8/10 There are a lot of lighting effects, shadows, bloom effects, etc. that make the game world look rather realistic and lively. It is not hyper-realistic but it still looks gorgeous. 3.2 – Polygon Count 7/10 The models look very good in general, the polygon count is rather high and especially in a fast paced game they feel appropriate. Most of your environment looks just as it should look. The models are not hyper smoothed, but they are pretty good. Only here and there you might find a sharp edge that’s supposed to be a smooth round surface. It is good, but sometimes just functional. 3.3 – Texture Quality 7/10 The textures don’t have a super-high resolution. If you don’t go for the “insane” texture pack you might see a lot of pixels. Especially the “low” texture pack is extremely low resolution! This is really just an option if your system is really extremely weak and if you’ve got a little spare money, you might want to consider buying a cheap graphics card instead of dealing with that. Very weak graphics cards can already easily handle medium settings! (Here is how low the resolution is: during the tutorial, you usually see a planet through the window of a space ship – when I used the low texture pack I didn’t) Still this is rather a plus than a minus, since you can choose the texture packs with higher resolutions. It only gives bottom-end computers a chance to run the game. 3.4 - Animations 9/10 The animations are all motion captured and look very good. They sometimes feel a little repetitive and sometimes don’t make sense, but those are rather scripting issues. Since most of the game is very well animated, this can’t be a huge downgrade. But since there is not that much of a variety and there still is a lot of room for more content and innovation, it fails a perfect rating. 4 - Sound Everything about the game's sound. How well does it fit into the game world and how good does it sound? 4.1 - Voiceover: 8/10 You can’t tell if it is lip-synced or not because (almost) every unit wears helmets. The sound quality is very good. The characters tend to have the same voice. 4.2 - Dialogues 7/10 The NPCs try to react to the environment, but sometimes the game does a mistake and lets them say things like “pilot down” even if there was no pilot around. Also sadly they often keep talking even though they are already dead. But in general everything is okay. 4.3 - Background-Music: 8/10 The background music is climatic and adds some tension to the gameplay. It doesn’t seem to be loud enough. I maximized it in the audio settings and still barely hear anything. 4.4 - Sound Effects: 8/10 No sound bugs, good volume balance. They use a sound reflection system and basically gives you a good feeling. You often hear weapons that are rather far away at full volume though. It lacks a bit of subwoofer-usage, so you can’t directly compare it to a game like Battlefield 3 or 4. 5 - World Design 5.1 - Scale 7/10 The levels are suited for the amount of players. You need some time to cross them, but you can join a distant battle rather quickly. They announced that there will be many different maps, so there should be enough variety. It just feels like the battles could be a little bigger. 5.2 - Depth of Detail 7/10 The game world looks rather nice, though there is not that much small-scale content to explore. The buildings feel more like a shooting range, than a place where civilians lived. Also it feels like there is not enough variety to the NPCs. There are only about 3 types of minions for each faction. 5.3 – Weapon Variety No Rating Since the game is just a beta and they didn’t reveal a lot about the upcoming weapons, I can’t take this into the rating. So far the game was playable and you were able to choose from a variety of weapons. I hope they implement more things to choose from. Until now there was only one of each type of weapon. 6 - Additional Features Additional Features bring extra score to the game. They are no requirements for the game to work but increase the experience. That's why I decided to give them percentages from 1 to 10 instead of ratings, which could be a downgrade to the core game. 6.1 - Mods +0% The game is not modifiable, which was to be expected. Side Notes The Titanfall Closed Beta is not under NDA restrictions: http://www.titanfall.com/betainfo To me personally the game looks very promising and if they don't mess anything up and if they are holding back enough content, this game might be a really good deal. There still is the possibility that they hold back the informations about the rest of the game's content because there is something wrong with it or something missing. -> It's just a possibility though, the final product might be overflowing with content. Maybe you want to keep in mind that EA lately had a lot of bad game launches. Just in October they released Battlefield 4 in an extremely unplayable state and it is still not fixed. In BF4 the beta also felt more like a demo and it worked very well for the vast majority of players. Though everyone deserves a second chance. The developing studio seems to know what they do since the extremely low system requirements were rather surprising. Critique The Titanfall Beta is surely not there to spoiler us. Therefore I didn't take this into the rating. I still wanted to stress a couple things: It might be a part of us not spoilering, but the game modes are all pretty poorly designed. In death match the minions have absolutely no use, except for reducing the titanfall timer. That might add a tiny tactical element to the game, since you will be highlighted on the minimap if you use your guns. Specters can be hacked and try to attack enemy titans with their rocketlaunchers, but they constantly miss them. All in all it's just a 6vs6 deathmatch, there's nothing very interesting about this game mode and for most players it might get boring very quickly. The capture point game mode has the issue that the titan AI is really dumb, it behaves prettymuch like the minions and barely uses any defensive abilities. After a while everyone gets their titanfall timer ready and often enough your whole team will sit in their titans at once. Most capture objectives are inaccessible for titans so you have to decide: sacrifice your titan for the objective or play it like death match and lose. The minions don't attack objectives themselves. They spawn and move over when a player enters the area. This game mode would make far more sense if the minions behaved more like in League Of Legends or other games of that genre, where they actually go for the objective themselves and the players are encouraged to protect them. Minions should also be dangerous to the players to some degree. Of course it might be annoying if you get killed by NPCs over and over again, but if the minions are of absolutely no use, the game gets boring. They shouldn't turn into aimbots but they should attack enemy players with acceptable strength. Last Titan Standing is also a pretty unpopular game mode. There were times when only a hand full of players actually played that game mode even though it was afternoon. If you're unlucky or a rather unexperienced or untalented player you might die first and have to wait until the whole match is over before you can play again. The titans keep blocking each other and removing the physic boxes from titans isn't an alternative either. It might be interesting and I enjoyed it to some degree but titans are too easy to destroy. You're better off playing death match where you can spawn all the time. In this mode minions are even more useless since they don't even lower any titanfall timer because you only got one titan and one life. What's even more annoying about the minions is that they sometimes are lucky and hit you with their rockets. If you get hit you lose your shield and one health bar. If you get another hit your titan is about to get doomed. Since minions have such a low aim this feels more like playing one-armed-bandit. Every once in a while there's a jackpot and they interfere in your gameplay. I recommend wether making the minions stronger, or removing them from the game mode, because you'll only feel cheated and unsatisfied if they interfere in your battle against players. There is an issue that enemy players disappear when they "rodeo" your titan. When a player tries to get on top of your titan by double-jumping, he just has to get close enough. If the player tries that from the front you can of course use your melee attack to kill them, but if you don't you will experience the sudden teleport. The player seems to still be a couple meters away from you when he suddenly poofs. A couple seconds later you get the rodeo warning. I didn't add this to the score yet because it rather seems like a bug/mistake. I hope they fix that. Recommendations Stronger AI soldiers with a reaction time similar to that of humans, a field of view and and acceptable ability to hit their targets. Let minions attack objectives Let minions with rocket/missile launchers hit more often, so the players are forced to pay attention to them. Make taking out titans by using "rodeo" harder and add (bigger) AoE effects to titan weapons so they have a chance against infantry. An assault rifle of 2 meters in width and 10m in length shouldn't need more than one bullet to kill one player/minion, or a cuddling group of grunts. It is also too easy for players to avoid being attacked by titans, they just have to get on the roof tops of buildings that are taller than titans. There should be a way for titans to punish roof campers.
  10. Bravely Default, an RPG strategy game created by Square Enix, has had its demo released onto the Nintendo Eshop. It is planned to be fully released in February, and uses turn-based combat, like Final Fantasy. Your main goals are to complete quests for people, while rebuilding your home town. I have played the demo for 2 hours now, and haven't put it down yet. Here are my thoughts on Bravely Default based on the demo. EDIT: Due to new information, I will be editing some of the bad, which I missed. The Good: Graphics/Artwork: For a 3ds game, the graphics are great, and the artwork has its own little style to it. The main city is gorgeous, with all the gears and windmills, especially at night, when the city lights up. In combat, the character models look decent, considering its, once again, for 3ds. Gameplay: Gameplay is separated into 3 parts: combat, world map wandering, and rebuilding your town. Combat is decent, like Final Fantasy's turn-based system-and that's not a bad thing. Choosing which characters do what, going in order by speed, the victory poses at the end of each battle. The gimmick to combat is Battle Points: points that you gain by defeating enemies, and lose by attacking, using abilities, and activating "Brave" mode. By spending Battle Points, Brave mode allows you to attack again for every Battle Point spent. It's a fun gimmick, and is useful when battling tough enemies. World map wandering looks great, although a little dull (it is a desert after all!), and is how you encounter enemies. If you wander around enough, like in Pokemon, an enemy will appear. And that is it for the good. Moving onto the bad... The Bad: Armor doesn't change the look of your characters: Even if you buy armor and equip it, your characters' appearances never change. A little nitpicky, but still, it would be nice to see the armor give a little more customize options. Streetpass gimmick: 3ds games have almost always had Streetpass gimmicks. Usually they were just little benefits, like getting power-ups in Super Mario 3D Land. However, this gimmick revolves around the town. The more people you meet in Streetpass, the more villagers you get to help build things. Each one cuts the time to build something in half. So what is the problem, you may ask? Building something takes 1 hour minimum! Not game time, real time. Like a pay-to-play game, Bravely Default basically punishes you if you don't know or don't meet someone with Streetpass. This makes rebuilding your town a chore, and something you hardly ever do. The one thing that separates this game from Final Fantasy, and they fucked it up. They had better fix this in the future, otherwise, it will get a harsh official review. EDIT: Apparently, in the full game, you can get villagers via Spotpass. Final Thoughts: Bravely Default has the right idea, mixing Final Fantasy combat with a Sim City-like gimmick. However, it still has gameplay problems that make it difficult to fully enjoy the game, and need to be fixed. I am not giving this demo a final verdict, for it is not the full game. When the full game comes out, I will give it a full review with a verdict. What game do you want me to review next? Let me know, and I just might review it! EDIT: Watch the nutshell review here!: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s-QqIhW9Mbc Until next time, I'll be next door! Peace out!
  11. Hello good sirs! Here is my first impressions style review of FORCED by Beta Dwarf. Very interesting game with an extremely awesome development team!