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Found 387 results

  1. Ive recently started getting into strategy games on my pc and my ps4 but ive yet to find any that "click" with me. Does anyone have any suggestions for me??
  2. Hello! I'm a French PC and consoles game developer. (sorry for posting here, I couldn't find a more suitable location) I've been working for 4 years on this ambitious adventure game I'm finally ready to unveil... The first "Classic Adventure" mixed with Beat'em Up and RPG, inspired by cartoons from the 80's/early 90's. Jymn Magon, creator of TaleSpin, Ducktales... helped me with the script! A free prologue is available on Steam and GOG : Steam : https://store.steampowered.com/app/1318790 GOG : https://www.gog.com/game/brok_the_investigator_prologue Yes this is a strange mix, so I invite you to try it for yourself NB : I've released 4 games so far on PC/PS4/Vita/Xbox/Switch, my silly adventure game "Demetrios" + 3 console ports of games from another developer (Xenon Valkyrie+, Riddled Corpses EX, Demon's Tier+) Let me know if you have any questions!
  3. Awwww yeaaaaaahhhhhhhh, after waiting for the english version for a LOONG time, I have finally finished this game. And it is by far by a country mile, the best game that Omega Force aka the Dynasty Warrior dev's had ever made to date. And all they need to do is not make yet another Dynasty Warriors copycat game & actually make a sequel to Persona 5 with most of the game mechanics intact with Dynasty Warriors square square triangle button mashing being used strategically. Hallelujah, they've finally broken their long monotony! They should've done this a long time ago. XD This game's story is 6 months after Persona 5 Royal. The Phantom Thieves are having a summer vacation, and they're doing a road trip to spend their vacation together. Of course, since this is a Persona game, this ain't your typical road trip. The gang has to fight a bunch of villains & Shin Megami Tensei monsters along the way while they decide to do what typical high schoolers do: having a lot of fun everywhere they go. With a new AI companion Sofia & a poor2 cop Zenkichi to accompany them along their very eventful journey, hilarity, sadness & awesomeness ensues along the way. And it's freaking awesome! I mean just listen & look at this banger of an intro & you'll be pumped for the journey ahead. Interestingly the game did not reference Royal a lot & only give you vague hints to what happens in that game, so that even the people who only play the normal Persona 5 game can get straight into this game. Apparently this is because both Royal & Scramble were developed at the same time, and so they decided to have Royal end in a way that is conclusive & doesn't need to be directly referenced when Scramble is finally released. Weird way to do it but it'll do. Now I know what you players of Dynasty/Samurai/ Whatever anime these dev made into a Dynasty Warriors clones are thinking: this game's just gonna be another Dynasty Warriors clone & you'll just do set missions after missions while protecting ai officers/ friends over and over and over again. Which to be fair, was my first thought too when this game was first announced. And as I had already said in the beginning, that is totally FAAAAAAARRRR OFFF from reality as soon as I played this game's demo months ago. In truth, this game is pretty much a true sequel to Persona 5 where most of the Persona 5 goodness is kept as it is, but made even more actiony without it being another square square triangle Warriors game. Combat of the game does have the usual square square triangle of the Warriors game, but the beauty of it is each Phantom Thieves have their own style of gameplay & it makes playing each of them different and not just you playing the same movesets. Joker & Makoto for example has 6 combo strings while Ryuji & Haru has 4 combo strings, but Ryuji & Haru can create more powerful attacks by holding down the triangle button. Ann can imbune her whip with fire property, while Yusuke is more like a Sengoku Basara Uesugi Kenshin/ Ishida Mitsunari with his slick katana swordplay. If you play a character often, you can increase their mastery which unlocks their movelists that make them stronger. And best of all, every single enemy you face are just like Persona 5 where they have weaknesses & strength against different attack types, so you're incentivized to switch characters & hit them with their weaknesses. The bosses in this game are definitely the highlight. There's a lot of em both sub bosses & major boss fights, and if you level up yourself properly, these fights are a damn blast to do. My personal favorite being one of endgame bosses which has a damn kickass theme & the fight itself is just absolutely bangers with it. I can't spoil it, but I was so damn giddy when I play it. Why the hell didn't Dynasty Warriors do this in their previous games? Why did they make Dynasty Warriors 9 & make Attack on Titan really damn boring instead of actually changing their combat like what they did with this game??? Cause if they did, I would actually buy one of their sequels instead of ignoring them until the latest Warriors Orochi 4 game cause 90% of their games are just the damn same WHY DO YOU TAKE THIS LONG TO ACTUALLY MAKE SOMETHING AWESOME & DIFFERENT ASDSDJNDHNDSSGDGOASFASDF Ahem, lost myself a bit there. Exploration is the same as Persona 5, only much better in that you can do more platforming & climb to high places more often, there's plenty of areas with their own themes depending on which major boss inhabits that area, and there's a lot of TREASURES to collect. You bet I went through most of the game just exploring every area & finding these things, and I love it. Oh yes, there is one thing that's very different compared to Persona 5: time doesn't matter. You no longer have to face the dilemma of "should I return back to the real world while I'm in the halfway point of this dungeon? I don't want to get out & skip a day cause I want to beat this dungeon ASAP so I can socialize with my confidants" cause this game doesn't have confidant/social links. Instead when you exit a dungeon, it is actually a good tactic since time doesn't skip forward like in 5, and you're restored to your full health when you go back to the dungeon immediately. And the social links are replaced with a LOT of scenes where you & your gang just hang out & enjoy the city you visited for your road trip. Make sense since this game is a road trip game to different parts of Japan & realistically the gang's spending 1 month doing this road trip, but I do wish that you can at least have a date with one of the girls. The most you do is invite one of your companions to a Ferris wheel in one of the cities & that's it. But I wanna go on even more dates with Makoto & Futaba damn it! Can't do it with Tae since she's not in this game! The request sidequest missions return, and this time you can actually replay previous stages by selecting them, unlike before where you're locked from the previous dungeon after beating them. Now this is actually a really good way to incentivize replaying the previous missions again since not only can you return & collect those pesky secret treasure chests that eluded you the first time, if you so choose, you can also replay the major boss fights to your heart's content. I love this cause I get to fight my favorite boss fight in the game & rock on to that boss' epic tunes over and over again, while getting rewards like new weapons/ cash for doing so. By the end of the game, I was so filthy rich from doing this one repeatable quests in dungeons 5 beyond that requires you to hand over materials you collected during your dungeon hunting that I can buy anything I want from items to getting those delicious high tier Personas YEAAAHHHHHHHH I really enjoyed the story of this game as a whole. It is indeed a road trip that will be remembered fondly for the sightseeing, funny shit, the many2 delicious mouth watering foods & awesome boss fights, but I really like new companions you get to travel with. Sofia's this newfound AI companion that can manifest herself in the Metaverse which is so damn cute & helpful that you want her to succeed in her goal to becoming a true companion by having her enjoy life, and Zenkichi the cop which tags along with you is a pretty damn cool dude that it's nice to see him having fun & grow to like the main Phantom Thieves group. And I also like that the villains in this game are not just complete degenerate pricks like the ones in Persona 5. Instead the villains in this game are more like the final boss in Royal where they all had a dark & messed up past, but they think they're doing the right thing by using their powers for their own misguided, but relatable motivations. Even the party can relate to them after they're defeated & their resolutions are pretty sweet. I really feel bad for most of the major villains in this game & it brings a lot of dimension to them. Well done game. Oh yes, and there's 1 thing that this game completely nails: THE FUCKING MUSIC. HOLY SHIET, they not only remixes the tunes from 5 & elevate them to epic levels, but the new tracks are also fucking bangers that I rock into. Here's just some example of the masterful tunes this game had both remix & new: And unlike Persona 3's battle theme which makes me want to shoot myself cause it gets annoying as hell, I actually freaking love listening to these tunes even when they're played more than 10 times. Well done music team for making Persona 5's songs even better than it was before! It is but with great sadness though that I had to say that there is 1 part of this 50+ hours game that momentarily broke my heart. So there's this really damn awesome boss fight that you do in the 5th major area in the game. You beat the boss, a heartfelt story moment happens, and you return to the real world. For some goddamn reason, the game crashed afterwards................. and I had to do that boss fight again. I don't mind though cause the boss is epic, so I did the fight again. Then for some damn reason, this time I was met with a black screen that just shows itself infinitely for no reason. So I quit the game again & hope to God the 3rd time's the charm annnnd I'M STILL IN THE DAMN BLACK SCREEN WTFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF And so I went to google to find a solution. As it turns out, for whatever reason, that part of the game needs to be Alt - tabbed to make the loading screen load things in the background or else you're stuck with the black screen.......................................... I repeat: YOU HAVE TO ALT - TAB THE LOADING SCREEN TO PROGRESS TO THE NEXT PART OF THE GAME.................... I actually was so pissed at that, I became Ice Cube during this scene. Buuut other than that & how you can't really continue your romance from the previous game to this, this game is really damn awesome. It is a true Persona 5 sequel through and through, and I am looking forward to seeing the Phantom Thieves' next adventure after this. I'll be down with them teaming up with previous Persona characters, which I heard was what this game's planned story will have at one point, and also even more badass bossfights to fight against. I give this game my rating of "so damn awesome that you will play this game again after you beat it, while listening to the kickass songs over and over again until the sequel comes out", with a well earned Badass Seal of Approval Go get this game, it's very much worth it, especially to Persona 5 fans that wants more of the main gang kicking ass & having a good time enjoying themselves. Here's till the next adventure, till we meet again Phantom Thieves! Stay classy & enjoy life to its fullest!
  4. This is my message to those of you that are looking forward to the Avengers game coming in 2 days: I had played the beta on PS4 for 8+ hours, and here’s what I can say about that experience: At first I thought it’ll be like that Rise of the Imperfects game back on PS2 with the many characters having their own movesets, but with gear mechanics that's in Destiny or some other looter games. But it’s more deeper than that thankfully. Each characters have their own playstyle so it’s pretty cool to try them out one by one. At first your movesets are really basic, but you get to unlock air moves, combos & new abilities that you can mix up at your own pace. I think I like Black Widow & Iron Man the most because of how fast she is that she's like Bayonetta if Bayonetta has a third-person shooting mode aside from her martial arts, and how Iron Man's playstyle is so damn versatile once you unlock his heavy weapons. And because of this The problem though is whether or not their playstyle’s gonna carry the entire game because I pretty much know what to expect for the rest of the game. You have 2 kinds of missions: campaign missions that progresses the story, and what I can describe as "do the same thing over and over and over again" missions for leveling your characters up & getting better gears. Even though the story missions might look fun, they get really repetitive really quick because all you do is beat people up, move to the next location while trying to open up locked doors by hitting orange thingies / stepping on platforms, beat even more enemies up, and do it all over again until you beat that mission's boss. If it weren't for the variety of moves each characters can do, you'll get bored so damn easily that it makes the vanilla Destiny 1 look like Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare. The original one with the awesome setpieces that is. The most annoying thing about the whole thing is that you have to use a certain character for a mission to get the high level gear for them to use. So if you play a mission as Black Widow, only she gets gears. No gears for Iron Man or Hulk. So you pretty much are expected to play a mission over and over again if you want your certain Avengers up on the level of the other guys & girls, which will inevitably get boring when you do the same missions for the 6th time. They need to make it that you can get gears for other characters when you’re doing a mission as another character. Just by playing the beta, I already had my fill for the game that I don't have to play the full game. it alone lets me know what to expect for the full game. It'll probably be an ok action rpg looter game if it goes right at best, or a repetitive grindfest at worst. And well, thankfully I don't need to wait till the game comes out to get my answer because youtubers have already put a full playthrough of the whole game I have seen the entire story mode of this game which takes around 10 hours, and I can say with 1000% certainty this: STAY THE FUCK AWAY FROM IT While the intro of the game is pretty damn cool & the whole game's a nice origin story for Kamala Khan, aka the new Ms Marvel, the rest of the game is filled with such......... cliched superhero plot that is so damn predictable & generic that you can pretty much guess what's going to happen from the beginning of the game until the end & you'll be completely right about it. And get this: you get to only use Thor & Captain America in the story IN THE LAST 2 HOURS OF THE DAMN STORY MODE. So if you're looking forward to playing as them, well unfortunately you'll have to play 6 hours beforehand of the various story missions which are 80% the exact same stuff over and over and over again. Oh but don't worry though, after the story missions are complete, you're finally free to do what Avengers are supposed to do: do the same bunch of missions over and over again for 10+ hours with mostly the same mission structures + buildings because apparently this game has become a "life service" game. Or as I like to call it "generic mobile game". If you want to unlock their cool character abilities, you're gonna have to play through the boring grindfest missions just to level them up. OH COME ON, if you want to learn from mobile games, learn from the ones that are actually really good & actually do it with great care & variety! Learn from Fate Grand Order, Sdorica, Epic Seven, the mobile games that Korea & Japan actually made which has surprisingly great depth & variety, not Raid Shadow Legends or one of your grindfest Marvel mobile games that's the same shit over and over again! ARRAAFIUHADIFUSDFSDJFPASJFASEOFASOFJASFJSOFJF I have not doubt in my mind that this game is going to be like Destiny 1 & 2. It will receive many2 story dlcs that will make the game actually complete. Hell, there's already a dataminer that shows exactly the many more heroes that are going to be playable! https://www.thegamer.com/15-new-characters-marvels-avengers/ As it stands now, this game is just as I feared: an OK game at best with a lot of grinding, and with a plot that's pretty cliched that you can see how it progresses as if you're a fortune teller, and you'll be right in guessing it. Oh, and the base game without DLC will probably become a free to play game down the line, or at least be so damn cheap that you can get it for $3. You know it's not good when Fortnite is actually more interesting than this game. If you want to get the game, wait till all the contents are released with, hopefully, more mission varieties & epic boss battles and set pieces and wait till you can get all of them in the "actually complete edition" for $5. It'll probably take a long wait, but it's for the best. You can save that money to get an actually awesome game coming in September: the Mafia 1 remake, which I am sure as hell am definitely gonna get because I love the original game & this remake is even better than that.
  5. is anyone else like really amped for the new ratchet and clanks like I remember the originals where amazing but I never got around to playing the ps3 area ones so I'm excited to see what its gonna be like. p.s anyone know like the story like past the 3rd game???
  6. Last of Us part 2, after many years of sparse trailers, after the unfortunate timing that is the Coronavirus, and after the leaks which cause all hell to break loose, it's finally here. And well, the director & writer Neil Druckmann himself already warned us in advance that this game's going to be divisive, and he kept his word. I can say this: before thinking of buying the game, youtube the first 2 hours of the game up until Ellie enters Seattle. If you don't like where it's going, definitely don't buy the game because it's going to make you angry, and there's another review up by Paz which reflects that, which are full of spoilers so watch out for that if you read this first. And possibly Joe's review which will be up later, and I understand completely if he's angry with it. But if you like where it's going and are on board with it, then this is the game for you. I'm actually the later half that knows what I'm in for before I get this game, and I've played similarly messed up games like Nier & Nier Automata which are infinitely more depressing, so thankfully I completed the 30 hour long journey ending satisfied, but not without a few gripes of course. The game takes place around 5 years after the first game. Spoilers for the first game here: You definitely will remember that in the first game's ending, Joel killed a bunch of Fireflies & saved Ellie from being killed because her brain's going to be dissected by the doctor in order to create a vaccine for the fungus virus, which may or may not even work so it's definitely a really messed up situation. Just by this event alone, I already know that what Joel did will come and bite him big time eventually, and this game's one of the answers to that. Personally I pretty much tried to choke everyone in the building & shoot the doctor guy in the leg which made him drop down like a ragdoll unlike what the game's recreation of the event showed but ah well. Anyway, it's 5 years later and Ellie + Joel are living their new life in Jackson Wyoming and well, things are actually pretty cozy in this place. And you get to meet a couple of the supporting casts: Joel's brother Tommy, Dina who's Ellie's girlfriend which picked up Ellie's hobby of making BAAAAD puns, mostly horse puns, and Jessie who is Dina's ex boyfriend. I don't know about you, but he totally likes Ellie too by the way he's checking her out. Hell, if Ellie swings both ways, this dude's a good match for her by how they're interacting throughout the game. XD So the proper game begins as Ellie & Dina are doing their patrol runs around the town. There's a couple of things that actually happen in the intro which I will not mention, but like I said before, check out the first 2 hours on youtube for it & see if you're on board with it. But for a rough idea of what happened, here's the release date trailer. Here's a side note: a couple of the scenes here are different than what's in the proper game. Like, WAAYYYY different so watch out for that. And so begins Ellie's quest for blood as she travel to Seattle, and this game's roughly around 30 + hours, filled with plenty of action, fungus zombies, brutally awesome kills & nice flashbacks here and there to mellow out the relentless pacing. Most of it are pretty sweet, and some are like "ok.... why is that there?" Now even though I'm one of the people who like the game's story for what they're going for, I'm going to mention the parts of this game that I don't like first: I definitely think the event that leads to Ellie going to Seattle can be done a lot better. I expected it, but the way it's done makes one party look like a complete prick, even though there's a well-justified reason for it through their perspective because by the end of it all, both parties aren't completely bad people and are in the grey area instead of black and white. And that's what I'm gonna say about it without spoilers for that part. One character in this game is named Lev. He's the 13 year old boy in this teaser trailer with the bow and arrow. For some baffling reason, this character's a transgender, all because she cut her entire hair short and decided to change her name from Lily to Lev. And it's just completely unnecessary because only 2 very short dialogues that don't even last more than 1 minute mentioned it, and it doesn't have any impact on the story whatsoever other than it just being there because the game for some reason wants to have it. You could just get rid of that dialogue and nothing in the story would change. The maximum bullets you get to store here are surprisingly fewer than in the first game. You can't get more than 8 for your shotgun, 9 for your rifle, 12 for your revolver & 16 for your standard handgun. I thought you had to upgrade your skill tree to get more max bullets but nope! This is it for the entire game. The weirdest thing is even when you increase the clip capacity for your weapons, the max bullets remain the same, which makes no sense. In many parts of the story, the game tried to make the enemy you fight sympathetic. Like "oh no, that guy you killed turned out to be a pretty cool guy", or "oh no, that person's actually just an awkward kid in a bad situation" because you get to see a couple of their backstory later on in the game. But to be completely honest, I don't feel sorry about killing any of them in this game. You know why? Because they're being complete pricks to Ellie, even though Ellie time and time again gave them the chance to just give her the info that she needs and she'll let them go. Especially Nora, Mel & Owen who were supposed to just be normal people put in a bad situation, but when they interacted with Ellie they immediately tried to kill her. Like seriously, if you want to make them sympathetic, make them actually nice & not be complete dicks to Ellie. Simple as that & none of the problems that happen in this game would happen in the first place! And this next part is for WAYYYY later in the game after around 20 hours in which I won't spoil but OH GOD, there's a sex scene there. And it is..... SO AWKWARD and dumb that it makes Ride to Hell & Heavy Rain's sex scenes look Oscar worthy. I can't believe it's actually possible, BUT IT IS. Other than that, on with the good. The graphics are obviously one of the best looking game on PS4 so no arguing there. Though surprisingly if you compare this game's cutscenes to the first Last of Us, especially for scenes with young Joel & Ellie, not that much has changed, which speaks volumes about how awesome the first game's cutscene quality is & how well it just transitions to PS4. Not during the gameplay of course because this game obviously has a much better quality. Despite how messed up & depressing the story gets, the best part of the game are the flashbacks before the event of the game. One of them taking place in a museum which is so cute & adorable it make my heart grew big sizes, and the other one which is pretty damn sad but necessary for Ellie. Hell, you can pretty much make Last of Us 2 about these flashbacks and continue from there instead of what we get, and the game would INFINITELY be less divisive than it is currently. The gameplay mechanics in this game is really solid & a major improvement compared to the first game. For starters, exploration in this game is WAAY more fun and big, and the game is like a mixture of the first Last of Us with that partial open world exploration segment that's in Uncharted 4 & Lost Legacy, though that exploration part is most prominent during the first time you are in Seattle. You get to explore parts of the city in this section of the game with your horse, and you get to use a map to search every nook and cranny this place has. The game's puzzles are not as awkward as those plank sections in the first game, which the game even takes a nod of during one cute section. Now the puzzles are more about putting ropes at the correct spots so you can swing to a hidden place filled with stashes, figuring out either to break a window or crawl a hole to open a locked door on the other side, jumping a lot kind of like Uncharted but less all over the place, and opening safe boxes with hints that makes you search around for clues, one of them involving putting a number that's a date for when a DOG gets employee of the month....... Maybe the dog's a very good mascot? ?_? I don't get how a couple of reviewers say that the jump button is useless in this game. I don't know about them, but I jump all the damn time in this game to get to next areas, platforms, and hidden locations. Useless is when you don't even use the button, but you use it all the time in this game. Maybe they mean useless in combat? But who the hell would jump during a firefight in this game anyway? You're supposed to use cover & hide, not be Mario. Not even Drake from Uncharted jumps during combat unless it's one of those hanging on ledges sections. One of my favorites collectible you get is when you explore a bank which turns out was robbed during the fungus outbreak, and you get to see this easter egg Apparently Uncharted is just a game in this universe because there's Uncharted 1 & 2 in many of the PS3 consoles you can see scattered around the game, so why is Drake's ring there? I think it's just a prop from one of the Naughty Dog employees that just put it there. SO many collectibles to see in this game. You get your usual journals that expand on the lore of the game and see many people's stories, like in one part you get to see the tragic story of a bowman who was betrayed by his friends that sided with an enemy faction that killed his daughter, so he gets to trap them in a garage to get infected, and then later on you have to kill his infected corpse & obtain his bow. A couple of them also involve characters who are probably still alive, and I wouldn't mind meeting them so they can share their survival stories with you. Unfortunately Ish from the first game's many old journals is not mentioned in the game, but maybe we'll finally see him later in a sequel, or dlc. Second are these superhero cards that are all over the place. There are so many of these things, and all of them have cool backstories. I would not be surprised at all if there's a future game of some sort that has these characters because I am down to try out their abilities. Especially the space whale & giant squid that are so big that it's pretty much like a Kaiju fight if they battle each other. When I saw the trophies in this game, I was confused as to why I can't collect quarters yet. Don't worry, you get to collect them when the game reaches a certain point. I've been looking forward to the game because of the combat mechanic I saw in the trailers, and man it doesn't disappoint. They made combat much more free-flowing & brutal here. The prone mechanic & bush hiding mechanic definitely makes this game a lot more like MGS, and I even nicknamed this game Last of Us 2 Phantom Pain: Venom Snake Ellie's vengeance. Which if you think about it, actually fits because both games share a common theme. You can crawl through trucks, tables, beds, anything with a hole on the bottom pretty much now, and that feeling you get when you shoot the face of an enemy that tries to search under them is OOOH, SO GOOD. Stealth is really fun since you have a lot more mobility and hiding spots, so you can get spotted & immediately run to go into hiding a lot quicker than in the first game. The enemies will have dogs that track your scents which makes it harder for stealth when these guys are around, but you can get through these guys pretty easily if you keep your distance, and you can simply headshot them. The other nice touch is how the enemies actually mentioned the names of their fallen friends after you stealth kill them. It makes you want to play a collection game to take note of the unique names for each enemy. You can be a stealth master in this game & it'll always be intense and fast-paced as seen here. You can craft silencers using a water bottle attached to it, but only for your pistol. At first I thought "why can't you craft a silencer for your sniper rifle?" cause I've seen it used during that Mark Wahlberg obscure movie Shooter a while back Until I found out that apparently it doesn't work in real life cause it'll just be ruined after a single shot. Well.... glad the game does its research. Hand to hand combat is also a lot better now because you can finally dodge enemy attacks, which does wonders compared to the first game's weird exclusion of it. Couple of times slugging enemies till they just bite the dust are so nice that it definitely reminded me of a battle from the Raid film. And for those that don't know that fantastic film, here's a taste of what you can expect here. Yep, Ellie uses that knife of hers a lot more this time. Wish she would use martial arts moves too but ah well, 1 out of 2 ain't bad. Melee weapons are the same as usual, but you are able to fix a weapon once now. Some, like the plank of wood, actually get upgraded into a mostly one-hit-kill weapon after you do this, but resources are limited so it's best to do that when you're sure that there's no other melee weapon you can pick up first. Speaking of upgrades, wow they ramp up the upgrade for your weapons & skills here. You get WAY better skill upgrades this time around other than more max health & steadier aim, two of them being a "last chance" ability that lets you shrug a lethal kill, and much faster stealth kill. Get these upgrades as soon as possible, it'll make things so much easier. Weapon upgrades are also really nice. It's simpler now in that there's no tier upgrades & gear level to worry about. What you see is what you get. And the best part about these are the animations for before and after you put on the gun upgrades. They're so slick & nice. Love the enemy types you face in this game. There's 4 groups of enemies: the Washington Liberation Front (WLF), the Seraphites, the infected fungus zombies, and the last one at the last parts of the game which I will not spoil, but it's a cool change of pace when you get to it. All of them use different weapons & tactics against you, and it's pretty cool to see how they contact each other during combat. The Seraphites use whistles to tell your locations & keep track of each other for example. Well except the fungus zombies cause they don't give a shit about tactics. Speaking of the fungus zombies, your usual types are back. The normal infected, the stalkers that sneaks & attack you silently, the annoying clickers & the big bloaters who comes back with a vengeance with a lot more health than usual are here. But there's also a new enemy type the Shamblers which are faster bloaters, but with more acid in them. And one more which is pretty much a boss fight that's straight out of Evil Within or Resident Evil, and it's awesome to fight. Unfortunately these 2 are the only new enemy types in the zombie fungus collection, but it's a nice taste of things to come for the sequel of this game, which I really hope will put the fungus zombie apocalypse more to the forefront. The music are a step up from the first game too. Ellie can play guitars in different places, and her actress Ashley Johnson's a DAMN good singer. It's unfortunate that you only get to hear 3 songs from her in the entire game even though she's supposed to write a lot of original songs. One's the song that Joel sang for her in the beginning of the game, second's a cover of Take on Me ............... I can't resist putting this in. 0P No she doesn't sing that really high note, she lowers the note. Still, good song. Third one's a song in the very end credits of the game that's a duet. All of these songs are awesome, but where's this song from this trailer? I'm so looking forward to hearing this song in the game! Maybe they'll put this song in the dlc. Oh, this one's divisive for sure, but I actually like most of what the gameplay after the 20 hour mark is like after the aquarium section. Not all of them as I mentioned before with the Lev character & that HORRIBLE sex scene that happened during this part, but it's full of unrelenting set pieces that's like a mixture of the first Last of Us, Resident Evil & Red Dead Redemption 2 which I am pumped for. Hell, even the last battle was morbidly fun because I get to die over and over again which makes me imagine an alternate ending to this game where it ends right there and there, which I am pretty sure everyone did during that part. XD Also while the ending of the game can be seen as depressing, I actually think it's more hopeful than what it looks like. I mean it's not completely the end because we don't see the whole picture of what happens with everyone in the story next after that part, and it's definitely open to the next chapter of the game where things get better for the people involved with time. Unlike Hotline Miami 2 which ends on such a downer note that there's not a chance in hell that anything positive can happen after that. And there you have it. Despite all the stuff that happens in this game with the leaks & the things that happen during the game itself, I had a great time playing it that right now I'm doing new game + to fully complete my upgrade in the game & collect all the collectibles. My rating for this game is "even though you'll feel down after the whole thing, it's still a fun ride to the end that makes you want to see what happens next". It's definitely NOT a GOTY material or 10 out of 10 like those review websites said because of the many issues it has, though if you ignore the story & play the game for the gameplay only, you'll have a damn good time shooting enemies & stealth killing them in gloriously brutal ways. I can definitely see this game getting a "don't ever want to touch this game ever again" or "burn in Hell for eternity" for those that are not going to enjoy this game, and that's perfectly fine. It's definitely a divisive game that definitely not everyone will enjoy, though calling this game like the "last season of Game of Thrones" is inaccurate because what happens in this game is pretty much just a logical possible route the story takes, not a completely out of left field garbage that last season was. For those guys, like I said, check the first 2 hours of the game on youtube first, and if that's not to your liking, then keep your money for other games. I am curious though about the next step. Despite all the mess, there's a plan already to do part 3. There's still a few loose ends after the end of the game that have great potential to be explored in the sequel. Will there be dlcs that expands on what happens after the ending of this game that leads to the next part? Will there be dlcs that put more Ellie songs in the game maybe through a flashback section? I'm quite curious to find out. Until then, stay safe during this corona season, play Doom Eternal for this year's GOTY contender at the moment if you want a GOTY game right now, wait for Ghost of Tsushima & Cyberpunk 2077.................. WHY DOES THIS GAME GET DELAYED AGAIN??? DX DX DX DX
  7. Hey everyone, Who here is ready for Death Stranding, dropping on November 8th? I am pretty interested in the game, especially with how weird it looks. Don't really see anything else coming out anytime soon that is remotely similar to it. Anyone else have thoughts on this upcoming game? -GrinningZero
  8. When the first trailer dropped, I was almost crying, I was so happy to see another Borderlands on the horizon. Then things started to happen. We learned what an asshat Randy Pitchford is. We learned certain voice actors wouldn't be reprising their roles (reasons vary, some good, some bad). We discovered Take 2 actually got a YouTube channel removed (again, good and bad in that situation). And then there was the whole "Epic Store Exclusive" debacle. My hype drained, and I found it difficult to stay positive, but as release day dawned I just couldn't resist anymore and bought the PS4 version. I was horrified! The main villains are TERRIBLE! They are essentially what the CEOs at Gearbox think annoying YouTubers sound like. Not that they're wrong, but after the legend that became Handsome Jack, these loudmouthed twins are like nails on a chalkboard and nowhere near as compelling a threat as seen in previous games. I found it very difficult to get through the first couple of missions because it was just so annoying hearing the Twins all the time...and Vaugn wasn't much better (seriously, he was pretty cool in Tales from the Borderlands, and now he's devolved into a lame "bro" stereotype). But then something happened. I finally made it off Pandora and started doing sidequests. I started chuckling at the death screams of the enemies and the quirky side characters. I started finding good guns and running out of inventory because I wanted to keep them all. I started going out of my way to explore the map and make sure every little grey bit had been filled in. I started...having FUN! Oh, the story is still TERRIBLE, but the rest of the game feels like the old Borderlands that I loved so much. There are also a lot of bugs in it still, especially the laggy menus. But overall, yeah, I like the game now. I couldn't recommend it on PC, not until the Steam release at least, but it's definitely worth picking up in the future. Especially if you have friends you intend to play it with.
  9. This is it. The new spinoff game from the creator of Ryu Ga Gotoku/ Yakuza is finally here. Played the shit out of this game and just finished it. And...... well...... I think it's better to mention the negative first that I found in this game, which are just nitpicks of mine. I don't get why you can't equip weapons in this game. Yakuza 6 doesn't have it so Kiwami 2 brought the option to equip weapons which is awesome, but this game removes it! And the weird thing is you actually have a lot of specific weapon based heat moves, like the nunchakus and the tonfas, which are only in specific parts of the game's same as usual Kamurocho. Why?? Then there's these "follow this person while hiding from their view" minigames. You know those minigames where you need to keep your distance and not get too close to someone whether it's on foot or by car? It's also here. Most are alright, but there are some of the minigames where it's either too long, or the npc do a fakeout "oh wait, I'm not supposed to go this way. I'll go back" which can screw you over and get you detected, unless you keep your distance from them. One of these minigame have more than 1 person which really gets annoying because it means more line of sights for you to keep an eye out! Thankfully for me I never fail a single one of these. And then there's the fact that there's only Kamurocho to explore again. Which is ok for me because there's new stuff which you can do that makes exploring this city fresh again, but a second city like the previous games would be nice! Then again, this game is a new spinoff series, so they're definitely saving the other cities for the sequel. Also, no karaoke & hostess clubs. I get why there's no hostess clubs since in this game you help a few girls out & hang out with them before officially dating them, but no karaoke?? You got a boyband vocalist as the main character, and he doesn't get to show his singing skill??? That's such a shame! Then again, I think he probably doesn't want to revisit his former boyband past so I get his decision. Still though, His voice is pretty good. Would love to hear him sing Yakuza made songs. Maybe in the sequel. Other than these things, I got no complaints. Because this game is FUCKING AWESOME!!!! THEY DID IT AGAIN! SEGA MADE A YAKUZA SPINOFF GAME THAT'S JUST AS GOOD AS THE BEST RYU GA GOTOKU GAMES!!! First off, just look at this intro That is the hypest thing ever, and it sets the tone perfectly for the rest of this game. The plot of this game is completely seperate from Ryu Ga Gotoku and it's a completely new story with new characters. The story is that you play as Takayuki Yagami, the guy played by popular Japanese boyband SMAP member Takuya Kimura, looking the same as this photo of the guy. Yagami was a defence attorney, who unfortunately got disbarred after his recent client was arrested after murdering his girlfriend. 3 years later, he opens his own detective agency with a Yakuza friend Kaito, and they both get into a lot of funny banter & bro moments with each other throughout the game. And of course detective work, most importantly a serial killer investigation involving a killer whose MO is to gouge people's eyes out. As Yagami and Kaito investigate further, they go deeper and deeper into the rabbit hole involving a pharmacoutical company and a drug they're developing called ADDC9, and it all relates back to Yagami's past client 3 years ago. What exactly happened? How does ADDC9 fit into all this? Who's the true killer? Play the game and find out! Love the story of this game so much. Unlike the Ryu Ga Gotoku series which has crime stories with a lot of crazy stuff happening, like a golden castle showing out of nowhere, tiger punching & baby football, this game is more grounded in reality with its detective murder mistery plot. Each chapter brings new twist to the plot until the final chapter which brings everything down in an awesome conclusion. I am surprised how lengthy the final chapter is, and how every loose end is tied up neatly in the end of the game. Surprisingly there's a lot of funny moments as well peppered in the serious story which makes for some amusing moments that makes me chuckle here and there. Especially with this co worker of Yagami named Saori who is a completely serious no nonsense girl that you can play as in 2 sections of the story, and has to act like a seductress + cabaret girl after getting a makeover. You can actually choose what she does in these section, and I choose to make her this loud "aw my gawd I'm so girly" girl. I did not expect her to do the things that she did....... Oh my God this girl is hillarious! If you have played any Ryu Ga Gotoku/ Yakuza games in the past, specifially 6 and Kiwami 2, then this game is definitely right up your alley. You got your combat which is just as awesome as usual, especially with new heat moves introduced like these: Yagami is a completely different character from Kiryu. Kung Fu is his martial arts, and he gets to show off so much fancy moves. He has 2 stances, one is for crowd control and the second is for one on one combat. Combat is like 6 & Kiwami 2, but with a lot more versatiliy since Yagami can parkour all over the place. Of course there are a couple of shared moves with Kiryu & Akiyama, he even has the Tiger Drop that you can unlock. But all in all he's his own beast. The way you unlock moves is WAY simpler compared to 6 and Kiwami 2 in that you only need to keep track of 1 character attribute points instead of 5 like before. He also has a few dual heat moments with his pal Kaito. Just look at this: That right there is what you call dual heat fit for bros! Bosses and long battles are also here like usual, and to add tension to the fights, the bosses are now capable of reducing your max health if they attack you with their super moves. Or if you get shot by anyone with a gun. To recover your max health, you can either use a first aid kit or go to a doctor in the sewer that can heal you completely. And this game has one of the most badass boss in Yakuza's history. He's one of the most persistent boss for Ryu Ga Gotoku ever. He's pretty much like Yoneda, but it's actually a boss instead of an easy foot soldier Or the Man in Black from Kiwami 2, but with more weapons. This guy keeps on getting his ass whooped, run away, and somehow bust out new weapons with him in each phases. He starts with a sword, then he has a knife, a spear, a cane that transforms into a shotgun, then 2 kail sticks, and then go back to sword again. That's 5 phases back to back in the same stage, and the weapon design is so cool that I want them. I like it so much that I want to fight him again. The final boss itself is probably the first boss in Yakuza's history to be defeated, and then immediately fight you again with full health bar. Ryuji from 2 comes close, but he's more like fight him once, then fight another boss, then fight him again kind of deal. Then there's the plethora of side activities just like the Yakuza games do. You got the usual baseball, dart, SEGA arcade games which aside from SEGA classics also include an awesome House of the Dead esque minigame which I can play over and over eating & drinking at every restaurants + bar for completion bonus, doing sidequests for various npcs, your basic stuff. There's also new activities not in previous Yakuza games. Since Yagami is a detective, he partakes in stuff like tailing people which I mentioned in the beginning, crime scene investigation, lockpicking doors, taking photos of illicit stuff for their clients, running towards a suspect to catch them & using disguises to enter restricted buildings. Generally being Sherlock Holmes. Aside from detective works, this game has 2 major side activities: drone racing and VR board game, which are both really fun. Drone racing is your usual "upgrade your drone and participate in races against the others", while the VR board game is like this You have limited dice rolls, and your objective is to reach the end, while collecting items which will then be converted into cash for the real world. You can stop in either a "get item", "fight people", "do an unlocking minigame" or "lose/ gain 2 dice rolls" tile. But the one you want to get is the golden cat tile which lets you get money gaining opportunities for your next 3 dice rolls. This is how you gain a lot of money in this game which you can use for many2 things. You can't just enter VR in an instant though, you have to get tickets for entry by fighting thugs & hoping they drop the tickets. But the cash is all worth it. Finally, since Yagami was a former defence attorney, you'd expect that there will be a Phoenix Wright esque court battle with evidence showing and deduction. And well, THEY'RE HERE! And I'm so happy! Sure it's a lot simpler & it's not as long as Phoenix Wright, but they're in this game! It's also very forgiving in that you can screw up and look at Yagami rebounding after said screwup, which is good for me because I brute force my way through the dialogue choices as they're in chinese. And it's funny seeing Yagami saying wrong things here and there. lol I spent 40+ hours playing this game, and just like previous Yakuza games, 40+ hours is the bare minimum since I'm only 60% complete with the game. There's SO much stuff to do that I'm going to do as many of them as I can. Some of the post-game missions I found: Solving a crime where the culprit switches his mascot clothes from Yakuza 6, this outfit And playing as a vampire. So much more missions to discover, like more VR missions, fighting Amon like before, and dating all the girls. Gonna unleash my Persona 5 charm and get these ladies yo! Which is why my rating for this game is "so awesome that I will play this game again and again" with a badass seal of approval! Another Ryu Ga Gotoku game, another GOTY candidate. Wait for the english version which surprisingly has a dubbed version. That's a first since the first Yakuza game, and enjoy this awesome game. This is certainly another great work by the Ryu Ga Gotoku team & I can't wait for their next game, which is probably the Shin Ryu Ga Gotoku with the afro dude. Show us what you can bring SEGA!
  10. until
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  11. Well, Cage is at it again ladies and gentlemen. This time instead of tackling a murder mistery or supernatural fight to the death plotline, he decided to tackle what will happen if androids who are initially emotionless people without the ability to fight against their order actually gains a soul, fight back and become a human being. Kind of like Binary Domain but if the Hollow Children are initially helper robots who become people. This is Detroit Become Human. There's 3 main characters to play as here: Connor, an advanced detective android who is recently assigned to the police to help fight against an upcoming android revolt; Kara, a houseworker android who decided to rebel against her owner after the owner hurt his daughter in front of her; and Marcus, one poor poor guy who initially is just a caretaker for a famous painter, but was destroyed by the police in an accident, crawled back up from the grave, and then decided "you know what? Fuck this shit. We androids are people too, and we're not gonna stand for this!" What you decide to do with these characters is up to you to decide. With Connor, do you want to play him as a no nonsense cop who's dedicated to his mission no matter the cost, or will you bend the rules and show mercy whenever you can? Do you want to create a peaceful demonstration for android rights, or a straight up war as Marcus? Kara's the most straightforward one of them all in that she's taking care of a little girl the whole game, but even with her there's a lot of choices you can make which will determine if they make it out alive or not. This game is for people who have played David Cage's previous games like Heavy Rain, Beyond Two Souls and Indigo Prophecy, and actually like those style of games, because the gameplay is pretty much Heavy Rain with superior graphics & voice acting, more futuristic touch & the ability to FINALLY control the camera like a normal third person adventure game. This is like taking Heavy Rain, and jack up the choices you can make so every single choices actually matters and create so many variables. Holy mother of God, there are SOOOO many variables in this game to choose from. It's so many, that the game actually have a flowchart to track your choices. This is just the flowchart for the first mission. Other missions has shorter or longer. I can't believe that even the littlest of detailed choice you make actually will have consequence in the far future. Like how when you're playing as Kara, if you decided to just get away from your abusive owner with his daughter instead of killing him, he'll return WAYY later in the game a changed man that realized his mistake. Or if you decided to recruit a particular android in a small mission as Marcus, he'll rescue you and save you from death way later in the game. These little details are awesome and it just encourages me to want to play the game again to see what different scenario I can make. Speaking of deaths, this game also ramps up the deaths WAAYY up here. You can pretty much die early in this game if you screw up your QTE prompt or make a wrong choice, especially Connor who has WAAAAYY more deaths than Marcus and Kara, and one character dying will cut his/her sections short until all 3 died and well, you get the worst ending of the game. Except Connor since there's a lot of replacement bodies for him by his employer. Each time he die, a replacement will continue his task with the previous version's memory, and if you look closely to his outfit, you can see that the new replacements will have different model numbers with them. The first Connor is model number 313 248 317 - 51, so when he die, he'll get replaced by model number 313 248 317 - 52/53/54 and so on. I like that little detail there. But not for Kara and Marcus. They die once and that's it. I love how this game has quite a lot of genres put together to make each sections varied. One mission it's a murder mystery game, one mission it's a slasher film horror game where you have to hide from your attacker, and there's quite a lot of action game moments with a lot of running & shooting. Especially the final sections of the game which are fucking awesome to take part in. I got almost the best ending in the game where 3 of my characters survived, but 2 of the supporting characters are unfortunately dead because the path I took had them dying. I saw that in other paths, everyone including supporting characters will survive their ordeal and everything ends up happy for everyone, so I am definitely going to replay those parts and have them all live! Of course this game is in the end still a David Cage game, so the issues of the previous games are still here. Like the slow walking, the "move the right analog stick to interact" which can still get tricky in QTEs, they're here. But for some reason, there's a lot of shaky cams during action sequences here which I found quite jarring. It's like David Cage saw Kane and Lynch 2 and decided "alright, let's shake that bitch ass camera up a lot to make it better." Only he doesn't do it in moderation, he does it so damn much. It's hard to keep track of the QTE button prompts because of it. Also I don't quite get how in the trailer, the androids' hairs and skin are pretty much just holograph skin that can be turned on and off at will but in the game you can cut Kara's hair like it's actually there. But I thought they're just holograms?? It became even more confusing since after she cut her hair, she can change her hair color in an instant. So if she want to cut her hair short, why not just set it up in her settings?? And lastly, I wonder why the creator of these androids give them human faces. Why not just give them their default white faces instead? That definitely means they are based on real people that give their likenesses as a template. It's too bad that this plot detail isn't touched upon further because I would love to see whether that means their consciousness and personality are also transferred to the androids, which would explain why the androids actually are people, or whether these androids are possessed by spirits of previously dead people, which is kind of alluded on. Maybe I'll find out more in one of the routes that I've not yet unlocked? This is the best David Cage game till now and I highly recommend it, but it's only for people who likes his previous games that isn't Omikron. I give this game the rating of "so many choices to make that you will replay this game over and over again until you find every variables." with a badass seal of approval! PS. I also like how the main menu of the game has this robot girl named Chloe who interact with you and even ask you to do a survey, and like all the other characters slowly change from an emotionless robot girl to an actual girl as you go further into the game. I like that little touch.
  12. Well, it's been a few weeks since this phenomenal game came out with many tidbits and aspects of the game worth discussing. I think it's about time we had a spoiler thread where those who have played can discuss this game as well as the franchise as a whole without worrying about spoilers. Naturally, if you have not played through the entire campaign yet and intend to do so do not read anything beyond this opening post. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!
  13. At last. I got my hands on this game after all this dead time for games. The God of War series is back, and it's back with a fucking vengeance. This game takes place MANY2 years after God Of War 3. After Kratos destroys Greek Gods and titans, except Athena who's a ghost now, Kratos stabbed himself, and then go off to get away from the shit he just did to the land of the Norse Gods. He settled down with a woman named Faye, and he has a son named Atreus. Life goes on as normal for him, until his wife died. The goal of the game: to reach the top of the mountain in Midgard and scatter her ashes. But of course, it's not going to be easy since there's a lot of draugrs, aka dead Norse zombie warriors blocking his path. With his wife's axe and his son's bow and dagger, the adventure begins. And what an adventure it is! This game is this year's designated GOTY where every reviewers rate it 10 out of 10s everywhere. Of course there's a risk to the game being overhyped in certain people's eyes since no game is perfect. like last year's Zelda BOTW. And now that I played it, the scores are very well justified. HOLY CRAP THIS GAME IS SO GOOD!!!! Here's how the game is step by step: 1) At its core, this game is like Hellblade Senua's Sacrifice in base style in that it's a 1 continuous uninterrupted motion game from beginning to the end that doesn't stop, except if you pause the game or die of course, it takes place in Norse mythology, and that it's a third person action game with exploration like Hellblade. And with an expected great plot that drives it. But this game is like if Hellblade's combat is modified with the more complex God Of War combat, and add an open world that just keeps on evolving so the environment will keep changing with new stuff to do every time you reach certain points in the story. 2) Kratos isn't an unlikeable cunt anymore that he was in previous God Of War games, which thank God the change was made. Now he's a much more calmer guy, though not at the start. Initially during the earlier parts of the game, he's still a dick that only cares about himself even though he's trying to be a father, to the point where his own son got sick and tired of him. But as the game progresses and he realizes what a piece of crap he's being, he got a lot nicer & bond with his son in cute little dialogues here and there where he awkwardly tries to tell his son stories during boat trips to fill the time. Still a dick to side quest ghosts and npcs here and there but it's like he's being a bit of a tsundere, which I found pretty funny. "It's not like I killed that beast to save you, I just want to kill that thing." lol. And surprisingly during the story, his own son did end up being a dick as well due to, you know, being his son and being young with the expected attitude problem, and when this happened Kratos is the one being nice and tell the boy "don't be mean to people son". Wow......... Kratos, previously a ginormous prick that doesn't give a crap about other people, telling his son not to be mean to people...... is it raining pigs today?? 3) The game's combat initially takes some time to get used to. At the start, your movesets are pretty limited, and it can throw you off guard since you have both axe moveset & hand to hand movesets. The axe is really cool since it's like Thor's hammer in the MCU movies where you can throw it and then bring it back to your hand in an instant, and it's imbued with the spirits of ice trolls so it has ice elements. However once you upgrade your movelists for both you and Atreus with his very2 useful bow abilities that you can manually trigger by pressing square, the combat will flow nicely & it'll be a normal occurrence for you to just rip enemies to shreds while you dodge and block the usual God of War style. Though this time enemies will not have the QTE prompt if you just slice them up. You need to fill their "stun bar" which usually is done through using your son's bow ability and hand to hand combat for the usual QTE red prompt to show up above their heads and then you proceed to whoop their asses. You can use your axe to fill the stun bar, but hand to hand fills it faster. One of the QTE kill is so brutal, that I cringe in pain everytime it happened. It's when you fight a werewolf, and Kratos proceeds to RIP ITS LOWER JAW FROM THE TOP RIGHT DOWN TO THE POOR BASTARD'S STOMACH! OWWWWWWCHHHHHHHHH 4) The upgrade menu does remind me of Shadow of War in the armor upgrade and skills leveling part....... ugh....... but thankfully there's no stupid microtransactions so everything can be obtained by playing the game and getting materials fairly. Horray for back to basic gameplay without corporate greed to fuck it up! And speaking of getting materials, if you have played God of War before, it's pretty much the same thing. Explore an area for those pesky little hidden boxes & loot that shiet. The usual "collect 3 items from a chest to increase your health & rage meter permanently" is here, this time in the form of chests that has to be unlocked by finding 3 runes nearby, like this one for example There's other ones of this variation, so one chest requires you to ring 3 bells with a rune symbol on them quickly before the timer runs out, another chest requires you to match the correct symbol from a selection of symbols. A bit of nice brain teasers to spice things up basically. The red orbs, blue orbs and green orbs are not here though. This time you get money and materials from chests or dead bodies, and you get green and rage pickups from the environment and dead bodies. Once you get enough money and materials, you can go to one of 2 dwarven blacksmiths who will craft armor & upgrade weapons for you. These guys are hilarious. One is a potty mouth with a blue skin named Brok, no not Brock Lesnar, just Brok. Speaking of that guy, Man I still love seeing these 2 brawl....... And the other one is a clean freak named Sindri who's such a goof, that he either talks awkwardly to you or just being "ew, does that thing have blood on it? ARGH GET IT AWAY FROM ME!!", buuut they still give you upgrades so it's all good. 5) The boss battles, as expected from this series, are so damn good, that not even reviewers are saying anything about them to avoid spoilers. Even I can't spoil them because it'll ruin the impact of fighting them yourselves. But just as a sneak preview: the second boss battle in the game is so chaotic, that the earth broke down from the utter carnage & wrestling moves involves. Literally. Unfortunately there's no boss fight that's like Chronos from God Of War 3, but what are here are only a sneak peek into what's to come in future games. And boy, if the sneak peek is already this packed, then we'll possibly have a boss fight in the future that's at least as big as Wyzen from Asura's Wrath! Which is pretty unlikely but we'll see. There's no way the bosses in God Of War will ever match the size of what Asura's Wrath has, but it's still going to be really damn big. 6) The open world in this game is filled to the brim with stuff to do. A lot of them are things that you will backtrack later since it's one of those "you see a door with a weird symbol on it, but you don't have the right ability/key to open it yet" sort of things. Don't worry when at first you think "this is just a small open world with pretty manageable locations" because once you meet the witch in the forest and she gives you a compass, the open world will truly open up & the world will be your playground. I spent hours just using my boat to travel to different boat points all over the map for the sidequests, only to find out that whoops, the area is still flooded at the moment, I have to wait until the right story moment where the water level decreases so you can access it. There are blue gates scattered around the world where you can fast travel, but it's restricted to just allowing you to fast travel to 1 spot in the map. That is until the midpoint of the game where you finally can use it to fast travel everywhere. And the sidequests does give you really great equipments that'll make battles easier, so they're really worth your time. 7) The story is damn good, with a lot of twists and turns that I cannot even spoil. Well...... I guess I can say 1 thing: Remember how in the Thor MCU films they use the Bifrost to travel to different realms? Well, since this is Norse mythology, that thing is here too. And it's a sight to behold. As for the rest, find out for yourself! If there is any negative I can say about the game, it's simply that this game is only part 1 of a new journey, so it isn't as big in scale as the previous God Of War games. But an epic 30+ hours for a 15 hour main quest + 15 more from side quests for only a part 1 of an expected part 2 or part 3 is a really good sign, because that means we've only seen a fraction of what's to come, which will be even more amazing! Oh yeah, and I was wondering why Kratos doesn't have his Icarus wings anymore. I know the game is now a more restrictive third person action game where jumping is used only for specific places, but there's so many platforms in this game that makes me want to use the wings instead of climbing it slowly Uncharted style. Old school mindset reflex kicking in I know. Gasp, maybe the sequel will have them so you can glide like in the Batman Arkham games! And there's no new game +, and no alternate skins to unlock................... NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Are you fucking kidding me?? Are you telling me that even though I collected all these epic as hell gears and skill upgrades, I can't replay the game with all of these things unlocked so I can be OP and replay the epic boss fights all over again?? And I can't get beardless Kratos?? Or the great return of the Cod of War fish skin from 2??? THIS IS BLASPHEMY!! 0 OUT OF 10!!! I'm kidding of course but COME ON! Why take out a series tradition?? Even the Yakuza series now still have alternate costumes & new game +, why not this?? Oh.... there may be hope for new game + yet after all. pleaseaddnewgame+pleaseaddnewgame+pleaseaddnewgame+pleaseaddnewgame+pleaseaddnewgame+pleaseaddnewgame+pleaseaddnewgame+pleaseaddnewgame+pleaseaddnewgame+pleaseaddnewgame+pleaseaddnewgame+pleaseaddnewgame+pleaseaddnewgame+pleaseaddnewgame+pleaseaddnewgame+ Joking aside, I fucking highly recommend this game. This is a great start to a new chapter of Kratos' life alongside his son, and I can't wait for the sequel. Which is appropriate because my rating for this game will be "so awesome that you will play this game again while waiting for the inevitable sequel". With a badass seal of approval! This is my GOTY contender by default. Will Kingdom Hearts 3 or Red Dead Redemption 2 take the throne? We'll have to wait and find out! In the meantime, play this game, go out there and kill Norse creatures, while having a bonding session with your son!
  14. Does anyone here play worms either battlegrounds or w.m.d? I would love to have a game with someone on the community. I haven’t exactly checked in a long while high time that changes
  15. review

    Sonic Mania Review – Written by Jose Vega Product provided for this review by SEGA. Special thanks to them. For more than 25 years, Sonic the Hedgehog has been one of SEGA’s flagship franchises. It had humble beginnings during the 90s console wars between the Genesis and SNES but after SEGA went 3rd party, the journey got a bit shaky. 2006 would be the year Sonic would enter a dark age with many of their titles getting mixed to negative receptions. Things would pick up in the following years, despite some flops, and last year SEGA announced that Sonic would return with 2 more titles. One of them, Sonic Mania has been hyped for some time. Does the hype pay off? Sonic Mania takes place after the events of Sonic 3 & Knuckles. The plot centers on Sonic & Tails returning to Angel Island, learning that a strange energy source was sighted there. Unfortunately, a legion of Eggman’s robots has got there first, getting their hands on the Phantom Ruby. However, it whisks Sonic, Tails, Knuckles (unexpectedly) and the Egg Robots to a familiar locale. Seeing the danger & the evolved Hard-Boiled Heavies off with the jewel, Sonic along with Tails and Knuckles must team up to prevent the Phantom Ruby from falling into Eggman’s hands. It’s simple Sonic storytelling. Eggman enacts another of his world domination plans and it’s up to Sonic and his friends to stop them. Surprisingly he’s not the only threat they have to deal with. Eggman’s personal squad, the Hard-Boiled Heavies are also involved. This makes things a bit intense but what do you expect in a Sonic game. I have no complaints with it honestly. Sonic Mania brings Sonic back to its 2D side scrolling roots and it’s one that works, taking inspiration from the 16-bit Sonic games that made Sonic what he is today. If you’ve played many of the old school Sonic games, you will feel right at home here. You have three playable characters: Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles. All of them play the same but with a few differences. They can jump, run, spin dash, etc. You get the idea. Sonic has a peel out move that lets him be on the move quickly. Tails can fly to avoid enemies and find hidden secrets and Knuckles can glide, climb walls, has a jump that isn’t as high & can access areas that Sonic and Tails can’t go through normally. You will need their strengths to conquer the game’s 12 zones. As far as length, you can beat the game in just a couple of hours and with three playable characters, it adds a lot in terms of replay value. There’s also Time Attack where you can race to get the fastest time and Competition where you and a friend can go head to head offline to see who can reach the end of a stage first. It’s great. There are 12 zones in this game, each with two acts. More than half of the zones are classic levels from previous Sonic games but they’re given a revamp when it comes to level design. The rest are brand new to the game and offer so much to the experience. What’s interesting is that each level offers many paths for the player to come from. It’s still simple enough going from start to finish but how you go about it depends on the player. Sometimes there are secrets you can find such as item boxes or giant rings. Like the classic games, there are bonus stages and by hitting checkpoints or finding giant rings, you get access to them. Checkpoint bonus stages are of the Blue Spheres from Sonic 3 & Knuckles and completing them net you medallions and they’re used to unlock various secrets. The Giant Ring bonus stages have you chasing after a UFO that carries a Chaos Emerald. Your skills will be tested, as you must collect blue spheres to increase your speed and rings to extend your time. Beating them will be a challenge but worth it in order to get the Chaos Emerald. There are 7 of these and they get harder as you progress. At the end of each act, there is a boss. Many pay nods to previous Sonic bosses. If anything SEGA really puts a lot of heart when it comes to the game and it shows. It also helps that Sonic Mania has a truly stellar presentation. The graphics are just what you expect for a retro 16-bit game and they did a job keeping it faithful to them. All of the levels offer something different and they are vibrant, full of colors and if you look hard enough, there are many nods and references to various SEGA related stuff. Sprites are detailed and authentic as well. They’re also expressive. Controls are very precise. Perfect would be too appropriate of a word to describe how good the game plays. I mean it. It’s perfect and easy to pick up and play. Whitehead Productions should be praised for giving us a Sonic game that feels like the old school games but in a new environment. I only hope SEGA can get him involved in a possible Mania sequel. Although I want to praise the game for its presentation, what really nailed it in for me was the music. Tee Lopes went in and delivered a soundtrack that is godly. I kid you not. All of the music in the game is amazing to listen to. Whether it’s remixed versions of Green Hill & Flying Battery or songs from the new stages like Studiopolis and Mirage Saloon, this game has it all. A game that has a stellar presentation, topped with a superb soundtrack. What more needs to be said? I do have one minor issue with the game and it can be quite a challenge. The game feels like the old school Sonic games and new players who may experience this can find it to be one that requires them to get good. The difficulty is a bit balanced but there will be some moments of unfairness. It shouldn’t dissuade anyone though. Sonic Mania has a lot of content and high replay value that anyone can be able to enjoy no matter what. But yes, it is challenging but there’s a good amount of reward for those looking to complete everything. It’s surprising how fans of the Sonic franchise were given the go ahead by SEGA to produce a game that’s not only fun but serves as a love letter to the Sonic franchise, it’s fans and SEGA as a whole. Sonic Mania is a special kind of game. Being at around $20 is enough to convince anyone that it’s worth a definite buy. Everything about the game whether it be its presentation, controls, music, etc. delivers on all fronts. Sure it can be a challenge for those that have little idea but it shouldn’t dissuade anyone otherwise. If you haven’t played a Sonic game or if you feel you want something that reminds you of the good old days, Sonic Mania is THE game. The blue blur isn’t going anywhere and this game proves that he’ll be around speeding through for many years to come. I give Sonic Mania a 9 out of 10. I want to make it a perfect 10 but I feel this rating is more than enough.
  16. Hey guys and gals! James here aka Wade D McGinnis! Today I bring you the review to RiME. This is a third person puzzle adventure title similar to ICO and Legend of Zelda. I know I have been gone for awhile so if you have already played and enjoyed or disliked RiME, let's have a discussion down below!
  17. I'm looking to play online with fellow PS4 players in the Planetside 2 game, and maybe start a group, if anyone has a group already made and plays Planetside 2 often, I'd like to join in, mainly because, the game is fun, but not alone it isn't. user name is Tyrantheff051, and because I've waited for them to port it long enough to Xbox.
  18. So I've posted this around a bit but I want to try and keep this conversation going and maybe clear some things up a bit. I started to play Smite for the PS4 about a month ago and found what may be an old clan for the AJSA that says it's the official clan. I can't seem to find anything on the forums so my quest now is to try and gain some life into the AJSA Smite Community again. I'm not looking to step on toes, but I would just love to play with other members who would love to connect on Smite and bring back the AJSA tag. Because of how much I play the game, I've become the defacto leader on the group page. I didn't ask to be or anything, but since nobody has come up saying they want it back, I want to try and take care of this group. So, first things first, I am wondering where I could find a list that shows the actual Offical Games of the AJSA so I can know once and for all if Smite is listed there. If not then I can change the info so that it reflects better on us. After that, I would love some help in breathing life into this game, learning from those who have done this type of thing before. I'm not looking to create AJSA events or anything, not yet until this group is official and could run without me if I left or something happened to me. So, anybody got any advice or recommendations?
  19. So, I finally finished Horizon Zero Dawn last night. I must say this is the best game I've played on the PS4 since the console was released (with an exception for The Last of Us and Uncharted 4). The whole setting and story really reminded me of an old sci-fi novelist named Andre Norton. She had a whole After the Apocalypse series that was like Horizon. I was a little surprised that the "dialogue choices" didn't actually change the ending, but after I thought about it I realized that all of the choices were really elements of Dr Elisabet Sobek's--and by extension Aloy's--personality. The ending might not have changed, but the narrative of how Aloy got there would have. When you watch the holo recordings of Dr Sobek you can see how she could be compassionate, intelligent, or even abrasive, and in the end it all makes sense why you were given a choice as to how to react to each situation. Overall its just beautiful storytelling! I did cringe a couple times when you would talk to somebody with an elaborate headpiece...and it kept clipping through their shoulders. And sometimes the lip syncing was way off. But these are pretty mild, and didn't really take me out of the game too much. I also loved how the machines were never too easy. Even once you got the most powerful weapons and learned the proper techniques to taking down a thunderjaw, it was still a tense battle that could go very very wrong if you weren't quick on your feet! 9/10 for me!
  20. Come one, come all! Today I'm trying to revive the PS4 division of Smite! I've created an Unofficial group (labeled as AJSAU for the tag) and would love to play with anybody who wants to get back into Smite with me. I'm a newer player to Smite but have found it a great way to relax and kick back after work so I'm on almost everyday if I can help it. When it comes down to it, this community is amazing, and I'd love to bring back something that I know folks had a passion for once. Maybe you're a first-time Smite player and have been looking for a clean you can feel like is actually your clan and not just a clan you joined for the sake of points. Or maybe you're a vet who is looking to get back into the game. Either way, you are all welcome! Rules for the clan: 1) As we are not an officially endorsed group by the AJSA ((yet)) I am not making it a requirement that folks need to be a part of the AJSA Community on the PS4 and the Group. However, If you are a part of the AJSA Community on the PS4 (community and group combined) I will take preference in your application over those who are not part of the group. This is not to discourage you from joining but rather to help all of us that wish to take part eventually post events that we can advertise in the groups for each other and know that we all can chat on the forums if we need anything. 2) The following is a list of rules on behavior while in the group. Remember we are a community and should act as such. The warnings and punishments are given by myself as the Clan leader and any officers that I deem capable and just for the title. If for whatever reason, you feel that you have the need to contest the decision, then you are free to message me or any of us that are listed as Officers in the clan. At any time, an officer may bring in any other officer to aid in their decision and contact me to discuss the case. Bullying/Harassment And/Or Abuse: If at anytime there is a complaint on a player about bullying, harassment or un-sportsmanship of any kind, the accused party and the accusing party will be assessed by an officer of the group (at this time, that would jut be me) and handled internally between the three parties. Online bullying will not be tolerated, but it is understandable that things can get a little heated between players in what amounts to a fighting game. As such, there will be one warning given to the offending player before further action is required, stating that the player is now informed that they are being watched by the officers to see if there are any more incidents. If any should occur again, the player will be removed from the group for a set period of time, as deemed appropriate for the type of scenario. The waiting period will be no sooner than one month and can extend to infinite amounts of time. The accusing party can also be given a warning if the situation demands it, such as the accusing party causing their own form of harassment or bullying or creating a more volatile environment due to outbursts. Leaving a match Prematurely (Rage Quitting): If the player is being a poor sport and quitting the game or match frequently enough to be noticed, that can be grounds fro warning or dismissal from the division. Note that this is for frequent disconnects from matches, not if you suddenly lost your internet and couldn't reconnect that one-time last month. Rage quitting, in of itself, can be satisfying as the last laugh to whatever issue you face but has a habit of handing the match over to the opponents. Purging the Player List: The Officers and I reserve the right to suggest and purge on a set date and time of our choosing that is no sooner than three days minimum from an announcement date and no later than one month from an announcement date. In that time, is is the responsibility of the player to indicate in the forums or via message to an officer in PSN that you intend to be gone for an amount of time that may show you as being inactive. Inactive players for more than 2 months are suject to being purged from the group for the sake of opening spaces for more active players. If a player is purged and wishes to return, they must apply as before but will not have to wait a period of time to reenter the clan like for those who were removed for harassment issues. Hey, if you've read this far, it means you're already an awesome person! Make sure to add the phrase Never Quit when you send your application in the game! 3) If at any time the forum community brings to my attention that this group needs to be disbanded or changed in some way, I will defer to their judgmnet as I am just a Vetern Rank on here. Which means that, if the group breaks a rule that I didn't know about it and I'm asked to take downt eh group, then I will give a few days notice if possible and then take it down. I do plan on having a passionate discution on hopefully keeping it before hand but just saying, you've been warned that this could happen since we are unoffical ok? And that's it so far! I'm kind of making this up as I go, reading up on any rules I can and checking to be sure that I'm not stepping on any toes. So far so good right? Thanks for reading this and make sure to put down Never Surrender and the other hidden phrase in this article so I know you read this article and tell me about your Smite Experiance. I hope to do days where I can teake folks who are new to the game out in partys to practive out in the game soon, so I hope to see you there! Hope to see you soon!
  21. Here are the PlayStation Plus free game line-up for June 2017: Full List Here: Killing Floor 2 (PS4) Killing Floor 2 is a first-person co-op zombie shooter set in the immediate aftermath of Killing Floor. Tasked with descending into continental Europe to combat the outbreak of the zombie virus, players will form groups of up to six and work together to eradicate the undead and save civilization. Life is Strange (PS4) Follow the story of Max Caulfield, a photography senior who discovers she can rewind time. Here’s the catch: changing the past can greatly impact the future. See for yourself why this one racked up critical acclaim and numerous awards.. Abyss Odyssey (PS3) From indie Chilean developer ACE Team comes an Art Nouveau-styled, side-scrolling action adventure game featuring a complex fighting engine in procedurally generated levels that destine its three warriors to battle for an eternity. Enter the bold Katrien, the tortured specter Ghost Monk, and the ethereal Pincoya. Perform combos and chain attacks, and release a flurry of blows in order to survive what lies beneath. Your path into the unknown may start out with three fierce warriors, but when you learn to possess your enemies, you can challenge the abyss with their skills and combat abilities. Use these abilities available to you and attempt to figure out the infinite abyss. But the difficulties in accomplishing this great task don't end there! The side-scrolling levels never play out the same way twice, from the monsters they are filled with, to the locations of life-saving merchants, or the unique encounters and treasures to be found. WRC 5: World Rally Championship (PS3) WRC 5: the best rally simulation. Find all the cars, all the drivers and all the official rallies of the 2015 FIA World Rally Championship in THE racing simulation standard. Feel the impact of the different road surfaces on how your vehicle handles thanks to a brand new physics engine that faithfully recreates the sensations of driving on gravel, snow, asphalt, dirt, ice and sand. Experience the spirit of the 13 rallies held around the world! Drive both night and day in sunshine, rain and snow. Learn the basics with the new Rally School mode, perfect your skills in Career mode, customise settings, compete against other drivers online and become a true rally champion! Neon Chrome (Vita/PS4) Neon Chrome is a ruthless top-down cyberpunk shooter with rogue-like elements. Blast your way through enemies and walls with guns and cybernetic abilities. Experiment with different roles like the Hacker or the Cyber Psycho. Upgrade your character stats, discover new cybernetic enhancements and build up strength. Every death is a new beginning - the path to stopping the Overseer is never the same. Spy Chameleon (Vita) Don't let the comic look fool you. Being a good RGB agent requires a lot of talent. Spy Chameleon is an arcade-puzzle game where the player must avoid being seen thanks to the chameleon's ability to change colors and camouflage. Through 5 missions and 75 levels, the player will discover different enemies and abilities to complete these super-secret missions: taking photos of a celebrity with her lover and stealing the secret formula of a successful soft drink are just two examples. Watch your enemies, choose the best path and run to the next safe point. The duration of each level can mean finishing a game in just minutes or spending hours trying to complete the missions and all the challenges, getting the best time among your friends or completing all the achievement. All of these titles will be free to PlayStation Plus members on the first Tuesday of June (06/06/2017) What do you think of the line-up, is it another mediocre month, or is there one or two games that have caught your eye? Source - https://blog.us.playstation.com/2017/05/31/ps-plus-free-games-for-june-2017/
  22. Hey guys, i'm new here and I'm glad to be with the AJSA! I mostly play on the PS4 and PC, and i'm very into MMO's as well as milsim games. Glad to be a part of this community! (**EDIT** sorry for the double post, I didn't think it posted the first time I submitted it)
  23. prey

    Hey guys and gals! James here aka Wade D McGinnis. Today I give you the review for Prey. This is a title similar to System Shock, Bioshock, Dishonored and a little bit of Prop Hunt. For this review I played the game on Playstation 4. Had a number of bugs and really felt torn by this title. Have a look at the review and let me know your thoughts on the game!
  24. Hey guys and gals! James here aka Wade D McGinnis. Today I give you the review for What Remains of Edith Finch. This atmospheric walking simulator is a cut above most in it's genre. Making it a special little game if you haven't heard of it. Check out the review and let me know your thoughts!
  25. Hi all I admit, this is a topic allot of you are not gonna find at all interesting, but this is something that through curiosity brought me to a worrying theory. It was first brought to my attention by this vid from ReviewTechUSA; Article cited in video I'm not a graphics whore. I only care about this sort of shit when fiddling with the graphics settings on a PC game to get the performance I want, then I save said settings and never think about them again. The other thing I would want to point out is that whilst I do have a PC that could run this game probably at 1440p at 60fps, I would only by it on console because that's where local multiplayer works best. Even so, I was puzzled that the PS4 (specifically, but It's more than likely the XB1 will be the same) would only run a fighting game, traditionally not that graphically demanding, at sub-Full HD, all be it a 60fps (although that basically a necessity in a fighting game). Intrigued, I dug into this a little deeper, and when I found the PC spec's things started to become clear... Okay, I know this is Unreal Engine 4, but still why is this level of tech necessary to run a fighting game? Especially the recommended spec'. The GTX 1060 is not really a 4K card, so this tells me the "recommended" spec' is the minimum to run the game at 1080p 60fps on higher settings for PC. Have less than that? Then the game will probably at console spec with that hardware. The consoles can't be blamed this time, it's the game itself that's been over developed beyond sensible ambition. This is why I'm concerned. Allot of people have complained that making multi-plats for PC and console was holding PC games back, but I always insisted that even if that's true that it was a good thing because it stopped the cost of gaming on all sides from spiralling out of control. More specially, higher development costs - higher consumer costs on games - higher cost on gaming hardware - less people being able to afford games overall - games have to be made more profitable because of lower install bases - yet higher consumer costs on games and/or more greedy business practices - even lower install bases -games having to be even more profitable... I think you get the drill. The lower install base thing is already an issue. I've had a look at a recent Steam Hardware Survey. The data needs to be studied closely and presented in a more organised way, but a quick look indicates to me that at best only about 30% of active steam users will actually be able to run this game. There is more evidence that this isn't the consoles holding these developers back as well as proof that this developer can get good performance out of lower spec hardware. Check out Tales of Berseria that came out just this year; True, the JRPG, especially ones made in this anime style, aren't famous for being hard on hardware, and true this game does have some low quality textures here and there and stuff, but that doesn't explain why this open world PC exclusive is so much less demanding than a multi-plat fighting game. Tales of Berseria is beautiful never the less, and it's a fine game as well, nothing against it, I'm just using it to make a point. Why would Bandai Namco do this? I suppose it could be Bandai Namco thinking that the combined sales from all platforms will be enough, but that's quite a gamble to spend this kind of money developing a game for a fairly niche franchise like this to then immediately lower the install base on PC. This looks to me like something I've feared for a long time in game development has finally happened, ambition out-stretching common sense. I don't see Tekken 7 selling all that well anyway, so this will probably be the end for this franchise, and it will only be the first if game developers start biting off more than they can chew. This issue is very open to interpretation, I'm really keen to hear what you think. Thanks for reading.