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Found 15 results

  1. Hello there! As I see the AJSA has a new site layout. Well I do not exacty understand where I should be here on this site and how to well...play with you guys. So: I'm a pc gamer and I'm looking for a Payday 2 crew, a Verdun Squad and a Warhammer: End Times team. I thought about checking Teamspeak but oh no, the bloody teamspeak button is gone.... or is it? Because I have no idea where it is Yea I've been a long time viewer from germany and was sometimes active during the grand opening of ajsa but it was a long time ago. So hello there everyone!
  2. Who here is getting Blood Bowl 2? This is so i can get a rough idea on who will be joining us this month so i can set the league up for the start
  3. Hello, I am excited to join this seamingly awesome community, I simply want to know what games are (for the lack of a beter term) populated with the ajsa community on both pc and PS3, all I know is what's clearly shown on the front page.
  4. Hello everyone! AngryJoe has a Wii U and he is streaming right now. But I came on here and created this to see if anyone thinks if there will be changes to the Nintendo forum section? It is just to 'guess' if there will be any changes though. Like a feature where you can hold a tournament date for Mario Kart 8, for example. I doubt it, but it would be nice to read other people's views on this. Thanks in advance to anyone who replies.
  5. This is going to be a really weird question, but can you take a Ps3 on an airplane? I'm going to England soon for about 3 weeks and i wanted to bring my playstation over with me so that my friends and I can play it. However the new policies have been put into place saying that if you have an electronic device, it has to be able to switch on in order for it to go on the flight with you. Now obviously you can't switch a playstation on without it being plugged into the wall, and I don't want to get there just for my baby to be taken off of me Can anybody help?
  6. So, I was wondering what people's opinions are on Borderlands: The prequel is. Are you going to buy it? (This includes the purchase of a new/used xbox 360 for those that exchanged their xbox 360 for xbox one) Do you believe that the decision to release only on the PS3 and xbox 360 is a wise move on Gearbox's part? They already admitted that the upgrade to the xbox one system would pose a great strain on their development, so what is your stance on this. Will the storyline be carried out well? We all know how handsome jack is in borderlands 2 and since this is happening after borderlands 1, Jack has already begun on his quest world conquest. Plus two of the characters (Claptrap and Athena) are good and show this in borderlands 1 and 2. I am not doubting that they could pull this off, however it will take a very precise story line writer to tread the thin line between a great filling story and complete, utter bullshit. This is a rather pessimist view of the game, but could anyone else enlighten me on their opinions on the subject?
  7. What if we could play Loadout with the angry army think of all the fun and action which could happen Pros: game is free to play, theres no voice or spray option, this game is increddebly action filled with alot of customisation and is incredebly fun Cons: game is in a free to play beta still and bad things are bound to happen, you can't invite friends without making a party, its not for incredebly many people and we probably need many servers for this IF we could make some, but i guess we still have to wait anyway but when that happens it will be great
  8. I wanted to conduct a gaming poll for fun as well as research for a paper I am writing. The question is what is your gaming platform of choice this next gen( the 8th gen i think). answer here in the comments and of course the poll. Hope we all have fun with this.
  9. Hey y'all, I'm Austin, aka DarkKnight3407, and I was wondering, am I now part of the AJSA Guild? And also, if I am part of the guild, do I have to join the Aldermeri Dominion to stay in the guild? Because I was planning on being in the Daggerfall Covenant. If anyone could answer those two quick questions I'd be very appreciative. Long Live Angry Joe! Edit: I'm 17 years of age, live in Colorado, I play mostly on my xbox 360 and my xbox one, I live and bleed country (hail King George Strait haha), and I plan on enlisting in the USAF after high school. Thanks
  10. Hey I just signed up for AJSA and damn proud to be here. Im sorry for me being such a noob but I cant find a Q and A place around here.... so ill just ask my questions here. 1) Do I HAVE to have AJSA tag for all my games? I like supporting my favriote youtuber but what if I wanted to support my friends clan or somthing like that? 2) I get no ads but what about on my profile? My name " drlazerbeem " Is also used for my youtube channel as well... but would it be consider a ad if I posted stuff on my profile on this site about my youtube? * For examle put my youtube banner as my backround on my profile for this site * Please let me know
  11. In my opinion, change nothing. Battlefront 1 and 2 were amazing how they were. I dont want battlefield 4 with star wars skins. give it space battles, 1st and 3rd person option. If you want a battlefield-like star wars battlefront, fine, but DO IT JUSTICE!!! make it stand out, give it a good campaign!!!!! no crappy campaign from battlefield thats only 4 HOURS!!! I was amazing at Battlefront 2 i could go 100+ kills 0-2 deaths. make it like the originals. the question is, what do you think would make it awesome?!
  12. HI AJSA, i just have a question going arround, i live in Uruguay and as you may imagine, the PS4 does not come out here until next year, i have the money to buy it, a family member is going to USA in February, my question is: If i buy it, can play PS Plus(Multiplayer) from here?, can i PAY PS Plus from here? Thanks guys.
  13. What game(s) will you get first on the PS4 tomorrow or whenever you get it?
  14. Just before I ask I am really sorry if this is in the wrong section and I will delete it if it is. I was just wondering when it came to the donation packs you can buy, will all of that dissapear if you dont renew it monthly? It's just that I can pay 50 eu or bucks or whatever it is, but not nessecarily every month. If so I guess that pack isnt for me xD
  15. Does anyone know how to log off your profile on the website? Maybe im just stupid, but I cant find one.