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Found 17 results

  1. This game failed funding back in 2015 under Invictus Games, but since then new developers, Imagecode, took over. Imagecode is a small team which is currently being supported through Patreon for funding of the game and other games they have on Steam. [Street Legal Racing:Redline V2.3.1 and Deepweb] Imagecode also updates the old Street Legal Racing:Redline V2.3.1 which is on Steam. It's a struggle because of Java coding and they want to put multiplayer in it. No publishers involved, and only 1 investor as far as I know. Dev used his own money to start the project. Designed on Unreal 4 Engine, but game will be moving to UE5. Links: http://image-code.com/ Main Site https://www.patreon.com/imagecode/overview Funding https://www.facebook.com/groups/ste.game/ Mostly updates here http://promods.ru/forum/8-3684-3 Russian site for old street legal[Mods and such,,rarely updates.] Devs or someone owns it. https://store.steampowered.com/app/905240/Street_Tuning_Evolution/ Note: Video is still from Invictus Games build. New video will be added. UPDATE Project has been stopped as result of the war.
  2. First off I am a big fan of the communities supported games, such as battlefield 4, Destiny, GTA, SMITE and other titles I really enjoy playing. its really nice to see events being set up and an active community. But lets get to it I couldn't help but notice a lack of supported racing games. I am a HUGE.... huge fan of racing games! That's what I grew up on and while I like the other genres racing is in my roots. I'm not the only one. With titles like Forza, MX vs ATV, Need For Speed, Grand Turismo, NASCAR, Dirt ... and even more titles that are coming up and the racing community is growing. So here's a list of the games I feel like should be considered with a few of their reasons: Forza - One of the best Xbox exclusive games. Can host multiple online community events where people can show their skills, Show off their cool cars. Create a car club and share cars with each other and much more.MXGP- One of my personal favorite motocross games besides MX SIMULATOR. With MXGP for XB1 and PS4 online tournaments are made easy and can vary from a one day points race or into a race season with certain race days during the week. Physics in this game are amazing for a console and know to be the OFFICAL MOTOCROSS GAME​MX vs ATV - ​this game I'm skeptical about its an amazing motocross series but after their game ALIVE the series was kind of replaced by MXGP, But still fairs a decent size community and maybe future games will be more online group friendly and is worth keeping an eye onGrand Turismo - Kind of a Forza for PlayStation, I don't know much about this game ​I've only played a couple of times but when I did there wasn't any shortage of players. The community is rather large and I'm pretty sure offers what Forza can offerNeed for Speed -​ The titles I grew up playing on. With their most recent addition of what they call their "remake" this title deserves a good shot, love the older series and it seems that's what's coming back. Just got my hands on a copy but loving it as it is and more free dlc content and PC access, expands this title for the futureThese are just a couple of suggestions, I really love the website and the angry army community. I feel these types of games would serve nice in the community, giving something different than RPG's and FPS's, While keeping the community together for a greater gaming experience. Thanks for reading
  3. Get ready to smash and crash your fellow AJSA members into oblivion in this racing focused GTA 5 event!This GTA V PC event will be held this Sunday 6/7/15 from 2PM EST (7PM GMT) to 4PM EST (9PM GMT). We'll be using the GTA V TS channel in the AJSA TeamSpeak to communicate for the duration of the event.In this event we’ll be playing through another 12 activity long playlist. However, this event will consist of only races. Whoever, wins the most races overall in the event will be rewarded this medal:Yes, the AJSA Racing League Winner award is back! Previously only awarded in Planetside 2, you'll have to be at the top of your game to have a chance at winning this exclusive forum award.To take part in the event, you must be part of the AJSA GTA V crew, the AGTA, in order to recieve an invite to the event lobby. Here is a link to the AJSA crew: http://socialclub.ro...ygrandtheftarmyThere's a lot of game modes to choose from so I’d like your input. If there’s any game modes/activities that you’d like to see in any upcoming GTA V events, please post a comment here: http://angryjoeshow....g-gta-v-events/If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me, AverageSpacePope. This post has been promoted to an article
  4. Just browsing around and found this. https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/street-tuning-evolution-car-building-racing#gallery Developers are Invictus Games, the guys that created Street Legal Racing Redline.
  5. Just wondering here.. I've made threads about sim racing before and I was just wondering considering iRacing is pretty hardcore and not a lot of people can just pick it up and play it and master it in a few weeks.. Do people in the AJSA actually play iRacing or actual racing sims? (On PC. Gran Turismo and Forza are not sims.)
  6. Driveclub seems like the perfict fit for the army with its club creation and such. Plus its free to anyone with PS+ So almost every one here can get it and race and have fun. So who's down for making the club? There can only be 12 per club but we can always make differnt teams.
  7. PC Early access on Dec 9nth, full game next year for PS4 and PC (dunno about other platforms) This looks like a slower, more tactical version of F-Zero or Extreme-G, a good old school arcade fantasy racer.
  8. I'm a huge fan of motor sport both IRL and simulated. I've tried autocross and hope to get back into it because their are not any tracks on Oahu. Anybody Play Wreckfest? a cross between Test drive Eve of Destruction and Flatout. Great demolition derby / late model car beat em up racer with impressive soft body damage system in steam greenlight. I love Test drive Unlimited "racing around on the same island where i live but with hardly any traffic is amazing. I love Grid, GTR & all SimBin older Need for Speed... blah blah blah. Just wanted to see if I can get the ARMY to join me on some online racing. Do a hostile takeover on the demolition derber servers of Wreckfest! Any games I should get? Anybody want to add me an race sometime? Feel free to discuss
  9. I'm looking to join a club when the game comes out tomorrow, and i don't want the responsibility of running one because I don't think i would do a good job of it. I'm pretty good at racing games so if your looking let me know in the replies.
  10. So I saw this in a Smosh Games video, and I thought this would be an interesting topic to talk about. If you were in a huge demolition derby and you could have any vehicle from video game ever, what would you bring? For me there was only ever one vehicle I would bring to the event and that would be Metal Gear REX. Why you ask? It has a railgun mounted to its side, its equipped with a lazer, it can fire nukes/missiles from its back, and sure it might have a weak point, but, in Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, despite the fact REX had been nearly 30 years out of commission, it still worked perfectly and even better it took down a brand new, shiny Metal Gear RAY. If you haven't played MGS4, I suggest you at least watch that fight sequence since its awesome.
  11. The Angry Army should play this game because it is a simple but compettative racing game which gives you the choice of two unique play styles: Racing or Wasting. Both aspects of the game are fun, but take some getting used to because the game's wonky polygonal physics system can sometimes be unrealistic. NFM Multiplayer is can be played as a java based browser game or you can download (for free) NFM Singleplayer, which includes the singleplayer modes from both NFM and NFM2. The multiplayer mode is in beta right now, but offers some cool features like clans, stat tracking, multiplayer dome, car creator, stage creator, as well as the ability to upload your own sound track via module files (.MOD). Unfortunately, the custom car, custom track, and clan-related features, as well as the abillity to dowload the game with the multiplayer included (instead of browser-based) are only available to players who have registered full accounts (which costs $11). Overall, when the full game is released (or atleast the clan wars feature), I think that having a clan full of Angry Army members will be a force to be recconed with in the world of Need For Madness. I've been playing NFM for a long time and been having a blast playing with friends. I'd love to be able to play with the angry army in one of my favorite games, and I think y'all would have fun too. Don't believe me? Read the review at: http://www.gamefaqs.com/pc/727142-need-for-madness/reviews/review-155624 or just play the game yourself with the link provided at the bottom of the page. Enjoy! Pros: Simple and easy to learn controls Racing and Wasting mechanics work great together Great customization Great Soundtrack You can Upload YOUR own music that other peole will have to lisen to when they race on YOUR tracks It's a very fun, but "very mad" car gameCons: Cartoony graphics Not as many people play online as I would like Full acount costs $11 (but you can still play for free) It's an Indie game developed by one dude, so ... yeah...more at: http://multiplayer.needformadness.com/about.html
  12. Kudos on ur Beard! Hey man, how u doin!? Awesome website u got goin! Are you a fan of Racing games??? If ye, could u do me a favor and do a review on Upcoming Forza Horizon 2 please??!? pro's: 1.Good to know there's still open world racing games 2. Wanna see what cars will be available 3. What online capabilities the game has con's: 1.Dont want to spend alot of cash on something that already exists 2. errr 3. errrr Respect and Honor BL47E
  13. Racing games don't attract a very wide audience. Even though monster AAA games like Forza and Gran Turismo are system sellers, they do dwarf in comparison to games like Titanfall, Battlefield, Halo yadda-yadda. And even those games (Forza AND Gran Turismo) are kids toys in comparison what I have in store! So rFactor. A bit old. 2005-ish. Almost ten years now. There is a sequel out, but I would avoid because the first can be so heavily modded, it is the superior one. (For now) Ah yes, mods. The greatest invention in PC gaming. The only reason anyone would even buy rFactor nowadays. Let me tell you about the point of rFactor. (GAMEPLAY BELOW) It is a racing simulator. A real life simulator. Racing teams across the world use it to train for real races. Not everyone of course, and the big budget teams can make their own simulators to fit their needs. But for example the Gran Turismo team uses rFactor to train for the Nurburgring 24h. Bit hypocritical I say, but it's fine. And I did mention mods now, didn't I? Alright, so the idea of rFactor from the start was to be moddable. Everything up from the engine can be modded. Physics, UI, additional content. Sh*t, almost anything now that I mention it! Even the freaking engine! (Some claim this, but I have yet to come across any proof of this) *clears throat* So, I noticed some people in the AJSA do like racing games. Yet there are no official racing games yet. And I know for a fact that there are people here who do play rFactor too. It's really fun. rFactor is the real deal in sim racing. Sim racing, much to it's cousin flight sims, is a pretty hardcore genre. You absolutely MUST have a racing wheel (Like a starter, Logitech Driving Force GT, med-range G27 or perhaps high-quality T500rs) Three screen will also help, but are not necessary. Increases FOV and really helps me personally while driving. And I just made this post to know what people think about rFactor in general. And to inform people about it. So if you like cars, GO BUY IT. IT IS FREAKING AMAZING. (heed this warning though. it is difficult as shit if you don't know the basics of racing I wouldn't recommend. if you've played arcade racing games and you think you can just jump in and dominate. Well it's your ego) LINK TO VIDS (Wrapped these up in like 30min so 480p quality)
  14. Before anyone asks, yes that is the name of the game and it's awesome. I have started this topic to spread the word and let people know about this awesome game. The game Next Car Game is a game made by the creators of the FlatOut series, Bugbear Entertainment. The game is mainly about cars smashing into each other. What else do you need to know? Okay I'll tell you more. The game uses a really advanced physics engine. Using this really cool and realistic destruction/physics engine, the game allows you to wreck your car until it's physically not even a car anymore. The game is planning on being some sort of demolition derby/racing game hybrid that will give the player tons of cars to play with and customize however they want. The game even has a playable demo that you can play with once you've help fund the game's development. The demo allows you to play with lots of cool tools and allows you to push the limits of the game's destruction engine. There are a few bugs but they'll obviously be fixed before the game comes out. Simply put, it's a really well done and fun tech demo. Now onto why I helped to fund the game. In my opinion, I've never liked all of the serious and overly complicated racing such as Forza and Gran Trismo. The problem with them is that you spend too much time in the menus, trying to get your car perfect. You have to tweak the car's suspension, brakes, height, etc. I just want to race, damn it! As a result, I've always preferred the Need for Speed and Dirt franchises because of their destruction engines. I want to be able to smash my friends off the road when they try to overtake me and watch their car get wrecked as it collides with a concrete wall. Bugbear promises to deliver this same experience within Next Car Game. If you enjoy wrecking cars for fun, loved the FlatOut series, or really like the idea of a desruction focused car game, then you should definitely give Next Car Game a look. Hopefully you'll help fund the game like I have. Here's the link to the kickstarter page: http://nextcargame.com/
  15. A thread for Gran Turismo 6 players, by a Gran Turismo 6 player. Finally home and playing this amazing piece of game. And I decided I think AJSA needs a GT6 topic. If not many will join, it's still here. You can all: Discuss anything related to GT6Share any GT6 content (Be it your videos, pictures or anything like that)Arrange events through this topic (Just hit me up and I'll post an event on the OP)Discuss rumours about DLC and such here.I hope you'll all use a good tone on this topic. See you on the track!
  16. Polyphony Digital's CEO, Kazunori Yamuchi announced the next generation of PS4's hit exclusive racer in an interview on Top Gear, hoping that it will hit the shelves in just a year, but we should probably expect it from then to 2 years. Apparently GT6 barely worked on PS3, which is hardly surprising at this point of the life cycle. I imagine that PD will use the base of GT6 with an edited engine and more resources, since I can hardly imagine they will work from the ground up if they expect to be done in just a year. Hoping it delivers though, maybe a new UI. What do you think?
  17. So. Racing games. I enjoy them. Racing simulators? I freaking live for them. So am I the only one with the love of virtual burnt rubber, or does someone share my enthusiasm. If so, we need to race! So any favorites? Post them down belooow.