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Found 12 results

  1. So I figured I would post some more of my content here to see what you guys think in general, here is one of the first videos I editted for twitch high lights.
  2. Hello, I am new to the site. My name is Arkeeny Shadowdusk, you can call me Ark or Arkeeny. (Not my real name but I am not telling the entire internet my real name.) I recently started Streaming games and uploading gaming videos to my new gaming channel on youtube. I been an advent gamer since I was in my mother's womb. In fact she had to get a nintendo controller glued to her stomach because I was gaming even before I was born! Oh, Nintendo... I miss the old final fantasy, ultima, dragon warrior (dragon quest), skate or die, faxanadu, and many more games. And don't get me started on super nintendo and sega! *CoughphantasystarCough* I play games like MechWarrior Online, World of Tanks, Armored Warfare, Games on Battle.net, Steam, and offline games as well. But who doesn't? On a serious note, I am really a new streamer and youtube gamer. I been doing this for over two weeks now and no luck finding viewers let alone followers. My twitch account is fairly new however, so I didn't expect to get noticed right away. And I am trying to be as entertaining as possible despite the living conditions I have (I have to keep my voice down most of the time.) Also my room mate is one of those wannabe gangstas who play gangsta rap all day so loud even God has to wear earplugs. So sometimes I can't Stream when I want to, and if I do it has to be with my microphone turned off or on Push to Talk. I hope to make some friends and get some help and advice from other streamers and players like you guys. Catch me on my twitter account @@TrueBlueArkeeny and Twitch.tv/Arkeeny. I don't have much activity yet but I am hopeful. =D Help me Get Started!
  3. Myg0t were trolling group that just make shenanigans around in Source games like TF2 and CSGO. They are a hacking, troll, and cheating clan that just abuses people by hacking, DDOSing, getting a lot gamers raging very hard, and changing into someone's names so that people would wrongly blamed for cheating and plus most of the people have VAC Bans! So guys, if you see a player with a Myg0t clan on their names, stay away from them as quick as possible!
  4. I was just wondering what kind of players really get on your nerves in team games like battlefield or dota? We are an angry army after all.
  5. Hey, I'm back my fellow Angry Joe Show Army members! I've been pretty inactive on here, but I've returned. I realize that I am not going to grow on YouTube doing nothing and partaking in meager video promotion. I need to get myself out there, ya know? And, well, since I love the AJSA, I think now is the time to further promote my vides on here! So behold, the ludcrious and insane free to play shooter, Loadout, as played by me! Check out the current two episodes right below: Loadout is very hard for me to get into, since I am so used to shooters like Battlefield 3 and 4. Unfortunately, I rather play in this more slow, methodical style. Of course, I have yet to master this playstyle in Loadout, as time and time again I get my arse kicked! Enjoy the videos, everybody!
  6. As the topic asks, what is that one game that made you break your controller or keyboard? I don't mean just lightly breaking it but really full blown out controller destruction. For me, it was Gundam Battle Assault Feat. Gundam Seed for PS2. On one of the last stages of one scenario map (i.e. 10 stages per map), you had 2 minutes to beat both Buster and Duel Gundam alone using only the Aile Strike, on a very small battle map. The problem with this is that Duel is melee based and Buster is long ranged, and you start at power level 0. The only way to increase this was to hit one button to go into coding mode and then hit the correct buttons to upgrade yourself with 1 level up to a maximum of 5-6. Each level gave you improvements like stronger rifle, more boost, better defenses etc. But every time you are hit, it cancels the input. Now try to input a button combination of 7 buttons while one is shooting at you and the other one is charging you. Sometime around the 50th try with 20 seconds left and just managed to kick so much ass, the computer AI decided to just start blocking. Whenever I got close, he knocked me down and kept blocking. If I fired, he blocked it etc. He did this until the timer eventually ran out and I lost. This pissed me off soo much that I threw the controller into the wall, jumped after it, and just broke it in half in rage. I never played that game ever again. Now, share your stories!
  7. Has anyone heard anything about id software and future games? The last game that they put out "Rage" was a decent game, but to me it felt like the building the developers worked in sank into a sink hole and killed everyone inside half way through.. so some half-ass developer came in and boxed up what "id" had made up until that point and then shipped that out. Its pretty sad that a company who made Quake managed to do so little on this game, and then bragged about it. I know the game has been out and it's old at this point, but damn.. I hope every game developer doesn't end up like this.. You may have some legends out there.. but you are only as good as your last game.. good luck on your paychecks
  8. Hey folks, crimsonwolf911 here, as the title says, Im Canadian, Im an Asshole, and A rager, not much else to it. I spend most of my time bouncing back and forth between two main games, War Thunder, and World of Tanks, and occasionally some Titanfall when the mood strikes me. I dabble in others as well, but them two are my main gaming haunts, you can almost always find me lurking in one or the other. I know the TS doesnt have a World of Tanks section yet but I look forward to seeing if it will have one in the future. I rage like a motherfucker when I game, its no secret, just ask my neighbors...the ones that live a block away, cuz the next door ones cant hear so well anymore >.< I stream on twitch occasionally as well, but my gameplay is nothing to right home about, Im an average player, at best in world of tanks, well below average in war thunder, I mostly fly bombers. Not much else to see here Im afraid, so without further adue, Its good to be here, and Ill see you on the field.
  9. Whats the games that in your opinion had the crappiest ends? Don't be obvious and have this turn into another Mass Effect 3 rage board, I'm talking games that pissed you off either due to the events, if somebody you like dies, or if it wanted to make you throw your controller/keyboard through your TV/Screen Mine is the rebooted Thief game, since its setting/gameplay and characters were awesome! But the story and the ending really failed.
  10. Who Am I Well my name is Cameron I am a League of Legends gamer I have played LoL for around 2 years now not sure on the exact date, it is a really fun game and I enjoy playing it. Please bare in mind what I am going to be talking about in the post does not just apply to the game I play which is League of Legends What i am going to be talking about is rage in Solo Q and why it is bad / why potentially you are still in x/y league as well as that I will provide a brief introduction on how to talk to ragers if you have them. Any information used in this blog is my own opinions and in-sight do not take it in any other way then what i say it as. So you have started solo q or are looking to start solo q, the first immediate thing you will want to do is start climbing the brackets getting up to the top level of play and potentially winning all your games, in reality this is however not the case, what you will find in many low elo games that there is one of three people that can stop you from progressing and you may even be one of these people yourself without realising it. First of all, I know I have been both on the receiving and the giving ends of these types of players, the fact of the matter is before you type an issue in game such as a bad play by a particular person in a certain situation, understand that you need to think about what you are saying before you actually click that enter button and send it to your team, not thinking about it can result in your other team mates turning into one of the 3 types of ragers and this then sends a potential even game between your opponents to a morale deboost for your team that spirals the game out of control and can snowball enemy champions which will result in the enemy team wining the game. AFK Players The first type of person you see in ranked are afk'ers, these are the people who have connection issues or who go AFK(away from keyboard) because they are getting CAP LOCKED aggresive, offencive comments towards them or they generally do have connection issues. This is partly bad on them for starting a ranked if they have connection issues, ranked games are primarily were people are more serious and passionate about the game then they are in normal's. Your Straight Up Rager Ragers are people who from the start of the game from champion select to the end of the game constantly use CAP LOCKS to get there own point or opinion across, such as bad ganks by the jungler if you are in a solo lane, or in the duo lane having a bad support or carry, as well as hateful and aggressive comments such as a person I came across in solo q who was raging who commented "get ****** and die". these types of players and even being this type of player your self can hinder your progression in solo q, the biggest thing i can tell you guys not to do just like afkers think about what you say before you say it and always try not to be and have a god complex and take a leadership role, obviously you can make calls but also respect your team, have good motivation and team-play, after-all League is a TEAM GAME!. Flamers Next is flamers, these are the type of people that will find mistakes within the game on your play, or another allies play this can be anything down to creep score at a certain time in the game, feeding, being out of position in team fights, making team fights happen, over extending your lane too far past river, all though these are all factors in having a bad game it does not require them to make comments on your play. please NOTE i said they will find mistakes in your play or another allies, they are not focused on their play when they can potential being worse then you, if you are a flamer the biggest advice I can give you is just look at your own play before you start blaming your allies, if the result is your game was going good and you didn't make mistakes and it was a certain friendlys mistake that you lost/ are loosing just instead of using your CAPS LOCK take it of and give constructive feedback to them so in future they know more because you have helped them. How To Deal With These Guys So first you need to be careful about what you say, as i am writing this i have to be careful my words are not taken in a wrong manner, in solo q you should do the same, giving too many tips and advice or even pressuring your team mates to do things/ buy items they do not want to buy can be taken in a manner you did not wish it to be taken as so be careful how you word your comments. How To Talk To These Insufferable People Below are a few lines that I like to say in champion select to give my team morale "Hey guys lets keep a positive and calm attitude as well as mindset and we will win this together as a team" "check runes and masterys guys we dont want to be at a disadvantage by not having the right ones" Below are a few lines that I like to say before 1:50 game time to give my team more condence and hopefully win as a team "every game is 50/50" "if we loose this we loose" "if we win this i will love you Overall i have had most success with saying these comments to my team and actually gone on big winning streaks because of good communication. Biggest tips i can give: . the biggest tips i can give to you guys reading this is just generally focus on your play before looking at your team mates . don't use cap locks . be a friendly person instead of a douche . you learn from me pass on the knowledge and let the knowledge grow within other summoners What To Do If This Dosent Work Well there is not a lot you can do really, press tab and there is a mute button there for a reason, use it and try to communicate as best as you can with the other players in the game. If you would like to contact me about anything in this article then please feel free to by hitting me up on twitter @DiomedesMonster
  11. Dark Souls. I'm a sunbro. I like helping people, I really do, but there are sometimes when enough is enough. I'm SL 100. I play Dark Souls just to co-op play now. I get summed in Anor Londo to help some moron in GH Robes and Estoc. I kill three invaders by myself. One with some Heavy armor and weapons that outmatched mine. I'm down to a shrivel of health. I beg the host to use a single estus, the asshole decides not to heal me and uses humanities instead. He goes in to fight O&S. I follow after him. I spend the majority of the fight fighting alone, while the idiot hides in the corner taunting me. Ornstein kills me, I die. Luckily, I watch as Smough beats the living hell out of my no-good summoner and kills him. Today was a good day.
  12. Well, where to start. As you can see, im from poland, and to be honest, its not a richiest country in the world. So, the people are not so rich either. And we (gamers) are in the pretty bad situation. Before i start, this is my personal rage, my thoughts etc. If somebody dont like it, fine, dont read it. I wont buy ANY product of EA again in my life. Why? Because i dont like to be fucked in my ass, thats why. I love BF series, and i fucking hate the developement policy. And Im not talking only about their "pushing out the door" philosophy. You see, standard monthly fee is something about... 1600-2000PLN (im not talking about minimal, also this is before paying ANY bills or buying food. after such things its something like... 600PLN if you live in a big city... for a month... yay) which is something like 514-650$. Splendid, eh? Most of the prices like food etc. are on level thats nice for this amount of money. BUT OF COURSE NOT THE ELETRONIC AND MULTIMEDIA. I bought BF3 a week after the release date. I Spend 120PLN. Then the "back to Karkand" showed up, another 60-80pln. And then the expansions. If i'd bought the "Premium pack" its another 120-150 pln (dont remember now) if id buy each expansion separately, it would be up to 250PLN back then. I dont like to pay few times for a product that is the same, and should be ready when it goes out, so i didnt buy even first expansion. Add the numbers now. If polish player wants to play a new game legally, with all extras, he would pay from 350 to 450pln !!! Remember the AJ yelling "i worked my ass for a week to play the game". Well, guess what... (no offence Joe, but it is as it is) we dont have even this fucking comfort. My friends who work in UK, Germany, Norway, even the "we have a collapsed economy" Italy, could buy an entire console... AFTER WORKING FOR 2 WEEKS. YESTERDAY I SAW A FUCKING PS3 THAT HAD 1500PLN LABEL ON IT. THATS AN ENTIRE MONTH OF WORK FOR ME. If i buy a game, i want a ready game. or if it has an expansions it should be some massive oldschool type of expansion (remember Frozen Throne for W3? Or the Gothic 2 expansion? That was fucking massive on its time) not some "pew pew pay me 50 dorras" shit. Then we hear "players from poland are thieves because they are pirating the games"... Well, guess what, we want some part of the fresh culture too. And, im really sorry, but when one of the richiest companies ON A FUCKING GLOBE says that we, the polish players are making them "less rich".... Well, they can suck my..... well... popsickle. First, they should rearange prices for other currencies (now its even better than few years ago. For Example BF3 on console cost 250PLN that day i bought PC version. Nice, eh?) then we can talk. And then there are companies that seems not even heard of a fucking currencies at all. Standard situation with VALVE (yes, valve is not "all good" company either, FYI). The game is released in boxed version. 50pln. 2 weeks after release date, the box version is sold out, and wont be available. If you want it, go on STEAM (example: L4D 1 and 2 and few other titles. Some of them appear only on steam too like Magic the Gathering). You open the steam shop and BAM same game is 50 EUROS. WHEN 1 EURO is WORTH UP TO 4.50-5 PLN. IT MEANS I WOULD PAY 4 TIMES MORE FOR A SAME PRODUCT. NOT EVEN SAME, CAUSE I DONT HAVE FUCKING BOX, DVD NOTHING. And its not only about games. Movies, PC Hardware, Consoles, everything that can be labeled as "multimedia product" is overpriced here. It means, that we cant be part of a fucking CULTURE. Try living for a month with 100 bucks in your pocket, then see if at the end of month you would be able to afford a 70$ game. Oooh and fucking pray you wouldnt need to repair your car, replace some broken furniture or go to a doctor. Try it, and see if you would be able to afford anything that is not necessary. Dudes, i sometimes even have dillemas if i want to buy a game, or a BOOK cause i cant afford both... And some of books i need for university are upt o 150PLN if i want to buy them. So sorry, and as i said no offence to Joe, but if i say someone saying something like "I worked few days for it" im getting mad. End for now. Sorry for spelling errors but i was typing under my emotions.