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Found 12 results

  1. Took a damn long time to make, feedback is appreciated
  2. So I noticed that some people have edited the little white text just above their profile picture that says your rank, mine say Advanced Veteran I think. How do you change that? Just wondering.
  3. Hey Angry Joe Show Army! How've you all been? It's been awhile since I had some activity on here, so I decided to spend some more time promoting my YouTube channel and its content. As a veteran and big fan of shooters, I have a collection of them, including underrated gems like Wolfenstein (2009) or Singularity. So, here's the first 3 episodes of my playthrough for Wolfenstein! There will be more episodes added to this thread in replies, so make sure to stay tuned if you like these videos and my content. Thanks for reading, fellow AJSA members, and enjoy!
  4. Starting this thread, because, "Hey, why not?" I like Japanese music so I'll just post a random one each day that maybe you can enjoy, hate, or whatever. V/S by Kamiki Aya ($0.99 on Amazon and itunes) Lyrics:
  5. Hey, I'm back my fellow Angry Joe Show Army members! I've been pretty inactive on here, but I've returned. I realize that I am not going to grow on YouTube doing nothing and partaking in meager video promotion. I need to get myself out there, ya know? And, well, since I love the AJSA, I think now is the time to further promote my vides on here! So behold, the ludcrious and insane free to play shooter, Loadout, as played by me! Check out the current two episodes right below: Loadout is very hard for me to get into, since I am so used to shooters like Battlefield 3 and 4. Unfortunately, I rather play in this more slow, methodical style. Of course, I have yet to master this playstyle in Loadout, as time and time again I get my arse kicked! Enjoy the videos, everybody!
  6. I just wanted to get a consensus of those of us who enjoy reading in addition to gaming it up all day. There has to be at least one of you in the crowd? Probably not, but it doesnt hurt to try. EDIT: Maaan, that was a long breakfast. Lol. Genres: - Sci-fi - Action - Mystery - Mythology/Fantasy Books: - Harry Potter series (Who hasn't?) - Percy Jackson Series - Heroes of Olympus Series - Warrior Heir series (Really recommend this one.) - Hunger Games (haven't gotten to the rest of the series, yet.) - Seven Realms Series, first book (Forget the name.) I'm sure I forgot some, but its a good amount of what I've read. Do you read? What are your favorite genres and books? Discuss.
  7. A little something I did in response to another YouTuber. I did Fighting is Magic while talking so hope you enjoy.
  8. So looking for an excuse to post this clip somewhere, I decided "Let's make a thread about it! And let's see what other insanity people have seen!" Now anyone whom actually seen this show, you'll get it. But you others, yeah. So let's see your insane clips! Like that insane one with the soldier who says he'll throw someone down on the ground and.. Yeaah.
  9. A while back i made some videos in the similar way Birgirpall makes his Battlefield 3 videos. My videos werent that good, but still fun enough to make. So i decided to put a link to each of the 3 videos here and you can't tell me what you think of it. Of course they are of poor quality since they were made quite some time ago. Part 1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ngvL04W2smc&list=PL06212A4A282F23D5&index=1 Part 2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1D4UsQXX2Gk&list=PL06212A4A282F23D5 Part 3 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iByXqIdbxlY&list=PL06212A4A282F23D5 Just felt like posting them, so yeah....
  10. I have been a more than simply avid gamer since I was only knee high to a half pint. Since I started I've heard a lot of music in games, namely themes... menus and so on that always bring it back for me. For me the most memorable theme song or menu song in a game other than in Mass Effect 1 is "The Beast" by Milt Buckner, which played in the main menu of Battlefield: Bad Company. What song always brings it back for you?
  11. Just out of random curiosity (and hopes of finding some hidden gem), I was wondering what your favorite Youtube video is! This is the first video that comes to my mind: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YgeYScYe8wI
  12. The best way to learn history Sorry...