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Found 10 results

  1. Hi, my name is Sid and I'm a very passionate League of Legends player. I'm looking for an ACTIVE Ranked Team who needs a patient, friendly and dedicated player. I main MID lane, but can play efficiently adc, top, support. I'm currently in gold. My summoner name is StrikeFreedøm. If interested feel free to add me in game or simply answer this post. See you in the Fields of Justice, GL&HF
  2. Im starting this thread to find people to play online with, If you would like to join me and oneone else here to play ranked or unranked League Of Legends (LOL) just leave your Avatar name, region and what type of match you are interested in playing Ill be the first to do so Summoner Name: Relaxion Region: North America Areas: Ranked, Unranked and AARAM
  3. Hey guys im new to the angry army wanted to see if u wanna go for a duo on skype to play some league of legends in duo ranked to get out of bronze if u want hit me up. My nick is Amn3sia in NA server see ya in the league
  4. Hello Community, My team the Holy Poro Empire is currently looking for a bot lane (Support/Marksman). We have won both tournaments hosted by the AJSA Community and will continue to participate in these events. We would also do Ranked 5v5s and Go4Lol on Sundays. I'm looking for people who are at least Gold ranked, love to play the game, and have a willingness to learn. In a special case if you have a buddy you work really well with who is under Gold, I'm open for discussion. I know bot lane is a partnership and you need to trust who you lane with . We are all friendly and open minded people. If anyone is interested please message below your username and ranked. What I'm looking for is friendly players who want to have fun and a good time. Thank You
  5. so iv been looking for people to play and practice new champs with that dont get angry cause i would like to learn new champs with out getting raged at casue im not pro with them IGN: DeadWhinter
  6. Hello everyone if you are interested in either some league training, arams for fun, or even ranked games please get in contact. I would like to get a good oce group going to enjoy this game with, we have some good players already but welcome as many as we can get for fun games and a nice little community (because we all know what its like in there), helping new people and yes ranked. Would like to gauge how mnay oce people we have here in the AJSA interested in a more fun lol experience.
  7. Summoner name: Ravager Carnifex I have a ranked team in need of members and I was looking for potential recruits for my team Server: NA Lanes taken -top (currently top is the only purely taken one, the other member plays pretty much every lane)
  8. I'm a Diamond One mid player and I stream usually every night. My champs are: Ziggs, Lissandra, Karthus, Syndra and others. I try to interact with everyone on the stream and I'm willing to answer any questions you might have. I hope to see you there! http://www.twitch.tv/generalscud
  9. Hey the Angry Army, I would like to start up a ranked 5v5 team and I am looking for versatile teammates that can play more than one role, more than one champ effectively in ranked and who will be passionate in game play and not rage if we dont get first blood . If you are on 4-10PM EST two, three, even more days of the week (I know I am xD) dont be afraid to reply! My summoners name is Darkspart3n (NA) I main top/mid/adc (in that order), feel free to add me even if you just want to play some norms.
  10. Hey all summoners! I am currently looking team for rankeds and competitive. I am Gold V support, climbed from Bronze V. I am positive player and i don't flame people. My other account was Season 1 2200 elo, but i gave it to my friend because I got bored of League and now I have this account. I prefer +Gold player team. If you're looking support in EUNE server add: ftFrosty , please say your name in this thread, because I might decline random adds because I don't like random adders. GL for Season 4 everyone!