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Found 20 results

  1. hey guys. I was a bit bored, so i decided to make a song out of one of angryjoes classic rants. Hope you guys like it. let me know what you think
  2. This is probably most relevant to fans in the US and Canada over 30, but I'm sure the fandom has spread overseas. Back in the early 1990s there was this AWESOME cartoon called ReBoot, the first completely CGI TV show ever (and a year or two before Pixar released Toy Story). Check it out here. By today's standards the animation and graphics are terrible! But what it lacks in technical ability it more than makes up in great characters, writing, and just plain geeky fun. Spoilers: season 4 ended on a major cliffhanger, which fans have been longing to see resolved (I think they did that in some comic books, but it just isn't the same). Then Rainmaker Entertainment announced there would be a "reboot" of the series. Fan's were skeptical to say the least. Then they released a trailer... Needless to say...well...you can read the comments yourself...
  3. After the Uprising Event is over, I'm done with Overwatch for a while. These lootbox drops were absolutely atrocious for me, I got two legendary skins for characters I hardly ever play, but moreover, I tried saving up for the skins I wanted with coins, but with the amount of new sprays and voicelines there were it seems vitually impossible to do so right now. What's more insulting is I did get Legendary Skins - duplicates of the normal ones, even more than the event skins. Now halfway through the event, I realized that Comp gives you more XP so I decided to start doing that instead whilst my Arcade Lootboxes refreshed, but even then, my SR absolutely tanked due to people leaving matches halfway through leaving the rest of us to struggle. Heck, I even came across a Diamond-Ranked Mercy and I thought "Oh cool! A Diamond Rank Healer!" until I realized they were doing the bare minimum not to get kicked from the game, damage buffing from time to time and popping a voiceline every few minutes. Even then, it feels like you are rewarded very little for actually winning a game in Comp whilst punished very harshly for losing. I mean, what's the point in playing competitive when even if you get POTG and you're on the winning team, breaking a losing streak, you only go up like 20 SR? That has been happening to me, I wouldn't mind it so much if it wasn't downright constant. So to sumarize, my Uprising Event went something along the lines like this; 1. I got skins for characters I never play 2. I couldn't save up coins from duplicates because I stopped getting them, and the ones I did get are not enough to cover it. 3. Tanking my SR in Comp Yeah, needless to say at first I thought Year of the Rooster was bad, but at least there I could at least afford the skins I wanted with the coins I saved up since the skins themselves were reasonably priced, the Non-Legendary ones anyway. I'm not sure if anybody elses experience was as horrible as mine, but I feel very alone on this. I don't have expendable income to spend on microtransactions, and I don't agree with that practice in general, but I feel slightly conned from this event. There was too much content, not enough time to earn it, and those who didn't pay for it feels like were actively punished for doing so despite dropping so many hours into the game and recieving little to nothing. The only thing I can think of to remedy such a thing from happening again is to increase the amount of coins you get from duplicates to maybe make up for the margins. Other than that, I'm done with Overwatch for a very, very long time.
  4. People are actually believing this! Now, let me make it clear, I AM posting this as a very one sided point. That side being me... and actual common sense. The purpose of this is vent a bit on how annoying fanboys can be and a plea to anyone who reads this to not not jump on their bandwagons of idiocy like so many, including websites and journalists, have been drawn in by. I'm not gonna link the website or article I found this as I don't believe any website taking this seriously deserves to have to have more traffic sent to them, but here is the image that's had every Playstation hater dancing before thinking it through; This is fake. This is work of someone so sad and desperate to say bad about his nemesis "The Playstation" he/she bought a $350 console just to do this to it and claim the the PS4 Pro melted itself. How do I konw he/she's lying? Well, thankfully I know enough about engineering materials to see right away that is bullshit. First off, to cause this kind of damage the plastic would have to get so much hotter that a PS4 Pro can actually get under normal working conditions and with every electrical fail-safe in the console and the persons house connected to the console to fail. This is only possible with a sever manufacturing fault, not a design fault. This could be a faulty unit at worst, but it's not. This was done on purpose, and I can prove it. Plastic, as well as most other materials, expand when they get hot as the chemical bonds are weakened and become stretched. The expansion is more severe the closer the heat source is to the the said material. In other words, when a source of heat is hot enough and close enough to a material and if said material has a lower melting point than ignition point (as is the case with the plastic on a PS4 Pro and most other plastics), then the material will expand and eventually melt AWAY from the heat source. It simply can't move/expand towards it as the material closer to the source is expanding faster than the material further away. So that brings me to back to the picture. You can clearly see the material is concaved, as is deformed and moving into the console. That means the heat source was on the OUTSIDE of the console. If the heat source was inside the console, the damaged material would be convexed, as in protruding out. Now, to see some fanboy do this is pretty sad, but not that surprising. I could also see somebody wanting to get a reaction. If so, well done. Let's see where it gets you. It's also not surprising to see Xbox/PC fanboys jumping all over this and dancing in the rain. The disappointing part is that legitimate websites are actually buying this to. What happened to people? Why do people "Take Up Arms" for and/or against an electronic device that's made to provide nothing more than entertainment in one's free time? And games journalists totally pander to this because it brings allot of traffic to their websites. Having opinions and expressing them in civilized debate is totally fine with me, can even be enjoyable and worthwhile, but this shit is hardly within bounds of normal. If anyone is wondering why some game companies don't take what we as gamers say seriously I think you have your answer. What if it were it to turn out there actually were a severe overheating and fire risk problem with the PS4 Pro? Do you think Sony are gonna take that seriously and address the issue quckly after this? We're gamers. That doesn't make us anything special, but how can we be this stupid? Ultimately it doesn't matter what platform you spend your time gaming on, we all want the same thing, to enjoy this hobby we share, so can't this stupid shit just stop? Anyway, rant over. Thanks for letting me vent. I know this wasn't a huge deal and much of my opinions on this are pretty obvious, but I had to let this one out.
  5. As a result of the infamous drama junkie not checking the facts of a story that was given to him, Keemstar ended up making an old man who streams Runescape cry. All because he couldn't be fucked to check facts on a serious story... Just.. For fuck sake.. He needs to go away... You'll never believe how the old man eventually took it. Aspects of this video will disgust you (because Keem.) as well as make you smile. May it be more of the latter.
  6. The only thing scary about these films is they're still being made
  7. Hello All I'm a bad gamer who makes bad videos about games I'm bad at please leave me some feedback I'd like to better myself in creating content but that's hard when I don't know what is wrong thanks!!
  8. I've been watching the show for a couple of years now and I am in complete support of what AJS stands for. I'm tired of devs shoveling garbage out into the market. If we vote with our wallets and let someone speak for us (Angry Joe), the dirty-devs will have to listen. My own angry rant follows: Since the release of Battlefield 3, I have boycott EA and all products that they produce because of their lack of QC, QA, and they're greed-driven marketing. I have almost completely given up on purchasing ALL games at launch as most major releases lately have been broken at launch because of intrusive DRM, general disregard in shipping an actually completed product, and DLC-based marketing. I have decided that by waiting for a GOTY edition of a game I ensure that I have a complete gaming experience without flaws and at a fraction of the cost versus release day plus future DLC releases. I love supporting devs that put effort into their games such as Rockstar, Naughty Dog, Valve, CD Projekt, and almost all indie devs, as their products mean something not only to consumers but to the devs themselves. I've been a gamer since the NES and I feel gaming has moved from a fun passtime to a big business opportunity to rape consumers' wallets. Vote with your wallet. You are our voice Joe. Love the show. Stay honest and keep it up.
  9. Hi, mini rant here. I rented a small mumble server from maxfrag that I used to use for recording, and I paid for it annually. I've since found a service that hosts a similar size server for free (good, right?), so I stopped using my rented mumble server. At this point, I thought I'd canceled my maxfrag subscription, but apparently not. Fast forward a few months, and I find that they've taken money from my bank account. Bearing in mind this was only a day or two after the server had renewed, I submitted a support ticket asking if they could possibly refund me, as I don't use the server. It's now been almost three weeks since I submitted a ticket, and I've had no reply. On top of this, their website's SSL certificate is invalid (it hasn't been renewed), and their homepage still has a discount code from spring 2013. For the record, while I had the server, it was often very laggy. Resetting the server didn't help. Please don't rent servers from MaxFrag. Just don't. (on a side note, does anyone have any advice here? not sure how to escalate this.) _______________ UPDATE: I've disputed my last payment through paypal, but maxfrag has once again failed to respond, so I've escalated the claim. I also have reason to believe that MaxFrag may be operating fraudulently now, as there are a large number of similar sounding stories on MaxFrag's support forum, which have all been created in the last two months. I'll update this thread once again when the paypal dispute has been resolved. It's definitely a BAD idea to rent servers from them at this point, so please DON'T! ---------------- UPDATE II: Paypal have ruled the dispute in my favour, and they've said they'll refund the money in the next five days, as long as maxfrag's can provide the money. I'll update (agaaaaaaaain) if and when the money comes through.
  10. Okay so a few weeks ago I finally got a PS4 and EB Games (Which is GameSpot in Australia, just a different name, same deal with Burger King) Was doing a bundle deal where for an extra $50 you got the PS4 Assassin's Creed Black Flag, NBA 14, Watch Dogs and 1 free month subscription to Foxtel (an Australian cable TV service). Since that's easily $300 worth of value and I really wanted to play Black Flag I went for it, I was even able to sell NBA and the Foxtel subscription. But I'm here to talk about Watch Dogs. I never had any interest in Watch Dogs. At all. I saw nothing interesting or very original at all about this game, and while 90% of the gaming world were rubbing their nipples in anticipation I was just sitting back and wondering how ridiculous AAA gaming hype has gotten. Okay so we all know about how Watch Dogs got a massive visual downgrade, yet despite all of this many people continue to claim that the game is still great. I hate to be the bad guy, but no. No it's not. I'm sorry, I just didn't see anything in this game that was better than average. I could spend all day bitching about everything I didn't like but I've got bigger fish to fry in this thread, so here's the biggest, main reason I didn't like Watch Dogs; It's too easy. And I don't mean that the combat is easy or what not, because this is one of THOSE games where they expect you to use stealth for everything and have made combat as hard as possible to stop you from charging in and killing everything (just like Deus Ex HR). But everything, EVERYTHING, is handed to you on a silver platter. Money is easily hacked from people walking on the streets, and there's no penalty for stealing thousands of dollars from innocent people, and a few upgrades later you'll automatically be notified when you're within range of someone who's got tons of money that's ripe for the taking. But the second mission, THE SECOND MISSION, I had bought every gun in the game, and nothing was a challenge because I was running around with two kinds of grenade launcher and machine guns up the wazoo. Not that I needed to because the only things of use that money buys are guns and cars, and the enemies drop all the guns you'll ever need. But it doesn't matter, because there's no clear difference between the guns, there's a star based ranking bar for the weapons, but a one star assault rifle does around the same damage that a 5 star rifle does, so all the guns feel exactly the same. And you don't even need to buy cars unless you REALLY want to drive a certain car. Chicago is apparently a booming super economy because ever 1 out of 6 cars is a high performance sports car, and they're just sitting on the street, so the cars on demand feature is useless because you can just steal any car you need. There's also no penalty for stealing cars, by the way. I'm sorry, but there's nothing interesting in this game. At all. I can appreciate that this is probably just me, and a lot of people are able to just over look some design flaws and enjoy the game, but there's nothing in this game that's overly great to me. It's been a couple weeks since I beat it and I can't remember a single mission that stood out to me, except maybe when you're fighting in T-Bone's scrap yard, but everything else is so by the numbers and generic there was nothing memorable in this game. None of the characters, none of the story, and nothing really in the gameplay. There's also a LOT of ludonarrative dissonance, yes, that dreaded phrase that people hate. But you see, unlike most smart asses who try to use it as a cheap excuse to hate on games like Bioshock Infinite and The Last of Us, I actually know what ludonarrative dissonance means There's a bunch of scenes later in the game where Aiden thinks to himself that he's turning into a killer, and that he "not that kind of man", mean while I'm plowing over civilians, murdering hundreds of mobsters and stealing money from any person that walks close enough to me. There's also the fact that Aiden's character is so poorly written he doesn't realise that everything bad that happened to him and his family throughout the game is entirely his own fault. But hey, why should he regret being such a horrible person when he can be Batman? My final verdict? It was meh, not really worth the praise that people are giving it, and very deserving of any hate it gets. If you liked it, that's fine. But when a game is advertised as THE next gen game that will usher gaming into a new golden era, I expect there to be something next gen about it, not a game that's supremely average in every way. Also, I think I'm just done Ubisoft. Am I the only one feeling this way? Seriously, I'm just done. Let's ignore the fact that they lied through their teeth about Watch Dogs' graphics but Ubisoft have been doing NOTHING but coming up with new ways to piss people off. And it's not like this is anything new, they've been at it for years! First we had Assassin's Creed 2's DRM back in 2012 for PC, that Ubisoft defended by saying it works, even when their servers went down and rendered a bunch of their games unplayable. Ubisoft spun this in their favour of course, saying that it was just exceptionally high demand. And when they refused, underline, REFUSED to release a PC version of I Am Alive Stanislas Mettra seemed to openly mock PC users by saying "There's so much piracy and so few people paying for PC games we have to precisely weight up against the cost of making it. If only 50, 000 people buy the game it's just not worth it". This statement seems to imply that a Ubisoft game that hundreds of thousands of people to millions of people are playing, out of all those people only about 50, 000 of those gamers will have legitimately purchased the game. And in the same month they said that Ghost Recon Future Soldier wouldn't be coming to PC because, and I'm quoting Sebastien Arnoult here, "We know that 95% of our consumers will pirate the game". 95%. Ninety five percent. They KNOW that would happen. Doesn't everything about this just scream "Fuck you PC gamers"? I'm not even a PC gamer and even -I'M- pissed off about this shit. And I don't think I even need to talk about Ubisoft's list of shitty PC ports, weather it's Assassin's Creed 4 not being optimised because it's not important apparently, or From Dust not even fucking working properly, Ubisoft has made it very clear by now that it doesn't care about PC gamers, or the PC gaming audience, and would rather mock PC gamers behind their back's while lying about how they want to focus primarily on PC as a platform, which is bullshit because I'm yet to see a current Ubisoft game on the PC that doesn't require a gamepad to be playable. And then, of course, there's Uplay. Yes, let's talk about Uplay, a 'service' that doesn't do anything, gates content from Ubi's games, hassles gamers with separate log ins. AND, as it was discovered a couple years ago, is a security risk, leave a back door open on PC user's computers for malicious software via at least 21 games. It's a shitty thing that very few people like, and Ubisoft forces it into everything. There's not a single Ubisoft game, other that ZombiU and maybe Far Cry 3, that doesn't hassle you to log onto an online service that doesn't do anything. And I don't think I even need to talk about the Watch Dogs launch (yes, we're back on that game again) Where the game was unplayable to many people because Uplay shat itself and broke the game. And in more recent news regarding Assassin's Creed Unity (which I think will be completely fucking crap because Ubisoft is too chicken shit to do anything new or interesting with the AC franchise like it did in Black Flag) where Ubisoft seemed to shrug off the fact that history's most famous and deadly assassin was not only most active during the French revolution but was also female, making claims that it was just too expensive to use character models and voice actors for a female character. Because hey, why actually appeal to a wider audience when you can just say you are while going after the same teenage boys and young men. Not only does Ubisoft seem to think it's too expensive to have playable female characters, they thought it was a good idea to make up bullshit claims about how one of the biggest names in the AAA gaming industry could afford it, while games like Mass Effect, Skyrim, Saints Row, even fucking Super Mario has playable female characters and none of them are crying about how it's too expensive. But can you honestly believe ANYTHING from the company that admitted that they literally can't afford to make new IP's without turning it into a massive franchise? Let me repeat that last part. Ubisoft can't afford to make a single game any more. They HAVE to make a huge franchise. Ubisoft's accountants must hang themselves on a daily basis. I can't be the only person who's done with this crap. It can't be physically possible that no one else is just fucking sick of the lying, the shitting excuses, and the constant fucking requests to log into Uplay. I'm done with this crap. I honestly can not think of another major game company that is more deserving of the title of "The New EA". And yes, because all the sheep start bleating about how Ubisoft isn't the only company that pulls off constant bullshit, because EA does it too, man. That's just the point. EA does it too. As in EA isn't the only company constantly pissing people off. But Ubisoft seems to be the only company getting away with it. Well not any more. I'm for one am not just going to sit here and think "Oh well they made Assassin's Creed Black Flag and that was pretty awesome, so everything's okay" No. And I'll invite you guys to all do the same. I'm out. *drops mic*
  11. I. AM. PISSED. Usually when it comes to Nintendo, I love them. I love the Wii U, and I love it's games. I'm usually the first to roll my eyes whenever people start rambling on about how Nintendo sucks or that old bullshit claim that if you like Mario/Zelda games you're an idiot because all Mario/Zelda games are shit because shut up reasons. But today, I'm pissed off at how Nintendo is handling their online store front. Now, I don't have the internet at my house, so for a little over a year my Wii U has gone without updates or downloads of any kind. So when I bought myself a cheap shitty little LAN to USB adaptor so I could steal a friend's internet, two things were on my mind; Update all games, buy Shovel Knight. Sounds easy enough right? Well, that was until I tried to use the eShop. I got my Wii U three or four months after it came out, and back then the eShop seemed fine because there was fuck all games out for the system and very few of it's digital applications were actually out and ready to be downloaded. But now, today, as it is, it's fucking unusable. Now I know that since I'm in Australia, companies love to not bother giving us the shit the rest of the world has (And I'll come back to this) but the fucking console has been out for three years now. Why the fuck can't I find a single digital download indie game? You open up the eShop, and the first thing you see are a bunch of buttons that link to new releases and titles to be released, and then under that some buttons to a couple of indie games, the Virtual Console and then some shit about 'games we can play together' and not one of these buttons is as simple as 'digital games' or 'all games' or 'A-Z'. Y'know, those buttons that XLBA and PSN and Steam and GOG have so we can easily find the games we want instead of trying to dig around the front page desperately trying something that would link to a list with more than 16 games on it. Oh, there's a search bar, but it didn't do much good. Because I found out WHY I couldn't find Shovel Knight no matter what I did. Can you guess why? IT DOESN'T COME OUT IN AUSTRALIA UNTIL NOVEMBER 2014. Yep, told we'd get back to this. Yes, it appears Shovel Knight isn't out in Australia or Europe until some time in November. Now, forgive me for assuming that a game that was released in June in the US was out in Australia at the same time. I mean, it's not like data files have region locks or even that we speak a different language or anything. HOW DARE I ASSUME SUCH MADNESS. Let's just ignore the fact Yacht Club Games have stated that the only reason the only console and handheld they released Shovel Knight on was the Wii U and 3DS was to help those two systems out, I mean why would Nintendo by thankful for that, right? Oh yeah, and another thing? Nintendo's customer service is crap. Nintendo Australia has no email contact option. So unless I want to write a letter like an old man or get ridiculous phone bills out the ass there's no way to actually tell Nintendo how to improve their eShop. Oh, I've emailed the American Nintendo customer service before, but literally every response I've ever gotten starts with "this is the Nintendo of America, we can't help you". I'm not asking for you to redesign your entire online infrastructure, Nintendo. I just want an 'all games' button. And 'all games button! That's all! And for you to stop pretending that Australia is some far off arcane land. Rant over, now sleep.
  12. Well, woke up this morning to download the patch while I was at school, excited to come back to 1.43..........only to be greeted by This, this, patch has just might as well be the end for me. As you may know, I am more of a pilot, and as I have not tried tanks, but my good times on the dev server definitely show that tanks are amazing now. Planes, however, I always knew this patch was gonna be terrible cause of the BR, but just today here is a list that made me quit, till they add in the extra fixes and stuff. (Mind you, they just realize, and expect for somethings to be broken and buggy, but not to the point where their coding fucks most things.) Top things good about the patch and what makes me quit/ take a break for a while. ( will show up to training and events, but won't play till patch has some little fixes done....let rephrase that, major changes. Good things: 1. Tanks (love tanks there you go, gaijin did a good job there) 2. Plane nerfs and buffs (n1k, bearcat,.....etc Read the patch notes) 3. the little things (example: presets) 4. Some new planes.......well only the lower tier props....cause the jets and broken j7w don;t count. 5. Racing 6. Replay 7. Spectator What gaijin fucked up 1. Year 2000 game coding........one change, breaks the game. 2. ludicrous BR for new aircraft without fixing other BRs.......I knew this would happen, gaijin adding broken ludicrous shit to fix shit never works. 3. My 20$ which 30$ now, p-51 d-20 is broken!!!! I can't even fly it, one of my favorite aircraft in the game, and I can't fly it..... 4. Norway...........climbing to space......bf 110 ai on both sides!!!.....need I say more. 5. The hud....what have you done, why does it say that my engine is over heated on the bottom of screen where it is nearly off and I can't see it. I rely on that for information, why'd you put it there. and why does the model of the aircraft look like a 3 year old with little Photoshop re-sized it so that its messed up and bury. 6.and finally the nail on the coffin, everyone trying to get the new jets.....kill stealing....nasty community....Raging hard....bad league of legend memories. Sure enough I got Gaijined, saw it coming this time, and I ain't the less surprised. Yeh you all can say they waited on this patch to fix things, but when the J7W FM is not even finished, well, I told you so . Taking time to prepare a patch, my ASS. So that's my rant, what do you guys like/ hate about this patch? See yeh guys on Friday if free for all goes, or Saturday and Sunday.
  13. This is pretty much a trial by fire for me but one must take the plunge at some point so here are the reviews I have written as of this point in time. More to follow as and when. No Holds Barred (Blog - http://noholdsreviews.blogspot.co.uk/) No Holds Barred Reviews: No Holds Barred Review - SimCity (2013) (PC): http://noholdsreviews.blogspot.co.uk/2013/04/no-holds-barred-simcity-2013-review.html No Holds Barred Review - Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies (3DS): http://noholdsreviews.blogspot.co.uk/2013/11/no-holds-barred-phoenix-wright-ace.html No Holds Barred Review - Battlefield 4 (PC): http://noholdsreviews.blogspot.co.uk/2014/02/no-holds-barred-review-battlefield-4-pc.html No Holds Barred Review - Call of Duty: Ghosts (PC): http://noholdsreviews.blogspot.co.uk/2014/03/no-holds-barred-review-call-of-duty.html No Holds Barred Review - Titanfall (PC): http://noholdsreviews.blogspot.co.uk/2014/04/titanfall-pc.html No Holds Barred Review - Child of Light (PC): http://noholdsreviews.blogspot.co.uk/2014/05/no-holds-barred-review-child-of-light-pc.html No Holds Barred Review - Watch_Dogs (PC): http://noholdsreviews.blogspot.co.uk/2014/06/no-holds-barred-review-watchdogs-pc.html No Holds Barred Review - Mario Kart 8 (WiiU): http://noholdsreviews.blogspot.co.uk/2014/06/no-holds-barred-review-mario-kart-8-wiiu.html No Holds Barred Review - Plants Vs Zombies: Garden Warfare (PC): http://noholdsreviews.blogspot.co.uk/2014/07/no-holds-barred-review-plants-vs.html No Holds Barred Review - Valiant Hearts: The Great War (PC): http://noholdsreviews.blogspot.co.uk/2014/08/no-holds-barred-review-valiant-hearts.html (NEW) No Holds Barred Review - Another Perspective (PC): http://noholdsreviews.blogspot.co.uk/2014/08/no-holds-barred-review-another.html Collectors Archive: Collectors Archive - Ace Combat: Assault [Enhanced Edition] (PC): http://noholdsreviews.blogspot.co.uk/2014/08/collectors-archive-ace-combat-assault.html No Holds Barred is now in a video format.
  14. This is an edited version of a post placed by me (Twitch:ProtoSteelGull) during the April 15,2014 Angry Joe livestream, where Joe got a comment asking if he was going to quit YouTube all together as he had not uploaded a review in about 3 weeks; This was my (now edited) response. "What the... what the Hell?! Do you create the review?Tell me, do you put your entire career on the line day in and day out having to survive basically off the kindness of others, risking your everything evry time you click the upload button on YoutTube?! and then, then you have the F**KING GUALL to say you have the right to DEMAND something of someone you don't KNOW? F**K YOU if you think that! And F**K YOU if you think your intiteld to control what others do with their own F**KING TIME.Goddamn it, sometimes, I just don't even know..." I appoligize for any offense to any members as I was "in the moment" at the time of this comment and wanted to post this to show how much things like intolerance for the video making process, especially for someone like Angry Joe, really erritates me and can hope with things like this posted we can stop intolerance towards other members in the communtiy. As well thank you all for reading through my admittingly pretty unorangized rant towards this and for further support of the community.
  15. I Have to vent.... Downloaded NFS: Most wanted from the PSN network after seeing a few positive reviews. For starters i understand the game isn't a simulator by any means but the steering of the cars in most wanted just pains me, its fun to slip into a drift and come out the other end feeling like an instant pro but all to often the edge of a building or an unavoidable car ruins it leading to the crash cam which then takes you away from the experience. anyway the thing that really annoys me is all the downloadable content for cars that you feel pressured to buy, the game never lets you forget the content you don't own, for those of you who don't know to get a car in most wanted to find it in the world and 'jack' it, then its yours, simple. However what is really annoying is when you find a car you like to drive and when you go to 'jack' it your taken to an online store and told you must buy it. No. why is this car in my game if i cant use it! Not only that but when you load up the game it shows you your game completion percentage and next to all the content you have to buy it says 0%, so for anyone that likes to complete games fully be prepared to buy a lot of DLC in this game because it's full it. I feel like this games makes no attempt to hide the fact that it is actively advertising and trying to pressure you to buy more every time you play instead of just letting to enjoy the game Rant over.....
  16. Hey Guys! I'm Sulivano and I recently made a video where I rant about how much I dislike certain features, of Saints Row IV. I often take quotes and remarks from "Angry Joe' and his videos, to combat his points. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LYXAOjrydxs Check it out if you'd like!
  17. I hate what Google+ is doing, nobody wants to use it, its supposed to be a social network, but if they force you to use it, they are taking out the social out of social network!!, I can't believe how stupid they are, what makes users hate a service or a website is forcing them to use it!!! there is now a campaign all over Youtube to try to stop google+: the Bob campaign: ░░░░░███████ ]▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄ Bob is building an army. ▂▄▅█████████▅▄▃▂ ☻/ This tank & Bob are against Google+ Il███████████████████]. /▌ Copy and Paste this all over ◥⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙◤.. / \ YouTube if you are with us Bob has decided that nuclear ☻/ / \ weapons are the only way to fix youtube. /▌ |☢| Copy and Paste this all over youtube / \ //||\\ to completely obliterate Google+ ══════∩═════       ╭╬╮       ◢ ▁╭▅▆▇□□█▇▆▅▄▃▂▁(╳)█╮  Air support is here,Bob. ╰═=___▃__▁▁▁▁▁∠▔▔▔      ╙O ╙O DIE GOOGLE+ !!!!! some newspapers and news websites are starting to pick it up, so if it can last a little longer maybe we can do something, please help stop those bastards!!
  18. I'm not sure if there is a rant section around here but anyway. A couple of days ago I was browsing on Steam and I came across this game on sale called Towns, going for around $5. I was interested by the concept so needless to say I've bought it and I've regretted it ever since. The game wouldn't start at all, so I browsed the internet for answers and it said stupid things like perhaps your graphics card needs to be updated or something. And after a while it was clear there was nothing wrong with my actual pc. It wasthe game. Then I came across the forums and things, people were all complaining about similar problems and it really does appear that the developer behind Towns has effectively abandoned the game. There was even a PA report about the whole thing, I really should have checked before I bought it. What's making me even more angry is that it's still being sold on Steam. That game should be taken down. Lesson learned: make sure you do an extensive background check on some indie games you want to buy. Now I'm wishing Steam had a delete option so I can get rid of it.
  19. Well, where to start. As you can see, im from poland, and to be honest, its not a richiest country in the world. So, the people are not so rich either. And we (gamers) are in the pretty bad situation. Before i start, this is my personal rage, my thoughts etc. If somebody dont like it, fine, dont read it. I wont buy ANY product of EA again in my life. Why? Because i dont like to be fucked in my ass, thats why. I love BF series, and i fucking hate the developement policy. And Im not talking only about their "pushing out the door" philosophy. You see, standard monthly fee is something about... 1600-2000PLN (im not talking about minimal, also this is before paying ANY bills or buying food. after such things its something like... 600PLN if you live in a big city... for a month... yay) which is something like 514-650$. Splendid, eh? Most of the prices like food etc. are on level thats nice for this amount of money. BUT OF COURSE NOT THE ELETRONIC AND MULTIMEDIA. I bought BF3 a week after the release date. I Spend 120PLN. Then the "back to Karkand" showed up, another 60-80pln. And then the expansions. If i'd bought the "Premium pack" its another 120-150 pln (dont remember now) if id buy each expansion separately, it would be up to 250PLN back then. I dont like to pay few times for a product that is the same, and should be ready when it goes out, so i didnt buy even first expansion. Add the numbers now. If polish player wants to play a new game legally, with all extras, he would pay from 350 to 450pln !!! Remember the AJ yelling "i worked my ass for a week to play the game". Well, guess what... (no offence Joe, but it is as it is) we dont have even this fucking comfort. My friends who work in UK, Germany, Norway, even the "we have a collapsed economy" Italy, could buy an entire console... AFTER WORKING FOR 2 WEEKS. YESTERDAY I SAW A FUCKING PS3 THAT HAD 1500PLN LABEL ON IT. THATS AN ENTIRE MONTH OF WORK FOR ME. If i buy a game, i want a ready game. or if it has an expansions it should be some massive oldschool type of expansion (remember Frozen Throne for W3? Or the Gothic 2 expansion? That was fucking massive on its time) not some "pew pew pay me 50 dorras" shit. Then we hear "players from poland are thieves because they are pirating the games"... Well, guess what, we want some part of the fresh culture too. And, im really sorry, but when one of the richiest companies ON A FUCKING GLOBE says that we, the polish players are making them "less rich".... Well, they can suck my..... well... popsickle. First, they should rearange prices for other currencies (now its even better than few years ago. For Example BF3 on console cost 250PLN that day i bought PC version. Nice, eh?) then we can talk. And then there are companies that seems not even heard of a fucking currencies at all. Standard situation with VALVE (yes, valve is not "all good" company either, FYI). The game is released in boxed version. 50pln. 2 weeks after release date, the box version is sold out, and wont be available. If you want it, go on STEAM (example: L4D 1 and 2 and few other titles. Some of them appear only on steam too like Magic the Gathering). You open the steam shop and BAM same game is 50 EUROS. WHEN 1 EURO is WORTH UP TO 4.50-5 PLN. IT MEANS I WOULD PAY 4 TIMES MORE FOR A SAME PRODUCT. NOT EVEN SAME, CAUSE I DONT HAVE FUCKING BOX, DVD NOTHING. And its not only about games. Movies, PC Hardware, Consoles, everything that can be labeled as "multimedia product" is overpriced here. It means, that we cant be part of a fucking CULTURE. Try living for a month with 100 bucks in your pocket, then see if at the end of month you would be able to afford a 70$ game. Oooh and fucking pray you wouldnt need to repair your car, replace some broken furniture or go to a doctor. Try it, and see if you would be able to afford anything that is not necessary. Dudes, i sometimes even have dillemas if i want to buy a game, or a BOOK cause i cant afford both... And some of books i need for university are upt o 150PLN if i want to buy them. So sorry, and as i said no offence to Joe, but if i say someone saying something like "I worked few days for it" im getting mad. End for now. Sorry for spelling errors but i was typing under my emotions.