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Found 1 result

  1. Go tell aunt Rhody. Go tell aunt Rhody. Go tell aunt Rhody that everybody's DEAD. This is the 7th game of Resident Evil, and FINALLY a game that is accurate to the title! Took them 5 games later to finally return to a house that is evil. lol The story of this game is that you are Ethan Winters. Your wife has been missing for 3 years but all of a sudden you receive an email from her telling you to come to this swampy location in Louisiana to meet her. Yeah, I'm sure that suspicious sounding email isn't going to bring major disaster and harm to you! And then the game begins. And then you meet the Bakers that's trying to kill you in their house. Shouldn't have trusted that strange email Ethan. Scares, locked doors with animal symbols and EPIC SHIT ensues. Now first off before I begin, I can say that this game is indeed scary. Lot's of creepy vibes and "OH FUCK, THAT SCARED THE SHIT OUT OF ME" moments. Hell, I wasn't an easily scared person to begin with, but this game has a couple of moments that creeped me out. But surprisingly it mixes creepy stuff with epic stuff that Resident Evil 4 - 6 are made of. Which is pretty well done when you can mix "oh geez I'm scared" with "TIME TO TAKE YOU ALL DOWN MOTHER FUCKER!" And that's because of the main character Ethan. He has a pretty dry wit and is quite relateable. His comments in the game is what I would comment on if I'm in his shoes. Like when he sees the many puzzles and rooms with locked doors that requires specific keys, he just goes "who builds this shit?" And after fighting bosses, he just spouts one liners. Beautiful, groan worthy one liners. This game brings me back to those old days of the original trilogy filled with backtracking, inventory management and ammo conservation. It plays just like how I remembered it. The old save room with storage box and a typewriter, in this game it's a tape recorder; the limited inventory slot where you really have to know what to bring with you and not having too much stuff so you never have to go back to a storage box to unload items when you fucked up, you know, the usual old school RE gameplay. And I freaking love it! Anyone that has played the original 1 2 3 will know what I'm talking about in an instant. The herbs are back in this game, but there's no more red herb or blue herb. Only green herb this time, and you can't mix them together like previous games. Instead you mix these things called Chem Fluids into the herbs to create first aid liquids. There's normal chem fluids and strong chem fluids. Think of the normal chem fluids as mixing 2 green herbs together, while the strong chem fluids as a red herb. These chem fluids can also be mixed with other materials, like gunpowder or supplements, to create ammos for your weapons. You can also get stabilizers to increase your reload speed, and steroids to increase your health bar. Yes, steroids. I had 5 of these things on me, but I decided not to use any of them. Because winners don't use drugs! Don't be fooled by the play time counter. This game took me 10 hours to beat, and it's pretty freaking hard. I play on normal, and I died plenty of times because the enemy attacks are pretty relentless and damaging. It says 7 hours because each time I die, I go back to the main menu instead of retrying on the spot. I don't want the end game statistics to read "death: 20" just in case I get graded. How's the combat? Well, this is an odd thing to say, but it heavily reminds me of GTA V's FPS mode. And by that I mean it's pretty slick. Weapons feels great to use, when you're just holding your weapon you can realistically see that it's not like typical fps modes where you instantly aim your gun like this you hold your weapon in standby mode like this. and when you hold down the aim button, you don't enter iron sight mode but rather zoomed in mode. If you fire without entering aim mode, your accuracy will be all over the place. Unless you use the shotgun. Regular enemies in this game are not zombies, but these swamp things called molded. They're pretty much the regular enemies from Revelations just more slimy. There are quite a lot of different weapons in this game. There's 3 variations of the handgun, a shotgun, a flamethrower, the classic grenade launcher, and the motha fucking magnum. Oh yeah, see that number bellow the cage? That shows how many antique coins you need to unlock this thing. Some of you might remember the dirty coin you get from completing the cryptic minigame in the Beginning Hour demo. This is where you use that thing. You collect other coins from scavenging. And when you get enough coins to get yourself that magnum Tis a thing of beauty. Ammo for this thing is VERY scarce though. You may want to keep those bullets until the final boss. Pro tip here: The melee weapons in this game are FAR better than in previous games. Instead of feeling like a last resort, your melee weapon is pretty much your best friend. If you have played RE 4 - 6 before and usually do the "headshot, come close and melee" combat, that doesn't work here. Don't waste your firearms on these guys. Just use your melee weapon to slice their head off. They'll attack you though so you have to be careful. You can block their attacks, but my strategy to fighting them is usually: slice their head, run back, go back to slice their head again, run back. Repeat until their heads explode. But this only applies to the first half. In the second half when there's more enemy varieties like the ones that walk on 4 legs and can crawl like a spider, and one that's so fat it keeps on vomiting and when you shoot them their body puss will damage you, these guys definitely needs bullets to take down. Hopefully by this point of the game you have kept all the ammo you see with you and not just waste them. The Bakers though, ohoho, these bitches needs bullets to take down. But not during explorations. Don't waste your bullets when they're just trolling you all over the place. When you see them, just run and hide somewhere. Unload on them ONLY during boss fights, which you can tell if a boss fight is coming by the suspiciously placed save rooms with a door that leads to the next room. Oh, speaking of boss fights, this game's boss fights are FUCKING AWESOME!! They're all tough as hell, but also requires careful planning. You can't just waste your bullets on them, you have to know where their weak points are, all the while these bosses block your attacks and even hide from you. It's not at all like RE 1 -3 where all you do is just shoot them with your shotguns, grenade launchers or magnum. The second boss fight with Jack is especially awesome. Here's a hint Now you may be wondering, aside from the gameplay, does this game fit as a Resident Evil game? Well of course! There's references to past games when reading the documents, one puzzle solving part in this game has RE2's sound effect when entering a number combination into a keypad And the whole game's plot just screams "Biohazard", especially the epic ending, in which there's 2 variations depending on 1 moment in the game. I can't spoil the story though, so you just have to find out what happens yourself! My only complaint of this game: the music. Especially for some of the boss fights. There's this epic fight going on, but the song is like this It doesn't fit! I want it to be more like this! When I fight the bosses again, I will play a custom track of my own to make it epic! Overall, a fantastic game. A great back to basics for the series, and I can't wait for the sequel. Which is why my rating for this game is "so awesome that you will play this game again and again". With a badass seal of approval! Man, 2017 just started, and we already got this, Yakuza 0 and Gravity Rush 2. ALL of them are definite top 10 best games of the year contenders. 2017 is gonna be sweet!