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Found 76 results

  1. Hello everyone, my name is John. It's because of Angry Joe and Other Joe that I started you-tube so I wanted to enlist in the army and show my support
  3. Hi, my name is Brenno and it's my first time ever joining a community, at least this huge. Hoping I don't screw up everything from the start, I salute you all out there.
  4. I'm finally attempting to join the army after being subscribed to YouTube for a few years now.
  5. Reporting in for duty sir!
  6. I am a new recruit. That is all.
  7. Hi everyone, new recruit here willing to fight for the army. I have been a long time fan the AJ videos, about two years now, and love his honest and quality reviews. The Angry Army has always wondered me, for its focus on strategy, fellowship and comradery. Glad to join this community and hope to play lots of games with you all specially on PS4!
  8. Recruit KrisMayhem from Estonia reporting! Hello! I am new to the AJSA Community and I pleased and excited to join! Hopefully my transition is smooth and everybody I meet will be AWESOME PEOPLE! ENjoy your day and have fun, people! Good luck on the battlefield! Over and out!
  9. Greetings guys! I just joined and wanted to say hi! I am from Germany, own a PS4 (which I mainly play on), PC and Xbox 360. I currently play GTA5 online, just started with Destiny and the occasional round of Rocket League but also play some single player stuff like Witcher 3. I plan to get Doom for the PS4 in two weeks. Feel free to add me on PSN (or on any other of the networks that I am on).
  10. Hello all! I'm very excited to finally join the AJS Army. Like many, I found TAJS while surfing YouTube. I found his review of HALO 5. The night before I had just beaten the game and I was LIVID. I was apauled what had become of the HALO Franchise. After watching AJ's video review I felt like I had found a new best friend. His thoughts and anger matched my own. He was a beacon of hope especially after most major gaming sites reviewed HALO 5 with flying colors. Thanks AJ for being that shinning light in a dark time of gaming for me and I am sure many others as well. I'm glad to be here and I look forward to getting to know this great community! *Salute*
  11. Hello Lads! My name is Kysman, I'm 20 years old guy, I'm form the Czech Republic (tho English is pretty good, don't worry ) and I have only PC. I decided to join AJSA because I fell in love with Joe's humor, I wanted to play with the best of the best, to have better gaming experience and more friends in the battlefield (but mostly because I don't have any gamer friends )! I'm team player, I respect chain of command and I think I'm above average player (and I can assure you that I can and will improve!). I play BF4, WarThunder, DayZ, sometimes CS-GO, Division, Mount&Blade, Chivalry, Guns of Icarus, Red Orchestra, Planet Side 2, and bunch of other games. (you know, the good stuff) I hope we'll see each other on the battlefield, I'll always have your back and I'll gladly give my life for Joe's glory Kysman
  12. Hey how's it going my name is Blujay Alpha and I joined the AJSA because I am sick and tired of playing games all by myself and came here looking to be part of a cool and active community. I play on pc only. hope to have fun and make new friends .
  13. Hello everyone, I´m Lyzion a very eager player from germany. I wanted to join the AJSA cause I´m passioned in playing games of all kind. I´m also kinda "angry" sometimes when I play, so the "Angry Army" just seemed perfect. But despite me yelling at my PC sometimes, I have lot of fun playing games. My anger is more some sort of satire. As germany doesnt have that great gaming communities and I´m used to play with people from all around the world I´d like to apply here. Games where you could find me are BF4, Rocket League and mostly War Thunder. See you guys around here or in some games And happy fragging (not to confound with fracking)
  14. Hey Guys & Gals Of The Army, My Names Matt I'm From The UK, I've Watched Joe's Videos For Many Years He's Just Getting Better. Infact He Has Given Me The Confidence To Start Making My Own Videos On Youtube About Video Games, Films/Movies (For The US Guys!) & TV. Some Of My Favorite Games Are: Bioshock, Resident Evil 2, Psi Ops, Mortal Kombat! And Star Wars Rouge Squadron To Name A Few I'm Also A Big Film Nerd Likes Of: Star Wars, Aliens, Terminator 2(Still The Best Sequel Of All Time =P) , Lord Of The Rings Just To Name A Few Video Games/Films Are My Strongest Hobbies But I Also Love The NFL My Team Are The New England Patriots, 4 Games Play At Wembley I Go See Them With Family =]. I'm Starting A Youtube Channel As I Said I'd Love It If You Guys Checked It Out And If Any Of you Guys Have One Let Me Know Also =] Hopefully See Some Of You In The Streams Or On The Battlefield =D
  15. Hey guys! I'm a long time fan of the show, and decided that it's time to join the community! I've sort of lost a lot of my online friends (not because of behaviour, I just lost touch) and most of my IRL friends don't like the games I play, being mostly fixated on one or two. Online games suck without people to play with, so I hope I could find some new peeps to play with! I'm into most genres of games, but not driving games. Here are my IDs: STEAM: 8-Bit-Chicken XBL: Zarothicus64 Have a nice day/night!
  16. Hello, my name is Luis and I am a new recruit, but I have been watching Joe for about 2.5 years. I really like 3rd Person Action, like Assassin's Creed, and FPS games like Battlefield 3. Add me on PSN if you'd like for a game of Far Cry or GTA. Have a Nice day.
  17. Greetings Members of the Angry Army! My name is Justin. I have been watching the Angry Joe Show for about 3 years now. I just recently upgraded the graphics card on my computer and figured it was time to join up and kick some ass alongside you guys! I been on Xbox Live since 2008. My original gamertag was JDogg390, but once the training wheels came off I changed it to JustinTime4Cake. I enjoy a varity of games. I have mainly been playing Battlefield 4 and Mortal Kombat X recently. Gears of War is my favorite Xbox title and Halo is a close second. I am currently looking for some new PC games to try in order to test out my new hardware. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks guys and I look foward to playing with you online! https://youtu.be/syI7uGTFWiw
  18. Hi. I'm Zach, I'm from Southern California, where there is no weather. I am a movie guy and a gamer. I have a great sense of humor. I bet that made you laugh. Or maybe not. But that probably did. I love you. I'm an Xbox gamer because its easy. PC gaming used to be my thang but I'd have to keep upgrading and it got too complex for me. And generally, Xbox has better exclusives. But that seems to be changing lately, so I don't know anymore. I do know that Playstation controllers make me projectile vomit. But no hate, I used to love Playstation. Party tricks: I can flip my eyelids inside out. It's pretty scary. Am I boring you? I'm new to this. So yeah, be my friend, hit me up, glad to be here. Add me on xbox if you're a cool person, I like cool people. Currently not affiliated with any particular L337 Qu1ck5c0p1ng Kl4nZzzz and I don't like CoD. Unless I'm screwing around. I am a very experienced and seasoned gamer and have very important and respectable opinions that you should listen to because I'm cool. I'm also very sarcastic some times. I give free virtual hugs and will headshot all your mean bullies. Have a nice day. (:
  19. I am making a Fleet (clan) for star trek Online I need a minimum of 5 members to start one. I will need to have a full party of 5 to create it to. Add me on steam DarthZash Add me on STO DarthZash@lordzash1 thank you for your time. LLAP
  20. Hi there I'm Fredrick Martain and I'm new to the community. Does anyone know where I can see the upcoming events? I have Planetside 2, Team Fortress 2, Dota 2, League of Legends and Terraria.
  21. Here to kick some New Conglomerate ass and chew some bubblegum, wait what was that? Out of bubble gum? Ok then just here to kick ass.
  22. Hello everyone, I just signed up today for the Angry Armies 1 year anniversary! and I'm really glad to be part of the Army! I do hope to help and support the Angry Army to the best of my ability, and fit in with everybody. I'm not very use to being with major gaming groups as this is my first one. I will be honest, I am a bit nervous about joining a hardcore gaming group. I have attempted this in the past but not on this scale. I do hope to get more better software and hardware down to the road to better my gaming performance. It's great to meet everybody from the Angry Army, and I hope I can benefit the Army as much as possible! Below is an icon of what would of been my Avatar icon, however it's too large, and I honestly do not know how to shrink it down to the appropriate size. Hope you all like it! I made this icon myself in my digital design class from Indesign CS5, so I hope you all like it. If anyone could help me with figuring out how to shrink it down, I would gladly appreciate it!
  23. Hi how ya goin? So who the hell are you? Ok where to begin, perhaps a proper introduction. So people like to call me Capsaicin. I live in California but was in Australia for a bit of some time. I'm a crazy bastard who somehow eats hot peppers (yeah I'm talking habaneros on an average day) while playing games at the same time and perform considerably well. I've been watching AJS for longer than I can remember but somehow never knew about this website because I had a lot of other crap goin on everywhere. I love to act, and have been in commercials, but then again, this is an introduction, not a job interview. Why do you call yourself Capsaicin? Well considering the fact that I love hot foods and have gone as far as drinking a dropper of pure capsaicin (16,000,000 Scoville Heat Units, the Ghost Pepper is 1,000,000) and btw I'm not the only one who calls myself Capsaicin either. What games do you play? My favorite game so far has been Team Fortress 2 and I've been playing that since my first steam account (which was made in 2007 until it got hacked) and my second one (created in 2009 and got hacked as well, don't ask) up until now. Although I do love to play a variety of games like Unturned, Garry's Mod, Killing Floor (for when I have a bit of a rage), and many others but my favorite genre of games are most likely FRS/RTS really any game with heavy teamwork will do! When do you play? Hell I love to play everyday and I'm always on after school's out. But when it's summer time it's 24/7 all day everyday! Have you been with other clans? I've been involved with TOO many other clans that were relatively small but ended up breaking down because of a massive fall in money (which I can't blame them for), or because they let in too many kids (really?!), or because he clan just wore out (meh, it happens), or because of a corrupt "government" that just lost it (again, really?!). In almost all of the clans I've been in, I've ended up working my way up to the top to admin or main admin or whatever you want to call it, which is really sad when you witness the group slowly degrading. I've always been that guy who doesn't like to be involved in big clans that thousands of people are in because you don't get known very much until you do something like win a championship of a game or some shit I don't know! But when I was exploring a bit through the youtube channel and actually looked in the descriptions (yeah I'm that guy who never reads the description) I found out about this and decided to give this one a shot. What are your expectations of being in this clan/group? Well like I said I'm just expecting to not really get known here and maybe get to know a couple of people. BUT, like many games have shown, there's always that possibility that expectations can be in vain... Favorite Movie? Forest Gump cause Tom Hanks is my favorite actor and it has some awesome messages to it. Favorite Youtuber? Now everyone would most likely say here AJ, but in my honesty, I am a BIG fan of AJ and I've watched most if not all of his vids, so yeah I would say AJ is my favorite youtuber. Would you like to meet Angry Joe? Who wouldn't? If AJ joined you in a TS3 channel, what would you do? If I didn't know it was going to happen, I would shit my pants. If I was knew it was going to happen, I would shit my pants beforehand and put 2 boxers on to prepare XD. JK, but in reality I would most likely be that fanboy wanting to play a game or two with him. Well it looks like I've made this post too long so I'll stop it here, but if you guys got any questions (not that you would have any for a recruit but IF you do) post it up in the comments and I'll answer them very shortly! Other than that, see you in the heat mate! -Capsaicin
  24. How is everybody? I'm new here but I see the work of Joe for some time now and want to be part of the great family which is the AJSA.