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Found 8 results

  1. Atention cadets! You have been chosen to fight for the empire and for our Lord Commander Joe him self. So prepare your guns and light sabers. Charge your lightning and let the galaxy feel the power of the Angry army. You can contact following people and you will be invited on the boar of our Mighty Star Destroyer. There you will be trained. Lirith Arreyanne Giltharis See you on battlefield soldier imperial officer Giltharis, Propaganda division Please ask for invites here in this topic. We can alwas arange guild invite. Another way is to join AJSA Team speak. Officers and members should be on TS while playing SWTOR. Also if none of people mentioned above is online, you can ask any member of AJSA who you meet in game. Anyone can send you and invite. I would also ask active members to send me PM with most active Character name. I will add them to the list of potentional recruiter.
  2. As the title says in the near future i will be looking for potiental game sergeants for Mount & Blade. Anyone who is interested in becoming one or just wanna help me running the game as a whole reply here. I wont need many, just a fews. What i wanna see in the reply: - Your interests in the franchise. - Why would you become one of us.( I mean part of the staff) That its! In the coming weeks while the game will slowly become official status again throught the release of Bannerlord, those peoples who i will choose will become future members of the staff.
  3. Welcome mercenaries ! We are looking for people dedicated to help lead Team Fortress 2 community. Candidates must have veteran status in the AJSA. For aplication please post below.
  4. So, I was thinking that we could spread the AJSA to fighting games, specificailly Street Fighter 4, now I am no expert like Daigo, but I've been playing among the community for a few years now so I'm not the type to mash hadokens and shoryukens and only pick Ken. If any of you had a chance to download the arcade edition a few months back and would like some hands on training, I'd be glad to assist in helping you learn any of the game's many fighters. I also own Ultra, so if you'd like training there, I'd be happy to download it. Of course, if you're a vet yourself I'd love to have you guys join for some Team Battles/Tournaments or Endless Battle sessions. Reply to this if ya'd like, I do have at least basic knowledge of the entire roster, so feel free to propose any character. Hope I'll get to game with you guys ^^ GT: ScreamingWasp24. Xbox Live only.
  5. Hi, My name is Yosniel, i currently play PC and PS4 Mainly PS4 due to my PC not being a Big gaming RIG, my GPU, is a GT 630 2GB Nvidia, CPU Intel dual Core2, or something like that lool... Anyeways Well anyways I wish to join in the Army, of Anrgy Joe, I do stay Active Both Console and PC, if you guys need personal Information, i can give out as much as needed within Limits As shown Below Orientation : Male, Avarage, 6'4 Tall Occupation: Unenployed , But Experienced with Graphics Designing, and PC Repair ( Work on my own behalf ) Age: 21 Affiliation: Latin American- Greek-ish DOB: 12/12/1992 Location: Hialeah,FL-United States Originally from: Cuba,Matanzas Affliction: White, Hispanic Language:Spanish,Greek-Latin,English if need more Information I can provide I wish to join the Ranks of Joe's Army Due to the fact that i'm Very Skilled in FPS,RPG's,3rd person Shooting Games etc etc.. Action and Adventure are my Top Priorities, and i think i can make a good Leader or General, To which ever division i am Assign to.... My PSN is yosnel79 https://www.facebook.com/yosniel.alvarez.1 <---- you can learn more About me Via my FaceBook page.... everything on it is Current Steam: yosnel79 Other Social Apps such as Skype , i don't Use Skype mainly only use it to chat with my Girl Friend but, feel free to contact me there via this name " Max_alvarez12 " Anyways I hope i can get within Joe's range would like to be freinds with someone who has great passion for game as do all of the people who sign up at his site or members of his Army Either way, would be a Great Pleasure meeting you all and hopefully we can get in the GAME and Make Others FEAR US My Skills and Expertise are at your Disposal... "Salutes" Ready For Duty.
  6. I was wondering if there was a PS3 division of the Angry Army. I am going to be getting a PS4 around Nov. 7th, and was hoping ther were other Destiny players on this group, so we could form a division of the Angry Army on the Ps3 Anyone interested in this?
  7. Hi Guys I have noticed that our EU side of the AJSA is a little quiet. Are we actively recruiting from the server? I haven't seen a post on the WS server forums. Are there other avenues we can do to recruit?
  8. Hey, It would be a pretty cool if we could have personal links for each member to use to help recruit friends into the AJSArmy and get credit for it. Maybe awards/prizes/whatever to people who recruit a certain amount of people? Regardless, I'll see you in the battlefield brothers!!!