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Found 5 results

  1. So today I was playing Resident Evil Revelations 2. I recently had a bit of money to spare, and I decided to go and buy Albert Wesker for Raid Mode on said game. Today I finally booted up the game and started playing him... And it honestly is making me a bit sad. For those of you that don't know, Albert Wesker was an unlockable character in The Mercenaries in Resi 5. I didn't care for Resi 5 that much, but I had a ton of fun in Mercenaries. I must have spent hundreds of hours in it when I was a teenager, and about a hundred hours of that was devoted to trying to unlock Wesker, who remains to this day one of my favorite antagonists in any game, right under Handsome Jack and Vaas. Wesker was HARD to get. Like, a buddy and I spent two whole days trying to get him unlocked hard. But it was possible. To get Wesker and all his skins, you had to beat two of the hardest maps on their hardest difficulty several times. But it was worth the effort, because to reward you for all the effort you put out, the game let you have his full power set from the game. He could be across the map to the other side in under 15 seconds, and he was one of the most powerful melee characters in the game. Overpowered? Hell yeah. Fun? Oh, fuck yeah, was he fun. Wesker is also "playable" in the new Raid mode on Revelations 2. Meaning you can pay to play him. I've had a lot of praise for Revelations 2, the restructured missions and the new skill tree adding hundreds of hours of replayability, as opposed to the original Revelations, which became a chore as you got further into the game. The new and improved Raid Mode not only improves upon the original in every way, it makes full use of the new skill trees, making it far more engaging than the original raid mode. Unfortunately, the DLC situation for the game is edging towards bullshit. Not only are several old and beloved characters from the series like H.U.N.K. and Wesker on sale, there's several "Sexy" skins for the female characters and inventory space upgrades. Being a fan of Wesker like I am, I, as I mentioned earlier, decided to buy him. As I'm playing him, it's not a sweet taste of nostalgia like I was hoping, it's a bitter taste of the modern game industry. Wesker feels no different from every other character in Raid Mode. No blink sprint, no room-clearing melee. Sure, his basic melee attack, the palm strike, is still there, but it feels kind of hollow. This isn't Wesker. It's some jackass dressed up like one of my favorite villains of all time, because this guy has none of the powers that made Wesker so distinctive in my memory of Resi 5. And I paid $2.55 for him. May I remind you that he was available for the low, low price of ALREADY IN THE DAMN GAME in Resi 5. So this is just a thanks to the game industry. Thanks for being greedy bastards not afraid to rape our wallets with fond memories of beloved characters. Thanks for that.
  2. So here we are, post RE6 and DmC: Devil May Cry. RE: Revelations 2 had generally good reception, Ryu from Street Fighter is said to be appearing in Super Smash Bros, not only that but with a slew of HD remakes on the way including a revisit to Devil May Cry 4, I think Capcom might be getting its act back together. What do you guys think?
  3. Now that I have reviewed most of the great Biohazard games, it's time to review the games that are at the bottom of the series. Fortunately there's only a few of them so it'll be easy to spot. Let's start with the one game that's notorious back in the day: Biohazard Gun Survivor. This game is a light gun spin-off to the old Biohazard series and is therefore not cannon. It stars an amnesiac guy that is unfortunately in the middle of a zombie apocalypse after crashing his helicopter down into Sheena island or whatever the game takes place in. Wow! He actually survived the most common cause of death in the series! Armed with a handgun with infinite ammo, he sets out on his adventure to recover his memory and get off the island he's in. I'll be honest, the story is actually pretty interesting. It involves the attrocities that Umbrella is doing and it shows how the Mr X enemies are made. Plus the game has 3 different variations on the story whenever you pick a different path out of 3 given to you midway through the game. Now graphic wise, it's ok. All the cutscenes are in-game based on the third game of the series with no pre-rendered cutscenes and the areas are all in 3d unlike the previous games where the surrounding areas are in 2d and only characters are in 3d. Unfortunately there's constant framerate drops, especially when you are fighting more than 1 enemy in 1 screen. The framerate will drop down and you will experience slowdowns, so you have to be patient when getting through those. The gameplay section is why the game is considered bad. It could have been a lot better. You control your character in first person view. Aim and fire by pressing the usual buttons in the previous game. You have a pistol and there's unlimited ammo for it. You can get other weapons like the shotgun and grenade launcher later. The game supposidely uses the PSX guncon/ light gun when firing enemies, but I find that it's pretty much useless. Just play using the controller, it works a lot better. Now the cool thing about the combat is that you can shoot enemies in different body parts unlike the previous games. Unfortunately, it doesn't matter where you shoot your enemies. 6 body shots is the same as 6 headshots to the same enemy. It's not until Dead Aim and the newer Biohazard games that this is done right because in those games, firing in different body parts actually matters. Puzzles are non existent. All you do is grab items after items to unlock different doors and kill more enemies. But the game replaces these puzzles by giving you 3 different paths to choose from, which is actually a pretty cool mechanic of the game. Depending on which door out of 3 you choose, you'll fight different enemies. In the middle of the game, the story will change and you will face different characters till the end even though in the later parts after that you can choose 3 more paths to take. You will also get different handguns after you choose your story path. One is the main villain of the game that starts the event of the game and the handgun you get is a rapid fire gun that lets you shoot really fast, the other one is a guy that mistakens you for the main villain of the game which gives you the strongest handgun in the game but less effective than the magnum, and the last of the 3 is the squad leader of the Umbrella troops that wants to decimate the island to destroy any evidence of Umbrella's wrongdoing and you'll get a pistol that is pretty strong but with low firing rate. This third guy is the best because his path lets you fight Umbrella soldiers that uses their machine guns + sniper rifles, and it offers the most gameplay variety than the other 2 which involves normal zombies and tough as nails enemies that takes too many freaking hits to kill. One fatal flaw that this game has that ruins the entire game is the fact that if you die once, you have to start over FROM THE BEGINNING OF THE GAME. This is so frustrating especially when you are at the last boss and get killed, or you shut off the game in the middle because you think you can continue only to find out you have to start over. On the plus side, if you finish the game, there's new game + that lets you keep the items from your previous playthrough, and you get the INFINITE ROCKET LAUNCHER that wipes everyone's ass in 1 hit. Fortunately the game is quite easy if you conserve your herbs and ammo. I personally only die once out of the 5 times I played this game. Overall, this game could have been a lot better. Constant framerate drops, the fact that every shot to enemies are just the same no matter where you aim on them and you can't die or quit the game or else you start over will definitely anger people playing this game. I personally enjoy this game because of the multiple branching story paths you can take and the new game + which makes you own the game's ass, but for other people this game will piss them off. I give this game the rating of "finished it, don't want to touch it again" for normal gamers.
  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vqM8k9MYZak This is my Review of Resident Evil Remake, Coming later this week is a GTA V Review. Let me know what you think, and tell me what game you want me to review next! -TheSolidMoose }}:3 Dont forget to subscribe and follow me on Twitter! @TheSolidMoose
  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vqM8k9MYZak This is my Review of Resident Evil Remake, Coming later this week is a GTA V Review. Let me know what you think, and tell me what game you want me to review next! -TheSolidMoose }}:3 Dont forget to subscribe and follow me on Twitter! @TheSolidMoose