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Found 1 result

  1. I dunno, maybe it's because I'm just not a fan of Sports but the new format with AJ and friends just sitting around a table while they just talk about a videogame and call it a Review kind of bugs me because in a way it really isn't a review but a discussion, which I'm not saying he shouldn't have because it's his channel and he can do what he wants with it, I just wish he'd stop referring to them as Reviews because let's face it... they're not. A review has a specific structure to follow either in written or in this case video format where you cover several key bullet points, such as graphics, music, etc. in a relatively short amount of time before assigning a final rating based on those points and in AJ's case, mix in skits and jokes to keep the watcher entertained as the Review progresses. Discussions on the other hand can go on for hours and can end with the watcher more confused about the game you're talking about than they were going in; incidentally this is why I love Giant Bomb so much because I'll watch one of their quick looks, then read the review and be like "Huh DMX goomba doesn't make an appearance anywhere in this game..." because obviously there's a difference between the two. Again, not saying they can't be had it's just it feels like a sort of false advertisement in a way because the thumbnail and even the introductory sketches are still there but then it cuts to four dudes sitting around a table and it's like... "Wait, I thought I was going to see the latest angry review?" and of course I keep watching all the same because I need something playing in the background when I'm playing GW2 but still it just feels kind of misleading to the casual watcher who I don't think will stick around for it... and I know I wouldn't if I didn't need some ambience. Since this will probably be an unpopular opinion I'm gonna leave a poll at the top of this page where other... Angry Armiers? Can vote on whether or not they like the new format and if no one votes, well then I can just remain alone with my unpopular opinions thinking the Star Wars prequels were good and that No Man's Sky was a good game.