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Found 18 results

  1. I'm sorry if this is considered part of the DISCUSSING FREQUENCY OF JOE REVIEWS (ONLY THREAD), but I wanted to talk a bit about this video; Now, I'm in two minds about this. I totally with AJ and OJ on the timekeeping being difficult and I like the organised plan they have 2017 in terms of reviews. I do believe that some of AJS's viewers are getting bratty and entitled and thus just not appreciating the the time and effort it takes to put these reviews together. However, I can understand people's frustration over the lack of gaming reviews over the last year on major titles mostly because I don't really watch the other content on the channel. The EF reviews, movie reviews, let's plays and v-logs just feel like easy done, unnecessary padding to me. I don't even watch AJ on twitch because I don't watch gamers play on twitch, it's just not my thing. Even the Angry Reviews just haven't been the same. Ever since the DOOM review where Joe channeled his frustrations about the "demands" of his fans into a kind of backhanded joke the Angry Reviews have felt forced. No doubting the effort and honesty in them, but's it's just not felt as passionate as it used to. Joe isn't stupid, and if your reading this man, I'm not saying anything you don't already know, I'm just putting it into my own words. The Angry Joe Show is, and probably always will be, one of my favorite youtube channels largely because of the effort you put into it. I'm just a little concerned that the energy that drove it is turning into an obligation for you. Most jobs are like that, but that doesn't mean you have to put up with it because you feel obligated. For example, I'm a marine pipe fitter. It's my trade, and I like doing it. However, I've been working for most of this past year basically a laborer because my skilled trade was in lesser demand at my employer. I was still earning the same money and my job was, if anything, more secure, but I hated it. Some said I should be happy earning my tradesman's salary for a laborers work, but I felt like I was worth less than what I am. Then, just a month or so ago, I was put back into a pipe fitter squad and it's been an elation. I'm leaping out of bed in the morning now and feel a lot happier even though I'm working at the same place on the same contract and project. I know that being a youtuber and doing what I do are very different ways to earn a living, but the point that is valid to both is feeling happy with yourself and what you're doing is vital, otherwise one has question wether the sacrifice is worth it, and if one isn't happy, the answer is usually no. Now if AJ was to quit youtube it wouldn't hurt me that much, but I'd hardly be happy either. I'm just worried that the negativity is bringing Joe down and he's just not loving it as much as he used to. I know Joe loves what he does, but I feel he needs more application from us as fans. We're the silent majority for the most part and that's a bad thing. So Joe, just from me to you. I'm not gonna lie, I don't love all the content you put up, but love or hate it, I appreciate the effort and look forward to the plans folding out in 2017.
  2. As Battlefield 1 release today to those who preordered the deluxe edition, some reviews have already came in. Most of them claimed this is Dice's best shooter after Bad Company 2. What are your thoughts on this? (Will be adding more reviews as they come in.) Gamespot Games Radar Polygon http://www.polygon.com/2016/10/17/13303292/battlefield-1-review-xbox-one-ps4-playstation-4-pc-windows Metacritic http://www.metacritic.com/game/pc/battlefield-1 IGN http://ca.ign.com/articles/2016/10/21/battlefield-1-review
  3. Hey guys, made a video review for the new DOOM game that came out last week. I put a ton of work into it, and I want to know your honest opinions of it. Thanks guys!!
  4. So how do i start this review? I've really never done any. Meh.... ​To begin with Black Ops 3, i can clearly understand the amount of Work that has been put in from the Getgo. Treyarch as really outdone themselves when its come to either the Campaign,MP,Zombie or Even a frikking Zombie Campaign! Ima start with Campaign because its the first thing i complete in the hardest difficulty. - From the start,players are able to customize their operator by choosing their sex ​whether its a Men or a God ...urhh sorry i meant to say female and their appearance which is unlocked throughout the campaign as head and body! - The Story itself is very confusing especially mid-way throught but its what got me playing the whole way throught, I was expecting a badass Villain like Kevin Spacey /10.But the Trick was that everyone that was NPC that had a name that were your friends during early campaign became your unexpected enemys due to this thing called the DNI took control over-them slowly and so as your guy which in this case cause black crows hallucinations throughtout the later missions.Which some of them was Creepy as Hell! - New Features: As i said earlier,the DNI (Direct Neural Interface) is basically your hacking weapons using your mind,and dont get me wrong,there is a lot cool abilities you can deploy like, a swarm of firefly that will blind the enemy and kill them overtime as their battery drain out. Or you make a chain explosion of robots one after another if they are close enough. Or more surprisingly make your enemy vomit everwhere while they are paralyzed. While they are awesome its spammable which can make the game easier at higher difficultly but they have reasonable cooldown.And they can get upgraded to cause even more damage! Your Basically an Actual GOD! To Quickly finish this section which is kinda long for me,they introduce COOP and this time its much better than World at War.Having the Abilities of creating a classes before the mission,Having this safehouse which you have a lot of stuff you can do like entering a simulate combat survival ish world. Reading Classified informations using a computer in your Bedroom which contain a lot of information about Guns,Story of the Past and much more! Now let move to Multiplayer shall we! But i wanna make this shorter. First Big change they made was the introduction of Specialists characters which have all some backstory that you can read about. Each Characters have their unique customization,victory voices,weaponry. They are a welcome change to the MP that we know and love! ​Another change i like was the movement system which was completely revamped and plz dont tell is like AW because its frigging not. Otherwhise I WILL FIGHT YOU ON THE SIDE OF THE STREET!!! Just Kidding! I use this movement to mainly get to somewhere faster or escape gunfight situation that i may lose. Also most Maps in this game are based around this movement system allowing you to Wallrun smoothly and jetpacking a little higher but most map are 2 levels high so you don't have to worries about the insane vertically of AW! Treyarch as also introduce something called Freerun which is basically a parkour race using this movement system! I am really excited about the future community maps they will make! Better than Brink or Titanfall IMO Leagues are Back, now knowned as Arena its pretty much the competitive side of this game,its work similarly to CS:GO except to gain each ranks you need to win 2 matchs in a row,will increase further the needed wins to advance to the next rank! Theater Mode is back so whenever you hit an insane MLG trickshots or just some straight lucky kill you can go back and recorded that moment! Now for Zombieeeeeeeeeees! Since i dont play zombie often this is much harder for me to write, However this is an Enhanced version of the classic zombie we know and love! There are 3 thing id like to talk about. 1. GobbleGums,these are essentially perks of the mode and there is plenty here there 3x more perks than in BO2 and BO1 Combine! What make its special you ask? Well every perks themselves are and can be customized,here the trick tho you must choose which one you want in put them in a pack which you can use for ingame matchs. And those will be the only ones which you can choose during a match. Althought there a Super Rare chance that a single perk can give you all of the other! 2. Dr.Monty's Factory: I am not entirely sure what it is,but its look like you have to collect Liquid Divinium,and if you have enough you can combine few perks together as one or increase the change of magic powerups of poping out. 3.Weapon Kits: Remember when you pick up guns from walls or get one in a mystery box you didn't had attachment? This creator will let you choose the attachments of the guns and camos you want,So that when you get it from either of the two option said above, you will have it like in Multiplayer! Extras Mentions!!!! -The visual art and graphics that has been put is incredible and a beauty to look at! -Zombies Campaign: For the First time, there is a zombie campaign since i have not tried it yet,but have a good idea what is gonna be like,its the same missions from the campaign but have a different storytelling soo yea extra hours worth gametimes! Grand Summary!: Hours of Gameplay: -Campaign: 7-8 hours +4 for Zombie Campaign -Multiplayer: Easily more than 100 hours worth if you are an hardcore player! - Zombies: Infinite Bro Mode Ranking: Campaign: QwiK/10 , but for real 8/10 Multiplayer: 9/10 Zombie: 9.5/10 Final Verdict: 9/10! Definitely one the best ive played since MW2 And BO2. Buy it when at least 50$ or less. Im happy to say that this game make full use of the Dedicated servers atleast on PS4 and that the DLC will add way more contents than the last CoDs! Other than that this conclude this longggg review to an Epic game here! -CoD Master logging out and see you in the next.......nah i dont do reviews until i want to
  5. Knee-Deep in the Dead is an ongoing series studying the evolution of the First-Person Shooter from the early days of the genre to today. Season 1 primarily focuses on the most important titles released in the FPS "Golden Age", between 1992 and 2001. The first episode showcased the "grandfather" of the FPS-genre, Wolfenstein 3D: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ldJZevsAl44 Some of my favorite episodes I've done so far include: Doom: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x5EfGAA01Gk Duke Nukem 3D: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gVVKqA50Yyc Goldeneye 007: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PWQ7CUzUjMA And Half-Life: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bmXee4QUmvQ The latest episode was dedicated to Quake 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FYMgscAAsJs This series was created because I has played recent FPS campaigns and found them very lacking. In part inspired by videos by Zero Punctuation and Total Biscuit, I figured the best way to find out what went "wrong" was to go back to the beginning and trace the genre back to its roots and some of its most influential games. I try to get an episode out every 2 weeks at maximum, but the time can vary since I try to play each game to completion so I can form a full opinion on it. I plan to update this feed with each new episode. About myself, I've been gaming since I got a used NES back in the very early 90s. I generally stick to PC but own a 360 just in case. The first FPS I ever played was Doom on the Sega 32X. It was really a horrible port and I was very surprised when I played the ACTUAL version of Doom how good it was. I appreciated any feedback or comments from the community. Thank you and as always, game on and take care! -N'Eligahn
  6. Hey Community and Joe, Wanted to start by saying I am a huge fan of the youtube channel and have llstened to as much of your content as possiable even the content that I will more than likely never play or have the time to explore. Though this is my first day as a member I didn't know if there is a thread or section to ask for reviews to be done? If there is, someone point me in the right direction. Wanted to know if anyone wanted certain games covered which I am sure we all do. Joe these dont have to be covered anytime soon but these two games I would love a review on. Would love to spawn general discussion about current games and future game titles. Thanks guys and have a great week PSN:onemanshow1881 > Dragonball Z Xenoverse >Metal Gear Soild 5: Phantom Pain > Batman: Arkham Knight
  7. Good evening, I decided to voice some concerns about the AngryJoeShow. In this rant/op-ed (let's call it what it is) I will be making reference to past events involving the AngryJoeShow and Joe himself. A disclaimer before I continue; this is all based off of my personal observation through videos on Joe's show, Twitch streams, Twitter and other sources and is all my opinion and my opinion only. I make no claim to know Joe or his friends, personal feelings or anything about him and his friends. I could be entirely wrong about anything and every assumption I make in this post regarding Joe. I will not and am not attempting to slander Joe's name or his show and welcome any correction of my observations. This is all my personal opinion and that's all it is, no more or less. That being said this is an opinion piece, and someone's opinion, unless it makes reference to the outcome of an event in an incorrect manner or makes false claims of knowledge (the definition of which can be debated) is not wrong, it is simply different. Let us continue. My concerns over this are not simply "where are the reviews?" (Personally I am willing to wait for reviews; I don't need a review every week.) There is more to it than that though the lack of reviews are involved but in a different matter than what you're most likely expecting. I am concerned about Joe's cost of living vs. income (I make no assumption as to either nor intend to, I am dealing with this as an abstract concept) and his relationship with his fan-base. There might be some people who despite all possible exposure in this community, don't know why there is an apparent drop in reviews. I will attempt to explain this as informative and short as possible: During the month of December, Joe's channel and many others received copyright strikes on many of there videos. Joe's in particular had about 63. These claims on Joe's videos denied him monetization of all of his videos hit with this claim. This had a massive and frankly worrying impact on Joe and his show. Because this is his full time job if he can't make money off of his videos...he's broke. Over time Joe had most if not all of his videos released of said claims. But to me this had a lasting impact on Joe. I believe he was shooken up by this attack on his livelihood. If things went poorly for him (and they could have) he would be in big trouble and I think that the possibility of that had a negative impact on his psych. It's hard for anyone to be motivated after a stressful event, Joe might have been mentally exhausted. This is one of the things that I believe lead to his lack of reviews. But here's the point I'm trying to get at. His lack of reviews isn't a concern for me: it's free entertainment with information about a game from a man I trust. I'm not timing him. But it is a concern for him. (IMO) Reviews are Joe's most watched videos from an individual standpoint. And the way YouTube works is for every 1,000 views you get money. Joe's reviews have evolved in two ways since what I consider his golden age, 2012. They've gotten longer maybe even doubling in length and they appear less often. The problem is that while a longer video to my knowledge doesn't result in more money, less videos do. And whatever means Joe was comfortable living with in 2012 might struggle to stay sustainable later if he's making less money. Sure you could argue that despite less reviews since then gameplay videos are numerous enough on Joe's channel that they sustain his income. To which I bring up my second point, his fanbase. Joe has a large and relatively loyal fanbase (ignore the trolls). I think it's safe to say that his fanbase mostly watch his reviews. That is what they come in great number to his channel for. And like I've said, I'll watch just about everything on his show, but that doesn't matter because that's not what most of his viewers are there for. I think that all entertainers must walk a line: doing what you're passionate about vs. doing enough to make a living. One makes a living in entertainment by doing something others enjoy and most of Joe's fans enjoy his reviews far more than his gameplay videos. So when Joe puts up gameplay videos or streams on Twitch, no matter how much fun he's having or passionate he is if he isn't getting the views he needs, because most of his fans watch reviews, he's not making as much money as he could. And that's my ultimate concern. Joe seems to be a great guy and I want to see him succeed. To do that he needs money and his fans need to get want they want often enough for them to stay invested. Reviews solve both of those problems. I know Joe has recently release a video regarding a renewed effort to produce reviews with the help of his friends. I look forward to them whenever they're released and will continue to support Joe in his endeavors.
  8. so i started making reviews and would like to know what you people think. btw am not the best actor this is my first review this is my second review thanks for reading
  9. So yesterday I was not surprised to get an e-mail from Bliptv that they were going to close my account due to reasons of not having a high viewership. Not surprised due to me not posting anything on there for about a year or two. But so I went to check out a friend of mine, Decker Shado (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsxn3qKFpbnD-8f1d9F5ipA), and found out he got the same e-mail along with many others. I am not sure what is going on exactly but Blip is telling a lot of people who use their service that they are not good enough to stay on Blip. They have some new business model (which I will look up) that apparently clashes with many people who are making a living on internet reviews. I don't know. I know I am mad. This leaves just Youtube and Youtube has proven to be very fidgety about that stuff. What do you guys think?
  10. Question of the day:What is your stand on micro-transactions? Will this keep affecting the Gaming Industry? What you might have missed Titanfall: Official Gameplay Launch Trailerhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tsf25G5IArA Project Temporalityhttp://www.indiedb.com/games/project-temporality Trickster - The Matrix Fan Filmhttp://kotaku.com/a-fan-film-that-pretty-much-couldve-been-an-actual-mat-1536743128 Skywind - 'The Road Most Travelled' Trailerhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v1BTDXKDgug Transformers: Age of Extinction Teaser Trailerhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ubGpDoyJvmI Doc Brown Brings 'Real' Back to the FutureHoverboards To Los Angeleshttp://kotaku.com/doc-brown-brings-real-back-to-the-future-hoverboards-1536281359 Artist of the Dayhttp://quirkilicious.deviantart.com/ News of the DayKids' 'Call of Duty Bomb' Gets Their Neighbors Evacuated at 3 a.m.http://www.wpxi.com/news/news/local/police-say-bomb-squad-responded-after-kids-mimicki/nd5jg/ Titanfall Will Add Paid DLC—and a Season Pass to Get It Allhttp://kotaku.com/titanfall-will-add-paid-dlc-and-a-season-pass-to-get-it-1536864561 Uncharted Writer Leaves Naughty Doghttp://www.ign.com/articles/2014/03/05/uncharted-ps4-writer-amy-hennig-leaves-naughty-dog Everything Interesting Gabe Newell Said In His Reddit AMAhttp://kotaku.com/everything-interesting-gabe-newell-said-in-his-reddit-a-1536454556 Twitch Announces Mobile Streaming And Capture Toolshttp://kotaku.com/twitch-announces-mobile-streaming-and-capture-tools-1536821950 ---Follow me on:Twitter https://twitter.com/HybridRainFacebook https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Hybrid-Realm/125188697551284Tumblr http://hybridrain.tumblr.com/
  11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XQg_G7jtHCc Question of the Day: "Twitch Play' Would become the new way "Let's Play" will be? What you might have missed: The Top Ten Moments of 'Twitch PlaysPokémon' So Far http://kotaku.com/the-top-ten-moments-of-twitch-plays-pokemon-so-far-1535324001 The Unlikely Future Of Ordering At Pizza Hut http://kotaku.com/the-unlikely-future-of-ordering-at-pizza-hut-1535940235 Here's The First Trailer For Batman: Arkham Knight http://kotaku.com/heres-the-first-trailer-for-arkham-knight-1536041720 GLaDOS drops some science in new educational video from NASA http://www.pcgamer.com/2014/03/03/glados-drops-some-science-in-new-educational-video-from-nasa/ The Governator Wants To PUMP YOU UP! http://sourcefed.com/the-governator-wants-to-pump-you-up/ What Happens When Your Limbs Fall Asleep http://kotaku.com/what-happens-when-your-limbs-fall-asleep-1535461022 Artist of the Day http://chrisbjors.deviantart.com/ News DICE prioritizing Battlefield 4 netcode issues http://www.destructoid.com/dice-prioritizing-battlefield-4-netcode-issues-271400.phtml Twitch Beats Pokémon! http://kotaku.com/twitch-beats-pokemon-see-the-final-battle-here-1534067726 Nintendo reveals Yoshi themed 3DS XL model http://www.screwattack.com/news/nintendo-reveals-yoshi-themed-3ds-xl-model Fans Finish My Little Pony: Fighting is Magic http://www.screwattack.com/news/fans-finish-my-little-pony-fighting-magic Titanfall leaked screenshots http://www.pcgamer.com/gallery/titanfall-leaked-screenshots-show-maps-monsters-and-generations-mode/ --- Follow me on: Twitter https://twitter.com/HybridRain Facebook https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Hybrid-Realm/125188697551284 Tumblr http://hybridrain.tumblr.com/
  12. So i was playing Crash Bandicoot and something hit me. every game that naughty dog makes is game of the year or gets millions of awards, so this means Naughty Dog is one of the best company's out their who know how to make good games like the last of us and uncharted games.
  13. Alright so I decided I'm going to trend the waters of the forums here to see what kind of responses I get and to see what kind of people are here, and by doing that I will be (trying to) briefly talk about something that has comes to mind as of late. So there is this series that you may have guessed what it is by the name of the topic. "Armored Core," is a long running series of games developed by the guys at "From Software," (the same guys who are behind the more "well-known," Demon's Souls and Dark Souls, as well as Chromehounds on the Xbox 360.) who have been behind the crafting of these games since the debut of the first game, in 1997 on the PS1. It is a series of mech simulator action games, with 12 instalments currently released; the most recent one being "Armored Core: Verdict Day" which was released on September 24th of this year. Now with some background out of the way let's get into what I will be talking about right now. Now I will not be pretending that I am not the biggest fan of Armored Core, but I have been with the series for some time, starting with "Armored Core 2," on the PS2. I have stuck with the series and there has always been a constant, which is that Armored Core always gets less then favourable reviews, that's no secret. Though there have been a few recent reviews that came out that were decent, Metacritic also seemed to give it a passable score of 66. My problem is that these reviewers are clearly not fans of Armored Core, or any mech simulators really, or has stay with the game long enough to grasp it's mechanics. And yes this can be applied to a lot of reviews for games, but I am going to be talking about Armored Core specifically rather then what's wrong with gaming reviews as a whole, because people more capable then I can do that. Anyway back on topic, what irritates me is when I go decide "I wonder what other people think of the game initially," and I go check Metacritic and see the scores and the reviews. So the point I'm going to try to make is that if this is the kind of game you like or Verdict Day is your first Armored Core game, don't let people who says "this game sucks" or "this game has problems," or "it has no depth," anything among those lines, especially if they are a reviewer, you don't take a single negative they say to be as fact at all. Most don't have enough time with the game or are from a "hardcore" backing. From knows that they have a very loyal following those fans are willing to buy the game even if everyone around them says it sucks it doesn't matter to those fans, and those fans will always come back to those games as well. I should know because I'm one of them, I have yet to grab my hands on Armored Core Verdict Day, but I will eventually and I know I will. If you are on the fence about Verdict Day, or interested in trying the franchise, I would say go ahead and try it out and spend give the time it needs to truly get a hold of the mechanics and see if you enjoy it. Most fans of the game are enjoying it and playing it and those fans are missed by a lot of people judging the game. Does that mean all their criticism is invalid, no. The fans themselves are aware of the problems, like the more recent Armored Core games focusing more on multiplayer and leaving the single player campaign rather weak as well as being a lot more challenging without a team, but that could change with Armored Core 6. Since on the surface the Armored Core games looks the same, but between each numerical difference of the games (eg 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.) the games are different and you can tell if you play them, REALLY different in some cases. There are some other things I could mention, but this starting to look rather intimidating. I would like to take a moment and say that if after reading all that (congratulations by the way.) and would think the Armored Core community would alienate you because as a new player, don't bother with the ones that do, because the community is overall more open to have more casual players join rather then say the Dark Souls community; maybe due to the size difference, but I'm not too sure. Ironically since this game is hard to master, a lot harder then Dark Souls in my opinion and you are going to find it difficult to get into it. Though some people will pass that off as "oh the controls are bad" and "the gameplay is clunky," which only applies when you don't know what you're doing and just stop playing there. Try to think that it is like a fighting game, where if you go up against like a Blazblue player, who has been playing for years, and you only have a few weeks under your belt, you will get completely destroyed. With Armored Core it's not so different. If you go in expecting to do good and just lose completely one sided, the initial reaction people usually have will be "wow, this game sucks." Like I said if you are getting alienated, find other people, don't listen to those elitist idiots saying things like "I have been playing Armored Core for 10 years, where were you?" which doesn't matter since Armored Core changes every generation it may look like it doesn't on the outside, but it's the small details is what Armored Core is about and can really change how it is played. Anyway I talked far to long and if you managed to read all of that, then good for you, you really are a trooper. Yes AC is a quirky odd game. Maybe not for everyone but it doesn't mean if you're new you should give up. Even Angry Joe, I remember seeing a tweet when Armored Core 5 came out and said the game was broken at launch, and after playing it, there was nothing broken with it. He just another one of those guys who didn't give it the time it deserves and I hope he tries the game again and give it a chance. So enough of my ramblings if you like to add your thoughts, go ahead I'll more then likely give them a read, even if you call me just a idiot, or a fanboy, I would like to know. See you, Space Cowboy.
  14. I think this would be the best place to start sharing your review vids, let's play, let's riff vids and more. People like the NC, AVGN, Angry Joe, Spoony and Linkara inspired me to make my own reviews. And while I got the boot from Blip.tv for some unspecified violation...youtube is still hosting most of my reviews and whatnot. And while I don't have the materials, software, etc that other reviewers like Angry Joe have...I am still proud of my vids, please watch and/or subscribe and don't forget to comment. http://www.youtube.com/user/MultiverseGallery And don't forget to post links and other such things to your vids!
  15. No. Games Titles Reviewss PlatForm Day(s) Taken To Complete Year 1 Samurai Jack 85/100 Play Station 2 2 Days 2004 2 Monster Racer 67/100 PlayStation 1 1 Day 2004 3 Harry Potter [Chamber Of Secrets] 79/100 PC 1 Day 2005 4 Harry Potter [The Prisinor Of Askaban] 75/100 PC 1 Day 2005 5 Def Jam Fight For NY 88/100 Play Station 2 15 Days 2005 6 Tomb Raider [Anniversary] 90/100 Play Station 2 4 Days 2006 7 Quack Shot 65/100 Play Station 2 1 Day 2006 8 Prince of Persia [sands Of Time] [1] 85/100 Play Station 2 4 Days 2007 9 Prince of Persia [Warrior Within] [2] 8.5/100 Play Station 2 7 Days 2007 10 Prince of Persia [Two Throwns] [3] 90/100 Play Station 2 5 Days 2007 11 God of War [2] 91/100 Play Station 2 3 Days 2007 12 Resident Evil [4] 89/100 Play Station 2 5 Days 2007 13 Devil May Cry [3] 90/100 Play Station 2 3 Days 2007 14 Halo [3] 96/100 XBox 360 3 Days 2007 15 Need For Speed [Most Wanted] 90/100 PC 21 Days 2008 16 Tomb Raider [Legend] 85/100 PC 4 Days 2008 17 Hitman [Assassin] [2] 75/100 PC 2 Days 2008 18 Hitman [Contract][3] 80/100 PC 2 Days 2008 19 Max Payne 85/100 PC 1 Day 2008 20 Max Payne [2] 79/100 PC 2 Days 2008 21 Freedom Fighter 55/100 PC 1 Day 2008 22 Halo [1] 92/100 PC 3 Days 2009 23 IGI [1] 80/100 PC 3 Days 2010 24 IGI Covert Strike [2] 70/100 PC 5 Days 2010 25 Doom [3] 90/100 PC 5 Days 2010 26 Plants VS Zombies 80/100 PC 2 Days 2010 27 Defense Grid: The Awakening 75/100 PC 5 Days 2010 28 Quake [4] 82/100 PC 4 Days 2010 29 Prince of Persia [4] 80/100 PC 8 Days 2010 30 Resident Evil [5] 92/100 PC 10 Days 2010 31 Lara Croft [The Guardian of Light] 75/100 PC 4 Days 2011 32 Tomb Raider [underworld] 86/100 PC 5 Days 2011 33 Prince of Persia [The Forgotten Sands] [5] 80/100 PC 3 Days 2011 34 Need For Speed [Pro Street] 69/100 PC 12 Days 2011 35 Assassin's Creed [brotherHood] 85/100 PC 4 Days 2011 36 Batman [Arkham Asylum] 91/100 PC 3 Days 2011 37 Limbo 79/100 PC 5.20 Hours 2011 38 Call of Duty Modern Warfare [2] 84/100 PC 6.52 Hours 2011 39 Fallout 3 89/100 PC 3 Days 2011 40 The Witcher [Assassin's of King] [2] 95/100 PC 14 Days 2011 41 God of War [1] 90/100 PCSX 3 Days 2011 42 Amnesia [The Dark Decent] 80/100 PC 6 Days 2012 43 Crysis 85/100 PC 6 Days 2012 44 Shank 2 69/100 PC 7 Hours 2012 45 Assassin's Creed [Revelations] 80/100 PC 4 Days 2012 46 Call of Duty Modern Warfare [3] 90/100 PC 6.13 Hours 2012 47 BattleField [3] 93/100 PC 4 Days 2012 48 Mass Effect [3] 95/100 PC 6 Days 2012 48 Alan Wake 80/100 PC 3 Days 2012 49 Batman Arkham City [2] 96/100 PC 3 Days 2012 50 Crysis [2] 92/100 PC 6.43 Hours 2012 51 Borderlands 89/100 PC 8 Days 2012 52 Saint Rows 3 70/100 PC 4 Days 2012 53 Deus Ex Human Revolution 94/100 PC 7 Days 2012 54 Bio Shock 2 85/100 PC 7 Hours 2012 55 Dark Souls 95/100 PC 12 Days 2012 55 Borderlands 2 90/100 PC 6 Days 2012 56 God of War 3 100/100 PS3 1 Day 2012 57 Portal 2 91/100 PC 2 Days 2012 58 Xcom: Enemy Unknown 80/100 PC Days 2012 58 Dishounered 85/100 PC 2 Days 2012 59 Need For Speed [Most Wanted] 90/100 PC 2 Days 2012 60 Call of Duty Black Ops [2] 87/100 PC 2 Days 2012 61 Assassin's Creed [American Revolution] 84/100 PC 3 Days 2012 62 Far Cry [3] 91/100 PC 3 Days 2012 63 Hitman Absolution [5] 82/100 PC 2 Days 2012 64 DmC Devil May Cry[5] 88/100 PC 2 Days 2013 65 Dead Space [3] 78/100 PC 4 Days 2013 66 Crysis [3] 88/100 PC 2 Days 2013 67 Tomb Raider 2013 86/100 PC 3 Days 2013 68 God of War [Ghost of Sparta] 93/100 PSP 1 Day 2013 69 God of War [Chain of Olyumps] 96/100 PSP 1 Day 2013 70 Resident Evil 6 82/100 PC 4 Day 2013 71 Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon 69/100 PC 2 Days 2013 72 Bioshock Infinite 90/100 PC 2 Days 2013 73 Metro: Last Light 91/100 PC 2 Days 2013 74 Resident Evil: Revelations 85/100 PC 2 Days 2013 75 Call of Jaurez: Gunslinger 78/100 PC 2 Days 2013 76 Remember Me 75/100 PC 2 Days 2013 77 Mortal Kombat 9 80/100 PC 2 Days 2013 78 Swapper 93/100 PC 2 Hours 2013 79 DeadPool 81/100 PC Hours 2013 80 Mark of The Ninja 85/100 PC 2 Days 2013 81 Brothers: Tale of Two sons 73/100 PC 2 Days 2013 82 The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim /100 PC Days 2013
  16. I was thinking I like Angry Joe, and his reviews (toned down.) But I was thinking what would happen if he occasionally did mashups with other online reviewers? For example TB, Angry joe etc. I know Joe has his own franchise, however. A pro-con of games or debate games etc. This is something which I believe would reduce redundancy when they are reviewing games. I notice sometimes they repeat themselves several times. This is ok however it keeps reviews to be hours long. I just thought this would be interesting and if it did happen an occasional thing.
  17. this site is so awesome im happy with everything in it and this will make aj even better and more communicative with us and will make better angry reviews which are the best.I'm a bf3 fan and i liked it as the review but i havent got bf4 yet because im waiting for the review plus i heard that people can actually make their reviews on this site, thats awesome and it will show different opinions from different people when we can start doing dis shit