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Found 3 results

  1. Aeris (F)wood elf 23 I am here only to serve the queen but it seems the my job has some downtime, As an agent of the queen i must do whatever it takes for the dominion, So i am here to ask to join your numbers against the covenant and the pact to preserve the safety of the queen and her people. I come from a far away land and have traveled to many other worlds that many of you have heard about or have be a part of such as azorath, Atreia, Telara, Tyria, and Faerûn (Neverwinter), but i am looking for a permanent home in Tamriel, I have risen from the bottom of the ranks to stand by my queen side as her blase, a tool to be used to cut the throat of her enemies and be discarded when i no longer have use. So i ask you would you have me as a sister in arms? I will do my best to live up to the expectations of my superiors, and i wait for your response. FOR THE QUEEN!!!
  2. So Wasteland 2, a game I am ecstatic to see come to light, is now on steam and with early access (I'm personally not a fan of the early access thing as it is literally paying for an unfinished product). While normally I would be foaming at the mouth to get on, I noticed something rather irritating. The price. I'm not one to complain that "PC games should not be subjected to the Console disease of publication fees", I am going to say that $60 is a rather high price point for a game like this. $30 I can see. Heck, I'd pay $40. But It pains me to have to wait for the eventual price drop and/or sale. I'm not so much mad as I am disgruntled at this decision. Am I the only one that feels this way? Or am I simply getting cheap?
  3. After Mass Effect 3, I've been thinking about where the series could go next. I am personally hoping for a sequel but I wouldn't mind if there was a prequel. But what do the members of the Angry army think? Do you want the next game to be set sometime during the krogan rebellions or would you prefer a spin-off were you play as Garrus in his C-Sec days. Or have you even played Mass Effect?