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Found 1 result

  1. So this game was released on Steam during Christmas recently. After playing this game, I conclude that there is no fucking way this is a Christmas game. Well..... there is a Christmas event in the game, but that is just a smokescreen to the deep2 darkness that you will experience. This is more of a 2021 game, which I will treat this game as. Because this game is fucked up & depressing as hell, and it's also a GOTY candidate. The game's basic plot from the intro is this: you play as this boy named Omori. You live inside this place called "whitespace", aka the place where an obvious red flag is up signifying that this is the place where a child with SERIOUS depression issue lived in. Thankfully outside of this whitespace, Omori can go on an adventure with 3 of his faithful friends: Aubrey, Kel & Hero (yep, that's his name. It's actually just a nickname but the game never give him another name so eh) & explore the whimsical world where everything is so very colorful & happy! And then you realize that nothing is at it seems & this game is an RPG maker game that's heavily inspired by the Mother series and another wonderfully messed up depressing game that you might know: Yume Nikki. So you know that even though everything is hunky-dory, it will go down to hell. And MAN OH MAN it does. I mean just look at the 2 trailers this game has & you will know what's coming your way Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh............................................ As I had mentioned before, this is an RPG maker game. Now the great thing though is that it doesn't feel like your typical RPG Maker with the basicness that most other RPG maker games had. The game had been in development since 2014, and the efforts put into the game is clear. The dev went out of their way to polish this game to a damn shine with great handrawn cutscenes + art, pack the game with many2 fun side stuff + quests, REALLY damn good soundtrack and also pace the story really well that it becomes an emotional roller coaster ride from beginning to the end. I will not spoil the story because it is the absolute best part about it, but be warned that there's some really fucked up moments in the game that's not for you guys that are the faint of heart. If you are brave enough though, you'll enjoy the hell out of this game like I did & come out of it bruised, but with hope for a better future. The combat for the game is your typical RPG maker combat: attack, gain powerful skills & items from completing sidequests, and try not to die. Buuut with a cool "emotion" system put in. Aside from neutral, there are 3 different emotions you can put yourself & your opponents in: happy, sad or angry. Sad beats happy, angry beats sad, happy beats angry. That's all you gotta keep in mind of, and the best part of the game is just the different sprites that everyone will have when they're a certain emotion. An enemy can go from smiling to going apeshit when you put them to angry, and then sobbing when you put them to sad. This emotion system also makes boss battles really damn fun to do because it's all a matter of switching to the right emotion so you can always be on the right advantage when fighting them. Aside from the emotion system, there's also these "tag" mechanic. You have this bar on top of your "fight" option At the start of every battle, you're given 3 bars. If a character in your party got hit by an enemy attack, the bar increases. The max bars you can get is 10. When you do a normal attack, you can extend that attack using different options that mostly cost 3 bars except for 1 skill that Omori has. For example: if you attack with Omori, you can choose to spend 3 bars to do another attack or do a sweeping attack that reduces the enemy attack. Or you can wait till you have 10 bars & unleash an all out attack that deals giant damage. With Kel, you can tag his ball attack to Omori which changes his mood to sad/ happy/ really happy depending on how far in the story you go, tag to Aubrey which lets her do massive damage, or Hero which makes the attack damage every single enemy on screen & lower their attacks. This Hero attack is my favorite cause I just make everyone eat shit. Hero's all about healing his party members & Aubrey's tag skill either give her extra hit, make her & Kel angry at each other or make her happy when she tags with Hero. Master this mechanic & combat will be a lot of fun, but I recommend doing Kel's tag with Hero cause that always works really well since most of the battles have multiple enemies. Another thing that's awesome: the freaking soundtrack. They are the boppers. The boss battles & normal battle themes kick ass. Here are just some examples I'm surprised that this game has around 130 songs, that's a lot of tunes! This game took me 35 hours to finally beat, and apparently, I was just doing the path that leads to the best ending. This game has an alternate route if you do a specific choice in the middle of the game that will take the game into an entirely different direction. I am not doing that though because that will lead to the depressing ass parts of the game & I am content with the path I took. It's like refusing to do the genocide run in Undertale: yes it's there, but I am not doing it cause what I got is the best I could hope for. Buuut in the end it is up to you guys whether you want to do it or not. This game is easily one of the best games of 2021, not 2020 cause it is so not the best time to release this game on Christmas considering how fucked up things get. I give this game my rating of "be prepared to be emotionally fucked up, but you will get through it a changed person & for the better. Hopefully." With a badass seal of approval. Not quite the ideal way to start off 2021, but it's an interesting experience nonetheless. If you are mentally strong, this game is definitely worth your time. Be happy, be sad, and have fun. Here's hoping that the rest of 2021 will be even better than 2020!