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Found 5 results

  1. Hey all! I submitted an entry for the displate competition and worked pretty hard on it! Joe recently posted a video showcasing ALL the entries....except mine apparently :/ I'm not upset about not winning or anything I just made it hoping Joe would see it. Anyway I doubt he'll even see this post but regardless I figured I'd post it here for the community to check out. seriously though not gonna lie I'm a little salty I didn't get in the video haha .... :'( P.S. This is an extremely low quality and scaled down version, if you want the full image lemme know I can post it somewhere like deviant art so you can download it.
  2. To be fair, i've been suffering from some, what i like to call, "video game depression" (i do have severe depression btw, i'm not trying to sound overly-dramatic or anything) with BF 1, when I played the Beta I was entralled, I finished the 10 ranks in 10 hours EA Access achievement and my entire EA Access gametime allowance in like 2 days, then when the game out I played it to death for like 6 months straight, i'm level 91 now and these past few months the game has felt like a bit of a slog to play, the lag and latency issues have gotten worse, to the point where i suffer from latency issues and lag literally every single match i play, despite having a strong BT Infinity signal, which obviously doesn't help my mood, but also the game just doesn't seem to have the same brilliance then when i first played it, though this is probably because of having played it to death for months, also it seems i'm always paired with the lemons whilst the enemy seems to have some of the best players in the game, nowadays i rarely play the game, in fact i don't play on my xbox one that much anymore, and most of that time is spent playing skyrim, which i still enjoy very much, i check in every week or so to see if they've introduced some new content and play a few matches, but after a few matches i struggle to keep entertained and turn it off again, i've completed all of the war stories on hard and have got every collectible and codex entry in single player, as well as practically every single codex entry in the game, i also have every single achievement in the game, which obviously i'm pleased about, but still, it feels like everything is done, there are a few more codex entries that are still locked i.e. the 500 kill "Elite" weapon entries, but i don't think i have the patience or the will to get those, every one feels like climing Mount Everest to fill even a quarter of the completion bar, i really want to enjoy this game as much as when i first got it, the game is amazing, it's set in a time period i'm highly interested in, and the graphics are amazing. Sorry for this lengthy post, but i had to get this off my chest, you could say this post has been like a "talking therapy".
  3. ...but I'm one of the people who got the bad ending for The Witcher 3. And I'm one of the people who probably needs a therapist after receiving said ending. I still love TW3 and I'm going to replay it, but I decided to, while I was still feeling that way, to record how I was feeling about the ending. I wanted it to be a place where people who got the same ending could relate to what I was saying, but it's not like I'm big enough for that anyway lol. Still, I wanted to share it somewhere and I figured this would be a nice place since Angry Joe is a huge fan of the series like me, and so are some of you. Anyways, I've probably talked enough. I hope you enjoy! Video is 4 minutes long. Link: https://youtu.be/vdmga5hqp4M EDIT: (Can someone explain why my BBCode isn't working right now?)
  4. -

  5. Just wanted to know who else is in the same position of not being able to pre-order PS4