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Found 5 results

  1. Who else agrees that they should give us an option to take the volatiles away from the minimap at night? I was hoping for intense and scary nights in Dying Light, but the damn minimap with the volatiles vision cones and all that makes it not scary at all! You don't have to be carefull because you just have to look at the minimap to know if a volatile is near... Its not scary! If we had an option to remove it from the minimap however, you would have to sneak more and be on guard all the time, listen after the sounds they make and all! It would be so much better!
  2. Do you guys played this game, because I'm planning to buy this game on Steam and my heart was almost ready for it, do you have any tips on Night 4 and 5 because I saw someone's youtube video about Freddy the bear kept scaring others while monitoring where Chica, Bonnie, and Foxy went? This is my first time playing this point-and-click game for about a years since Night Trap for Sega CD and also my second horror games on my Steam library since Outlast.
  3. Nightmare before Christmas

    From the album My Drawings/Designs

  4. I just had a blast to the past just now. I stumble across this game back when I was hunting down Dreamcast games that I can play through my emulator, and I found one game title that intrigues me when I first saw it. It's called Despiria. The game is completely in Japanese except for a couple of simple things like the main menu. My first impression of the first part of the game is: ..... what the fuck am I watching??? Then I heard the kickass looping music and I actually become intrigued with what the game is about, so I did a bit of a research. Turns out this game is made by Atlus, the guys behind the great Persona and Shin Megami Tensei series. The game takes place in the future where the whole world is dominated by the church, and body augmentation like in Deus Ex Human Revolution. You play as this girl who is an agent of the church who must go to eradicate heretics that wants to spread chaos to the world, or at least that's what one of the description of the game actually says. She uses the worm in the opening to unleash her psychic power that you can use to combat enemies and read people's minds. I don't understand what the characters in this game says since it's all in Japanese, but the plot is actually pretty straightforward once you play the game yourself. This game is like a mix between Myst and a typical turn based JRPG where there's random encounters and you level up through beating enemies. One unique thing about this game is that the combat system in this game uses these 2 little creatures similar to the Persona series that assist you in combat. You upgrade your creatures by going to this machine that gives you energy boost or whatever, and you can create different combinations of monsters depending on which monsters you combine. Basically it's like the fusion function in Pokemon. Surprisingly, even though I have no freaking clue what this game actually is about, I managed to finish this game till the end by just randomly doing different things. The graphic is pretty damn muddy and bland even for Dreamcast standard, and the character design in this game is what I can call nightmare incarnate. I mean look at these enemies right here. And look at these NPCs. What the fuck is up with these character designs??? You make the enemies in this game disfigured beyond belief and the NPCs pale white like ghosts?? Although the one with black bikini and the red haired robot looks cute. The music in the game kicks ass though, even though it's just a bunch of looping musics. It's oddly blood pumping and awesome, unlike the music from Terminator NES and Wayne's world that's just plain horrible. I'm not going to post more of the parts of this game since it's going to bring nightmares. Although if you guys are interested to see it, let me know! Meh, I'll post this part with the best music in the game. The music starts at 6:55. Enjoy!