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Found 23 results

  1. Hello , I`m here to present a game idea that I think it would be really cool.It started from a small mobile game I made and thought I could make it into an actual great game.I would love to hear your guys opinion on it and I would respond to any question with absolute transparency.Now all the images you will see on the page are early development and since I can`t start working full time on it I could not provide with detailed media.If the game gets funded , full time development will start instantly. The game is called Argo Navis and follows the story of human attempt to colonize and turn away from the dark past it had.You will make clans, upgrade space stations, build capital ships and personal fighters, invade other player sectors and take their resources for your own.It also features a full single player campaign with an engaging story written by...well... me More details are on the indiegogo page. https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/make-space-games-great-again-3d-pc/x/10127230#/ Thanks you everyone and have a great day.
  2. Hi, I am not an active group of the AJSA since I am pretty much busy all the time but I have been with the angryjoeshow for almost a decade and I saw something really awesome, that you guys support new games to be developed and I love that.Now I am starting a project of my own and what I want to ask if it is ok to post here about it.I don`t want to be the person who takes advantage of a community and if I have your guys blessing to post it here, if not I wont. Thank you
  3. AN OTHERWORLDLY REAL-TIME STRATEGY GAME FOR ALL RTS FANS Discover the beautiful flora and fauna of Haya in this single-player RTS slated for launch in July 2017. Combining classic resource management and civilization building with intuitive tower-defense gameplay, Hypernova: Escape from Hadea is a charming sci-fi and fantasy RTS with quirky characters, beautiful planetary design and a healthy dollop of humor. (PC, Mac, Linux, XBOX ONE, PS4) Game features Explore an unique environment and discover different landscapes Search for minerals that can be used to build and power up the Scynthian technology Expand a settlement that will allow the Scynthians to survive in the inhospitable landscapes of Haya Grow the population Build a defense system that will protect your settlement from the nasty Hayan creatures Power a special structure that will allow the Scynthians to escape to safety! Look for mysterious relics around the moon Find hidden creatures Complete research and unlock technologies in the tech tree INDIEGOGO CAMPAIGN to help make it happen And the Greenlight campaign on Steam to make the way in to the store Your vote counts! Official WEB page: www.HypernovaGame.com
  4. Dear Fans of Role Playing Games! No obligations, enjoy and be fair! A demo version of our game, World Slayer, is freely available for Android (primary) and Windows 8-10. (a bit later, Mac, Lunix, and even iOS as well). Link to demo: https://world-slayer.com/demo IndieGoGo: launch later today, 28th February 2017 For news and updates, please connect with us via Twitter https://youtu.be/PmkUIb7dj5A Youtube Trailer; FaceBook Page Here is a Short Description of the game (full Pitch): A mobile RPG. Obviously, we target mobile platforms, but what we mean by mobile has a broader sense - a game you can play anywhere. In many modern mobile RPGs, the role playing practically stops after you’ve dressed and geared up your characters. The curse of free2play! We and many fans of old-school RPGs find it very disappointing that mobile platforms are not used to their full potential. Mobile platforms are always with you by definition. This is why our mission is to restore the essence of the RPG-genre by carefully bringing actual role playing experience to mobile platforms. here are many legendary RPG series from Europe, US, and Japan that inspired us. Just to name a few, those are Dragon Age, Planescape Torment, Witcher, Persona, Suikoden, Grandia, Final Fantasy and many many others! Our game is devised to have a higher degree of non-linearity. We want to give players a living sandbox-like world with multiple possible storylines, so that they can be either a hero, who will save the World, or a villain, who is going to destroy it. In World Slayer, players will be able to build relations with other characters, craft weapons, and even gather their own army. Wherever you go and whenever you feel like playing, the game will give you chills and emotions from actual role-playing like in the real RPGs. Appreciate all the feedback and be glad to answer your questions! Some screenshots! Tags: IndieGoGo, WorldSlayer, Mobile, PRG, Indie, Turn-Based, Singleplayer, Fantasy, Anime, Adventure, Story Rich, Party-Based RPG, 3D, Choices Matter, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, SteamPunk, Modern, Nonlinear
  5. UPDATED: EVE Online has gone free 2 play if you are interested in trying it out since it dont cost you nothin now we do have an Unofficial AJSA corp we can fly under after flying with E-UNI for a bit of training. ive fired up eve if you wanna FR me ingame its: Zheebs Theiral Sal'tari Corp home region is: Ejahi IV Nurtura warehouse on your chat window add: -AJSA- Pub this is neutral public chat outside of corp feel free to invite friends as well biggest suggestion to give EVE the fairest of chances is after your tutorial 1: do this ASAP http://wiki.eveuniversity.org/Installing_the_EVE_University_Overview 2: after tutorial missions (do all those missions they give u loot) apply to EvE university (may take a few days to actually get in since they have a queue) experiement in all the things and participate in all the classes they run that you maybe interested http://wiki.eveuniversity.org/Applying_to_EVE_University 3: use the "-AJSA- Pub" chat to group up for fleets, mission runs, ratting etc 4: ALWAYS FILL UP YOUR SKILL QUEUE BEFORE YOU LOG OUT (keep it specialized) 5: when you think your ready to move on from E uni you can throw in an app with the corp "Angry-Army"
  6. So, I just finished watching all of Farscape on Netflix and The Peacekeeper Wars on YouTube. And since it was made into a game way back in 2002 I get to start a conversation about the show here! So, your thoughts? Ever played the game? Fantastic show! If you've never seen it and its on Netflix in your region I highly recommend it!
  7. those who like a melee/shooter sci-fi mmofps game is in open beta if you wanna check out. polling the community to see if theres a casual/hardcore interest in the game. https://subagames.com/BOUNTYHOUNDS/Welcome1.aspx?webid=424713&pageid=11&logid=30164026&utm_source=BHO+-+Organic+Users&utm_medium=(not+set)&utm_campaign=BHO
  8. I recently came across it on Steam. It IS in early access, but it looks very intriguing and has a lot of positive reviews. http://steamcommunity.com/app/322300#scrollTop=0 What do you think, AJSA? Is it worth my money?
  9. I don't know if this is the right place, but hell, I'm posting this here anyway. A game I've been playing since it's Open Beta release back in 2013, Warframe, has substantial potential of being one of the biggest games of all time. Now, the game revolves around you being a space ninja, killing dozens of (sadly not very varied) enemies in the most brutal ways possible. I really love the game, despite some of it's flaws like it's glitchiness at times, also it has a gigantic grind aspect, like Destiny, and not much story, but it is slowly progressing and adding story elements. But that's compensated in the game being Free-To-Play, unlike Destiny. But that is not why I'm here today, if you want to know more, you are free to try it for yourselves, or watch some reviews and gameplay of it. What I'm here today for is that I wonder if Joe should try the game, possibly giving us a Review of it, or at least making a Vlog on what he thinks about it in general. I also want to find a group of people with whom I can play with, because playing the game alone is not that fun at all, probably even outright boring to some, such as myself, at times. I think people who appreciate Shooters and Hack-and-slash games might like it, even enjoy it. I'm just giving an over-the-top explanation of the game here, and am hoping to get some replies on what people think about the game and if there's anyone interested in playing it, in the Europe region of course (game is region restricted, sadly). Anyway, that's what I wanted to say and I hope you aren't too harsh on me. Tootles.
  10. PS3 guys, the F2P game Dust514 Corporation (Angry-Army) is up and running!! The dust side of the corp is up!!! goto corp search and look up Angry-Army to apply, I will be looking for recruiters to help push our member base at least 3 to start with for the time being. FUTURE GOALS: If we make it that far, we will be participating in Planetary Conquest (clan battles) on a nightly basis (or whenever the enemy attacks) Any questions feel free to message: Zheebs Theiral Sal'tari in game. I welcome any new players to the game and its future PC version feel free to use the recruiter link below. https://dust514.com/recruit/OpWPEQ/
  11. "It has become appallingly obvious that my technology has exceeded your humanity." Kickstarter
  12. I wanted to survey the interest people have for different pnp RPG's. I might set one up (might) and if I do, I'd like to see which one people are the most interested in doing since all my friends have zero interest in all my plans for some reason I have ideas for all and have written something for everything before, but nothing game ready, but, as I said, I want to see the amount of interest and for what.
  13. So Starbound, a game entering early access on steam(It's been out since Dec 04), It's pretty much(visually) a Terraria clone, BUT it's sci-fi! There's no doubt if you enjoy games like Terraria/Minecraft then you'll probably love Starbound. What do you expect in the finished game? I for one want to see if there's a space travel segment, maybe later in the game as you progress and find the materials to build a Starship; to go to other planets and reek havoc, or build a nice and dandy space colony. I also want to see harder bosses and just relatively harder enemies.(To be entirely honest, I don't even know if the game has bosses. Although a guy can hope can't he?) Terraria became a joke once they updated with the new armours for PC(A.K.A. Spectre set.) Do you think it'll be better then Terraria? Why? I do, basically because I like Sci-fi... And the Race Variation is just too sexy. EDIT: After logging a few hundred hours into Starbound, I am totally hooked and find myself checking every day for updates. It may be a little rugged right now, but hell Starbound is a Beta game and it's already amazing. I love the varity in it with everything! Although... Creatures appearing on my -should-be- desolate Asteroids annoys the holy hell out of me.. but It's understandable at the moment, because there aren't really hazards in affect yet. One can only hope that when something else gets implemented(For Example, when you're in the exterior of the asteroids, you gradually take damage from rock particles flinging around all hay-wire. Or just apply the Meteor shower effect to it 100% of the time and get rid of the Creatures.)
  14. If you could own any sci-fi spacecraft which one would you pick ?
  15. What is best RPG game setting Sci-fi or fantasy
  16. So I want to hear all you awesome people posting your thoughts on The T.V Series Babylon 5 and just how EPIC it is? NO SPOILERS please. I know you cannot talk about ALOT of things without giving away spoilers but please try and refrain from doing so. I haven't finished the whole series yet but I am really far in. So please NO SPOILERS people. Thank you!
  17. Hey guys, I'm TurretSyndrome and I just arrived on these forums. Even though this is my first time here, I know about AngryJoe very well, I watched a lot of his reviews and stuff and frequent his Youtube channel a lot. For a while now, I've been trying to find a way to forward a game that I love and have played for more than 6 years, to Joe. It's because I watched a lot of his gameplays and reviews that I'd like him to check it out, and I think he's going to like it a lot too. It's not a big title(nowhere near) and very few people actually know that it exists, but it deserves a much bigger fanbase than it currently has. The game is called Legions: Overdrive and this is the site for it. The game is of FPS-Z genre and it's gameplay is similar to the Tribes series or their newest successor Tribes: Ascend. If you want to check it out, the game's download is only around 500 mb and doesn't require a super high end PC to turn it. The best thing about this game is; it's free. This is because this game is not being developed by a game company or anything. It's being developed and maintained by it's ever so small and loyal community. The servers are also being run by the community. Legions: Overdrive also doesn't require any accounts to be made, you just need to download the client, let it download all the files and just play. You can host your own servers, record and share demo files of in-game footage etc, all information on these things can be found in the game's forums. Here are some of the tutorials made by players over the years, the game has changed quite a bit ever since it was launched all the back in 2008 but the epic gameplay experience this game provides never diminished. You can decide whether you want to download the game after watching the below videos. This is the most basic guide to the game, it covers the basic movement and how Legions works in general. http://youtu.be/20SdD6truKI This tutorial talks about various aspects of the game. It's a Tribes-veteran friendly guide, so if you've played Tribes: Ascend or any of the Tribes games of old, please check this out.(you can watch it even if you're not a Tribes vet). The game's most unique and celebrated trait is it's skiing and flying mechanics. This guy talks about how one can make use of the more finer parts of the movement mechanics and get the best out of them. (for some reason this one does not embed?) That's all for now, if you want to know more about the game, let me know here or you can check out the forums at forums.legionsoverdrive.com. P.S. I did not create this account just to advertise for this game, I'm just a Legions veteran, not part of it's developing team or anything. I genuinely wanted to become a member here. Anyway, I hope you guys like it, and I seriously hope this game gets into AngryJoe's sights, he's one of the coolest gamers and game reviewers out there, peace.
  18. As the name suggests, taken from the Star Trek definition of "the guy who dies when going to a planet with the show's stars". But actually it's both a lovingly crafted satire of social media AND a CIV-level addictive strategy! The goal is to use SPACEBOOK (yes, cheesy but semi-clever), Inventory and other tools to juggle your life, from learning new skills to going out and maintaining a social life. You begin on the bottom rung of the social and career ladder and have to climb up rung by rung, how, is up to you! You have a limited number of Action Points to use per day (more on weekends), your friends may be busy on shift, you may be randomly chosen to go on an Away Mission where half the Away Team die from sentient rock psi powers, you may become a gelatinous cube's romantic interest, you may become enemies with a superior officer - all of this is up to your strategies! (And from what I can tell, you have about 160 days until a mysterious event occurs! Best to hurry up and crawl up to the coveted "Commander's Assistant" job!) I clocked in 3 hours without thought on my first try, so be careful! Like I said! CIV LEVELS of addictive strategic gameplay! (And lots of sci-fi puns, wordplay and references to LOTS AND LOTS of sci-fi pop culture! BTTF, Battlestar, Soylent Green, Star Trek and MORE!) For a $20 indie, value for money indeed! STEAM page here! http://store.steampowered.com/app/247870/
  19. So our glorious leader Angryjoe has made another Kickstarter support video about a game called The Mandate. Basically they promise this game to be like Star Trek and Firefly but in game form. Here's the video So what do you guys think?
  20. If you watch Doctor Who, then you know that soon the 50th anniversary will be out. If you love Doctor Who you'll see it and answer me these questions. 1. Who's your favorite Doctor and companion 2. Will you see the special in theaters 3. Tell me some ideas about how the franchise in the future.
  21. Good day fellow AJSA members. I want to talk about a game i have played in soon over a year. Namely the game Firefall, i have been playing it since closed beta (it is now in open beta) and have been paying close attention to it. When i first started playing it it was bugged as hell and barely any content at all. But i immediately saw a huge potential in this game. Though the game is still in development hell and content still take a long time to come out, it has changed a lot since the early beta days. It is fast paced,open world, smooth as hell, dynamic events, it's set in a beautiful tera formed world, it got one of the most sexy UI's i have a ever seen in a mmo and naturally encourages team work. So you might be thinking: what is this game all about and what do i do in it? Basically this is what has happened lore wise in the game (bare bone version of the lore btw, there are a lot more than what i am telling here). Humanity has found a new resource called crystite, which they use to power a enormous space ship. This space ships original purpose was to explore distant worlds. But when they try making a jump into hyperspace an mysterious things happens. The entire ship powers down instead and is sent crashing down towards earth. But the failed jump summons a mysterious storm out of the warp, which continues to envelop the entire earth. Soon the entire earth is covered with this strange warp storm, all except the crash site of the space ship. For some reason the so called SIN generators keeps the storm at bay. so the crew and surviving members of the crash site (which formerly was the Brazilian city of Copacabana ) starts setting up sin generators. But they are soon attacked by creatures emerging from the storm. It's is still unsure if these are all alien invaders or terra formed creatures. So now all that remains of humanity is pressed into a small corner and struggles to survive by mining all the resources they can. I hope people is happy with my short lore version As a player it is pretty simple what you need to do. Pick a battleframe (class), start getting resources to you can get tech upgrades and push back the storm and its alien invaders. You can get resources in many various ways like pvp, completing dynamic quests/events, defending human settlements, beating back alien invasions and of course thumping. Thumping is one of the best options to get resources. it is essential a large mining drill you call down and starts extracting the resources from the ground, but this provokes the terra formed wild life. Just imagine a larger version of the thumper from Dune, but instead of sandworms you get dinosaurs, aliens from starship troopers and large rolling shrimp monsters. The thumpers differs in size and quality and teamwork is also essential when taking on larger thumpers. When the largest ones is deployed shit tends to get a bit crazy I think that about covers most of it The game is currently in open beta, so anyone who wants can join in. Thank you once again for taking time to read my thread Here is the link to the cinematic for those who wish to see it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DhiJtotZNWk
  22. Interstellar Marines is a game created on a low budget and is only available through Steam's Greenlight Program. The game it's slef takes place in the not so distant future and has 3 main games to come out that will cover the events of first intergalactic expedition into unknown space, and up to first contact with alien species. The game at this point is only in a simply beta style test with the competitive multiplayer active with constant updates. This forum is for people who are interested in playing the game and supporting what can be a really good game with a nice multiplayer. If you anyone is interested in playing the game with me or want to talk about it, please add me on Steam or just post in this forum. Offical website link: http://www.interstellarmarines.com/