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Found 22 results

  1. As the titles says, what do you guys want? Do you want the AI on the AJSA coop server to be easier to fight? Or would you like to see a specific PVP or coop game mode removed or added? I would love to read your opinions.
  2. Hi, I'm adpop and I have recently joined the NA AJSA for GW2. I know that that the guild's server is NSP, and I was wondering if I could still do WvW, Guild Missions, or anything related to WvW, as I know that servers now only matter for WvW. Thanks in advance for helping me.
  3. Hello Angry Army. I have questions for the guesting function in GW2. I want to know what I can do if I guest to NSP as currently I am on Dragonbrand and don't have enough gems to convert atm. Thanks in advance
  4. Hi everyone! I'm happy to announce that we now have 2 Insurgency servers up and running! The first server is the "AJSA PVP Insurgency Server". This server will be where most of the AJSA events will be taking place. Up to 32 people will be able to join and battle it out in any of Insurgency's 7 PVP game modes. Here is a link to the PVP server: http://www.gametracker.com/server_info/ The second server is the "AJSA Coop Insurgency Server". This server was made for all of the people who prefer coop to PVP. The server will be able to hold up to 6 players and will contain up to 26 AI bots (6 vs 26). The difficulty of the AI is currently locked at max difficulty (Brutal) so fighting the AI will prove to be quite a challenge for any new players. Here is a link to the Coop server: http://www.gametracker.com/server_info/ Can't find the AJSA server in Insurgency? Follow our simple instructions here: http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/topic/25722-welcome-to-the-insurgency-sub-forum/ I want to thank everyone for supporting Insurgency! If it wasn't for you guys, we wouldn't have these servers!
  5. Have you ever gone to an amusement park? You see this awesome roller coaster, so you hurry to be the first one there, but once you reach it you see this MASSIVE queue. You really want to try the roller coaster so you resign to standing in line for hours. When you do finally get onto it you'll have to face ups and downs and resist the urge to vomit. That’s pretty much ArcheAge in its first week after launch ^^ The massive queues, incredible lag, maintenances, queues, gold spammers, restrictions and of course more queues made the game difficult to play. Thankfully things have calmed down now and queues have lessened, sadly the land availability has lessened too. The biggest problem we faced however was the fact that not all AJSA members who wanted to play ArcheAge were able to make characters on the main server in time. Once the server restrictions were in place (making it impossible to create characters) they were forced to move to another server. That is why the guild was split and why the issue of ''which server should be our main?'' has come up. So which server should we pick? Here are some arguments for and against both servers: Kyrios The server which was chosen as our main before the game even launched and the server the first guildies were able to level their characters on. The great thing about this server is that we have had much more time on it. We managed to get land and built not 1, not 2, but 5 boats! Not bad Angry Army! Also several have already managed to hit 50 and really get into the game. The server itself however is very highly populated; this will not only reflect in queue times but also while playing the game itself. Lag being the least of our problems. As much as we'd like to say that the AJSA is the top guild on the server, it sadly isn't so. With time that may change, but the biggest concern at this moment is that other very big guilds have already gotten more land than we have. Once Auroria comes out it will be a huge dash for the land, but even if we do manage to get some more land we will probably get run over by a guild with several hundred members, leaving us pretty much helpless. Either we get really lucky or we turn pirate. We got this heads up from an AJSA member on the EU version of ArcheAge. Even though he is part of a very competitive guild they are still being threatened to be left behind competing against huge guilds. That brings us to our second server: Lucius The server which was used mainly for the guild members that could no longer make a character on Kyrios. Since the server was pretty new not many people were on it, which made a huge difference with queue times, making it ideal for the free to play members who had to (understandably) spend more time in queue than the patrons. Some of the officers switched from Kyrios to Lucius so that not only a guild could be created but also so that newer members would not feel like they were dumped on a second server. Unfortunately that made the guild split definite. Having half the guild on one server and the other half on the other sucked for everyone. However, this did force us to explore the new server a bit. It has a lot of land. And who doesn’t like land? The guild already managed to get a few spots and much is still unclaimed. With every day that passes more people manage to get a spot though, leaving less for us. There are also no huge guilds on the server (yet), which gives us time to build up and buck up. Of course a big problem with this server is that many will not be willing to make the switch, especially since Trion has not introduced a character transfers yet. This would force many to leave all their items behind and start all over with levelling. However it is certain that Trion will introduce the character transfer, making it possible to get your items from one server to another. And the levelling part? It certainly sucks that you have to start all over again, but at least you don’t have to reread all the quests. (you WERE reading them right…?) And you could level up together with other guildies. Of course if you were not able to get some land on Kyrios, then now is definitely your chance. Both servers have their pros and cons and it definitely is important to know and understand them before making a final decision. Beef will make sure every ones opinion is heard. The option to vote on the server will be from Friday till Monday, make sure you vote on the poll that beef will put up and not somewhere random where no one will find it. Also if you would like more info you can join the guild meeting on Saturday 27/09 at 1pm PST. -Kizra Thank you to Weynard, fuzzypanda and Craig910
  6. all of my gameservers consist of the following specs: Dual Xeon quad core 32-128gb of ram SSD drive in raid with multi level redundant backups 10gbp/s uplink speeds and 1gb/s redundant backup NIC I run my own IT & Website bussiness, this has been a passion of mine since i started all this 6 years ago. pros and cons pro1: Massive player base - easy to expand any community pro2: Extreme flexibility in plugins, all code is open source pro3: Server are run how we see fit, after all these are TRUE dedciated server with 24/7 Paid staff con1: Costly servers are expensive and Minecraft is a resource hog con2: Huge time sink - even the smallest builds or plugins can take hours to days con3: High "kid" base - most players are young kids that cry alot The plan for the server is as follows: Server 1: PVP Factions - this server will be designed to hold all out war, all factions will be competing in the race to achieve greatness and hold the server. The way this is obtained is a constant circle of raiding and pillaging. located on this server will also be PVP based minigames, and custom plugins developed by me and my staff. Please note this server was started 2 days prior to the posting of this, and therefore is still in development. we are seeking people to help us stress test and work with us in building a top-notch community. Server 2: PVE Factions - this server is based on the "Survival element" players are spawned in, given a days worth of food and some basic tools. from there it is up to them to develop their land, design their building and put their building skills up against all others. This server will have controlled PVP and is designed to be more of an economy server. gather your resources, mass produce them, and sell them to other players thus achieving a wealth status far above what others can dream of having. Server 3: Up for suggestion Server 4: Modded server ( Currently taking suggestions on which mod poeple would like to see being further developed ) Please keep in mind i will be taking full cost of all server bills, all servers are hosted under my bussiness and payed for by me and/or the company. Thank you for your time! feel free to comment with you Minecraft username and join us for our upcoming beta/stress test Monday July 20th, 2014 Post written by Raydude /sapported by wildfox99
  7. Ok first off, hi, I'm a frustrated Australian gamer who is sick and tired of how gaming companies are treating the entire Oceanic region. However, we don't have a voice. I want to give us one, and I need the Angry Army to support us. I plan on starting a youtube channel with a few other passionate gamers and doing something like machinima and game grumps, but for this cause. This will take a lot of effort, and potentially a good amount of money. We will not be profiting from this. We have a lot to plan before doing anything. For example: Who does what, The name of the Channel, segments, and more. I will be leading the charge to fight for equality in the gaming industry. I will be putting a lot of time and effort into organizing this. I need to get programs, learn to use them, learn to edit (video and audio), and so much more. But it is worth the effort! I am going to put my all into this cause, and I hope I can find people who will do the same. I know there is a small chance of success, but that wont stop me from trying. Something has to be done. Video plans for the future/brainstorms: Group rants. Solo Rants. Gameplay of high ping in popular games. News. Company praising. Company shaming. There will certainly be more ideas in the future and some of these, or most of these ideas, can be scrapped. I know somebody who knows people, so this idea can spread. If anyone is willing to offer their help, I will definitely discuss things with you and see if anything can be done. This will not be a quick project, this will be a very long one. I am not made of money, and I am in the process of getting ready to move at the end of the year, which will put me in a horrible spot as I will be moving somewhere with horrible internet and little space at first. It's family, and me and my family will be looking for a place to buy or rent afterwards, but I will not be in an owned or rented place for a minimum of 6 months. But I will still be putting effort into the cause. I am very passionate and I am only turning 18 in may. Yeah, I am a youngin, but I want change more than anything. This cause is by gamers, for gamers. Oceanic Gamers Unite! P.S: Forgive me for grammar, spelling, or idea errors, as I was typing this at midnight. P.P.S: This idea is not a flash in the pan, this is going to be a revolution
  8. Is there an AJSA Battlefield 4 Server for PS3? I typed in "AJSA" and "AngryArmy" on server search and there were no results. I think AJSA should have PS3 servers as well as PC, Xbox 360, PS4, and Xbox One servers for AJSA.
  9. I have little doubt the Xbox One guys will have few problems with the servers as they're Microsoft ran and are relatively reliable. However, I'm aware the PC guys are playing on Origin servers which have a slight (by slight I mean huuuuggggeee) reputation for being sh*t. How are they holding up? Is it worth getting on day one? (I'm EUR) If both answers are yes, I'll be playing the whole of Friday and weekend CET, so ping me for team ups because I sure as hell am ready for Titanfall! Let the games begin
  10. Do you guys know if there are any official AJSA servers for Battlefield 4 on the Xbox One?
  11. Troll hacker group DERP is making some interesting waves in the gaming community. But who are they? If you were previously unfamiliar with @DerpTrolling, that has likely been fixed after their latest performance The group seems to have existed before and — taken a vacation? Their inaugural tweet announced their return in October 2011 saying: “We’re back, and ready to launch warheads." Currently they have shut down the LoL (EU) server, DOTA 2, Battle.net, EA.com and Club Penguin They started out with a warning on twitter saying "Something special planned for League of Legends " followed by "BOMBS AWAY! DESTINATION: Eastern EU League of Legends login server! (ON SCHEDULE THIS TIME)" the servers were then taken down followed by battle.net, EA.com and Club Penguin. After which they began to speak with PhantomL0rd, a popular streamer on Twitch. He was playing a game of Dota 2 and they reached out to him to say if he lost the game they would take down Dota 2. He didn't win. "@PhantomL0rd no dota for you. #Offline" Later in the day, DERP convinced PhantomL0rd to play Club Penguin, which turned out to be a mistake on his part "@ClubPenguin @PhantomL0rd Club Penguin #tangodown #offline" What do you think? Who are "DERP"? And where will they Strike next? AJSA Maybe? Articles : http://dailyglobe.com/34276/cyber-attack-shuts-league-legends-gaming-servers/ http://www.ign.com/articles/2013/12/31/hacker-group-derp-takes-down-multiple-online-gaming-servers @DerpTrolling Video On some of the news
  12. so i was wondering if there are going to be any australian AJSA servers, it would help us out alot
  13. Hey everybody! I'm kind of lonely when it comes to PC gaming because all of my friends game on consoles, so i'd like to ask the Angry Army to help me out. If you guys want, feel free to add me on Origin or Battlelog (still new to this whole scene) and we should play some BF4 together! I probably won't have a mic until around Christmas time because i'm waiting for the post Christmas blow out sales haha. So, if any of you fine gentlemen or gentleladies would like to play with me add me! Origin ID: HailedFanatic Thanks again!
  14. Angry Joe (no offence is meant or intended) bought servers for BF4 for PC. Most (or some) of some of us are console gamers. So there . should be console servers (or at least somewhere console gamers should meet to play) Now I don't know much about servers but I will say there should be a server or area where AJSA console gamers should meet. Agreed?
  15. Hi as a member from Europe (more specifically the UK) is there anything happening for us over the pond? All of the events and server listed seem to be based in north america, and that's fine considering the leader, the council and a vast majority of the members of the Angry Army are from the USA. But is their anyway for us Europeans to get involved? Thanks again
  16. Hi guys and gals! I'm new to the AJSA , so I'm sorry if this post has already been made or I've posted this in the wrong area. I thought it would be a good idea to make a post on WOW to see if anyone has other AJSA member on their servers and if they wanted to meet up and possibly make a 'codex' of players. Feel free to post what characters and realms your play below and I'll do my best to make a comprehensive list ! Server : Character : Race : Class Ghostlands - Insinuendo - Human - Priest Hellscream - Soldarious - Blood Elf - Warrior Hellscream - Vigoroth - Dwarf - Mage Helllscream - Wesleywipe - Human - Warrior Kazzak - Caseum - Undead - Rogue Turalyon - Anthenios - Human - Paladin
  17. I was wondering for the Bf4 servers if there will be ones for the consoles or atleast for the next-gen consoles like the PS4 because I would really like to play with with my fellow army and having one serrver for each next-gen console would be nice for those who can't afford high end PCs.
  18. Hey guys! I was thinking of some ideas and I'm wondering what kind of issues this can make. Now keep in mind these questions are mean't to show clans that wan't to join this community. -What If I already have a clan? ( BF4, Dayz, etc) -What If I already have resources for those games? ( Servers, Seperate Teamspeaks, etc) -Can we merge with ASJA? - Can we keep our name? (Do we have to become ASJA, Change our server names etc) Also let me give an example of my clan in dayz.: I have a Dayz clan called Subsistence Gaming. We were a very well established clan for six monthes with our servers in the top 10 most popular an often # 1. We have a teamspeak that has already been paid for and will last for over a year. We also have a lot Vets from the game and people with a lot of experince in moderating the servers and general gameplay. The structure of the clan was based off a military structure starting from Privates to Captian. We would like to revive our clan for the standalone coming out and would like the help/to join the ASJA. (There are also a ton of other resoucers, Q&A's, Applications, records of hackers, etc) -If you were to accept our resouces ( servers, teamspeak) how would this be handled? -If you did accept them what would become of my rank in my clan? I was the Co-founder (Me and another started the clan) would I just become a lowely ASJA member and someone from the forums take over? Thanks to anyone who actually read this, Gunp0int ( My old clan: http://dayzmod.com/f...active-players/) Contact: Steam: gunp0int Skype: gunp0int email: kpasakarnis@gmail.com
  19. Hay there! Why do you only have BF4 servers up? TBH, i've tried BF4, and already own BF3. I for one am NOT impressed AT ALL by the new gen shooters! The whole "levelution" thing is a bloody gimmick, - a gimmick which messes the game up. ... So yeah i want to play with you guys, but there is NO WAY in HELL i'm gonna use like 100$ on this broken ass gimmick game. So how about servers for games like: CS, CS:S, CS:GO BF3 Arma2 (DayZ) and so on... Just an idea :-D GG Falc^
  20. Hello everyone! So, ive been wondering about this for a long time. I know that the community has recently launched, but will Angry Joe be able to support timezones outside the US? Because it is very hard for players from Europe or Asia to be engaged with the community when they are not able to join because of the time. For instance, Joe seems to be streaming from 8 pm to 12 am central. This in Europe is 3 am! That is very problematic if one has to go to school or go to work early in the mornings. I know that the community has just started, but it would be awesome to know that Joe is aware of this problem. Who else agrees with me?
  21. Hey guys, so I'm having trouble finding the AJSA server for battlefield 4. I'm on 360 and I dunno if there just arent any servers for the 360 version yet or what. anyone care to help? and if this is in the wrong place then I apologize
  22. Seeing how we are a week away from the awesome release of the PS4, I was just wondering if there will be any BF4 servers up for the PS4 around the launch date. It would be awesome to kick of the next gen. with a great community to play with!