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Found 4 results

  1. Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLSP2mJ4GRg5a9jMBAKCYU7YnljUmHAon7
  2. 52593057722293654008 40489977878349872125 61561526042150870797 39076837583184598697 75096337303691137982 80774072062497399000 51729183183008975417 24470246396646941301 07447070352790329882 68543656058447749760
  3. If all of the colossi in Shadow Of The Colossus had a huge battle royale? Which would win? Im thinking one of the serpents (dirge or hydrus) would survive the longest, but dirge can only attack opponents on the ground (ruling out phalanx, avion, hydrus, and maybe malus) while hydrus could only attack anyone in the water (ruling out basically everyone smart enough to not enter the water). Who would win?
  4. Hey! This forum topic is dedicated for all Killzone Shadow Fall created warzones for the army to enjoy!. Since the warzone search of the game suck ass a little, it is required that you DO NOT post the name of your warzone alone!!! Post the specifaction for all to enjoy!!! Here is mine: Name: Hunter Vs Prey (Beta) (AJSA) Description: Based of the fight with Arnold and the Predator in the movie "Predator" You will face off against the opponent in a game to not fight or outgun each other, but rather to outsmart each other. It's 1vs1 (2Vs2 at most) game mode. I do plan to re-release the game mode, but with a few tweaks and more space to more players since the maps are big. Specifications to find the game mode: Game options: 1.Friendly fire: On. 2. Health: Normal. 3. Maximum Players: 4. 4. Spawn Timer: 10 seconds 5. Health regeneration: Slow. 6. Lives: 1. Classes: Scout: Helghast only. Assault and Support: VSA Only. Missions: Team DeathMatch If this specifications are not enough or you find some issue with the game mode, then send me a message in the PS4 or in this site and I will get to work on it. Expect More and get creative and see who can do the best Warzone of them all!!!!!