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Found 5 results

  1. Please read This before continuing. About 1 year and 7 months ago, I was part of a Starcraft 2 team called "Alloy Esports", which was at the time an "Aspiring Esports team aiming for the top" . I was part of the management, and my job was to organize team matches, make sure that everyone attended practice and organized the line-ups for SC2ITL (A starcraft 2 team league with cash prizes. A team of 4 will play a Bo7 games. The winner will advance and the loser gets eliminated. So it's a series of 1v1 matches where 1 player can kill the whole enemy team if he's good enough and I was there to make sure that wouldn't happen.). The level of play was quite low in Alloy and it more reminded me of a casual team, more then anything else. We had a few GM's (Highest league players, similar to challenger in LoL.), but most of them were masters players (The difference between GM and Master is far bigger then Challenger-Diamond 1.. It's more similar to Platinum 1~.) So the team had ways to go, it wasn't too bad managing it, but there were a lot of problems with Stephen Moore (The leader.) not paying the wages he promised. And to make things worse he had a silly story about his "dead grandfather who gave him a large company, but the management didn't want to let him get his hands on it". A silly story, but the players had nothing else to do anyway and we didn't have any proof that he DIDN'T have an income, while we had a list of things that he didn't do, which he should've done if he had any money (Is late with his promised wages, which at the time was at the level of "15$ to the best player in the team", and said how once he gets his hands on the money from the company it will be all up from there..). I ofc knew that he didn't have money and that it was a whole lot of BS (But later on he did change his excuses and explanations so he did smarten up with that shit at the very least.). And then came a time when it was obvious to me that he won't be able to afford anything that he had planned, and then I and 1 of my fellow managers got up into his face and asked the final question "Do you, or do you not have the money, cause if you don't then this is the time to jump the boat and turn this into a casual gaming team". He said "Everything's fine". Then we asked for his business plan on how he plans to make this into a profitable organization (At the very least if he had a good plan I would atleast run along with him a bit longer.". After a retarded "business plan", which was "Hire a top level player for free and get him to earn money, he'll win tournaments ....." . You might wonder what that "...." at the end was. It basically was Stephens "Idea" that all the winnings go to the player saying "it belongs to them". From which came a question "How do you plan on earning money then"? (For clarification. Most teams that support pro gamers take a large amount of money from the winnings, but for that they provide for the player, take care of the housing, food, travel costs and it's generally far safer to get a small sure-fire split from the winnings, earn salary, and not pay for any of the needs that teams usually provide for the players. Teams usually have sponsors to take care of the HUGE costs and even teams like Axiom who're doing really well, are in the red.) . That was basically a sign for me to jump ship. Which I'm now regretting cause if I had stayed it would've been annoying for me, but I could've prevented shit like this. After I left the team I found out that Stephen had been recruiting far higher level players and had promises of a fantasy world that he himself lives in. I was surprised that he managed to aquire them, but thankfully it was a short-lived "alloy experience" as most of the better players did leave soon after. Though this Austrian did go through some serious shit. Felt the need to talk about this topic as it's a very real thing and it's a thing to look out for.
  2. This is about a Campaign from Kick-Starter that was created in 2013; which would attempt to invent new ways of playing a well established format that Wizards of the Coast cemented back in the early 1990's with their overwhelmingly popular and immensely successful game "Magic The Gathering". Cory Hudson Jones the current and active President of Cryptozoic, an indie company that had a few years creating physical board games, would spring into action and break the internet with their latest announced project that boldly advertised as; "The Revolutionary Digital Massively Multiplayer Online Trading Card Game" titled - Hex: Shards Of Fate. Allegedly from the get-go to combine World of Warcraft (MMO) mechanics coupled with MTG sequence, play flow (Way to play the game) of using cards you'd collect and build into unique decks, having dungeons you would be able to explore & level up a character you've created whilst be immersed in a fully fleshed out story that would be expanded upon with new dungeons, cards & raids to name just a few. It was quickly unveiled they'll be directly competing against the unstoppable machine Magic the Gathering due to adopting their formula of how the game-play mechanics were contrived and adding slight minor changes on the overall way the game would play out in HEX. Some believed Cory Jones, CEO / President of Cryptozoic & Newly created company that would be driving the ambitious project "Hex Entertainment" was simply paying homage to a game from his early adult hood, although in the lens of other on-lookers they concluded there's too little changes and some connected carbon-copy cards like Murder extracted straight from Wizard's Magic The Gathering pool that would later land them into court, inevitably losing this battle some time later as they decided to settle outside of court with some major differences taking effect on HEX's role immediately there after. Some changes indicated they weren't allowed to set Champion values starting health to 20. They had to remove a literal copy card named Murder and change the name to Kill. Other things weren't really disclosed as it was discussed behind closed doors per-se; but there would be more fundamental changes that happened at a later date. To push the envelope further they sold us the idea (During Campaign) of having special achievements and statistic tracking (Double Back) that would bring real world value to cards with ways of retrieving and storing data like "How many times this specific individual Burn card was used in total." that could then be traded for other desired cards, or auctioned off for real money. Additionally, this feature was especially enticing to spenders such as Whales - 'cause theoretically official HEX Entertainment Tournaments could increase the value of any card that was able to be tracked during any such event making a common card aforementioned explosively more expensive since a winner of that Tournament had the leverage to set it to sell for; say.. 20$ instead of $0.20 cents because of the barely function-able auction house gave users the tool to do so. Spiking cards that normally would only be between $0.01 - $0.06 to a sudden elevated price as the auction house had various issues of people being able to freely manipulate the market with almost no repercussion due to the inability on HEX Entertainment's hand to prevent it. The actual game exited out of Beta January 29th 2016 that eventually landed itself on Steam & PS4 (advertised as free to play on all platforms) is but a pond compared to a river in comparison to the things HEX Entertainment had promised that never made it to light. HEX was plagued with the Free-To-Play label from Day One when realistically everybody knew it would take a miracle or a life time to actually fully sit on a sizeable collection that could tackle many of the features like Tournaments, the small slice of PVE content. This was because of the premise Cory Jones had set from day one, in the interviews, the news letters and post that, "you could earn money here, not having to spend it in order to grow a collection." despite this was FAR from factual, as it would heavily rely on cards that were at a higher power level then most others, resulting in them costing money and not in-game currency to purchase, effectively making playing the game free statement redundant. You could install the game for free, create an account for free, but to have the audacity to say you could participate in tournaments, drafts, even the play-able PVE content (Which is basically only Frost Arena) without deploring hundreds of man hours to collect enough in-game currency to participate ONCE let alone successfully is about as truthful as the company holds to listening to their community when they voiced their concerns on the many bad decisions Cory Jones would make. (Sarcasm) 'cause they never listened. They had their ups and downs.. but further into the conversation, you begin to wonder.. what really was their true agenda after the lawsuit? Why did they suddenly change from being open minded with sticking to their promises to which $2,270,000 dollars was contributed towards from over 17,765 backers (myself included as one) and decided "we need to make as much money as we can, so let's churn out PVP sets, neglecting what little dignity we had from separating us from a straight magic clone." I would've loved to had been in that conference room when this was finalised.. because it was self-destructive, which is why this post exists today. Some time in 2014, HEX's team had to make an unusual announcement after their conclusion of the successful kick-starter. They apologised for not being able to speak on the matter sooner- and that they had to air our something crucial that could finish their dream game. Eventually CEO / President of HEX Entertainment came out and had said they were going to be set back on delivering the game in 2015, Due to issues with the developers designing and coding the digital product we were being sold on departed from the project and that we would only be left with his side of the story. Although this was potential grave news, the community (myself included; rallied to support them.) The story goes: they blamed the company originally hired making the software part of HEX that all of the progress they had said would be completed 1 year after the campaign.. had to be demolished and completely re-built from the ground up due to issues of deceiving about the development progress. CEO / President of HEX Entertainment Cory Jones before the first Alpha Stage was commenced had stated shortly there-after, the company had decided to part ways from the project; leaving the board game designers having to salvage the code and do it blindly. Now, this wouldn't be so bad.. if they were Developer Savvy, however.. they weren't. This project was now left to the demise of physical board gamer creators to create a digital product of which none knew besides one that would now struggle to begin on such an arduous task. They were now having to be self taught, which lead to heavy delays and shifted a lot of expectations to a gray area of uncertainty with many people. Thus, resulting in many missed deadlines, many fans leaving with distraught emotions about the fate of HEX in the market with with recent light of Hearthstone, and other competition arising to fame in the year of 2014 onward. This resulted in many backers leaving due to the heavy delays, things being gutted out from promised land Kick-Starter and other numerous reasons for many faulty and fatal critical errors on the team's part. They barely made any feature they implemented function-able, such as aforementioned auction house, the AI in general but especially in frost ring arena, the singe-player Adventure Zone 1 & 2. So much is still missing, even to this exact hour.. 4.5 years AFTER the campaign concluded. Where did all this money go? But for me they crossed the line when they did something extremely reckless and immoral, not because of missed deadlines, or many features not being in the game such as 2v2, Co-Op, Staple PVE Content like Raids but because of this.. Artist-Gate. Yes, they didn't pay the artist in a very long time for long intervals at a time. In early 2018, dozens of artist were left unpaid for several months, whilst their work that made for sets were already in rotation and able to buy off the clients in hex. There was an article on reddit/hextcg about it. Here's the direct link to the person who made it public. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1955567314516028&set=a.152845698121541&type=3&theater Not only that but back in 2017, they had the gall to reach out to consumers; the last line of defence; the narrowly remaining hopeful community of HEX that had already lost so much hope in their ability as a team to deliver on the game they so desperately wanted to work whom spilled countless hours of creating content on YouTube, Live-streaming, even doing free-moderation on the game's chat section and what's HEX's way of thanking them? By advertising a new unrelated Kick-Starter called "QST - THE TABLETOP GAME SUBSCRIPTION BOX!" on the forums of HEX: Shards of Fate general discussion right here. Those that already probably pulled half of their life savings, credit cards placed in deeper debt, and anything in-between to come and now fork out even more money for this shill of a subscription model hot-garbage idea that only one maniacal money driven bastard could even conjure and have the audacity to ask money from PREVIOUS consumers who pledged in a non-completed game of said pledge! ...By god he will not stop In the end what does CEO / President of Cryptozoic / HEX Entertainment / Newly created QST company decide to do? Oh.. he decides that he wants another successful campaign, so he champions onward to the battle-field and ushers everybody to come and pledge more of their life savings, put themselves in more debts to bring a new lucrative "collectable board game service that EVERYBODY WANTS!" into fruition. But here's the kicker, you're paying hundreds of dollars in EU / USD to get very small developed games that not only were expensive to other "safer, cheap alternatives", but would be completely designed and pushed out annually for a subscription based model that promised 13 games per year by some famous artists, concepts & developers that in no way shape or form would even touch this campaign with a pole and from my acknowledgement none of the 20 or so people that seemed to be more pulled out of a hat roulette then actually be on the campaign said they were involved. What was so shady about this practice in the first place was the fact, the remaining members of HEX's team up at this point 1.5 years ago which consisted of about 6 people, 2-3 decided to invest whatever money they garnered and create companies and branch out away from Cryptozoic/HEX Entertainment (to avoid it landing in any type of legal case if these experiments would fall flat, that way nothing leads back to their main channel) and try new things. However, some people from QST's backer-comment section have connected those dots quite early on and immediately flagged them down for it. Becoming cautious, and suspicious of the "value" they so persistently said you'd get with these board games, just like they did with HEX's Kick-Starter tiers pegging it to a niche crowd, and so too did they market this to a niche crowd as well. Just read the comment section, don't forget to grab your popcorn! So the next chapter of shade is when you start to think about how many kick-starters, new campaigns these guys have gotten involved into or made in the span of just a few years, each with their own set of communities and promises to be delivered. The new companies created in 2017 once HEX: Shards of Fate was abandoned by the exact people that made these companies: Little Orbit by Matthew Scott who still shares a stake and ties with HEX whilst trying to redeem himself to finish Unsung Story from Playtek which is absolutely ironic given he abandoned his own baby project HEX along with Cory Jones. There's effectively nobody working on HEX. It's actually factual, you can google this information, check the forums.. etc. 1/6th of delivered promises. The community manager temporarily at the time was LixilKae in 2017 however she was "moved" to manage APB Reloaded a game Little Orbit is in association with though we (the community of HEX) were informed she moved to manage the new-new-newer company that would announce its plans to create a mobile version of HEX: Shards of Fate by 80Arcade company and work there. This however wasn't the case, and afterwards, Dinotropia, or infamously dubbed "Dinobot" 'cause of the sheer amount of copy pastes for "official articles in a span of 8 months and on going" became the latest community manager up to this point. These guys are abusing the ability to get funded, create, abandon, repeat simply due to the fact Kick-Starter exists. Is there ever a stop to these guys? Is there any legal action that could be taken in order to shut down this behavior? They're in more Kick-Starter campaigns, and have started more than there is of DBZ episodes. Absurd, and it's sickening to know people are letting them get away with it. I found out about their campaign back in 2013 because of Joe Vargas, or AngryJoeShow from Youtube. I'm just one person that's decided to do something, but if we can convince AngryJoe who also pledged and asked his audience to pledge to which MANY of us did at that time or somebody with similar broadcasting capabilities to get in on the controversy that's happening here, maybe we can get more light shed on the issue at hand here, and halt them in their tracks before they keep expanding, exploiting this system! This was a long time coming, share and spread this message. Don't let these con-artist get away with this anymore, and send a message to new potential challengers that thought this was okay to scam millions out from their consumers money and hide behind the current KS policy that this will not go forward in 2019.
  3. Hi, Is it only my or the NVIDIA has become kind of shady and it's recent actions anti-consumer. I'm sure everybody remembers GTX 970 "Ramgate" thing, At the start I asumed that it was really a mistake and they actually sorry for what they did. But was it ? Gtx 970 is still advertised as 4GB ram card even when they admitted that is actually 3,5 a very long time ago. Second thing is release of Batman, NVIDIA was feeding us with awesome gameplay videos with their technology and 60 FPS, even thought it shipped capped on 30 fps. And these "Trailers" were made long time ago. so they knew the game was broken. Third case is DirectX 12. I'm sure everybody seem some "official" NVIDIA charts of performance increase with new DirectX 12. And most of them said 60% to 100% more performance than DX11 ! I'm no programmer but what I do know is that no amount of blue smoke will make the game work this much better on the same hardware and settings. And I promise you, It's all just a Hype-war. Witcher 3 before release and a graphics downgrade was presented to work "supposedly" on their new GTX 900 cards, but even with less demanding version you need best of the best (980) to play game at ultra 60fps. And Finally there are some unconfirmed rumors that NVIDIA is messing around with games to make sure that they work worse on Radeon cards. Please tell me what you think about NVIDIA's recent behavior and remember, this is only my opinion.
  4. http://www.reddit.com/r/TOXIKK/comments/37pmjs/can_you_trust_reakktor/ I mean really? They ban pepole that rightfully demand money for content they've bought and it was released for free? They also ban everyone that does negative opinions. Furthermore, one of their mods seems to be breaking ALL THE LAWS constatnly. Seriously. According to forum, laws of user countries are respected aswell, and mine got broken several times. I got harassed denounced and annoyed by Sharkster, one of admins that has commited multiple stalking and harassment crimes and he let these crimes happen knowing about them. It has been reported, nothing done about it. I get also falsely banned (He represents whole Reakktor studios?) by suspecting that hes a racist/xenophobe by denouncing my country by disrespecting it's laws.. I'm from Poland, he's from Germany so you get the idea. I mean, WTF? I have no words how shady this developer seems to be. Did you know that they almost got a lawsuit from epic because they wanted to use Impact Hammer (the name) in their game but Epic prepared the lawsuit so they backed off? That info can be found only on epic and UT forums. Their forums are clear of any flaws of the game besides no playerbase. All of them can be pointed out only on other forums, as on their own they get deleted. They keep things really tight shut so nobody can talk or do anything about this. They lie, cheat and now this?! Wow, just wow. What do you think?
  5. (I addressed this on the AC Unity topic but I have decided to post it here too, but I feel it was worth some discussion so I put it here as this is a growing, nasty-ass trend that has to stop) STOP PUTTING MICRO TRANSACTIONS INSIDE OUR GAMES! I remember a time when you could play offline and nothing would hinder gameplay and everything was unlock-able without an internet connection. Now I know some people will say to me "But online gaming is the future!" well if thats true, I guess everybody who is stationed overseas (like me) with their families are screwed since we cannot upgrade our connection to another company. Seriously though, you don't need to lock off content like outfits or weapons to make the player go and play the mobile app or purchase them with real money in-game, that feels just... just wrong. I appreciate the free DLC and all, and the Co-op though I haven't had the opportunity to try it was a good idea to replace the multiplayer and I've heard a lot of people are having fun with it (and I am so glad you can play those missions offline too) but when the game is forcing you to go elsewhere to get something that you should have anyway, it feels very wrong and can be frustrating. This isn't just Ubisoft either, Bioware has recently jumped on this bandwagon with Dragon Age: Inquisition as well as Capcom in the past. Nobody likes Micro transactions, we already paid $60 so let us play the goddamn game! How about instead of paying for it, you work for the outfit/weapon/content with a super difficult side-mission and you're rewarded at the end with it so you can feel even more badass when you put it on knowing that you worked for it (Look at Skyrim or Metal Gear Solid: Peacewalker as examples, both games are AAA without Micro transactions but do what I just described instead) or if its a fighting game, how about after completing a really difficult challenge that rewards you with it like beat down 50 enemies using only one health bar or pull off 30 super-moves in a set time limit? Either way, I think we can all agree this trend of paying in game for something that should be there anyway, has to stop and if left unchecked could lead to serious problems.