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Found 5 results

  1. Basically this thread is going to be used so we can tally up what ships we have for Star Citizen and see how many pilots we have. Also you can list what you want to be doing in Star Citizen when it comes around. Current Ship Total 2 x Military grade Idris Frigate 1 x Idris P Frigate 46x Constellation 38 x Freelancer 7 x Banu Merchantman 9 x Starfarer 17 x Cutlass 5 x Caterpillar 74 x Origin & Variants 44 x Hornet & Variants 99 x Aurora & Variants 29 x Avenger 9 x M50 Interceptor 4 x Xi'an Scout 15 x Retaliator Heavy Bomber 2 x Gladiator Heavy Bomber
  2. Can there be a Teamspeak 3 Channel in the AJSA for Naval Action since this game is going to be awesome. I don't see someone saying no to this since there is a Star Citizen Teamspeak channel that no one goes in. http://www.navalaction.com/#ageofsail
  3. GAME: "WARGAME: RED DRAGON" INTRO: This game is really Fun its like the "Next Level" RTS game its a combination of General, Red Alert, total anahilation, Battleship: Pacific and other RTS game in 1 game. No need to build Factory,barracks and Etc.just deploy your units that you want to use like (Jets for air superiority)(tanks for bringing the big guns) (arty for long range barage) and ETC(includes Infantry,APC,tanks,anti air units, helicopter and SHIPS-crusers) THE NEXT LEVEL RTS GAME..FOR ME! AND THE BEST! PEOPLE WHO WILL ALSO PLAY: well to tell you the truth i dont have yet any AJSA member to played with but a have friends on wargame:red dragon willingly to join any CLANS that have teamspeak for better cooperation. PROS: Has great community system, free dlc, lot of players, no bugs(non that i seen so far), you feel like you at a real modern battlefield on their ERA Cons: if your not patient on this game then its gonna be frustrating, you get really gonna be piss of when you start lossing a lot of units especially the costly and advance weaponry units. HEHEHEHE but still fun. EVENTS: well clan vs clan battle, Ranked battle, ordinary multiplayer rts game BONUS: COOL STORY LINE(alternate story line some like korean war,the commonwealth vs china, USSR vs CHINA) I just want this game to have a own Teamspeak server dont realy care if its official or unofficial just wanna have fun and win battle for the AJSA IF YOUR PLAYING or HAVE PLAYED THIS GAME plss...give me your Opinion on this Game... LETS MAKE A "AJSA" Number 1 clan or group on the WARGAME Franchise. PLSS add me on steam if you like https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IoXwdVJIlk0
  4. It's time we had an official guidebook for ship's and appropriate equipment to use for them. As such, this topic will be periodically updated with different strategies Captains may wish to try with their crews. Or it may be used as a starting point when developing your own ship and strategy.
  5. If you could own any sci-fi spacecraft which one would you pick ?