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Found 4 results

  1. Hi AJSA members. This is the AJSA XBox One Message System sign up thread. This is where you offer me your Soul (or a tasty, fresh Ice Cream, either's cool) and in exchange I'll send the XB1 event info straight to you via XBL. The Idea is simple. Just reply below with you forum handle and XBL Gamertag. For example; Forum Handle Gamertag Shagger ShaggerAJSA If you no longer want to receive these messages, please let me know and I'll remove you. Similarly if you change your XBL Gamertag let me know so I can update your info. If you decide not to share your forum handle or another contact info, then you don't have to, but be aware that if for whatever reason communications on XBL become impossible between me and you, I will not be able to contact you with these updates or to resolve any issues. Other than that, I welcome any feedback and if you have any questions I'll be sure to answer them. Current Recipients AgentTurtleAJSA AJSABamboe (Added via Discord request) AJSAValkyric AJSAWOOKIJEDI (Added via XBL request) angry argonian0 AScapeRunePlaya Assitedcloth1 awakeningrager1 Barlowplays Blevins093 10 brownjf22 (Added Via XBL request) Burningled CrazyCrabAJSA DarkDiscord9 EternalyTwisted (Added via old thread) Hacking Spartan (Added via XBL request) I HEIMDALL VIII Jackie Ruba Jaysons Rage (Added via old thread) 20 kamilus42 KaotixDemon Kiwi Dragn (Added via XBL request) Lewisdkal lxl Obran lxl (added via PM request) MasterChief 466 (Added via XBL request) MasterfulJoe101 Mr LENN NEWLONDENION 30 ODSTMarine117 Psykogrl Quick n Brite rottenvenom23 R3FL3X III _ SadisticCub5258 (Added via Discord relay) SeeMeTrolling23 SCORPIO0606 (Added via Discord relay) Seirex Sn0rchblapp SLADE BOGATY (Added via Discord relay) SoulReaper69999 (Added Via XBL relay) St0neC0ld89 (Added via XBL Request) StraightUpMelon 40 TacklessPuppy72 TAYPH00N Th3whit3lion The Battle Moon theDRUNKpolak TimurPanzer TMoe1997 (Added via Discord relay) Touch The Donut ToxicSarah 696 ToxicZombie Red TWP Pharcyde (formerly jayacmilan420) UncagedLeaf0932 (Added via Discord relay) Uppercasetrout2 Vamp165 Warchief5454 50 Watty M198 Wizardly9 (Added via Discord relay) xIcemann117x xIma SMOKERx (Added via Discord relay) XSuperSnickersX (Added via Discord relay) xxPUNISHERxx153 Zombie Bait 71 Zolok7 (Added via XBL request)
  2. Hey Yo! Crazyjuice from Scotland signed up today. PSN name: crazyjuice If anyone adds me message to say your in the army or I wont add. Let the battle commence!
  3. A Interesting and fun free TPS has come out of it's closed beta access and are now open to everyone. However it is still in beta, so bugs are expected. if you are interested you can sign up at http://www.hazardops.com/en/hq/ And just for the entertainment here are some videoes.
  4. Hey guys and gals! Anyone else see this! Evolve alpha sign up for PC! Hurry up and show your support so we can get a presence in the game! Know that there is a NDA so talking about the game is a no no, but it does give you a chance to play! http://www.polygon.com/2014/7/3/5868969/evolve-alpha-test-pc-sign-up