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Found 10 results

  1. FINALLY!! after many years of watching Joes videos on youtube for about 5 years or so I made an account on this site..maybe a year ago. Now I finally made my first post. I came here to see if Joe has any plans on talking about Star Citizen I know about a few years ago he made a video where he pledged to the game but then that was about it. Am hoping to see if any new information comes up of him checking out Star Citizen. Also hoping to find other who are apart of AJSA who plays Star Citizen so maybe we can play some time. Cheers and blue skys!
  2. I have been playing farming simulator for 2 streaming sessions and I got to say their is lot of people who enjoys the game. Me and my friend play it alot. I would like to know if their AJSA member who plays it aswell. We are trying to find a away to have more then 3 players without having major lag spikes. If someone have really good connection maybe we can host a decent server.
  3. Just wondering here.. I've made threads about sim racing before and I was just wondering considering iRacing is pretty hardcore and not a lot of people can just pick it up and play it and master it in a few weeks.. Do people in the AJSA actually play iRacing or actual racing sims? (On PC. Gran Turismo and Forza are not sims.)
  4. Howdy-ho Angry Army? Lovely day today, isn't it? Well, I could swear there are racing enthusiasts among this community. I have made some posts before asking what kind of games do AJSA community members play, and thought that "racing is competetive as shit. we should get an official racing game for the AJSA!" Well what game? Mario Kart? In baby-land, sure. Forza? Well, if you're a squirmy casual. No no no, we need something realistic, while at the same time something new. And I do believe I have found it! It's an early access simulator by Kunos Simulazioni, and I am amazed actually that a game in alpha has better physics than most AAA racing games today (Forza, Gran Turismo). I actually made a little gameplay video showcasing the game. It's only like 35 euros and gets monthly updates, naturally. It's also supported by mods already, even though there is no official kit for making Assetto Corsa assets, people find a way.. (I think at least) Please excuse my crap driving. I made this thing in a quick race and didn't bother to really warm up or anything.
  5. Im not a smart man
  6. O.k. I think I've finally seen it all. An actual simulator for pigeons... Dating... Yes thats right! A pigeon dating simulator... These are actual words from the Devs (Brace yourselves) “Our research shows that consumer fatigue for space marines and dragons is at an all-time high – gamers are ready for something new and fresh,” said Devolver Digital CFO Fork Parker. “Semi-realistic pigeon dating simulations are the next great frontier in video games.” www.devolverdigital.com/blog/view/mediatonic-and-devolver-digital-remake-hatoful Oooookay... What people were you interviewing ? 102 year olds who enjoy racing pigeons and probably more....? Jesus where do you people get your fucking information from. This shit actually infuriates me... Yes I am mad... This shit is getting retarded stop bringing out bad games and casting them off as a simulator... This shit is getting ridiculous.
  7. Racing games don't attract a very wide audience. Even though monster AAA games like Forza and Gran Turismo are system sellers, they do dwarf in comparison to games like Titanfall, Battlefield, Halo yadda-yadda. And even those games (Forza AND Gran Turismo) are kids toys in comparison what I have in store! So rFactor. A bit old. 2005-ish. Almost ten years now. There is a sequel out, but I would avoid because the first can be so heavily modded, it is the superior one. (For now) Ah yes, mods. The greatest invention in PC gaming. The only reason anyone would even buy rFactor nowadays. Let me tell you about the point of rFactor. (GAMEPLAY BELOW) It is a racing simulator. A real life simulator. Racing teams across the world use it to train for real races. Not everyone of course, and the big budget teams can make their own simulators to fit their needs. But for example the Gran Turismo team uses rFactor to train for the Nurburgring 24h. Bit hypocritical I say, but it's fine. And I did mention mods now, didn't I? Alright, so the idea of rFactor from the start was to be moddable. Everything up from the engine can be modded. Physics, UI, additional content. Sh*t, almost anything now that I mention it! Even the freaking engine! (Some claim this, but I have yet to come across any proof of this) *clears throat* So, I noticed some people in the AJSA do like racing games. Yet there are no official racing games yet. And I know for a fact that there are people here who do play rFactor too. It's really fun. rFactor is the real deal in sim racing. Sim racing, much to it's cousin flight sims, is a pretty hardcore genre. You absolutely MUST have a racing wheel (Like a starter, Logitech Driving Force GT, med-range G27 or perhaps high-quality T500rs) Three screen will also help, but are not necessary. Increases FOV and really helps me personally while driving. And I just made this post to know what people think about rFactor in general. And to inform people about it. So if you like cars, GO BUY IT. IT IS FREAKING AMAZING. (heed this warning though. it is difficult as shit if you don't know the basics of racing I wouldn't recommend. if you've played arcade racing games and you think you can just jump in and dominate. Well it's your ego) LINK TO VIDS (Wrapped these up in like 30min so 480p quality)
  8. FROM THE CREATORS OF SANCTUM 2, COMES THE BIGGEST HIT OF THE YEAR.. NO.. BIGGEST HIT OF THE DECADE. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WgTQglGvNUs#t=15 GOAT SIMULATOR (warning. might not actually depict real actions of goats. goats can't really climb ladders. gameplay is a work-in-progress and the current alpha build does not represent the final version of the game)
  9. Alright so I decided I'm going to trend the waters of the forums here to see what kind of responses I get and to see what kind of people are here, and by doing that I will be (trying to) briefly talk about something that has comes to mind as of late. So there is this series that you may have guessed what it is by the name of the topic. "Armored Core," is a long running series of games developed by the guys at "From Software," (the same guys who are behind the more "well-known," Demon's Souls and Dark Souls, as well as Chromehounds on the Xbox 360.) who have been behind the crafting of these games since the debut of the first game, in 1997 on the PS1. It is a series of mech simulator action games, with 12 instalments currently released; the most recent one being "Armored Core: Verdict Day" which was released on September 24th of this year. Now with some background out of the way let's get into what I will be talking about right now. Now I will not be pretending that I am not the biggest fan of Armored Core, but I have been with the series for some time, starting with "Armored Core 2," on the PS2. I have stuck with the series and there has always been a constant, which is that Armored Core always gets less then favourable reviews, that's no secret. Though there have been a few recent reviews that came out that were decent, Metacritic also seemed to give it a passable score of 66. My problem is that these reviewers are clearly not fans of Armored Core, or any mech simulators really, or has stay with the game long enough to grasp it's mechanics. And yes this can be applied to a lot of reviews for games, but I am going to be talking about Armored Core specifically rather then what's wrong with gaming reviews as a whole, because people more capable then I can do that. Anyway back on topic, what irritates me is when I go decide "I wonder what other people think of the game initially," and I go check Metacritic and see the scores and the reviews. So the point I'm going to try to make is that if this is the kind of game you like or Verdict Day is your first Armored Core game, don't let people who says "this game sucks" or "this game has problems," or "it has no depth," anything among those lines, especially if they are a reviewer, you don't take a single negative they say to be as fact at all. Most don't have enough time with the game or are from a "hardcore" backing. From knows that they have a very loyal following those fans are willing to buy the game even if everyone around them says it sucks it doesn't matter to those fans, and those fans will always come back to those games as well. I should know because I'm one of them, I have yet to grab my hands on Armored Core Verdict Day, but I will eventually and I know I will. If you are on the fence about Verdict Day, or interested in trying the franchise, I would say go ahead and try it out and spend give the time it needs to truly get a hold of the mechanics and see if you enjoy it. Most fans of the game are enjoying it and playing it and those fans are missed by a lot of people judging the game. Does that mean all their criticism is invalid, no. The fans themselves are aware of the problems, like the more recent Armored Core games focusing more on multiplayer and leaving the single player campaign rather weak as well as being a lot more challenging without a team, but that could change with Armored Core 6. Since on the surface the Armored Core games looks the same, but between each numerical difference of the games (eg 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.) the games are different and you can tell if you play them, REALLY different in some cases. There are some other things I could mention, but this starting to look rather intimidating. I would like to take a moment and say that if after reading all that (congratulations by the way.) and would think the Armored Core community would alienate you because as a new player, don't bother with the ones that do, because the community is overall more open to have more casual players join rather then say the Dark Souls community; maybe due to the size difference, but I'm not too sure. Ironically since this game is hard to master, a lot harder then Dark Souls in my opinion and you are going to find it difficult to get into it. Though some people will pass that off as "oh the controls are bad" and "the gameplay is clunky," which only applies when you don't know what you're doing and just stop playing there. Try to think that it is like a fighting game, where if you go up against like a Blazblue player, who has been playing for years, and you only have a few weeks under your belt, you will get completely destroyed. With Armored Core it's not so different. If you go in expecting to do good and just lose completely one sided, the initial reaction people usually have will be "wow, this game sucks." Like I said if you are getting alienated, find other people, don't listen to those elitist idiots saying things like "I have been playing Armored Core for 10 years, where were you?" which doesn't matter since Armored Core changes every generation it may look like it doesn't on the outside, but it's the small details is what Armored Core is about and can really change how it is played. Anyway I talked far to long and if you managed to read all of that, then good for you, you really are a trooper. Yes AC is a quirky odd game. Maybe not for everyone but it doesn't mean if you're new you should give up. Even Angry Joe, I remember seeing a tweet when Armored Core 5 came out and said the game was broken at launch, and after playing it, there was nothing broken with it. He just another one of those guys who didn't give it the time it deserves and I hope he tries the game again and give it a chance. So enough of my ramblings if you like to add your thoughts, go ahead I'll more then likely give them a read, even if you call me just a idiot, or a fanboy, I would like to know. See you, Space Cowboy.
  10. I think ARMA would be a great game for the AJSA community, the game may be a little hard to get into but that's the plus side to being in groups like AJSA. I have no doubt their are people that would be willing to help new players build custom levels and set up play events for 5 to 80 players. Plus the game is already set up for large groups to play, they have ranks set by the map makers and it gives squad leaders/ High command Officers an in game way to organize the lower ranks. The possibilities of this game are endless you could have Helicopter squads supporting infantry who are on their way to meat up with a Tank column so the high command can organize them while they plunder the hillside. -I wasn't expecting so many people to back the ARMA idea and i would be happy so make some levels and get a server going if we can get 10 or more people willing to play some time. If you wanna try to start an ARMA then add me as a friend on AJSA or Steam. (just make sure you also message me saying you wanna start an ARMA group or something like that) -If anyone has experience hosting ARMA 3 servers then i would love so help or if you could handle the issue entirely. I would be very grateful since i don't have much knowledge about ARMA servers outside of clicking NEW and then making sure it's not set to LAN. -If you aren't good with servers then mission making would be a awesome way to help with the community since I can only make 2 or 3 good level in a week. -My hopes of starting a small ARMA community is that it will gain attention from some or the higher ranking AJSA members and Hopefully get an actual spot on AJSA with lots of more people.