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Found 3 results

  1. you see, I was always THE minecraft fan, you hate it, I defend it, you like it, you are automatically my friend...but...over the years minecraft just seemed to offer the same thing. I wanted something new, a revival of this fantastic world where everything is mysterious...but we keep getting the same crap, we get a couple new AI, some cool, others should have been there a long time ago (horses in xbox 360.), and even the bugs that get annoying as hell, I have made 3 new avatars over 2 updates. the PC version of course gives better gameplay and I guess exceptional differences. I think it's time to add a gun into minecraft, a simple musket would be cool, we need to revise xbox and console version... this isn't a hate speech but a cry for change...
  2. For the past few days I have been on youtube and have seen destiny's release trailers, (pre-order, etc.) and have taken to notice I have a few gripes about it. the game destiny is an icon across many demographics, but I see a new "advanced warfare" or another "Titanfall" were everything is just a mindless, generic shooter...as for the pre-order I'm disgusted, the fact that in order to count your kills (which should either already be done, or not included) you buy the pre-order for a robot...in game content that just counts your kill/death ratio, in my opinion that's (excuse my "french") crap. not only that, but destiny is an easy game to add loot crates and micro-transactions, yes I know it's destiny and everyone will say; "but skorge, the game itself is a good game" and to me, my response; "what was the first destiny at release again? an incomplete shell of what it is today, for $60 every story section." WTF!! when you publish a game it needs to be complete...right? anyway, I'm not trying to spit on a perfectly good game, "so with all do respect" just go off of the review that AJ (angry joe, to any new recruits.) puts out and be vigilant, hell, have one of your friends buy the game and let him tell you the specifics...if it's bad, don't buy it...if it's good though, BUY IT! but I'm not hopping the hype train yet, I'll see you later, on the next post...
  3. from 1977, to 2011 the flag of Libya was green, just green