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Found 42 results

  1. Hey Tenno, so this idea has been in my head for a while and I was hoping to get some feedback on it. Its mostly based on a few personal experiences but I'm wondering if there's anything to it. Just in case I'm putting a link to an article here I read a while back: http://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/gadgets-and-tech/violent-video-games-dont-make-you-aggressive-difficult-games-do-says-new-study-9246838.html This is something I agree with as I've also had experience with getting violently frustrated with certain games, namely: Assassins creed unity and Red Faction Guerilla. But I'm going to talk about some other games here, one in particular you might not expect. TBH the title is a little deceiving as its more about whether video games can alter behavior, perhaps more so as a result of repetitive actions than just violent behavior. For example: Some years ago, I was playing skyrim on my 360 (ah, a simpler time... Kinda) and this particular play session lasted for.... Honestly I'd say at least 12 hours. By the time I stopped playing through the night, its was day and I figured before I hit the hay I'd get some fresh air, and went for a stroll. I remember being pretty gosh darn tired at the time, and as I was walking I passed a property with a front garden growing a plant that looked a lot like lavender (as seen within skyrim). All of a sudden I felt the urge to go over to the plant and "Harvest" it. I often add to this story when I tell it, saying that I did go and pick the plant and that the owner came out to ask what I was doing, to which I reply "I need it for my invisibility potion." A stretch of the truth for the non gamers I tell the story to, but for all you skyrim legendaries out there, I am indeed aware that lavender cannot be used to create an invisibility potion. Another story comes from extended play sessions of Saints row the third, a challenge mission/quest/objective from the character oleg, in which you are to blow up some very tiny cars. In real life there are cars that look very similar to these, and on occasion I would see one, and immediately have the urge to whip out my RPG from hammer space, Lock on, and let rip. Of course is that this was not possible. (Car in question is similar to: Toyota IQ ) My last example is quite strange, and comes from playing Ass Creed (to memory it was black flag) and also GTA V Online (though mostly the former if I recall). The strangeness comes from the fact that after playing for about 4 to 5 hours or more a day, when going out, I would tend to run, or feel the urge to run or jog to my destination. I'd like to mention that I am not considered to be neuro-typical (aspergers and Torrettes) and so perhaps that is an important factor to consider. This post is a result of my thinking about those news story (usually regarding rockstar and GTA in some way) where a lad, will acted violently and end up getting arrested. I often wondered if there was anything to it. Obviously what I'm suggesting is that yes, a violent video game like GTA can make you violent, but only provided you've been playing it for such a prolonged period of time and that you have for a large part performed certain violent acts in the game over and over. TBH I would imagine something like this would be very useful for military simulations, and perhaps if you have the know how and the eagerness for inappropriate deeds, you could construct a real life bank heist simulation or similar. Perhaps my real question is this, can a violent video game be a simulation by accident? After all, if simple repetitive actions and extended periods of play were all that were required, surely many more people would be out "ducking 5O" as the kids say. Is it also possible that the people who committed crimes "because of GTA" (to quote so many uneducated) met other requirements in regards to suggestibility (as I understand it you are more easily suggestible when tired) and neurology. Well, that's it. I hope to hear what people think. Also, I didn't proof read this, yes, terrible habit I know. See ya Tenno.
  2. Ever since the "Special Edition" came out I've been playing through the standard version of Skyrim again, well...as "standard" as 80+ mods will get you. On a whim I sat and watched Joe's review from when the game first came out: 10/10 with a Badass Seal of Approval. Then I started thinking about Fallout 4...and how I was ultimately disappointed with it. Don't get me wrong, as an open world game I enjoyed Fallout 4 a LOT (according to steam I've put about 100 more hours into it than I did Skyrim...which I've played over 715 hours ), but the story was barely there and uninteresting, I didn't feel like I was creating my own adventure like I did in Skyrim, and unlike Skyrim I actually managed to find and complete almost all the major side-quests in one play through (which made subsequent play throughs feel very "samey"). And now I'm curious. We've already talked about what we as fans would love to see in the next Elder Scrolls game, but based on what we got in Fallout 4 and the prevailing trends in RPG games recently, what do you think we can logically expect in the next ES game? Like it or not, I'm pretty sure Bethesda wants to keep expanding on the settlement mechanics from Fallout 4 (I had fun with them, but ultimately I feel they really detracted from the game). ...and should I have used Affect in the post title?
  3. So...I couldn't wait until the 28th and the release of Skyrim Special Edition. Of course since I'm playing on PC I may not even need to get it, because mods still make the old one look better. But when I started it up last night I kind of realized my mod list was a total mess. So I trashed the whole thing, including old saves. Time to rediscover this game if I can!
  4. Pretty much any thoughts on next ES installment. anyone with comments or ideas please comment.
  5. skyrim

    Do you think Skyrim will ever be either backwards compatible or be remastered for the Xbone? Will this ever be a thing?
  6. Dim Outside Lighting

    From the album Skyrim

  7. Overcast Over Whiterun

    From the album Skyrim

  8. The Bannered Mare

    From the album Skyrim

  9. For those who don't know, he's the guy that got me into Youtube. He mods Skyrim until it shatters into a million pieces for viewer entertainment. His last video was 8 months ago.... Until today.
  10. A conversation I had with Josh Yebba of the Shoddycast and SAGE on Paid Modding.
  11. The awaited Bethesda appearance has been confirmed, What do you guys think they will announce? They have surprised us before and will surely do so again. New IP? Or will they return to The Elder Scrolls and Fallout workhorses? Skyrim has had the most extensive mod community of any game to date! Whatever they decide to do will turn heads. IGN News: http://www.ign.com/articles/2015/02/10/bethesda-hosting-its-first-ever-e3-conference-in-2015 vcpost: http://www.vcpost.com/articles/47472/20150306/fallout-4-release-year-bethesda-confirms-e3-2015-attendance.htm
  12. Light up your torches, sharpen your pitchforks, because I am gonna complain about something in Skyrim. Okay, now with the little fun intro thing out of the way, lets get down to business. Skyrim, I'll start out with saying that I dont hate it I do like it, its just... the most fun I had in the game was attacking/defending Whiterun. Its the civil war quest line that interest me most. But its so one-sided. You take/hold Whiterun and then you take a few forts before you take Solitude/Windhelm. The End. And yes, I know you got the blackmail and messanger things aswell, but they are minor things. I want more out of it. They could've added a strategic element to it. Where to attack, where to focus on defence. Having to defend forts. Just taken a fort and preparing to take another? Oh dear, it seems like your new won prize is under attack. There could've been a tug of war, 2 forts were attacked at the same time, gotta decide which one is worth the most to save. Maybe even resources, gold from gold mines. Ores and ingots for crafting from other mines. Upgrade your troops with better equipments. And the biggest annoyance I have is, it the FIRST thing introduced to us in the game. "Ulfric Stormcloak? You're the leader of the Rebellion" "General Tulius, the military governor". These are the first characters to be introduced to us. They are the biggest characters in the Civil War. They are introduced BEFORE the dragon is. One of the first quests you get when getting out of Helgen is to join the Stormcloaks/Legion. Wasnt the Civil War supposed to be visible in Skyrim. Unless you follow the quest line, all you'll see is patrols or prisoner escorts. And dont get me wrong, I like the main quest line, its just I like taking the forts and fighting other people in a war more than I like hacking away at the feet/wing/tail/head of a dragon with it not even reacting to it. Now that I've said what I had to say I'll just step in this shower for some tar and feather. I started on a joke, I'll end it on a joke.
  13. Dear friends, we are searching for Life is Feudal players. My name is Doktar and I absolutely love Life is Feudal and these new Italian servers! Language is Italian, but they are open to anyone who wants to test the quality of these servers! USA players will find an impressive low ping for the best performance. You can find the Official Group on Steam here: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/LIFitalia/ To read news about the servers: http://life-is-feudal.org/server/3134/ Servers have two gameplay modes, a roleplaygame one and an action one (faster and perfect for PvP) After studying the successes and failures of other servers, Server Admins set up specific configurations and goals for the best gaming experience with Life is Feudal! - There are no Community zones- There are no pre-built structures- No help from the Admins that will be "unavailable"- Only one Goal: Just Survival! Please contact me for any questions, but don't forget, ingame you'll be alone xD Have a nice day!
  14. I am a massive Skyrim fan and I remember the disappointment we all felt from the initial release of Elder Scrolls Online. However it's worth taking a look and seeing that right now they have fixed a lot of problems with the game and they have a massive update coming up before the console release. Also, FREE TO PLAY!!!!!! they still have a membership service but its not required to play the game and everything thats not DLC that you can buy with real money you can get for free in the game naturally eventually. My question is simple, to Joe and the rest of the angry army. Will you guys be getting or continuing to play Elder Scrolls online and do you recommend it to someone who has not gotten the game yet?
  15. My friend just bought me skyrim and ive started to use mod and i was hoping some of you recommend me some mods to install
  16. I love the Elder Scrolls Series and has been playing since Oblivion. Do you also know if the PS4 version will require monthly payments.
  17. Our professor gave us some camera equipment and told us to film something, I thought it was worth sharing for any of you Skyrim fans!
  18. Well im new, so yeah! I play games like halo or the witcher or skyrim but also enjoy mmos as well...
  19. Elder Scrolls Online for PS4 and Xbox One!?! I know this isn't new... news but it's so cool that there is finally a MMO for Consoles (please note: this I'm joining Ebonheart once I get a glorious PS4!
  20. Yet, Another Skyrim Glitch

    From the album My Gaming Pictures

    Skyrim without Bugs/Glitches... I can dream...
  21. Hothead

    From the album My Gaming Pictures

    I don't know you guys, but this brings a whole new mean to hothead
  22. I personally like the Empire more that the Stormcloaks. I feel like the best way for the humans to hold back the Aldermeri Dominion is to be united as one. Even though the Empire holds up the White-Gold Concordant and the ban of Talos worship it's obvious that the Empire still likes Talos and hates the Dominion. Plus I don't like Ulfric, I almost never play as a Nord and he doesn't like anyone who isn't one.
  23. This was a experiment I made to see if I could make a trailer for a mod. The essence of the mod is giving a follower the power to use the thuum by being tied to you. The trailer I took the essence of the Sith rule of two One to hold the power and one to crave it. I made this a while ago and thought I would post it. I would like to do more of these and not just limited to Skyrim when I get the time. Tell me your thoughts? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rHsYiUWcKgw
  24. Anybody out there have some really good Skyrim mods? I like Realistic Needs and Diseases/Frostfall, any armors or weapons by Hothtrooper ( I think that's his name ), immersive towns and cities, apocalypse spells/ Midas spells, and too many house mods to name.
  25. For those of you who run mods on Skyrim and run into frequent crashes, freezes and infinite loading screens, this memory patch may be for you. Gopher's tutorial It fixed my game up and I'm currently using ugrids 9 stable. I highly recommend it. I'm not using the SKSE alpha, but the SSME instead so I only speak from personal experience with that one. Installation was really easy and Gopher's tutorial is very clear. Happy modding.