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Found 6 results

  1. Took me dang long enough to get here. After all, while my Webname may only be TopazLynx, my real name is Loren. Hell, I even live in Southern Alberta, specifically Lethbridge, a small city with a HUGE bridge for coal trains. I even just managed to buy myself my first Gaming PC! But hey, evolution is how I play, always find ways to work through the game that works. Besides PC multiplayer is free. At least more than Console. I cannot wait to see what future things this website has for me and my potential "apologies". ;3
  2. GAME: "WARGAME: RED DRAGON" INTRO: This game is really Fun its like the "Next Level" RTS game its a combination of General, Red Alert, total anahilation, Battleship: Pacific and other RTS game in 1 game. No need to build Factory,barracks and Etc.just deploy your units that you want to use like (Jets for air superiority)(tanks for bringing the big guns) (arty for long range barage) and ETC(includes Infantry,APC,tanks,anti air units, helicopter and SHIPS-crusers) THE NEXT LEVEL RTS GAME..FOR ME! AND THE BEST! PEOPLE WHO WILL ALSO PLAY: well to tell you the truth i dont have yet any AJSA member to played with but a have friends on wargame:red dragon willingly to join any CLANS that have teamspeak for better cooperation. PROS: Has great community system, free dlc, lot of players, no bugs(non that i seen so far), you feel like you at a real modern battlefield on their ERA Cons: if your not patient on this game then its gonna be frustrating, you get really gonna be piss of when you start lossing a lot of units especially the costly and advance weaponry units. HEHEHEHE but still fun. EVENTS: well clan vs clan battle, Ranked battle, ordinary multiplayer rts game BONUS: COOL STORY LINE(alternate story line some like korean war,the commonwealth vs china, USSR vs CHINA) I just want this game to have a own Teamspeak server dont realy care if its official or unofficial just wanna have fun and win battle for the AJSA IF YOUR PLAYING or HAVE PLAYED THIS GAME plss...give me your Opinion on this Game... LETS MAKE A "AJSA" Number 1 clan or group on the WARGAME Franchise. PLSS add me on steam if you like https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IoXwdVJIlk0
  3. Hello! I saw that the AJSA is going to be active in planetside 2. I saw the recruitment training on youtube and was really impressed. I am as of now installing the game again as I haven't played for a few months. I used to play with a clan before but quit because of the drama I encountered there. My name is Jacob and I'm 21 years old from Sweden. I work as a lifeguard and on my spare time I enjoy playing MMO games that require strategy and cooperation. Hope to see you in-game!
  4. Greetings Fellow AJSA Members, Soldiers and High Commanders, I would like to propose from a lowly newb that has just signed up today to possibly rally together a clan or another such group of people that are die-hards for the realm of strategy. It is always a privilege watching your glorious armies on the field of battle inflicting as much pain and destruction as possible on your enemies and as such, cultivates a strong sense of competition and rivalry that matches even that of the ultra-dominant FPS and MOBA genres. Strategy games have always been an intense passion of mine and have been raising empires since the release of such timeless classics as Age of Empires, Age of Mythology, Black and White and even Rise of Nations. I would very much love to see if there would be any interest for getting support together for creating a clan or reviving any dormant servers to allow players from all walks of life to come together and game in this particularly epic area of gaming. Whilst this may seem a self-indulgent piece of writing it would be a great honour if there could be any consideration to setting up a foundation upon which other like minded strategy gamers such as myself can meet up and take on other players in the spirit of good sportsmanship and pitting of wits. If there has been a debate like this in the past and a reasonable conclusion that was met on behalf of the AJSA council then I only wish that someone from the reigning hierarchy take pity on this plea and see if it can be explored for future gaming endeavours. It has been said that Angry Joe himself gets a little jumpy when he doesn't receive a fix of good old strategy every once in a while and I share in those very same feelings if I am not at the forefront of an epic battlefield and striking down the enemy in righteous fury! Thank you and I am very much looking forward to replies from across the board, be they simple suggestions to full fledged debate that can arise form this posting. Best of Luck and Regards from a grunt trying to possibly make something of himself Cheers!
  5. Hello everyone! I'm a new addition to the AJSA. I'm horrible as a soldier though, so... uhh, put me in the mess hall or something? You guys need something to eat, I presume. I'm good at that! Frankly speaking, I used to be good at RTS games, like CnC series. Now I'm just terrible, go figure. Tried to play old CnC yesterday, got destroyed in 5 minutes. All my people were killed, each assault has failed, and as an insult to the injury - my base was wiped out by an Ion Cannon strike. What a grand finale, those GDI guys are just... Ugh But I'm getting off-topic here, nevermind that! Glad to be of service, guys and girls. Peace _V_
  6. How I discovered AJSA : I really liked the review Angry Joe gave about Guild Wars 2 and thought that he was awesome. I almost joined back then, but already had an awesome guild that I was part of. Time passed and my guild leaders thought WoW was better....they left. I stopped playing GW 2 for a time, though I kept on enjoying TAJS. So here I am and let's get this army one man stronger! Who I am : I am currently going all out founding anime conventions (Festival Nadeshicon and others), helping other anime conventions (Otakuthon among others), helping geek festivals (Montreal and soon Ottawa Comiccon, Geekfest Quebec, etc), trying to finish an integrated bachelor's degree in International Studies and Modern Languages among tons of other stuffs. I lived across Canada and am into role playing, even if I do occasionally slightly touch other aspects of gaming (just need to give me orders on Teamspeak and after a few intensive training exercises, I should be good to go!). Game(s) the AJSA may take possession of my soul to attain its goals : Guild Wars 2 (currently on Tarnished Coast, though I can change if reaaaaaaaaally need be) None else for now ^^ Games I play(ed) : Diablo I, II and III Final Fantasy I, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X and a bit of XII Grandia Chrono Trigger Chrono Cross The Longest Journey, Dreamfall (and gave 840$ to Dreamfall Chapters through Kickstarter that should come out next year) Guild Wars I and II Word of Warcraft (6 months worth) Left4Dead I and II Legend of Dragoon Baldur's Gate (all the old PC games) StarCraft I and II Warcraft III DOTA LOL etc... Poem of mine : Fear Not This End My heart beats for the first time, Notwithstanding this momentous rhyme. For this end I gaze upon you, Yield not before we are through. Stand strong for our path, Shall once again feel my wrath. Tyira is not one to relent, Thousands of years no less fervent. A hero felt the dawn of a new day, Sunrise imminent in this single ray. Twilight ever looming upon me, Sunset leading our souls you see. Confusion may be deeply ingrained, Chaos another stone for what is maintained. Is this the end of my night? Or shall my hero find a new road where to fight? Arielle Laflamme ready for duty!