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Found 6 results

  1. One of my personal favorites has always been and always will be Ocarina of time, and various other legend of zelda game soudntracks. I also like the starcraft 2, red alert 3, and age of empires 2 soundtracks....and of course brutal legends. what about you guys?
  2. Greeting my fellow brothers and sisters of this army! I haven't been around alot, posted alot or anything similar to it, but i have been wondering, does this community takes kindly to music, soundtrack, poems, etc... I just not long ago started to write some blessings that looked kinda...poetic, so i took that as a hobby, and thought to start making up poems, i'm not going to say, i'm a professional, but music was a great part of my life, and i enjoy listening to it...made some covers on youtube...really few, again started not long ago...that information is kinda irrelevant... Anyway, why is your opinion about music? do you enjoy listening to it, do you like video game soundtracks, their music, the power it creates in you when you listen to it? and what kind you usually listen? (for me it's rock, metal, classic, orchestra, pop and sometimes really old jazz) Unfortunately i'm no composer which means i cannot create my own songs, i can write the words, but to add the music, i just envy sometimes those who can do it, these people have talent, i'm a listener, i stand on the side and listen. I'm probably wasting your time reading all of this, although i would be grateful for you opinion. I'm not sure what else to add on this topic, wished i had something on mind, which could be more bright, but i thank you for the patience and your will to share. Best regards! P.s: apologies for the bad grammar\spelling, English isn't my first language, so i may have made some mistakes...
  3. Which RPG game has the best soundtrack. For me, it's a tie between Fallout 3 and Skyrim.
  4. So there are some games with really good and fitting soundtracks and there are others that aren't, but what I want to know is, if you could put a song into any video game, what would it be and why? My personal favorite is Run Boy Run by Woodkid. Now this song is on the new WoW advert I believe but in my opinion Assassins Creed would be a better choice for the song, that and Woodkid has done stuff for AC in the past, their song Iron was in the Revelations trailer, which fitted perfectly with the tone.
  5. I thought it might be interesting to compare two different versions of something, whether it's an ending song for a game, a song that has different remixes or even a comparison between an original game and it's remake. Let us start with these 2 different variations of a song from Gran Turismo 6. There's 2 versions of this song. Which one do you guys think is better? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SOSQeO97xoQ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u7qZiGS6Urk
  6. I didn't notice that anyone had posted the soundtrack to this game on here yet so I thought it would be worth sharing. I've listened to this all the way through once and I'm working on a second. I'm loving the soundtrack and in a game like this the music really sets the tone and makes playing for long stretches less noticeable. My favorite song so far would have to be at 5:48, Seconds to Eclipse. http://youtu.be/tVDjQsLRVvU And for anyone who doesn't know what I just posted. Here's the trailer... http://youtu.be/eNs1rdSkUi8