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Found 15 results

  1. So there is this place, where a Non-profit has put together 4 different bridges for four different Star Trek style ships. You book a private group mission there and they bring volunteer actors and a flight director to basically immerse you in your very own Star Trek adventure! It's called the Christa McAuliffe Space Education Center and any kind of person who enjoys Role-Playing of any kind needs to know about it! This best showcase of what this place is capable of is this video: Unfortunately, the mission they are doing is the Darmok Trials, which is a summer camp only for children. On normal private groups missions you do not interact with other ships, you just have your crew of whoever you bring and then the volunteer actors. I would highly recommend that Angry Joe or one of the people who help him with the show check this place out! It would be perfect for a video! Also note that they added some special effects in the video to spice it up a little. You generally just stay in the school it's located in and do not go outside of it.
  2. If you need a fleet invite. Please post your IGN ( character@handle) http://imgur.com/LakyQ0h
  3. DarthZash. Hello Fellow AJSA members as you heard I am dropping out of STO Leadership due that I have no time for the game because of work. I am giving Command of the fleet to Mike so he can lead the AJSA into battle and organize events. I will be still part of the STO to help mike out and other future officers. Feel free to pm me in the forums is any questions about this matter. Concerns about STO should be directly to mike. also Tyrm is dropping out of the game completely due of not having time for it either. Thanks for your understanding. DarthZash Hello everyone! My name is Mike, aka @TH3_ONCOM1NG_S7ORM. I am taking over the fleet from DarthZash as he takes on an even greater threat to the galaxy. REAL LIFE! DarthZash has led this fleet with honor and distinction and we hope to see him back in the fleet soon. Let me talk about myself for just a few moments. I may be barely new to the AJSA, but I've been with the game since I was invited to play-test in the closed beta over five years ago. I know most facets of the game but I will admit that some still allude me. I like playing with people and being part of a group so if you're on and need some help, always count on me to bring the big guns to give everyone a hand. I have many goals when it come to this game but most of them haven't been finalized yet save for a few. The first of which is to have an active player base that recruits and helps new players to the game and have them contribute to the fleet holdings. We have a decent member count already but, unfortunately, active players have dropped significantly. We need to get those numbers back up to become a true fleet again. The second goal is part of the first in a way. We need an active leadership to help everyone including myself. I will be posting the open positions at the end of this post. The third is a recurring event schedule that everyone can join in and just play. And build up the fleet because I want to get to tier five (laughs). I'll also be posting events that we'll be creating soon. Hope to see you flying along side us keeping our homeworlds safe and kicking butt! OPENINGS Vice Admiral: US-TZ, EU-TZ, AU-TZRear Admiral: 6 needed EVENTS Dilithium farmingMission running/Leveling eventBattle zone / Adventure zone exploration
  4. Hello everyone! It's time to do some summer cleaning of the fleet; mainly the fleet roster. We have a lot of members in the fleet that haven't been showing up to even play the game. So to that end, if you haven't signed on in the last two months your character will be removed from the fleet. If you have characters in the fleet and wish to continue using the fleet, please log on by 8/1/2015 to keep your character online. If you have your character removed from the fleet and wish to have him/her kept within it, send me a message through the AJSA forum in order to be reinvited. Thanks for playing and see you among the stars!
  5. Do you consider yourself Trekkie and love games? Do you remember the classic Star Trek games Elite Force and Bridge Commander? Everyone that played the original Bridge Commander remembers how great it was in fulfilling a Trekkie's fantasy of commanding a starship from the captain's chair while being able to wage space battles with your friends online. Fans of Elite Force loved having that intense first person action set in the Star Trek universe. Now imagine if these two games were merged and think about what that would mean: Walking around a planet on an away mission then flying a shuttle or beaming back to the ship, walking to the bridge and setting a course to the nearest starbase. Travel where you want to go. Respond to distress calls without linear gameplay. This will be a sandbox Star trek experience that you want to have. Make your mark on the universe and the powers within, gain reputation as a feared or respected captain...Be what you want to be! https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/star-trek-bridge-commander-2#/story https://www.facebook.com/stbc2
  6. Hello ! I felt like making something Star trek related, so here it is ! EDIT: image re-uploaded
  7. Welcome to the STO forums We are currenlty recruiting all levels & careers. Our goal is to bolster our ranks, build our starbase and roam into space with the AJSA banner. We are Federation Fleet only! if your character is on the Romulan faction and you have chosen the federation you can join our fleet ( you can pick your decision during early missions) Search our steam group AJSASTO STO Fleet Admiral (Leader): Darthzash Steam=DarthZash STO=DarthZash@lordzash1 STO Vice Admiral: Mike, Tom Mike Steam=theoncomingstorm STO=francis@TH3_ONCO1NG_S7ORM Tom steam= Tyrm STO=tyrm@pyroaxe7 To download the game either install it using steam or using arc client http://www.arcgames.com/en/about/client
  8. *September 4th, 2008, The Beginning* *The AJSN is established. The navy started like the rest of the AJS's forces, with an extremely tiny fleet of starships found in scrapyards, previous wars, etc. The fleet consisted of: The AJSN Angry Express, A Constitution Class Refit, AJSN Fighting Mongoose, An Akula Class Destroyer Refit, AJSN Odium, Another Akula Class Destroyer Refit, and the AJSN Sinkable, An Old Constitution Class. These ships all consisted of skeleton crews, and the ships themselves were on the verge of breaking down 24/7, with the most breakdowns being aboard the AJSN Odium, with a total of thirty-two warp breakdowns in six weeks.* An AJSN Bulldog Freighter Taking An Akula Class Destroyer Found In Empty Space. The Ship Was Practically Destroyed, And Seemingly Unfixable. Though, Angry Joe And A Few Volunteers And Friends Worked Day And Night To Try And Fix The Vessel. Amazingly, Angry Joe And His Friends Fixed The Vessel In Only Two Months. But, Due To The Extreme Damage To The Vessel, It Broke Down And Was Practically A Hazard To Be Aboard. This Ship Was Soon Named The AJSN Odium, And Was The First Destroyer To Serve In The AJSN. The Crew That Served Aboard Was Forced To Wear Space-Suits, Due To The Fact That The Vessel's Life Support Systems Were Not Repairable. The Ship Also Was Only Capable Of Impulse Power, And Practically Went At A Crawl Speed. The Ship's Warp Core Was Ejected During Some Battle, And Runs On Auxiliary Drive Only (Mega-Nuclear Reactors). Thankfully, Engineering Was Not Decimated Like Most Of The Ship, So Joe's Team Did Not Have To Find A Replacement Auxiliary Drive For The Vessel. The AJSN Angryprise, Admiral Joe's Starship. This Ship Was Originally A Constitution Class Refit, And Was Sold To Angry Joe By An Unknown Man. This Was The Best Ship In The AJSN At The Time, And Remained The Best For Many Years. The AJSN Angry Express, The Ship Of The Vice Admiral Of The AJSN. This Ship Was Found At All Stop, The Ship Completely Abandoned, And Power Was Offline. Power Was Turned On, The Hull Was Cleaned, And The Ship Was Put Into The AJSN's Service. *March 3rd, 2009* *As the AJSA began getting stronger, and larger, having more and more men and women joining each day, Corporate Commander began to become slightly concerned from the rapid growth of the Angry Joe's followers and allies, but remained confident, as Corporate Commander's forces dwarfed Angry Joe's, and a full scale attack would most likely destroy Angry Joe's forces.* *January 1st, 2010* *The AJSA has now grown to become an intimidating army, taking more and more old, outdated, and broken ships, vehicles, and equipment from scrapyards, and fixing them and upgrading them into powerful and efficient, having thousands of volunteers working day and night, each and every day. Vessels have gone from barely crewed, weak ships on the brink of flying apart, to being well crewed, durable, reliable, and powerful.* *Febuary 26th, 2010, The Final Straw* *Angry Joe has discovered that his X-Box 360 has been RROD'ed, and is outside of his warranty! Angry Joe immediately goes berserk, this act from Corporate Commander and Microsoft being the last straw for Angry Joe, and this reaction from Angry Joe is also the last straw from Corporate Commander. Corporate Commander now knows that Angry Joe's forces have become a danger that will bring Corporate's Corporation to it's knees if he and his forces not stopped! Demon Joe, (A powerful minion of Corporate Commander) tells Angry Joe that he will not go unchecked any longer, and tells him that the days of him going unchecked are over. Immediately, Angry Joe mobilizes his forces, and prepares for full scale war with Corporate Commander.* (STILL BEING WORKED ON, WILL ADD MORE PICTURES AND STUFF.)
  9. In the news today Leonard Nimoy has passed away this morning at the age of 83, Leonard Nimoy was best know for his role as Spock in the 1960's Star Trek alongside several other movie roles cartoons and even videogames. He want to the hospital last night because of chest pains and his wife confirmed his death this morning. He will be missed.
  10. The Founding opportunity is back, help make BC2 a reality, help shape a real Star trek game that we have been waitting for for a long time. Be a founding "father" for a trek experience that rivals no other out there...be what you want to be... https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/bc2/bridge-commander-2-campaign-relaunch Don't forget to share and let your friends know! Thank you for your time... I hope I will see you out there,Archer out....
  11. Just wondering what people think about this game. Concidering downloading it, but i figure i should check in with the forums before i dedicate the hard drive space required. If memory serves right, it got some mediocre reviews when it first released, but I've been told it's gotten better with time. Why don't you guys tell me what you think?
  12. I posted a similar topic about the Killzone Shadowfall review so why not do it here. So do you agree with Joe, do you think agree that this level of microinstructions is unreasonable at this purchase price? Do you agree with his points about the game? Do you think the potential and licence has been wasted on this platform? And I think most of all do you think that Joe's more restricted use of third party content has harmed the experience? Lets review the review! On a more personal note do you think it's weird that this game used the characters from the original Star Trek and yet the design of the UI is from the more modern one's like Voyager?
  13. Hi there, being an AJ follower for ages... I am very excited about the AJSA, even more being part of it. But anyway, on to the topic. I have a very established Fleet in STO...since day one and, Tier 4 star base,Tier 2 Mine and embassy. So I would like to offer my fleet to become the official AJSA fleet in STO. Of course I seek permition to actually do it...and seek approval for this endevour so that we can have a strong presence for the AJ fans in STO. So, what remains to be said is this, who would like to join, do you aprove my idea? Hate it? Who do I talk to, to get this done...? Live long...and I'll see you out there!
  14. I saw this while googleling some pictures of Bridge commander t o show to some of my friends and I was amazed, specially because I got sucked into that travesty to trek called "Star Trek Online". If you havent seen Joe review of that...well go see it...although It changed alot since...it is more Star wars then star trek..ever! Its more like a Star wars Jurrassic park las vegas casino barbie dress up Trek Online! As it is public Knowledge Joe is a Trek fan , so I kinda know that he will appricieate the effort of this game to give us something ACTUALLY TREK! We need to help this game...to make it...to give us the trek that craptic studios didn't. Here is its kickstarter page http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1050514166/bridge-commander-2
  15. Hi. I was wondering if there is a AJSA Star Trek Online Fleet or if anyone was interested starting one. At the moment I don't have any intention of starting one myself, seeing as I just joined and all. I don't have the confidence to represent AJSA when I've been a member for 10 minutes. Cheers TomS