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Found 19 results

  1. I'm working on a sort of "hidden lore" story of Angry Joe based off of old channel awesome collab vids and his own characters. I'm still working on it but I wanted to put out what I've already done, get some feedback and thoughts. I haven't thought of how to introduce Other Joe yet, and I'm sure I'm forgetting a few of Joe's named characters. Lemme know what you guys think. _____________________________________________________________________________________________ The Lore of Angry Joe Joe began as a Fable 1 hero, righteous, good, and happy...but when Fable 2 came out, he was unimpressed with his future and rebelled, turning to evil. This evil was recognized in a galaxy far, far away and he was picked up by the Sith of Kotor to be trained in the Dark Side. When he completed his training, Darth Joe set about creating a powerful space station with which he could conquer the galaxy. Before it was completed, however, he met defeat at the hands of Spoony-Wan. Though he swore revenge, a larger threat to the galaxy and beyond appeared. A friendship of mutual respect had grown between Joe and Linkara, a comic book reviewer who defended his planet using a combination of magic and technology salvaged and repurposed from his many fights with numerous villains, including Spoony’s evil personality, Doctor Insano. Though one was a villain and the other a hero, they found friendship in their values in games and other media, as well as their shared interest in magi-technology. Occasionally Joe would put his secret schemes and evil projects to use by testing them while aiding his friend, serving as anti-hero while he waited for his secret project to be completed. Joe’s secret project, he believed, would allow him to sweep across the galaxy and rule it as his own. This project was a cloning device, a powerful one borne from magi-technology, that could not only give him an army, but grant them new and unique powers allowing them to counter any opponent. This project was nearly complete when Lord Vyce attacked. Both Linkara and Joe had noticed the multiverse becoming unstable, and Lord Vyce was assumed to be the cause. His army was far larger than any ever seen, created from scorching and conquering multiple universes. With his sights set on their world next, Linkara asked for aid. It took over a year, but the new Angry Joe Army had formed and was ready to aid Linkara in his war. Joe used his battle station to halt Vyce’s fleet, but it was little more than a small blockade to slow them. While Linkara faced off against Lord Vyce himself, the army’s elites sneaked aboard Vyce’s ship and Joe took control of the vessel. After Vyce was defeated, Joe took first pick of the loot aboard his ship, but gave the ship itself to Linkara while Joe destroyed the rest of Vyce’s army and used it to upgrade his battle station. With the upgraded technology from Vyce’s army, Joe had the final piece to his puzzle, and began creating his super clones. Unfortunately...this didn’t go well for him. While Joe had slowly become less evil while working with Linkara and the others of the world below, his first clone wasn’t just evil, it embodied all of the things Joe himself believed to be evil traits, particularly concerning video games and the ways they make money. He wrecked the station and fled, along with the plans for the cloning machine. This failed attempt was a wake up call for Joe. The evil behavior of his clone showed him how much he had changed, and so, Angry Joe decided to become a good guy, defending the common gamer from bad games and bad game making practices. He downgraded his cloning machine to produce his old normal Angry Joe soldiers and began using his station as a base for fighting the war against bad games. Then, Corporate Commander appeared, with an army of corporate clones. He ruled a powerful shadow company that thrived off of the ill gotten profit of bad gaming practices, and had been secretly using his fortune to escalate the War of Used Games, making himself known by hacking the battle station and wiping out a large portion of the 65th fleet on the front lines of Australian gaming, ultimately leading heavy losses for Australian gaming policies. What followed was a fierce and bloody battle. Corporate attacked hard and fast with Alpha Protocol, only to be pushed back by Risk: Factions. Another powerful strike in Kayne & Lynch 2: Dog Days was countered by Civilization V. Then, Corporate shifted tactics, creating the dreaded Kinect Flagship to lead another powerful attack. The next large scale battle began with Sonic Free Riders, the first game to be rated a 1 by Angry Joe and his army. Corporate decided to attack Joe at his roots, assaulting with Fable III and then a quick followup attack with Mind Jack. Then, the battle took a turn with the release of Magicka, reaching a stalemate with DC Online with it’s equal good and evil becoming a no man’s land. Corporate Commander believed Joe was near defeat, and all he needed was another big push. And so, using the evil cloning machine, Corporate Commander created an ally, Demon Joe. Unfortunately Demon Joe was...fairly incompetent as a villain, creating Dragon Age II, which only managed to strengthen the No Man’s Land. This stalemate was finally broken by Corporate’s three pronged attack of Duke Nukem Forever, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows on the Kinect Flagship, and Marvel Vs. Capcom 3, with Demon Joe following close behind, having gained the Red Lantern ring’s power with Green Lantern. Corporate Commander followed this with victory after victory, until Angry Joe surprised Corporate. While Angry Joe held the line with Batman :Arkham City, a new ally attacked Corporate at his very base. Hero Joe led a powerful assault on Corporate Tower, armed with a Legendary new weapon, Skyrim. Corporate was forced to flee his base and the Corporate armies retreated back to the No Man’s Land to dig in their heels. Demon Joe abandoned Corporate and decided to go off on his own, creating his own demonic realm to create poorly made games, only rarely working with the Commander on joint projects in the future. While Corporate created a new base with funding from EA, his forces began enacting his new evil scheme, pushing forward just a bit too far, then retreating...but not all the way back across No Man’s Land, slowly pushing No Man’s Land further and further with this “Two steps Forward, one step back” policy for bad gaming practices, all the while throwing out red herrings such as SOPA, end game DLC, and of course further bombardments from the Kinect Flagship. With the relative absence of Corporate Commander and his army making a slow push beneath the layers of distraction tactics, Demon Joe attempted to rise up into the apparent power vacuum. His attacks were small, mostly small enough to be ignored or blamed on Corporate Commander, whom was happy to accept the negative press regardless of its legitimacy. Then, Demon Joe made his move, unleashing his ultimate masterpiece, Ride to Hell Retribution. While a powerful blow, critically damaging Angry Joe himself, his attack ultimately failed and he was banished back into his demonic realm. This victory, however, afforded Corporate the time he needed to complete his own devilish masterpiece. It began with micro transactions. They had been an old favorite of his for years, but had never been quite so powerful as when they struck against the Mobile market. So, Corporate began a stress test, sending powerful wave after wave of ever more despicable and powerful micro transactions through to find its absolute breaking point. Then, following his old strategy of “Two steps forward, one step back” He introduced them into full priced games, then backed off into free to play and then pushed forward again. Back and forth Corporate went, allowing Angry Joe victory after victory, but surrendering less and less ground until Micro transactions were seen as a common stain on video games, and even good games had them secreted away inside. Then after another three long years of back and forth, Corporate sprang his trap. He released the insidious Loot Box onto the world, all the while acting as if Loot Boxes were the secret cure to his evil Micro transaction plague, which was growing ever more infectious and insidious. Both evolved off of each other, each new strain of both becoming more fierce, more embedded into the core of their games. The gameplay equivalent to viral warfare, but while both sides were competing, they both belonged to Corporate, attacking the army from all sides. Even today, three years after the release of the Lootbox plague and the escalation began, both micro transactions and lootboxes continue to infect and destroy...but a cure is being worked on, and while worldwide moral is low, both plagues have been weakening, and the hopeful believe that the end may finally be in sight. Corporate’s stocks have been plummeting, the Lootbox plague is being systematically stamped out, and while we have reached the darkest of the night, light is on the horizon. The Angry Army is mobilizing...
  2. With new gen consoles bringing in more world enveloping type games with unique and rich landscapes, diverse characters with new and different personality why havn't developers made so non essential character s can say players names in full conversation? I mean they made so you can put you're name over the characters name in most open world type games so why can't they take that one step further? Why is it every other time when a cinematic rolls on and it seems like the other characters a talking to my character do they never say my name? They re addressing my character yet they don't even refer to me by the name I choose? Why did they even let me be able to make the name if none of the CPU's were going to say my name just so only would know the name of my character? Seems like a waste and a break of emerssion to me. I mean it's annoying when they are vocally speaking to me then all the sudden get very quite or they go completely silent as my name comes up in the text only. I mean I got customize the character and I have it an awesome badass name why not have the characters speak to me like an actual person rather than just some textbox or only speaking to me in till it comes time to say my name. Know what am mean?
  3. With my regular group we're playing a campaign I'm working on myself. Thought I'd try to make their progress a story of sorts for you to enjoy, or not if you do not like my storytelling, story overall, setting or whatever may irk you with me. So, I'm going to start off with the land, location and the characters. Then after that I'll jump to what they've been up to. Story: The campaign takes place in Gordrion, a large land recently acquired by the Cirefaleans. It is a resource rich land both in lumber and metals, to a large degree untouched. The climate is cold. Short wet summers and longer cold winters. A large portion of the population consist of guest workers, a hired workforce as well as those forced to work, with the intent of making it big, or die trying. Not many cities have been built up, and villages around the land is mostly tent villages. The point of interest at this point is a city called Ashahammal, translates to Red Sand, or alternatively Red Beach. Both correct due to the city being built on a red sand beach at a river. Characters: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Den'al is a nature close Kamorian of the White Deer Totem, tall, fast and vigilant. Always curious of his surroundings but catious enough to not make too many problems for himself. Spent his early life as a pathfinder in the wilderness, and continues to do so now as well. He has a trophy from a monster he battled, and got figuratively stabbed in the back by a close friend, also got a natural talent for navigating in caves and tunnels. He favours a short bow and an axe which he isn't all to profficient with, he never leaves them aside unless forced to. Coming from a treasure hunt earlier with another character, he joined Snowball in his travels, looking for adventure ending up in Ashahammal with Snowball. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Snowball is a male Missel looking to make a name for himself. Despite being a gambler, he has an uncanny ability to trust anyone no matter the circumstances. Being an entertainer he has seen and heard quite a lot, as well as learned a thing or two. Learned how words can solve most situations and used that silver tongue to stop a mutiny whilr accompaniyng an army. He has a shortsword hidden in a staff and is quite well versed in lockpicking, his small size isn't why you won't hit him either as he'll dodge your blows with ease. Family near Ashahammal is in trouble and Snowball was not one to say no, just had to go on a treasure hunt first. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thyr is a Kragg Barbarian, a large man with strength and endurance, perhaps because he's not clever enough to realise that some things are too heavy to lift, so he does it anyway, and some things hurt or tire the body, but he does not register it. Being a farmer earlier has tought him many things about cooking and carpentary, and the warrior blood of his people make him a fearsome adversary. Boasting an heirloom sword, a Kraggsword, almost as long as he is, it's a person you do not want to cross. Tired of his old life, Thyr wanted to see something else and decided to go on an adventure. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Lazius is a Jargian Male from one of the smaller outlying provinces of Jargien. A turbulent early life of a mother imprisoned due to rebel activities, an older sister being a corrupt judge and giving himself up in order to free his mother. He quickly discovered he has an affinity for fire, it won't burn him as bad as others and any problem solved with fire makes him feel a little better. A knowledgeable man due to being in service of an elder as a "hostage". After finally becoming free, he got a job on a trading company, his task is to check the bought cargo at Ashahammal, unfortunately the entire ship's crew went ill so he has to do it alone. _______________________________________________________________________________________________ The sound of the thundering hooves and the sled broke the cold silence covering the frozen river. The driver, a grizzled and scarred Manrakh Tirak, slapped with the reins to get the two white elks move faster. In the distance he could see tiny flickering lights from Ashahammal, their destination. The two mighty animals dragging his sled let out big clouds of mist as they breathed heavily from the workout, even their bodies seemed to be smoking from the workout. The Tirak could feel more and more ice forming on his face from the mist emitted from his white elks. It was getting colder, it was getting darker, not normal for this season, far from normal. As the animals started breathing faster, the sled picked up speed. In a low grumbling voice he announced to the travellers in the sled to prepare as they were soon at Ashahammal. A few of them looked up at the clear night sky, as if to familiarise themselves with the constellations, or just to marvel at the beauty one last time before it was time to get off. Others gripped their luggage tighter, or checked if they had all of it still in the sled. A few moments later they felt the sled slowing down and going up on a steep hill, they had arrived to the harbour and were moving on an incline meant for boats to be put in the water, or pull them out. Lazius could make out silhouettes of larger ships stuck in the ice, "Going to be difficult getting the cargo out, at least all at once", he thought to himself. Suddenly a small grin danced across his face, "Fire melts ice" popped up in his head. He however seemed to realise he'd need a lot of fuel for the fire to get a ship out to open waters. Den'al hung his head outside of the sled to see better where they were going, and what they passed. A little disappointed he sat back down, "Just large buildings" he mumbled to Snowball, the little missel just shrugged and replied "Well, this whole thing has been quite boring so far, not much to expect, although Thyr is good company". Thyr was, he was out travelling to new locations, and had found a missel on the way, kraggs had a special bond to missels, a protective bond. You wouldn't want to do something bad towards a missel with a kragg nearby, as a kragg is quite close to the opposite of what a missel is. As the sled came to a halt they found themselves outside one of the larger buildings. The tirak jumped off and started removing the two white elks from the sled. The animals were slightly larger than a regular elk, had white fur, horns similar to that of a ram, except small extrutions pertruding backwards from the horns as well. The nose bridge had a large buldge going from the root of the nose to the forehead, making the animal look like it had taken one too many blows to the nose bridge. The travellers jumped off the sled and looked around, it was really dark. A small trim of light escaped the large building they stood infront off. The tirak driver seemed to be on his way there, making motions for the travellers to join him, so they did. He effortlesly pulled the doors open despite their massive size, revealing a massive warehouse repurposed as a sort of stable. Hay covered the floor, temporary fences put up in order to segregate the different animals and keep them in place, for the cold they had placed several heaters. A cirefalean teenager had been tasked with keeping the heater fires going. He greeted the tirak and went to open up a fence for the elks. Lazius thought the elks could easily climb over the small temporary fence at any time, but they were probably trained to know better. After getting the elks in place the teenager started speaking in an almost panicing voice. "There's not much left, I don't know why there hasn't been anyone who refilled the firewood, or why no one has been here to check." The cirefalean started. Den'al, Thyr and Snowball looked like question marks, the boy was certainly in distress based on the voice but they did not understand the Falean language. Only Lazius understood. "I'm not in a good enough condition to go gathering fire wood" the old Tirak gruffed back. "Perhaps they are up to the task? Or whoever understands you" he added as he made his way out of the warehouse / stable. The boy looked desperately hopeful at the remaining four, out of which only Lazius came forward, the others started making themselves comfortable, to the best of their abilities, in the hay. "I can help you out, just give me the tools and some light, and I'll be back in a moment", the boy looked at Lazius with pure joy, and hastily scrambled together the necessary equipment needed to get some firewood. "We only need enough for tonight, there's usually a re-supply during the day when the workers are awake, just give back my lamp when you're done". With a fresh description in hand on how to get out of the city, Lazius headed out, first obstacle was a large harbor gate, with guards. The gate was quite large, and a single guard stood infront of it. "Halt, what is your business" the guard said in a stern voice, recognising the new face in the harbor, eyeing Lazius from feet to head and back to feet. "Greetings, I'm fetching some firewood for the warehouse made into a stable, for some reason it's run low." Laziud replied in a calm manner, making a small notion to show the equipment he had borrowed. Will continue and add more
  4. So after Witcher 3 nothing feels the same... All the modern games are either super repetitive, super broken or just boring. For example: Shadow of Mordor, Mafia 3, Quantom Break, Arkham Knight, etc.. all bored me to tears. Fallout 4 was decent enough for me to finish but I doubt i'll replay it. What do you guys recommend a fan of the single player games nowadays? whats a decent single player game with a decent enough story that will make me want to come back?
  5. Let's be completely honest here. Last of Us, Bioshock Infinite, the Walking Dead, heck, even Beyond Two Souls revolve around these young female protagonist that we have to protect throughout the story. Do you all think this the big thing with developers now?
  6. So, I've been writing this here piece (for my own amusement, mostly) for a couple days now, and I'm looking for some feedback. Think if BioShock Infinite and the Takeshi Kovacs/Altered Carbon series had a baby and that baby was raised by 1984 for an idea of what I'm going for. In other words, think of a cyberpunk dystopia where Objectivist megacorps and governments do bad things in the multiverse. If it does turn out to be good, then I'll turn it into a series. If its utter crap, then it dies and we'll never speak of it again. I hope its the former, but ya never know. So, drumroll please... Crosstime: An Infinite Dystopia When a team of scientists first ripped a hole to another universe, everyone thought it would lead to a new golden age- or a dystopic hell of infinite size. The current men and women in charge would say that both are right. They'd tell you that the attitude that knowing everything happened sometime out there engenders, that nothing, not even human life matters is a good thing. That it frees a person from the shackles of petty concerns like kindness, morality and the will to live and propels them to the ultimate liberty. That if somewhere out there everyone's already dead or worse you might as well enslave or kill them all. That the only thing that matters is the self. The powers that be, the corporate overlords, government tyrants and the leviathan once known as the UN spread chaos and terror throughout the multiverse in the name of one thing: themselves. What will follow are tales from this hellish slice of reality, violent stories of greed, hate and lust for power. And worse things...Yours is not to ask why, yours is to do and die! - KMFDM, Professional Killer Reality Instance CM-09%77$, Local Date 04/12/2020 Perth Airport, Western Australia Autonomous Zone Samantha Walker sat on the tarmac puffing tobacco through a vape, utterly terrified at her future prospects. She'd been telling herself for the past few hours don't think about it. The same mantra, repeated over and over again. It wasn't helping her. She'd been drafted into fighting a war in some godforsaken hell a universe away and implanted with machines that could read her thoughts, with all implied squick in full force. The possibilities were endlessly horrifying- she could die in a myriad ways, have her final experiences sold off as entertainment and quite possibly kill her alternate self before the day was up. She took another drag off the vape, too wrapped up her own thoughts to notice the sergeant stomping towards her. "Private Walker, I can hear your thoughts. Control yourself." the sergeant said, voice laced with barely controlled hate. His accent sounded vaguely Boerlike yet American, out of place in Australia or the rest of this world for that matter. "I'll try, sir." came Sam's shaky reply. It was really all she could do. "You better," the sergeant said back, voice sadistic "because it's pretty fucking annoying to listen to the thoughts of a chicknshit like you, private." the man grasped the grip of his portal gun for emphasis. "Yes sir Master Sergeant Goremann sir!" Samantha said quickly, nearly gulping in an attempt to shut down her fear. "Well then, stand up and march, private!" Goremann shouted sadistically, forcing Samantha to jolt up and follow him. They moved towards the hangar that served as barracks for 15th Shock Infantry, Squadron 9- a unit used to send trouble makers and draft dodgers to their deaths. The unit Samantha ended up in after she tried to run. As she took her place in the line of infantry that was assembled, Goremann began a speech he had spoke before, a speech he quite enjoyed. "Listen up, scum! You have each decided that anything would be better than fighting for the people who took you out of your rat-holes and gave you a paying job!" Goremann screamed at the recruits, focused on Samantha in particular "But do not despair, for you have been a chance to redeem yourselves via a painful, glorious death! And make no mistake, you will die." his gaze burned into Sam's eyes, nearly causing her to shudder. Goremann then drew his portal gun and fired it, ripping a shimmering hole into the walls of reality. Samantha could see a bombed-out cityscape beyond, a thousand ways to die coalescing into a doorway to the wrong place at the wrong time. As the portal stabilized, Goremann looked at Samantha and said two words: "Ladies first." She walked into the breach, fear reaching a peak. She wanted to bolt, but the look on the psychotic sergeant's face told her that would be suicide. So, Private Samantha Walker reluctantly stepped through. She emerged into a smoking crater, immediately assaulted by the various horrors of war. The smell of burnt flesh and gunpowder permeated the air, as did the screams of the dying. As the others in squad moved out behind her, Goremann roared "Welcome to Stalingrad!"
  7. So, I just had an awesome session of Civ:BE. So epic, in fact, I felt like sharing. If anyone else has any stories to add, fire away. So, small map for 4 players. Lower difficulty, but that doesnt affect the story. So there's 2 continents elongated across the center. I play the Kavithan, and pretty early i run into the ARC directly NE, not too far. I'm situated on the thickest part of the continent. I'm none aggressive to start, but naturally i eventually have to engage the aliens, and the early part of this session is me trying to expand and fight aliens. I meet the Slavis Fed to the east, on an isthmus. I know they are the more aggessive faction, plus i want to expand, so I set up on their first city with marines, rangers/gunners, and an artillery. I manage to push thru his combat rovers, missle rovers, and soldiers and eventually I raze one city and puppet the rest. The Franco, who are across the sea to the east, do not like this, nor do the ARC. I pander to their sentiments and eventually amp trade up signif. with ARC. I spend a whole lot of time lvling cities, tech and affinities, choosing supremacy. Health becomes a major factor, so I don't focus too military outside of the aliens. however, at one point, no matter what I tried to do, the ARC declare war, because "its just business." And I had a good thing going with them too. Soon the Franco declare war as well. By now the ARC border is right on mine, so down from the north come the Arc supremacy units. I, however, had CNDRs, Disciples, overseers, and educators. I rush to defend my northern city, but they eventually overrun me and puppet it. I fight long, sending and making units from my slavic cities in the west, which I had long annexed. i focus on disciples, cndrs, and overseers, esp those, for trying to take my city back. I finally reclaim it, only to lose it the next turn again. After a few more, I reclaim it again. The entire time im trying to negotiate, but no luck. So, with some effort, i build up and roll north, crushing a startup city to the NE, and hitting his northern city, then turning east towards the capital. I also begin to push from the SE. By now, she's no longer producing units, so rolling over the cities gets way easy. By now, I've got prophets, executors, apostles, and heralds, with some arbiters as well, plus a ton of prime cndrs. I take her capital, and then her last cities. She "writes it off in debit." Soon after, Franco calls for peace, but I want Harmony blood, and she hated me more than ARC did. I cross the see in epic pacfic theater fashion, with a D-Day vibe in between. my shepard and arbiters soften a small northern city, and my troops land and begin an epic charge towards her capital, despite the cobras, marauders and locusts. Her cities are massively built up and tightly spaced, so i start taking fire from multiple cities. The academies and gardens outside the capital provide an epic, surreal feeling as my cndrs and apostles charge the center of harmony aggression. I take the capital, securing my place in the future and winning a domination victory. Epic. I want a movie. So, what's yours?
  8. Greetings AJSA, been a long time since i was here...Had some issues, and in the end the previous project about the book series had to be stopped. So now resurrecting the topic into a new book, a new story line, and a fresh idea. Don't worry folks who actually remembers me, which i doubt it, but oh well, i didn't forget all the help i received back in the day (last year), therefore returning the favor that i got from you guys, i'm resurrecting the characters that were given to me, and they are going to be in this story as well. Locations have changed, so i will not post the character description i received from you, because it includes the location, and i need to figure out where to put them now, but don't worry about this. So what you say folks, growing together as a family? Just want to thank in advance the people who gave me the characters and just being supportive in general. BlondishMist748 IrishRogue Wolfspawn 2and900 IcedAjack chocokaran67 TonyTheGamerDad MaxterG JarlBalgruuftheGreater ApexSpartan I didn't really notice, but it seems all the characters were given, were males, no females, and i'm no sexist, so i'm kinda putting female characters as well, each one of us has influence to change the world. In addition, the story includes youtubers, as if their shows and attitude are live in the story. I have their approval and their will to be in the story, so that's why they are in there, those who thought they are "more" important than me, and ignored me, might get cut off the story. It's still on somewhat "pre pre alpha" version, just giving an announcement here, when i'll reach the "alpha" version, i'll post the first chapter. I found passion to writing not long ago once again, found my muse (i guess that's how you say it) , and a fresh idea...and i would like to share my work when it's done. Thank you for reading so far, you're a wonderful person for doing so, and actually caring. And if you have any questions, put them bellow i'll try to answer as the best as i can.
  9. Game looks great altho like destiny i dont feel anything, yet i still bought it.. even buying the digital guardian edition which i truly regret. while destiny is a good game. i dislike the story terribly.. like seriously.. is that even a story? what about the lore? what about your guardian waking the fck up from the dead and he was ok with it and no questions ask etc etc.. its lame and so many questions unanswered.. no offense people and titanfall was the same sht.. i got it free though with my xbox.. and i got two copies which i traded for forza.. hue.. altho i enjoyed it, unfortunately forza didnt have a story as well *cries* To me as mostly an rpg gamer I love the single player campaign story first and foremost. that being said, im not terrible at other genres like fps or action games and i dont mind buying them. but despite that, when i buy action games or even fps games i expect a pretty good single player story. like say hmm Fall out, borderlands, army of two, THE DIVISION and etc. WITH THAT BEING SAID i would like to ask a question to anyone who knows about sunset overdrive. 1. does sunset overdrive have a single player campaign? 2. would that single player campaign story be great or at least decent? and not portrayed without feelings like freakin titanfall and destiny. 3. would it have like cinematics or atleast in-game movie dont bs me pls that if i want a good story dont buy fps games.. lol. im just asking a question and if i offend anyone i apologize.
  10. http://ap.ign.com/en/news/12615/far-cry-4-synopsis-leaks-revealing-characters-and-plot The plot goes like this "Hidden in the majestic Himalayas lies Kyrat, a country steeped in tradition and violence. You are Ajay Ghale. Traveling to Kyrat to fulfill your mother’s dying wish, you find yourself caught up in a civil war to overthrow the oppressive regime of dictator Pagan Min. Explore and navigate this vast open world, where danger and unpredictability lurk around every corner. Here, every decision counts, and every second is a story. Welcome to Kyrat." Sounds like Farcry allright! Although I wonder about the protagonist. Ajay Ghale sounds foreign, unless he's supposed to be reffered to as "A J Ghale" in game. If he is foreign, I wonder how the game's dialogue will be like. As long as there's no komodo dragons to hunt, I'm excited for this game. E3 shall reveal more of this game, and we'll see if it's good or not. So what do yo think of the story and settings? Does it excite you or is it just "meh, it's ok"?
  11. Okay so pretty much how this game goes is one person says three words, and then the next takes those three words, and adds three more to it, and so on, until you get a story. I'll start. The furious kitten...
  12. There they stood, the riders of the Angry Army, steadfast, deadly, efficient. Their armor sleek, and ready for the stains of blood to adorn them. They listened to their Lord Commander give his rally speech with the lust for battle already upon them. Their eyes aglow like the sun, revealing the fury about to sweep upon Cyrodiil. Their enemies rallied to meet them, with fear in their eyes and a cold sweat on their foreheads as they waited for their impending doom. The Lord Commander, known by one name to rule them all, Joe, ordered the charge. They swept upon the land line locusts upon crops, hungry and willing to destroy all that stood between them and their goal. The enemy hid in their walls, praying to the Eight Divines that they would be spared, but the Gods did not hear their pleas that day, for their allegiance was with the Angry Army. They dared not rise up against them, for fear of the wrathful Joe reaching up to the heavens and striking them down as if they were mere skeevers. The walls did not stop the Angry Army, for nothing could stop their rampage. They destroyed the walls and took the keeps, giving no quarter, and taking all that the enemy had to cling to. That day was a black day for the Ebonheart Pact and the Daggerfall Covenant, but the sun could not have shone brighter on the Aldmeri Dominion. It was a pinnacle in its history, but it was not the last time the Angry Army would be deployed in honor of the Queen. The Angry Army, the guardians of Cyrodiil, stand an ever-vigilant watch over Cyrodiil, waiting for its enemies to rise up, only to put them back in their place, beneath the Lord Commanders boot.
  13. This story was created in the chat of the Startbound stream tonight. Here is the interdimensional, intergalactic story. Note: Nothing has been changed. I copied for as long as I could, all you missed was a land war on Earth leading to Earth being destroyed, me having a colony on one of Jupiter's moons, and Magnaryuu discovering intergalactic travel. Bane341: I BECOME THE WHITE LANTERN , BRINGER OF LIFE Protosteelgull: Can I at leadt be king of the Metroids? Nextdoordarkrai: and i will become a bucket of water, the enemy to lanterns Bane341: ( yeah im a fan of DBZ , DW and DC comics) Nymphonomicon: Are these monsters using PKMN attacks or is that what they're called? Nextdoordarkrai: sure proto, but i have samus aran Protosteelgull: Well crap... Magnaryuu: Bane I have become the Black Lantern, plus I am also powered by the hormones produced by the Wraith Bane341: TONS » WE ARE HAVING A CONVERSATION HERE » DONT BE RUDE Adunsb: well I just got my *** handed to me from the bigfoot from Harry and the Hendersons Nextdoordarkrai: i am going to copy this story once we're done, and post it on the website Bane341: XD Nextdoordarkrai: anyways Bane341: please do Nextdoordarkrai: my railguns » attack » Bane's fleet Bane341: where were we? Magnaryuu: So it has come down to use bane White Lantern against Black Lantern Nextdoordarkrai: And me, in an alternate dimension » watching Bane341: Whit the power of the white lantern i riveve planet vegeta and galafrey Nextdoordarkrai: and my assassins make quick work of them Bane341: so i have sayins and timelords at my side Nextdoordarkrai: o and railguns Bane341: AHHA » YOU CANT Nextdoordarkrai: lots of railguns Bane341: they are giant monkey Protosteelgull: Plot twist! I had the Death Note and retconned everyone out of this plain of existence! > Nextdoordarkrai: did i mention bombers full of miley cyrus blood poison? Nymphonomicon: I think you're bleeding Tons. Magnaryuu: WIth the power of the Black Lantern I ressurect all the evil dead in the universe and bring to me Nextdoordarkrai: Proto, I'm in an alternate dimension, and Bane is immortal... » and mag is a black lantern » u failed Mrmadakey: bye people Bane341: GET IN OUR LVL Blivia: Later Mrm. Protosteelgull: well crap... that contract went to waste... Magnaryuu: ya cause im already dead Bane341: this is so cool Nextdoordarkrai: the timelords died bcause of a mass cyrus blood plague Bane341: but they regerenate Nextdoordarkrai: i thought that was only doctor who.... Bane341: DEAR GOD MAN » HOW DARE YOU SAY THAT Magnaryuu: miley cyrus blood plague is like the judas tree sap, it stops regeneration Nextdoordarkrai: exactly Bane341: haha » but i created a vaccine Nextdoordarkrai: impossible » its miley cyrus' blood » no cure Nymphonomicon: You took his holiday spirit... Magnaryuu: I absorb all the evil from the dead i resurrected Bane341: I FORCED THEM TO TWERK FOR 100 YEARS » they ar imuned to it Nextdoordarkrai: ...ur cruel Borommakot: I'm playing Civ 5 right now Nextdoordarkrai: but » I Magnaryuu: (this whole thing has spiraled out of control LOL) Nextdoordarkrai: have Protosteelgull: You know what? I'm out of this, just gonna stand at the center of the multiverse and see how this turns out between you guys... Asian43: I'm only on the Beta planets, I'm working on making the robot now. Nextdoordarkrai: The Master! Bane341: NO » YOU DIDNT Nextdoordarkrai: YES! » I DID! Bane341: NO Adunsb: what sector are you playing in? Bane341: SO WHAT? Magnaryuu: Next I use my powers of the Black Lantern and control the master Nextdoordarkrai: GALAXY TRAVEL IS MINE!!!!! » mag.... » alternate dimension » u cant Bane341: OK Magnaryuu: uh Next Black Lantern do what i want Bane341: i just got the ultimate agent Nextdoordarkrai: in this dimension, u got blown up in the explosion at earth » impossible bane Bane341: i paid him with Enchiladas Nextdoordarkrai: i have all the assassins and thieves Bane341: guess who it is Nextdoordarkrai: idk' Bane341: DEADPOOL Nextdoordarkrai: lol Bane341: so yeh Nextdoordarkrai: Corvo slows time and slices up Deadpool Protosteelgull: I'm glad I'm spectating this death match, wish I had some popcorn and a chair to watch the fight! Nextdoordarkrai: Railguns blow up more of your fleet Bane341: and deadpool regerenates Magnaryuu: crap Deadpool really? i can't control him the *** won't die Nymphonomicon: I don't think I could play this game, I'd dig down to the center of the planet and die or something. Nextdoordarkrai: I GOT IT Bane341: ok Nextdoordarkrai: Corvo slows time » gives Deadpool to the master Bane341: HAHAHA » UNLEASH » THE TITANS Nextdoordarkrai: and the master traps time in a parallel universe » TOO LATE » deadpool is gone Bane341: "giant smiling zombies attack your fleet" Nextdoordarkrai: i dont have a fleet » im in an alternate dimension Bane341: yea » you do Nymphonomicon: Lasers! Bane341: i found » them Nextdoordarkrai: where u both were destroyed in the explosion on earth Bane341: IN THE PEGASUS GALAXY Magnaryuu: Alright i have grown tired of this, you two have fun. I'm gonna go look for more dead people Blivia: Giant naked stupid people attack your village, and eat your people. Nextdoordarkrai: im chilling in my colony on Pluto Bane341: waut » wait » mag » im sorry Magnaryuu: What Protosteelgull: I wonder how complicated this fight is going to get? Bane341: we kind of left you out » your turn Nextdoordarkrai: i think he means hes gonna build his army Lerkzy: Hello everyone. Magnaryuu: no it's fine you two go im gonna travel to the center of the multiverse and kill Proto » Protosteelgull: But I'm spectating! Magnaryuu: didn't think i'd see you there didn't ya » so you are living that offends me » lol Protosteelgull: I gave up Italy and my Death Note! Nextdoordarkrai: Stealth Guild calls upon Lady Nocturnal, the daedric prince of stealth and shadow! Nymphonomicon: These peanuts are makin' me thirsty! Bane341: With the help of deadpool , goku , doctor who and the power of the white latnern we travel back in time and... » i go to sleep Nextdoordarkrai: i punch bane in the face Bane341: it late her Blivia: *Punches YOU in the face.* Bane341: UCH Nextdoordarkrai: alternate dimension, but nice try Magnaryuu: *thrusts hand deep into Proto's chest and rips out his heart" Protosteelgull: I falcon punch everyone. THE END. Nextdoordarkrai: nopr Nymphonomicon: Laser assault rifle. Nextdoordarkrai: ur dead proto Blivia: Guys, I'm starting a kickstarter. It will allow you to punch someone over a basic TCP/IP connection. Bane341: mag Nymphonomicon: I want a plasma flamethrower. Magnaryuu: yes Bane Nextdoordarkrai: i take control of the Predator Race Bane341: i leave you goku , doctor who and deadpool » plus white lantern Nextdoordarkrai: ALTERNATE DIMENSION Bane341: im going to bed » this was fun Nextdoordarkrai: HOW DOES THAT WORK Magnaryuu: uhm i'm gonna head to bed as well Nextdoordarkrai: HA » I » WIN Bane341: no Blivia: LOL Protosteelgull: Alright guys! Bane341: see you later Magnaryuu: for now Next for now Bane341: hey tons » sorry about ignoring your stream » my bad Protosteelgull: Still dead though. Nextdoordarkrai: The Stealth Guild loots and pillages the galaxy till theend of its days...or until they encounter bane or mag again, whichever comes first Nymphonomicon: Vests. Nextdoordarkrai: THE END? Magnaryuu: ya sorry tons, it kind of got out of hand Bane341: the end » now Nextdoordarkrai: THE END
  14. I am completely in love with Rust at the moment, the game is much smoother and polished than DayZ and the plethora of other zombie survival games currently available (In my opinion, you can enjoy whatever you wish). The first night I had the game I stumbled across two guys with shacks, we met and I made my house with them. Over the next hour the area expanded and we eventually had a walled town with 20-30 people inside it! We would go on hunting expeditions, craft together, socialize and take turns on tower watch duty. Unfortunately on the sixth night while I was inside my shack the town was set upon by bandits with automatic weapons, they murdered everyone who couldn't get to their house in time. I was petrified with fear of them hearing me so I didn't dare move until morning when some of the other survivors came back. Needless to say that was awesome! Who else has had some time with the game? I'd love to hear your thoughts and stories!
  15. Hi everybody! What's the story of Angry Joe? Of course, I mean the fictionalized one, with Corporate Commander, etc.
  16. Here is a brief disclaimer: This is my opinion, and one that comes from the heart. This post was inspired by TotalBiscuit's WTF is... of Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon. Over the past few years of gaming, really since Gears of War 1 came out, I have had a creeping feeling develop. That game was heralded for it's innovative and polished gameplay (for the time) but was criticized for it's story. Fast forward to Battlefield 3. BF3 was ranked, in many reviews, above COD3, but once again heralded for it's gameplay and online play, but criticized for its lack of a good story (this was said by our commander himself, Angry Joe). Again, I am watching TotalBiscuit's WTF is... of Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon and he said that within the initial Far Cry there was a game that took itself too seriously. He pointed out that the writer for FC3 went for a serious message, but that he felt gamers did not comprehend how serious the message is. Gamers responded saying that he took it too seriously, that it is a great game and nothing more. TotalBiscuit states this in his first impression of Blood Dragon, and agrees. I kept thinking to myself, over the years after these opinions unfolded, that I felt differently. That I thought all the stories were amazing. Why? Why did I become so enraptured by the story of GOW1 and Far Cry 3? Then it hit me: I'm a grunt. I am a former United States Marine that served 3 combat tours over seas. I have many wounds both physical and within from that time. I began to realize that the reason I loved these stories that other gamers seemingly found shallow, or lacking, was that I could relate to the characters or theme personally, on a very deep level. I understood the gruntness of Marcus Fenix and the others, in many ways I am like them. The Marine Corps is a rough neck society, where cheesy shit talking and generally being rough around the edges is a way of life. I knew guys like Coltrane and Baird. I realized that I loved BF3's story (sorry Angry Joe, you're wrong on this one) because I was a fucking combat marine for God's sake. That story put you in the shoes of a squad of Marines. That game was extremely intense for me to play single player because the sites, sounds, and the ways the marines communicated practically gave me flash backs. It was immensely real and immersive for me. And as for Far Cry 3... Gamers, you are wrong. My second combat tour I was a part of a Marine Expeditionary Group that responded to Somali Pirates taking British merchant vessels over. I had to combat, first hand, exactly what Jason Brody had too. And like Jason Brody, I was not sure if I could return home who I once was. The message in FC3 is that that fucking world exists, and it is dark, and bloody, and vicious. Some of us had to lose a part of ourselves so that you do not have to experience it. So you see, these stories may not affect the average gamer, but they affected me on a very deep level. It is all a matter of perception. My wish is that Angry Joe and Total Biscuit could see this article, and perhaps have their understanding of those stories broadened. For anyone that has read this whole thing, and would like to respond, I accept any criticism or comment. I fought for your right to say what you want. (and semper Fi SGT ROSS, and any other Marine that reads this). Former Sgt. Benjamin Riddle, USMC
  17. Also graphics. So if our games with good story and bad (or average) gameplay are like Heavy Rain, and our good gameplay, bad story are more like the Mario games, which is more excusable and which do you like more? Oh yes, it's debating time!
  18. Hey guys, So I've been playing for a while this game and I can't stop. I think this is an incredeble game. It's complex, has a HUGE world, Ok story, the graphics are really nice and the gameplay is an absolute delight. This is my opinion, want to hear yours:D Cheers!
  19. So! What is everyones favorite shooter of all time, how, when and why? I'm in a dilemma between TimeSplitters: Future Perfect and Soldier Of Fortune: Platinum. TS:FP Because of the great variety in story, missions, weapons and characters. And it has a map editor and it's only a PS2 title. Soldier Of Fortune because it has Epic gameplay, Epic game mechanics, Awesome weapons and interesting story. What are your favorites?