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Found 1 result

  1. Ever since I first played Megaman, since I was fascinated by Protoman(Blues), ever since I first saw the ending of Megaman X, ever since I first stared wide-eyed with a girly crush on Zero and giggled to myself, to the ending that was thought provoking.. I've always loved the Megaman games. When I registered first on youtube, one of the first videos I ever uploaded was the ending to Megaman Zero 4. In fact, I uploaded this video 7 years ago, 1 month 2 days ago (12th November. The ending is absolutely fantastic. It's melancholic, it raises questions and frankly if you've played these games as long as I have, emotional. I was perhaps more emotional as to what happens in MMZ2 though. I was very very glad to see that ending and just thinking "Finally, they don't have to fight anymore." But people, just refuse to accept that they're dead. I'm getting so much comments on that video that it's not even funny anymore. It's always the same comments as well "That shadow over there! He is alive!", even when you try to tell them "It's a goddamn mountain!!", they won't listen. I even read another comment which is the cause of this message of a person who said "But what if X didn't die, then he saved Zero and they're still alive and can make another Megaman Zero 5!" and it just pisses me the f- off instantly. Not to mention it also brings to thought if that's why Capcom without Inafune's permission released Megaman X6, because some people were crying for one. I dunno about that though but he had intended the X series to end on X5 or X4 and then go into MMZ timeline with X being the villain instead of Copy-X. Here is my question. Why, OH WHY, do people have such a problem with the protagonists of a game, dying?