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Found 9 results

  1. Our Starcraft 2 team has officially begun! For the past few months our team has practiced and gotten ready for this summers ASL tournament. Below are some recent screenshots of our team battling it out. -------------------------------- If you would like to play Starcraft 2 with the AJSA we hold an event for it every Saturday afternoon. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our current team roster: Crimson (master/grand master) Gunter (diamond) AffroKrull (diamond) Prodigy (silver/gold) Orpo (gold) Zavaira (platinum) [Team Leader] ----------------------------------------------------------------- Our starcraft 2 team will be participating in two different tiers of ASL season 5 this summer. Below is the schedule for the various tiers. http://wiki.teamliquid.net/starcraft2/ASL_Season_5/Schedule Crimson will be playing in Challenger Tier. Zavaira will be playing in Defender Tier. --------------------------------------- The matches will be broadcast on the service linked below. http://www.dingit.tv/asl From the information I have at this time Crimson will start in Group C of the Round 32 of Challenger which is on June 3rd. http://wiki.teamliquid.net/starcraft2/ASL_Season_5/Challenger_League I will update this post with Zavaira's group once he is informed closer to his tier. ------------------------------------------------ Come and support your fellow AJSA members in their endeavor! This post has been promoted to an article
  2. June 27th there will be an Would in conflict event at 9am CST The event will be hosted by Gamemaster crazykidsbite Game will begin once everyone is gathered for the event in teamspeak. Come join us for a great time. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ June 27th there will be an Total War Attila event at 6pm GMT. The event will be hosted by Gamemaster Commander Beef Game will begin once everyone is gathered for the event in teamspeak. Come join us for a great time. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- june 27th there will be a Starcraft 2 event at 9pm GMT. The event will be hosted by Gamemaster Zavaira. This event will take place on teamspeak. The game itself will involve free-for-all, team battles, and after that custom games in arcade mode. Show up for a great time. Feel free to PM me if further details are required. Follow this thread as it will be updated weekly to reflect new events.
  3. Image is ownership of Gearbox -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We are having an event Saturday at 1:00 pm PST for Homeworld Remastered Collection. And in standard AJSA fashion we will be bashing each others faces in to welcome a new game into our event roster. So show up on teamspeak and bring your Angry face! http://www.homeworldremastered.com/ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- And a video to whet your appetite. Also enjoy this introduction from Gearbox for Homeworld Remastered Collection --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Event: Homeworld Remastered Collection Gamemaster: Eiousx Time: Saturday 1:00 pm PST Where: Ajsa strategy games teamspeak channel ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This post has been promoted to an article
  4. Welcome to the new AJSA strategy games section of the AJSA forums! This section of the forums are for any and all strategy based games. Feel free to respectfully discuss any and all topics related to strategy games within this section. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Points of contact: Commanderbeef is the primary point of contact and has the final say in all matters strategy games related. Eiousx is the second-in-command and has equal authority to Commanderbeef while still deferring to Commanderbeef on any important decisions. The above are the two primary game officers for the strategy games section and events. To contact please private message either one and wait at least 1-2 days for a response so we may properly reply with an informed response. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We will be approaching events a bit differently with strategy games. Since there are varying types of games with their own rule sets we have decided on a game master approach. Once supervised for capability a game master will handle a specific event which can be maintained at set intervals in agreement with the game officers so as to sync with any other current events. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Currently approved game masters: Humorousone Jebby Commanderbeef Agosparti Tigerjack Zavaira Gamemasters pending Approval: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FUTURE EVENTS Possible events in the near future include game types such as Civilization 5 and endless legend hex based games. In these particular events the event itself would be a one day event with a fast paced low turn count game so that it can be completed in one sitting. Other possible events and games that may be supported are pretty much open as there are many great strategy games that we know and love. Let us know what games you may want to see supported and if there is enough demand we can find a way to create events for that particular title. We are also looking into the possibility of rewards later on down the road once we are able to setup bracketed competitions. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- How to become a Game Master: CommanderBeef and I take this very seriously. We ask that only veterans and above consider the possibility of being a game master as we have to be able to rely on you to manage the event with light supervision. Fill out the application form and then proceed to private message me and commanderbeef (make sure that we are both recipients) the finished application. Once it has been filled out properly and messaged we will contact you and meet privately in teamspeak to discuss further action. If we find you capable and motivated we will supervise the events created and managed by the possible game master till we feel you're able to run it with light supervision. Though if we find you unable to fill the role properly and respectfully then the process will be void and the game master position denied. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Game Master Application: Name: Rank(veteran or higher): Reason(s) why we should approve you for game master: Anything else you feel pertinent to add: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ How to setup your own events: Now you need not be a game master to setup events. The only time it is required to be a game master for an event is when you represent the AJSA. Even so, anyone may be capable of running an unofficial event we still would ask that you contact us so that we can discuss the event. In this case anyone member rank and above can host an unofficial event with supervision from us at our discretion. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In conclusion, we hope to make this a fun and exciting place for players to come and relax with like minded individuals who also hold strategy near and dear to their hearts. Join in teamspeak anytime. The more that get online on teamspeak the more popular our section becomes. The more popular we are means the more events we can manage, At any time feel free to ask either myself or Commanderbeef if you have any questions. Welcome to strategy games in the AJSA!
  5. I was wanting to show some initiative by asking the community on what strategy games they would most like to see supported for tourneys and events. I thought it would be best to focus on a few at first then expand once we have a set way of making events for strategy titles. Please post your ideas below. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I personally would like to look into creating events for civ 5, civ 5 beyond earth, starcraft 2. Of course there are far more strategy titles but starting with a few will allow us to build upon that selection once we have a successful way of making events for this particular genre.
  6. Traditionally, such games have only really worked on PC because the user interface has always been better suited. However, both the XBox One and the PS4 are compatible with mouse and keyboard plus the fact that the architecture is more similar to PC than ever before, so can these games finally be successfully ported to console? I think that technically they could, but to spark enough interest I think Sony and Microsoft would have put a risky skate into promoting them and would probably use this as a excuse to bring out thier own stupidity priced versions of mouse and keyboard for console. I hope it can work, but what do you guys think?
  7. So I've just joined in today. Hope to see some cool people here with REAL community. I play strategy games online- not PC (yet) for 3 years. mainly play MM and RTS hardcore gamer. Nice to meet ya!!
  8. I was just thinking that a subforum for Management games would be of use, mostly after seeing the Strategy Games subforum over at “Other PC Games” in the PC Gaming Central section of the Forum. Now, some may perceive that stagey and management games are the say, I however would like to argue that this is not the case; mainly due to the very different appeal and game focus these games generally possess. I won’t argue that strategy games can have management aspects no more than management games can be strategic, they have however their focus in one or the other. To say that, for example, Prison Architect or Gnomoria is a strategic game wouldn’t be a wrong, however it wouldn’t be as precise as calling it a management game would be more precise. Just as calling StarCraft II a management game wouldn’t be a lie, however it is not where the focus and appeal of the game is. The core of the problem here is that genres often have overlaps, but I believe that the different in focus between a strategy game like Planetary Annihilation and Dwarf Fortress or StarCraft II and RimWorld is sufficient enough to justify the distinction.
  9. It's been just over 3 years since Civilization V was released and now it seems it's becoming overburdened with DLC. Do you think there should be a whole new game with a nearly complete reworking, more genral patches, more DLC, etc, etc? What do you guys think?