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Found 32 results

  1. Hi from Melbourne Australia I've been enjoying AJS for a while now, and I've been meaning to actually get around to signing up to the forum. So here I am. Keep up the good work Joe & team.
  2. https://www.twitch.tv/crazygreggaming0511
  3. Hey guys, wanted to say hi and drop my twitch stream here. I'm looking for others to stream with as well and definitely looking to collaborate with other streamers at some point. Let me know if anyone is interested, I'll try to stay active on here in the forums! Cheers. https://www.twitch.tv/tricktracked
  4. Come watch my stream I am cool I promise twitch.tv/laidbackmarco
  5. So got my Twitch up and running and after some settings tweaks it's finally playable. My first official play through while streaming, no commentary haven't set up my mic yet and I didn't announce anything so no viewers. I plan on streaming quite a bit hopefully, with a mic and most likely I will get a cam at some point. Going with HotS for the time being. Quality isn't quite where I want it but please feel free to leave any feedback whether it's gameplay, quality, or just random suggestions/comments. Thanks all.
  6. Hi guys In here i will list some general tips to stream related things (this means stuff that in MY opinion is good), i will also give a description to WHY i believe its a good advice. so let´s start with the list: (not in any specific order) 1. Always talk! if u have no viewers while streaming? say what you are thinking! (people watch streamers for the gameplay AND commenting, if they just want the gameplay, they will just play the game on their own) 2. Have a face cam while streaming (It helps the viewer to relate to your stream. And have a facecam there, will show your reactions to the game and add value to your stream) 3. Make highlights and don´t make them to long (You can get new followers even when you are offline, the first thing they check will be your highlights. But DON`T make them to long, personally i try to make them under 3 min, i don´t want them to feel like they are wasting their time watching to long clips) 4. Personalize your stream profile by adding text and artwork, but don´t overdo it with text. keep it simple. (That will tell people a bit more about you and your stream, and i feel TOO much text will make it feel to much of a hassle to read) 5. Have VOD´s ON! (If you are applying for a team/twitch partnership, they/we NEED to see your previous stream to be able to determine if you are a good fit for the team/partnership) 6. Use Ankhbot as your bot. (Its simply the best bot i´v used out there, its free, and does everything Moobot/Nightboot and Deepbot does combined... and its free!) 7. Make a schedule that show your follower when you stream! (This gives your follower something of a general idea of when you stream, it don´t have to be an EXACT schedule, but give them some kind of indication of when you usually stream) 8. Make a twitter account and use it! (Announce your next stream and events, reply to followers who have question. That way your followers will have more information, and you will engage them more) 9. DON`T start streaming with to high expectations. (if you start streaming to get donations and become partnered, you starting for the wrong reasons. Getting followers will usually take time, a lot of people will celebrate their 100th follower 1 year after starting to stream, getting famous on twitch over a week never happens) 10. If you play games WITH your viewers and use Skype, set up a PROXY server. (Some people target random streamers to DDOS, and getting your IP adress from Skype is super easy, setting up proxy will help you in protecting your IP adress) 11. Have one game you play regularly if you are a diversity streamer. (This helps new streamer to build a follower base that can expect more of that one game they really enjoy) 12. Try to get in contact with other streamers to do co-streams. (this will increase your exposure and u might get followers who would never have seen you otherwise) 13. Don´t let trolls and other disrespectful viewers get to you. (It´s the internet after all, EVERYONE will be up against trolls and immature viewers who will threat to DDOS you every once and again. Just insta ban them and show them that you don´t care, they are LOOKING for a reaction, don´t give them one) 14. Play game YOU enjoy! (When you play a game you hate viewers WILL notice that you aren´t as engaging as you usually are etc, play a game that you have fun playing! it will show in the way you act and respond to the game, and you will have a happier time streaming) 15. When modding a viewer take one that have been in there for some time, and make a Skype group for your mods! (People will always jump in and ask to be a mod just for the sake of having that shield. make sure you add people YOU would like from the beginning. And have that Skype group so you can talk to your mods when you arent streaming, and THEY can talk to each other WHILE you are streaming. some information you don´t want your viewers to see, Skype will make sure that only the people you/the mods want, will see that information) Thanks for reading! and i hope this will help some new aspiring streamers, as i said before, these are MY suggestions, and this is stuff that have worked for me. I will be updating this post as time goes on! and as always! if you have any questions don´t hesitate to ask me!
  7. I need to know what is the best software to use to stream/record full screen games. I use Nvidia Shadowplay mostly but that lacks customization. I tried OBS and FFsplit but OBS randomly stops recording or records a black screen or stops recording my voice or webcam or all thee above. Its extremely unreliable. I heard its cause it can't record full screen reliably especially when you tab out but even when I don't tab out it still just screws up. I tried using camtasia and gamshow but they are trial streaming software and I cant afford that. And Xsplit just bogs down my system and I end up losing too much fps to effectively play. In the end Shadowplay is the only Streaming software that works for me. So i wanted to know if there are other software like Shadowplay that allows better customization. thanks.
  8. Not sure if this belongs on this section. I finished my daily grind in Armored Warfare and I got an incredible urge to play a horror game. I remembered I had Dreadout in my Steam Library for months now and I have decided to play it. I am going to be Streaming my FIRST Horror game in 30 minutes from the time of this post (5:30 PM EST) at 6 PM EST. This isnt my first horror game that I played but it will be the first one that I will Stream. Come watch me scream like a little baby. >_> twitch.tv/arkeeny. Follow me on twitter @TrueBlueArkeeny
  9. Hi guys! My name is Ravenfist89 and i am the stream captain for AJSA stream team. And what exactly IS the "AJSA stream team"? We are a bunch of people from AJSA. At the creation of this post our team is consisted of 8 awesome streamers. We help each other out, and we do the occasional co-stream together. We have our own look to our streams and as said we are ALL part of the AJSA, and we all LOVE streaming! The member of the team are as follows: Bast_50 http://www.twitch.tv/Bast_50/profile Angerbeard http://www.twitch.tv/Angerbeard/profile The_tons0fun http://www.twitch.tv/The_tons0fun/profile Ravenfist89 http://www.twitch.tv/Ravenfist89/profile Greensam17 http://www.twitch.tv/Greensam17/profile Grimno http://www.twitch.tv/Grimno/profile jaysons_rage http://www.twitch.tv/jaysons_rage/profile TheTitan18 http://www.twitch.tv/thetitan18/profile So make Sure you go check them all out and support them if you like their content! Are you interested in joining us? GOOD! Follow this link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1JEqJd69NH6d5AD8KUwgJB1gx9UirbzkS7razNpuFABc/viewform Answer the question and we will get back to you! Never give up! Never surrender! Victory or death!
  10. Hi guys! This is a "guide" on how to succeed on twitch made by "The Geeky Antics". They go over basically everything a new streamer need to know (as well as some tips for veteran streamers). They go over everything from what twitch looks for in partnership, to tips on how NEW streamers might want to act while streaming. This article is mainly focused on new streamers or people who are thinking about starting streaming. But even if you are a veteran streamer they take up a lot of good points. And i HIGHLY recommend all our team members (Or anyone interested in streaming) to read this: https://geekyantics.wordpress.com/2014/05/28/get-more-viewers-and-followers-on-twitch/
  11. Hi I stream almost everyday at 6pm pacific time zone www.twitch.tv/laidbackmarco
  12. Hi everyone I'd just like to let you know I stream League almost everyday and I'd like people to check me out and tell me what I'm doing wrong I'm about to stream in 20 minutes and then I will draw annie today because I started a new thing LaidbackMarco's 30 day loli callenge where I'm on day 7 or 8 of drawing anime loli characters. I plan to play either sona or nami because I'm a support main and sona is my main girl. Heres the Link if i'm intrested. . . tell me how to improve my play and stream tyty twitch.tv/laidbackmarco
  13. So I stream. On twitch. Shocker. I bounce from game to game and genre to genre. Please feel free to show up and chat, I love to talk. Running commentary on all topics from game design to performance to general thoughts. I welcome any and all comments and game ideas. Ya'll can find me at twitch.tv/genuis101 Currently, I stream either PS4 or PC games. Hope to see some of you guys around.
  14. Hey guys and gals! I have been dancing around this game for a while but I have no one to play with. If you have a copy and are up for playing/live streaming let me know!
  15. Sorry that I've been missing on the action, but I wanted to let you guys know that I'm doing streams on twitch. If you like to watch or be apart of the stream, check out my channel at www.twitch.tv/jcs04. It includes links to my twitter account and YouTube channel for updates on the stream and what not. Thanks for support.
  16. Hey guys and gals! James here, so wanted to give a quick shout out and possible PSA for active live streamers on Twitch.tv! So here is the situation. I was streaming this evening and I use commercial free music which I attribute the song/writer and a link to their website plus the usual quick call out for the song I am using. This falls into the standard Attribution License which as describe above is required for you to use their music in your stream! However, much like YouTube now, if any company feels they have rights over a piece of content, they can slap you down. Here I have been looking for any way to repeal this mute on a portion of my stream but nothing. For the record I have been playing the same songs for about a week prior to today and had no issue. Again this looks like YouTube/Google messing with a working system. Just a heads up. Starting today I would recommend zero music, even if you own the rights to it or actually composed the piece. Edit* I knew about the DMCA guidelines however this is the first time I have seen Twitch.tv mute a large portion of my video when I only played the selected song for roughly 44 seconds.
  17. Lately Ive started to Stream when Ive been playing Hearthstone on my Twitch channel instead of posting youtube videos. Just havent had the time to do a proper video, but streaming is easy and fast. The idea behind my streaming is that I dont do any commentary, I just play and people can stop by to just look at gameplay without having to listen to my rants. I dont really have fixed times at the moment, but usually announce when Im about to start on my Twitter (@Olafurlive] Check it out if you find HS interesting.
  18. Just wanted to say hi to everyone and to please add me to your friends list! I am the guy that donated a bunch good stuff to munch on for the Angry Joe stream on twitch. Does anyone remember when he opened the box of Beef Jerky and a shit load of other good stuff on his twitch stream??? Well I'm the guy who gave him that stuff (snoogs1 on twitch)! I thought it was super cool of him to open it on the stream and I felt honored to support Angry Joe and Other Joe with munchies that they could enjoy while playing their favorite games. Everyone feel free to add me as a friend. I enjoy meeting and playing games with new friends! Thanks to everyone for what you do and I look forward to more Angry Joe!
  19. There's a streamer that I like to watch and I think he could be a much bigger channel if given the exposure. He's a challenger support player and talks with his stream chat and answers questions and the whole nine yards. If anyone is interested you can find him here: http://www.twitch.tv/painlessdeath22
  20. Hey everyone. Time for some shameless promotion. I'm currently planning on streaming dark souls 2 on pc, which comes out this friday. I plan on doing pvp and speedruns. I'm going to try and stream it as much and as soon as possible. I consider myself decent at the first dark souls game, and have some hours on there. After my hype for Dark Souls 2 is over, I will probably stream dota 2 as well. I'd love to have more viewers, I try to interact as much as I can with chat and give commentary during gameplay I also take suggestions from chat, even silly ones! My twitch channel is www.twitch.tv/mrderwisj Give me a follow if you think I deserve it! Thanks for reading and loves to all. Greets, MrDerwisj
  21. Hey guys, I know this is the Dota 2 sub-forum but I really wanted to get more eyes on this. http://www.twitch.tv/variloh/b/518716671 Variloh, who streamed nearly all of our last Dota 2 Tournament, just finished up his stream on discussing Gaming and what it means to be a Gamer. If you could all check it out I know he would appreciate it and so would I! Peace.
  22. So, I've been working on my twitch channel, streaming a bit, in-houses, tourney, etc, and gotten feedback regarding my content. The goal of my twitch channel is to have the highlighted material to be informational & educational, a source of help & maybe even some new tricks for the AJSA DotA2 community. I'm still working on making the content broader, possible theme shows, themes for actual live streams etc, set times for streams so it would be easier for people that wish to watch it for whatever reason to check in. Now, the goal of this thread is to get all of you a say in this! It will possibly be re-made as a permanent hot topic later on, depending on success & some other factors, but to begin with this is where you dump suggestions, feedback, content wishes, or just generally poke my interest. Random streams will occur almost daily, these being mostly general gameplay of my own, mostly afternoon & evenings, but any actual important content will be highlighted, so that people don't have to watch it live. If things get rolling I'll see if I can't get a set time for a couple of days a week where I live stream casted guide content, and naturally the theme is largely up to YOUR wishes and suggestions. The development of content is to a great extent in your hands! Thank you all for interest shown so far, keep doing what you're doing because quite clearly, as a community we keep getting ahead! And so to end it all, the reason for this all: www.twitch.tv/shavingryan -Alabast