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  1. Blake Hester spends a month on the road visiting developers to see how their lives and games are influenced by where they live, Game Score Fanfare on Breath of the Wild's soundtrack and how it embraces the quiet, Streets of Rage and the invisible complexity of beat ’em ups, Fallout creators reunite to work on new game with Obsidian, games you missed in 2017 and to look forward to in 2018, Chris Kohler on the making of Gorogoa, Gambling Commission on loot boxes and more organizations say that they aren't gambling, Noclip's Horizon Zero Dawn documentary, The State of Esports and game systems in 2017, Nexus Mods adds system to pay modders, Far Cry 5 video and written previews, Darksiders 3 gameplay, Crytek suing Cloud Imperium Games, Patreon cancels changes announced previous week, and more. Gaming News (Announcements, previews, release dates, interviews and writing on upcoming games, DLC and game updates, company and developer news, country news, tech, mods) E3 2018 will still be open to the public, but it will feature industry-exclusive hours KOJIMA EXPLAINS DEATH STRANDING GAMEPLAY AND LORE More info on Squadron 42, Star Citizen’s single-player story, will be unveiled next week Star Citizen backer’s $25,000 refund has taken months, still in dispute Dragon Ball FighterZ Recreates Series' Most Dramatic Moments Dragon Ball FighterZ Gameplay: Goku Black, Hit, Beerus In Action No, 2018's Battlefield game isn't Bad Company 3 Contemporary crime-thriller My Eyes On You looks great but sounds stilted Valkyria Chronicles 4 Details New Characters And Leveling System; VC1 Protagonist Returns In DLC Project Octopath Traveler’s Music Recording Is Finished, Here’s A Sample Video With Battle Footage The indie games of 2018 we're most excited about I played Soulcalibur VI and here are my humble thoughts Soulcalibur 6 finally brings the tale of swords and souls to PC Monster Hunter: World's story campaign will last 40-50 hours New Adventure Time Game Coming In 2018 Code Vein - Underworld Trailer Chase Moby Dick in nautical strategy RPG Nantucket The Oxenfree people are making Afterparty, an adventure game about outdrinking Satan 46 minutes of NEW Far Cry 5 gameplay Far Cry 5 is fun, but its tone is all over the place Far Cry 5's open-world appeal is hampered by the game's unimaginative structure Far Cry 5's Creative Director: 'Powerful Imagery and Whacky Fun Can Live Together' 7 ways Far Cry 5 is changing up the usual Ubisoft open world format Far Cry 5's story looks like a morally dubious mess My Hero Academia: One’s Justice comes west on PC, brings with it a man with hands for a face Riot are making 'Teemo's Adventure,’ focused on the League of Legends champion 'Perma-permadeath' game Upsilon Circuit has been cancelled Darksiders 3: Fighting a Lava Brute - IGN First Catherine Is Being Remade For The PS4 & Vita Mount Your Friends 3D gives the party game three-dimensional dongs Sword Legacy: Omen Here’s how Sea of Thieves' quests and progression work Ni no Kuni II Developers Talk About The Small Details That Went Into Its Animation Work WW2 FPS Battalion 1944 gets a behind-the-scenes trailer Hatred dev aims to leave controversy behind with Ancestors Legacy Puzzle platformer Etherborn channels M.C. Escher and rainbows [Official] METAL GEAR SURVIVE SINGLE PLAYER COMMENTARY TRAILER | KONAMI (PEGI) Driftland: The Magic Revival takes building an empire to new extremes Warhammer: Vermintide 2 confirmed for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One Adding Predator To Ghost Recon Is A Cool Idea That Doesn't Work Rainbow Six Siege Outbreak ARG hints at two new maps Overwatch's in-game report notification is now live - here's how it looks Tackling Nazis Is The New Punching Them In Wolfenstein II's Latest DLC Total War: WARHAMMER 2 - Tomb Kings Trailer [PEGI UK] Genghis Khan returns to lead Civilization 6's Mongolia, a cavalry-fueled war machine PUBG’s 3D replay system will be ready for launch Planet Coaster update 1.5 adds the jungle-themed Adventure Pack DLC Fire Pro Wrestling World releases today, with charity DLC to support a wrestling legend Dead or Alive 5 is done, but the DOA team “is very active” Sword Coast Legends is having a last chance sale before it's gone for good The Steam Community has been blocked in China We messed up. We’re sorry, and we’re not rolling out the fees change. The World's Biggest Video Game Mod Site Will Start Paying Modders A NEW SKIN, AND A TRIBUTE TO A FALLEN WINGMAN The Inside Story Of Take-Two's New Publishing Label, Private Division With Private Division, Take-Two wants to empower a new breed of indie developer Obsidian Says There Will Be No Microtransactions 'Of Any Kind' In Their Next RPG Answering Five Big Questions About The Future Of Mega Man "2018 is going to be the year where gamers take the power back" Women are most valuable mobile gamers - DeltaDNA Funcom takes $10.6 million investment ahead of licensing push Deus Ex studio Eidos Montreal detail their online-focused plans for the future Crytek Sues Star Citizen Makers For Breaching Contract Popular PUBG streamer DrDisrespect takes hiatus after confessing to infidelity They really like picking the worst people to give these awards to Betting Against Net Neutrality, Companies Offer Gamers a Paid Solution to Lag The big interview: the Gambling Commission on loot boxes The UK Gambling Commission is Clueless About Video Games Another regulator says loot boxes are not gambling Brexit's shadow looms over 2018 What Thursday's FCC Vote Means for Gaming Esports News The State Of Esports In 2017 The Weekend In Esports: Counter-Strike, Pokémon, and Sunshine Russian Player Retires After Riot Suspends Him For Saying League Teams Don't Make Money There Overwatch League Players Keep Getting In Trouble What Disney’s Acquisition of 21st Century Fox Could Mean for Esports Crowdfunding News (not sharing everything I find, just ones that look interesting, have known talent behind them, and a chance to succeed) EARTH ROMANCER Content I found interesting this week (interviews, recommendations, think pieces, history, music, culture, design, art, documentaries, criticism, etc) A month on the road: My indie developer road trip The Puzzle Of A Lifetime 'Gorogoa' Doesn't Explain Itself, but That Doesn't Stop It from Being Great 'Empires of EVE' Creator's New Podcast Tells Online Gaming's Lost Stories Streets of Rage 2, Bare Knuckle 3, the invisible complexity of beat ’em ups, and my very unpopular opinion Your Amiga games are likely dying The path of Leonard Boyarsky - Vampire, Diablo, and what's next for Obsidian Chet Faliszek's AI-powered tactical shooter (that's not about shooting) The Gunsmiths: The deadly bullet ballet of Max Payne 2 Horizon Zero Dawn’s Aloy encouraged me to go looking for my birth parents Lootbox-designer turned indie-developer says triple-A development is "not sustainable" 2017’s most horrifying and heartfelt indie games 18 Games You Might've Missed in 2017 Becoming the ultimate werewolf wizard in retro roguelike Haque The Joy of Learning How to Freeze to Death I Completely Missed The Best Part Of Yakuza 0 “Destiny 2 Finds Its Beauty in Numbers,” by Reid McCarter “The Endless Opulence of Destiny 2,” by Astrid B SOMA is a different game in 'Safe Mode' -- a better one The State Of PC Gaming In 2017 The State Of The 3DS In 2017 The State Of The PlayStation 4 In 2017 The State Of The Xbox One In 2017 The State Of The Nintendo Switch In 2017 People of the Year: Emily Greer People of the Year 2017: Christian Whitehead People of the Year 2017: Strauss Zelnick Game of the Year 2017: Divinity: Original Sin 2 GOTY 2017: #3 Super Mario Odyssey GOTY 2017: #2 PUBG GOTY 2017: #1 The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild The 50 best games of 2017 THE 15 BEST VIDEO GAMES OF 2017 The 10 Best PlayStation 4 Games of 2017 Jesper Kyd Documentary - Bound to Sound | Gameumentary Horizon Zero Dawn Documentary - Noclip The Students Designing the Video Games of the Future: Masters of Gaming In Defence of Zelda: Breath of the Wild's Soundtrack | Game Score Fanfare Indie Games You Missed in 2017 // HeavyEyed How Snake Pass Works | Game Maker's Toolkit A Closer Look At Final Fantasy VII's Battle Cinematics Rainbow Six Siege's Astonishing Comeback Shadowrun FPS and BattleTech Developer Mitch Gitelman - IGN Unfiltered #26 Dinosaur Games shares Jet Set Radio Evolution visual proof of concept turned down by Sega DayZ - Tragedy of the Commons: The Game - Extra Credits The truth about GodMode, the "World's First Brain Booster for Gamers" - Here's A Thing Things I found entertaining throughout the week relating to the game industry I think I've been brutally owned by Ubisoft The Weirdest Patch Notes Of 2017 Things I Missed From Previous Weeks The 10 best video game soundtracks of 2017