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Found 10 results

  1. Battlefront at the moment is Schedule to release in holiday 2015 Hey everyone. I decided to create this thread to gather any and all suggestions you have about battlefront that Dice hopefully listens closely to and e-mail it to them in order for the game to be as good as possible and stay true the the core of what battlefront is and at the same time adding new features that could suit the game. You can put in you suggestions/ideas from other battlefront threads such as battlefront is a first person shooter if you posted any there or not. It's a long shot I know, but there's nothing wrong with trying anyway. I'll update my own post if I come up with any more. My suggestions so far: 1. The game should support 60 players on xbox one, ps4 and pc using 60 fps with lots of details and effects since you are using the frostbite 3 engine and have dedicated servers. If the frame rate works well and is stable and smooth in 60 fps, then you can use it as 343 industries has done with the halo mc collections. 2. Faster, more intense dogfights, enable thrusters for ground vehicles/spacecrafts to boost the craft's speed for a short period of time. Enable evasive maneuvers/ countermeasures to prevent missiles to hit you from behind for example as seen in star wars episode 2, the clone wars movie where obi wan is being chased by jango fett, and in revenge of the sith opening battle sequence. 3. Enable optional cockpit view in space vehicles/land vehicles. 4. Acquiring upgrades and somehow outfit you'r factions ship/ units in multiplayer and its weapons/armor etc to improve them in combat. Having stats for these would be good too. 5. Put in Cooperative challenges in terms of different kind of scenarios of various difficulties in MP for the community to participate in, create something like Star Wars Battlelog similar to BF's Battlelog if it could work. 6. Make sure that the game ships with as much content as possible that should be in the main game at launch, and that the game is as glitch, bug free and runs as smooth as possible avoiding what happened to Bf4's launch. 7. DLC/add on content if needed for the game, if it enhances the gaming experience with new modes, new characters, new armor modifications, new weapons, new vehicles. There should be enough content so that nothing major is missing. Adding content to the game is fine and depending on what kind of dlc it is and if it was in the game at launch or not should determine if the dlc should be free or be bought for a small fee. Please do not shower this game with micro-transactions.
  2. EDIT: A poll has been added in, seeing how there is at least some interest in the premise. The title says it all, as this is simply a suggestion for one of the many things that the Angry Army can throw together in terms of tournament-style setups. This can be viewed in two ways: or Think about it.
  3. Hey guys. Edgar "Dragon" Hinojosa here. I have started doing gaming videos and in the progress of making reviews myself (maybe). I just started so I am gonna have a rough start. My YT is icemen120. Someone else had icemen12 which is my PSN and Steam ID. I am currently doing arcade fighters and old school games. Now I may need some help. So if you can suggest me a game to play next, not only will I give you credit, but I will try my best to get the money and time to play it. And if you're lucky, you may get to play with me sometimes. So I am asking if you can help suggest a new game, I will do my best to make it happen. Thanks for reading and thanks for suggesting (If you have already). YouTube - Unnamed Game Channel Steam and PSN - icemen12
  4. Since you can see people's Steam, Xbox, Playstation and EA account names I think Angry Joe should make an option to show your Nintendo ID on your profile. It would boost the nintendo community on here loads because you can see someone's ID on their profile and add them much easier. Who agrees with me?
  5. Alright guys as the title suggests this is where you'll be posting custom maps that you'd like to see on our server. However before they are officially put on our server I will check each map to see whether or not it is a well balanced map. I will check this topic and do this as often as I can so that I can give our server more variety outside of the maps that are already in the game. Thanks guys!
  6. In case you don't know. A sequel to Mount and Blade Warband has been announced called Bannerlord. They have only released screenshots of the game so I thought it would be a good idea to talk about what we want to see in the game. I even made a video about it: http://youtu.be/tH18oZSsWpw
  7. Console customizations would be really nice. Skins could be made for all consoles depicting pictures of the Angry Army or logos. You could also do controller skins with AJSA written all over them or if you wanted to go all out ACTUAL CONTOLLERS. Other merchandise like mics with logos on them, and a "BadAss seal of approval" sticker that people could put on their games to organize them for fun!!
  8. Greetings AJSA Council, I come to present a suggestion for a possibly growing issue: re-posts and re-threads!!! I am seeing alot of reposting of threads that pop up, a no-no in forum etiquette. Some may not see it as a big deal, which is why I propose a *very* simple and small solution of posting a stickie or adding on to the forum rules to let people know to ***USE THE SEARCH FUNCTION*** (that should probably be the title XD) before you post! So that those pesky reposts won't appear on our beloved forums! Again, not a huge problem atm, but I think I can see it being on as the website and forums grow. (Slightly) Relevant (excuse the language if you will, sorry) Cheers and Best, ShaunOTEast
  9. What TV show would make a great RPG or MMO? Tell me ideas you have on making an awesome RPG based on a TV show? In my opinion, Doctor Who Would make a fantastic RPG/MMO if it were based in the Great Time War or during the show. Imagine creating your own Timelord or Dalek character and traveling across planets and galaxies as a Timelord or Dalek. IMAGINE THE POSSIBILITIES!!!!
  10. Hey Joe, love the website and love your show. Just a quick question though, are you planning on having game journalists (talk about the current gaming news, help you with reviews etc.) for the AJSA like something Gamespot and IGN does. I think that'd be pretty sick. The website has been great so far Joe, you worked your ass off didn't you!