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Found 6 results

  1. O graceful skies of blue and hummes of white. What does soar faster in though you're might. Gravity is beaten by man in red and blue. Though on the ground he softly walks humming g a tune. The might he manges to show then quickly hide from view. Tis he man or God? tis human shape just a faccude? What wait crushes crushes a man of steele ? What is his resolve, what would his personal hel l feel? Truly greater than you or I. The Superman that flies into high of sky.
  2. This thread is basically for all things related to Spider-Man gaming. What do you guys think made USM and Spidey 2 (2004) the best? What do you think should happen to Spidey games? Do you think there should be remasters? The games Spider-Man 2 & Ultimate Spider-Man in my opinion, deserve to be remastered or at least released for backwards compatibility on PS4. If you think so too, use #ps2ps4 on twitter to tell Sony you want them on the PS Store!
  3. Besides the batman arkham games and a few Spider-man games. There are not many good superhero games based off of comics. When will we see a superman game worthy of its lead character? Will deadpool get another chance to show off what he can do? And when will we see an x men game where you can design what your mutant looks like and what his/her powers are? I'm curious to see what comic book based characters should be given a game and how they could be done. (Injustice: gods among us and marvel ultimate alliance are good as well) I'm not saying every game of this genre besides the ones I've mentioned are bad, and it's all opinion based.
  4. Due to the incredible amount of "What is your favorite..." threads recently, and the fact that there a TON of new superhero movies recently, I thought I'd ask who your favorite Hero or Villian is. (No restrictions like only DC or Marvel, Just choose your favorite) Mine is Spider-Man. Because, well, he's f**king Spider-Man. (OK, Maybe it's because those are the only superhero movies I was allowed to watch and I love Spider-Man, but that is but a technicality.)
  5. Hi guys Was wondering if there is anyone here that plays Marvel Heroes? When I played it on launch it didn't really grab me, but have recently been playing quite a bit, and somehow managed to clock up over 200 hours on steam all of a sudden Would be nice to play with some guys from the angry army some time. IGN is Deekay if anyone plays or fancies giving it a go, hit me up.
  6. Alright. I want to open this subject up to the community because I am generally wondering what everyone thinks. Everyone has their opinions on every superhero, and I personally love talking and discussing why Superman is better than Batman, why Thor can beat up the Hulk, or why the Black Lantern Corps is the best best lantern core and I eat it up, reading people talk about the subject. Thanks guys, but keep it clean, friendly, and above else try to avoid cliches. Haha I mean I love discussing why the Justice League is better than the Avengers as much as the next guy but I want to read someone discuss whether Black Adam or Electro is the best. I know I just said something about cliches but I am a die hard Superman fan. From beloved comics like Kingdom Come (my pic actually), to the 2001 TV show series Smallivlle to videogames like Injustice: gods among us. I love Superman not just because he is maybe the most powerful hero in all of Marvel and DC and the fact that he is practically the poster boy for superheros in general, but because of what he stands for. He inspires hope through truth, justice and the american way and he is supposed to be a standard, a roll model for the rest of us to try to live up to. He also alone has the power to combat the most powerful villains in the multiverse like Drakside, General Zod and the Crime Syndicate. He is the best, nuff said.