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Found 29 results

  1. I'm looking to expand my gaming list with new and grand titles. Maybe you all could help, in anyway possible?
  2. Hey guys, look who it is? It’s me, AverageSpacePope. No? No one remembers? Okay… moving on. Joking aside, I’m looking to pump some much needed support into viable games for the AJSA and with the help of the EF, I’m hoping to do just that, starting with, drum roll please... Warframe! (*Insert super expensive clap effect and GIF here*) Now if you’re unfamiliar with Warframe you may be thinking, what the hell is Warframe? Short answer; Warframe is a free-to-play cooperative third-person shooter parkour heavy space ninja simulator. If that has you interested then read on. If you want any further information on the game, click this link here: https://www.warframe.com/game Now to start things off, we’ll be starting our first event this Saturday 21:00 BST. However, this first event will basically a tutorial session. What do I mean? Well, Warframe has a very deep set of gameplay mechanics that, once understood, are very easy to use but are hard to master. In the first few hours of Warframe, the game will take you through a sequence of tutorial/story missions and it’s here where you’ll get to grips with the games mechanics and overall plot/theme. However, the game can be overwhelming for new players and that’s where I come in. I’ll be there to help out and answer any questions that people may have. What if I’ve played the game before and don’t need any help? You’re welcome to turn up any time this month. We’ll be setting up a channel where anyone needing help or just wanting to party up can stay and chat. This is where we’ll be hosting all Warframe events from too. I’m looking to give Warframe a real shot here in the AJSA. Hopefully, you guys and gals will give the game a shot and who knows, maybe it’ll become your new favourite game. SpacePope, over and out. If you have any questions about Warframe, please contact AverageSpacePope. If you have any questions about the EF or any inquiries about current or upcoming EF supported games, please contact an EF representative.
  3. To be fair, this video is NOT much because I made it official a while back but I didn't make a video about it. Now I did and here it is... If you want to help out, the Patreon link is here: http://patreon.com/MegamanNG
  4. I HAD TO DO IT,I JUST HAD TO! But also because i want it and many others peoples too. But the title is too obvious to guess what i want so yea cant say much more. We had the game Officially Support in 2015 and at a certain point we decide to make a break for everyone for a few months,well that break is over. Let me briefly explain, firstly the main reason why i wanna bring back M&B to life is because its Sequel-Prequel, Bannerlord , is underway this year along a public beta testing (TBD). So it will be a perfect time to do so. Link to the older post--------­/ http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/topic/26120-mount-and-blade-napoleonic-wars/ Link to the Steam Group ---------/ [http://steamcommunity.com/groups/AJSAMountBlade Although since its will be a support across all of the franchise (Warband,Bannerlord and its DLC's) i will have to remind you what are the strong points and dark ones that define what this franchise is all about. Strong Points: - Limitless mods support ( I kid you not! Since the devs is mainly focusing on that.) - Spot-on Dedicated Server support.With up to 200 players - Community still going strong after 6-7 years even when Bannerlord has not released yet.(Prepare your Wallets) - Playable on an Elder's computer (Although Bannerlord will required a more beefy pc.) - The DLC are totally worth it and add almost an infinite playtime (It like a game within a game!) - Its on sale regularly and its affordable. For the price its a steal for what your getting in return - In-game editor mode,so you can create maps,mods,textures, ect...) Link to a tutorial ----------/ Darky Points (Not necessary bad) - Graphics are a joke,unless you turned up the setting to max, then it will look ok, but as i mentioned its really easy to run this game. (Bannerlord will kind of fix this with it new engine.) - Melee Combat is easy to learn but once you go into a real melee fight you will get reckt, that obviously not everyone but its hard to master. Events Ideas: - As i mentioned the franchise support countless mods that we can host events on,we just need a server and i know the exact man for that. Here a post showing couple examples: http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/topic/26951-mod-support-potential-event/ -Some mods has a multiplayer support with some sort of progression system in it,keeping the players playing daily if they so choose. List of peoples that wanna be part of this soo far... (I do hate calling members like that) - QwiK (myself,Event Leader and PoC) - The Colonel - Ludium - Ancient - BlackOpsElf - Everyone Else...that have M&B in their library and would come eventually. As i mentioned a lot of peoples is excited to see this game or the franchise as a whole being revived after those months of break. Now i want to make this dream come true so here come the obvious meme that you expected. If you wish to assist me give me a head up and ill talk. Although 1 person running the events is enough unless im absent. Finally keep in mind im not the only PoC here, you can also talk to Balthazar,Conan and/or potentially Eiousx. Lets the fun Rebegin and most important its all about the game and us. - QwiK
  5. Tom Clancy's The Division Beta starts XBone Jan 28, PS4 and PC Jan 29. While the engine looks like it may have been downgraded, the gameplay/mechanics may still be viable. Anyone who plans to be part of the Beta, whether by pre-purchase or beta key, please post here to show your interest. With enough people, we can set up a TS channel specifically for the Beta, and even schedule an event time for enough of us to meet up, maximizing our "REVIEW MODE" ability. We can then compile our feedback for a unified thread to send to the devs. I always think the AJSA needs to be visible, and focused feedback through group threads is one way to do that. If The Division turns out to be a "Classic Ubisoft", then we need not spend a moment longer on it, but if the hype is real, then we can move towards supporting it. After the Destiny debacle, this game could fit that niche for us. Beta sign-up link here: http://tomclancy-thedivision.ubi.com/game/en-us/beta/ Preorder link here (I'm not judging): http://store.steampowered.com/app/365590/
  6. Overwatch Is a new Blizzard First person shooter with elements of Moba. Players have to choose between Offense, Defense, Tank and Support characters combat the enemy team and win designated objectives. The game is inspired by games like Team Fortress 2, Heroes of the storm and World of warcraft. It means that it will connect the best aspects of each into one masterpiece. People that are going to be playing (It comes out 27th this month): - Doctor_GLaDOS - Agosparti - Agent 47 - Seph (at least I think he is). Props: - F2P when leaves Beta - Great Combat Mechanics - Beautiful cartoony graphics - Big variety of heroes - It's a blizzard game so it has to be good Cons: - Closed Beta Example Event: In house casual 5v5 with tournaments and competetive trainings. Closed beta of this game starts 27.10.2015 so if you want to join us, Sign up to beta now !
  7. Hi everyone I'd just like to let you know I stream League almost everyday and I'd like people to check me out and tell me what I'm doing wrong I'm about to stream in 20 minutes and then I will draw annie today because I started a new thing LaidbackMarco's 30 day loli callenge where I'm on day 7 or 8 of drawing anime loli characters. I plan to play either sona or nami because I'm a support main and sona is my main girl. Heres the Link if i'm intrested. . . tell me how to improve my play and stream tyty twitch.tv/laidbackmarco
  8. Insurgency Insurgency is a FPS shooter. However, unlike most FPS games, Insurgency adds a flare of realism to the well-known FPS formula. The follow-up game to the Source mod under the same name, Insurgency is highly competitive and unforgivably lethal and manages to strike a balance between one-life gameplay (Rainbow Six) and prolonged action (CS:GO). The Pros: · Gameplay: If you want to win (or even survive) in Insurgency, you need to be tactical, or you're going to die, A LOT. There’s no minimap, no killcam, no health meter, no hit/kill notification, realistic recoil, etc. Insurgency forces you to check corners, control recoil, to communicate with your teammates, etc. All of this results in some very intense (and sometimes prolonged) firefights. · Team-work: The game actively promotes teamwork. A team full of experienced FPS players communicating to each through TeamSpeak will almost always destroy the opposing team. Therefore, it is very important to communicate with your fellow teammates whenever you can. Relaying a targets position or laying down suppressing fire for a team member stuck behind cover can, more often than not, tip the match in your favour. · Content: There are plenty of weapons and maps, tons of game modes. The game has Co-op, were you and a bunch of friends can battle against difficult groups of AI soldiers. The game also has 8 PVP game modes ranging from standard Teamdeath match to modes such as CTF and a Battlefield-like Rush mode. · Fair gameplay: The game has a great loadout system that revolves around the use of points. As everyone starts with the same points, nobody ever gets an advantage. Plus, most of the guns and gadgets are well balanced. The Cons: · The game can be frustrating (AI a little too accurate at higher levels. There has been moments when I and my entire team have all been killed by a single RPG immediately after spawning). Also, the one hit kill can be annoying for some. · Visually, Insurgency isn't anything special, but the detail put into the guns is well done. However, none of the visuals here will stop you from enjoying the game. · If you are looking for a story, well… there isn’t one. All you need to know is that you’re a guy with a gun and you shoot bad guys for a living. The end. Events: Co-op events: Who can survive the longest on survival mode.PVP events: 2 teams of AJSA members can battle it out. People that are already interested in supporting Insurgency: Tons0fun SgtRoss Saldytuwas Mondez AverageSpacePope agosparti Redjakk Pcgamer41 Donut_king2 Thesilentwindow Zyrken Humourousone
  9. I am a support looking for a team. I can play most supports in the game but My best supports are io, ancient apparition, omni, dazzle.
  10. I just wanted to see how many people are still interested in fully supporting this game for the AJSA. It still has not been updated to a vote from a post back when the whole community launched. It still has not been deleted from that post though, so hopefully we will get a vote eventually. I also wanted to see who would vote for this game, if/when we do get it supported. Thanks everyone.
  11. There's a streamer that I like to watch and I think he could be a much bigger channel if given the exposure. He's a challenger support player and talks with his stream chat and answers questions and the whole nine yards. If anyone is interested you can find him here: http://www.twitch.tv/painlessdeath22
  12. Yo Joes, I have been a fan of the Angry Joe Show for many years now and have supported him and his community for quite some time, but my monetary income is not stable enough for me to constantly provide the money for the service. So I would like to ask a mod or another supporter a few very quick questions: If I cannot provide the money monthly (since 45 dollars a month is just not always in the budget), will I be punished by having my status taken away? What is the preferred method of payment? Is there a more efficient way for you guys to get the money rather than Paypal? Anyway, if anyone could possibly answer these questions for me or point me in the right direction, I would be very appreciative. ~Chivalry
  13. Ok first off, hi, I'm a frustrated Australian gamer who is sick and tired of how gaming companies are treating the entire Oceanic region. However, we don't have a voice. I want to give us one, and I need the Angry Army to support us. I plan on starting a youtube channel with a few other passionate gamers and doing something like machinima and game grumps, but for this cause. This will take a lot of effort, and potentially a good amount of money. We will not be profiting from this. We have a lot to plan before doing anything. For example: Who does what, The name of the Channel, segments, and more. I will be leading the charge to fight for equality in the gaming industry. I will be putting a lot of time and effort into organizing this. I need to get programs, learn to use them, learn to edit (video and audio), and so much more. But it is worth the effort! I am going to put my all into this cause, and I hope I can find people who will do the same. I know there is a small chance of success, but that wont stop me from trying. Something has to be done. Video plans for the future/brainstorms: Group rants. Solo Rants. Gameplay of high ping in popular games. News. Company praising. Company shaming. There will certainly be more ideas in the future and some of these, or most of these ideas, can be scrapped. I know somebody who knows people, so this idea can spread. If anyone is willing to offer their help, I will definitely discuss things with you and see if anything can be done. This will not be a quick project, this will be a very long one. I am not made of money, and I am in the process of getting ready to move at the end of the year, which will put me in a horrible spot as I will be moving somewhere with horrible internet and little space at first. It's family, and me and my family will be looking for a place to buy or rent afterwards, but I will not be in an owned or rented place for a minimum of 6 months. But I will still be putting effort into the cause. I am very passionate and I am only turning 18 in may. Yeah, I am a youngin, but I want change more than anything. This cause is by gamers, for gamers. Oceanic Gamers Unite! P.S: Forgive me for grammar, spelling, or idea errors, as I was typing this at midnight. P.P.S: This idea is not a flash in the pan, this is going to be a revolution
  14. A little something I did in response to another YouTuber. I did Fighting is Magic while talking so hope you enjoy.
  15. Currently a team of four regular players, need another member and other people to play with in general. Living in UK would be ideal for server connection. We usually use Skype while we play. Leave a link to your steam profile below.
  16. Hey everybody, I just want to put out an announcement about Awesomenauts. Its a 2D, 3v3 MOBA with a cool saturday morning cartoon feel. A decent way of explaining it is Smash Bros. meets LoL. I just wanted to know how many people would enjoy playing it for the AJSA. There is an old post in the "Should we play this game" sub-forum, which hasn't really been touched since it was made back when the whole community launched. I also made a new post over in the MOBA gaming sub forum seeing if there were any people left who would come out and support the game if/when it gets voted on. Thanks all!
  17. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1294225970/kingdom-come-deliverance?ref=live I hope this project will succeed!
  18. Hi The info is especially for the tech guy\group who run this site and forum. Guys, you should check if some foreign domains like xyz.ru or xyz.pl are supported by your validating system. Because i tried two of my national email portals, and validating message was not sent to either of them even in 2 days after signing up here. Then i made a new Gmail adress and everything was ok, message was sent in something like 15 seconds. So, you should check it out
  19. So ever since worlds, and maybe a little bit before it, support Annie has become a common thing to see and played with. For the most part she gets compared to Sona who i think is probably the most popular Support by most pro players and by myself personally, that being said how good actually is Support Annie? For the most part I can understand her amazing lane phase but she seems to fall off mid and late game, unlike sona who can at least provide her team with buffs, slows, and damage reduction. What do you guys think? Does Annie have a place as a full time support now that her potential there has been tested? or do you think she is a niche pick based on the Current Meta enviorment?
  20. Hey guys I'm looking to join a casual team in League of Legends. I been playing for about 2 years now and I know a lot about the game. I'm only level 23 but I'm getting better. Looking to join a team to play with on NA server. I main ADC's as that is the role I am most comfortable playing. I play a lot of different champs on ADC like Tristana, Ashe, Sivir, Quinn, Graves, Draven, etc. I know a lot of different champs. I am aslo a decent support. My IGN is Tyranichu.
  21. Hello guys, I wanted to start a little discussion about which supports should be good in the most recent patch that brought alot of change to especially the role. I myself have found a few that I find particularly interesting. One of these is support Orianna. I have always thought of Orianna as a character that could support with relative ease before the patch. But 3.14 really tipped her over the edge for me. Royal Tabe showed us the power of support Annie and I do believe Annie and Orianna have some similarities in the support role. They both have great scaling on damage items which makes for a splendid transition to the lategame, pretty decent autoattack range, a defensive buff for themselves (orianna can place this on someone else as well) and a big AoE damage and CC ultimate. The similarities here make me want to compare the two. Annie is mostly played for her huge damage and passive stun (although pretty unreliable), her trading becomes really efficient with her defence buffs/damage return. Orianna however lacks the stun but gains a huge amount of utility found in her shield and movement manipulation. I found Orianna to be much more reliable when peeling and disengageing and way more safe, because her spells have all really (I mean really) long range since using Command: Protect as the epicenter of all your spellcasts is the thing you'll do most. This leads to me preferring Orianna over Annie because I feel like Orianna brings way more to her team than just damage and a stun that you can't even use on demand. So on to you guys, who do you think are good supports that could really impact a lane and team but are not currently classified as a support.
  22. I am starting to notice that certain people like comments and posts and other dont really care for this system and dont use it. Could there be a better user rating system than this? For me it would be more of, a "You have had this many posts with this many people replying to those posts. Using this information it could tell if your an active member and rate you "excellent" instead of if someone feels charibitle to give you a like. Its just what im noticing and feel free to point out the errors ^^;
  23. Hey guys, I have a youtube channel but nobody ever seems to want to visit it, give me any support or even look at my videos..I only have 3 right now and I can easily make more but..I just don't have the motivation. 1 hour render, 2 hr + upload..for 10 views? That's just not worth it. So i was hoping if I could get some support from the army, I could do more, maybe get my own fan base, etc, and of course thank Joe for this site and the chance to advertise my channel. Eventually I would do my own reviews. I don't have any type of camera yet, but once I eventually get one I will probably do vlogs, reviews, gameplay with reactions, you know the deal. Anyway..here it is https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHteJJM57mAlLQJ2kpP5Hww
  24. Here is what I've been posting everywhere I can where we could get support , now I come to the Angry Army because I love you guys and I believe we can make a change! I would like to ask everybody to sign the petition and support a whole army of EU players who have been wronged! And if our Lord Commander Angy Joe would like to do a video on the subject I would love to also be a part of it and share my anger with the world and hopefully make Riot Games listen to it's fanbase. One love for the Angry Army <3 . "We deserve compensation ! I've played in the NA server in Season 2 and I remember being compensated for every server crash , this is unacceptable ! I and the whole EU community are devoted players of the game and like any other player we deserve to be compensated for supporting a game that is faulty when it comes to EU servers! You cannot treat us like we are unworthy players! And to people who play in the NA server I would like to ask you to sign the petition as well , we are all one community and I would like to know we support each other. To Riot Games , compensate us , and I don't mean some IP boost for 7 days , I mean RP. We have gotten nothing while you support your NA subscribers with RP for Christmas and every little crash. I think we deserve a big compensation for the last two months because I play from Venlo in the Netherlands and I have upwards of 678 ping in every third game at least two times which disconnects me for 2 minutes and I fall back. The game in it's current state is faulty and it needs fixing , also the players need to be compensated! The next step would be boycotting the game , but I hope it would not go to that extreme , because I do know a big community of players who would move to a different MOBA if such mistreatment of us is still in effect , I will personally see to it that a boycott would be started if we are not compensated." http://www.change.org/petitions/compensation-for-euw-eune-players#
  25. Hello there! I am xenopuff and I am a guy who likes to play support roles. In battlefield 4 and Planetside 2 I focus on being the squad medic and in Dota I play mainly support heroes. I love gaming and am open and love trying new games. I am not a very competitive gamer, the most competitive i get is in dota 2, but even then I focus on having fun and trying to be nice. I enjoy teaching new players for Dota and I like gamers who can put aside winning and just focus on having a good time - but yes, winning is nice : P I vow to serve the Angry Army with my life!