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Found 1 result

  1. So 2 days ago I finished my work early in the middle of the day at work and I browsed through the iphone app store. I stumbled across this game called Joe Dever's Lone Wolf. Because it is free, at first I thought it's going to be one of those cheapass mobile games that requires in-game purchases like so many other free games do, but I downloaded it because it looks like an interesting game. So I did, surprisingly took a lot more space than Infinity Blade. And I was so dead wrong about my initial impression. This game is one of the best rpgs I have ever played, not just on mobile, but on consoles and PC too. You know those "choose your own adventure book" where you read something and the page gave you a choice like "if you want to fight a dragon head on, turn to page 67" or something like that? This game is actually a prequel of sorts to this Lone Wolf choose your own adventure book by Joe Dever. It took place between chapter 2 & 3 of the Kai series. But it doesn't matter if you have read the book or not because the game itself has a solid story that's easy to understand for newcomers. It's like Wolf Among Us where you don't need to know anything about the Fables book which the game is based on to enjoy the game. The game itself is so unique. It's a combination of reading a book and playing a turn based combat rpg, with a bit of lockpicking here and there. Most of the game is presented in book format, so you read what happens as you progress through the game with cool looking artworks. The cool thing is that during many parts of the book, you are given choices that will determine the outcome later in the game. Say you are currently in a situation where you need to choose how to get an item behind a door. You can choose to either go the straightforward route and break the door down, lock pick the door, or use magic to manipulate objects to open the door. Depending on your choice, the plot will progress differently. And depending on if you choose either straightforward break stuff up, be smart and use traps often or use magic often, you will level up your health, magic and stamina depending on your choices after different chapters of the book are completed. The combat of this game is what makes me like this game a lot, aside from the unique book format. When you go to battle, the game will change from book format to 3d format like usual games do. The game uses a turn based system and the game looks like this. The bar on the top left are your health (red) Mana (blue) And stamina (green) The yellow bar that has a wolf on top is your turn gauge. If this gauge is drained, you can't do anything. So what you want to do is to attack enemies as much as you can during the turn. You have a varied way to attack, which depends on which part of the body you tap. See that blue circle on the character's body? Tap one of them to start attacking. If you choose the sword, you can do light, medium or heavy attacks. The medium and heavy attacks can let you do combos if you follow the on screen prompt, like flick up, tap a circle or something like that. Attacking will drain your stamina, and if you don't have enough stamina, you can't attack, unless you use a magic spell that allows you to attack without stamina. If you choose the knife on your leg, you will throw knifes at enemies. These do minimal damage but you can throw as much as you want without using stamina as long as you have enough knifes. If you choose that middle circle above the potions, you'll do one out of 4 magic based attacks. These varies depending on which magic you choose at the beginning of the game. I personally choose healing, shadow form which lets me dodge every incoming attacks, object manipulation and the fighter spirit skill which lets me attack without worrying about stamina. Healing is awesome because it restores your stamina and health to full, so use it as often as possible. If you choose that sword on your back, you'll use the super awesome sword Sommerswerd which has 3 special attacks. These uses magic. One is to heavily damage a single enemy and set fire damage on them, the other is to attack everyone on screen and cripple them, which is the best attack because your enemy will always miss their attacks and you can do a counter attack every time. I have not unlocked the third skill yet. What I like about the combat is it's both challenging and fun, especially when you dodge an enemy attack and counter attack him. Unlike most traditional turn based rpgs, you can fight enemies without ever losing a life if you do the right moves like going to defend mode to dodge every enemy attacks, use abilities that can stun or cripple enemies which makes them miss their attacks, and finish off enemies with a special attack that can give you a huge mana refill for your next fight. It's such a refreshing change to the usual formula of waiting for turns and getting lucky. I can't praise this game enough. There are things I left out like you can buy items and upgrade items in the item shop, but that's standard fare for rpgs. If you have either an iphone, ipad, android or whatever smart phone you have, you got to get this game. It's for free and there's a season pass that lets you get more chapters. It's worth it.