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Found 22 results

  1. So...my sister got me hooked on Subnautica. I had heard snatches about it a few years ago, but now the game has officially released...and has an ending! I love it! While I generally consider myself a person with few fears and the ability to manage the ones I have...deep open water scares the crap out of me! Even though I'm well aware that most of the really big sea creatures on our own planet aren't all that interested in little old you (whales and such), the very idea of looking down past your feet and seeing nothing but deep blue fading to black is terrifying! Needless to say, the bigger creatures in Subnautica DO very much want to EAT YOU! And I had a blast finding ways to survive while staying as far as possible from reaper leviathans. I won't spoil the storyline, but I thought it was well written, and I really appreciated that there was an actual end to the game. Usually, survival games just give you the goal of "survive and explore" or "horde phat loot", and for me, the fun wears out really quickly when there's no endgame. I wish more open-world survival games would do what Subnautica does, and it gives me a small amount of hope for Fallout 76...but only a little. And at $24.99 on Steam, I thought it was a really good value. The graphics are nice, I ran into few if any bugs and the development team seems dedicated. 8/10
  2. Ok. Started a new Fallout 4 character on the new Survival difficulty. Run down of the experience so far: 1 - first, before I could even START a new game I had to disable all my mods just to get the stupid game to load. This is a bug because they all worked again once I was able to find a save point and reactivate them. 2 - speaking of saving...limited autosave and no quicksaving got old REAL fast. Now, keep in mind when I play normally I sometimes forget to save at all, and considering how many bugs there are in the game it was fortunate that the game had an autosave. While I like the idea of only being able to save by sleeping in a bed the game is faaaaaar too unstable to make this practical. Oh, did I mention I was KILLED BY TRYING TO SLEEP SO I COULD SAVE??? Fixed it by downloading a mod. 3 - no fast travel...I'm actually looking forward to working around this. Since this is a new character I haven't made it very far yet. but I think not being able to fast travel is going to force me to set up mini-bases at the various settlements. I'll definitely have to create market stalls so I can sell stuff. So far this promises to be the neatest challenge to work with. 4 - hunger, thirst, tiredness and disease...all features that I intentionally modded into Skyrim and other Fallout games. The only problem I have is that while the effects they have on you are great (not regenerating health and action points as quickly, difficulty aiming/lockpicking, etc.) they come on you way to quick. I drank two purified waters until it said I was properly hydrated and ten minutes later I was thirsty again. Will have to find or request a mod to adjust those values. 5 - no console...the command is locked out so you can't access it. normally this is fine, half the time I hit the stupid ` key while trying to hit 1 anyway. But...I have a crafting mod installed that allows you to place objects more precisely and make your settlements look much nicer (also helps get rid of those annoying corpses that won't de-spawn). It requires the console to work. Have to find a fix or my settlements are going to look boring again. Beyond that I need a few more tests. The "no saving" was the biggest draw back, which I knew it would be. Like I said, Bethesda games are just far too unstable to make limited saving a practical feature.
  3. Hello i did not post any stuff on the forum for a long time hope you guys dont mind that But today i discover this cool game and i hope AngryJoe will cover this too or at least add it to his list of cover.
  4. Welcome to Planet Chaos! We are two guys who like to have a laugh while playing video games. We will be doing game walkthroughs of new and old games, with some random games mixed in. We play all sorts of games focusing on older games in particular but failing very hard sometimes enjoy. Come and join the fun! https://youtu.be/Mz6DAQDFHU4
  5. Seems like a cross between Space Engineers and Ark. It's open world, and seems to be getting good EA reviews. I've got it, and I'll be trying it out. Come find me in one of the public TS rooms, and if enough people try it, we'll get a lobby. http://store.steampowered.com/app/383120
  6. So i stumbled upon this game through rock paper shotgun it's a open world survival game set onboard a vessel called Eden set out in the middle of the ocean. you have the ability to create a "safezone" which will require maintenance go run without problems But it seems as if this game has no real "ending" as i quote from RPS's article "you exist in this world, and as far as i can tell, you are not there to find answers or escape, you are simply there to survive for as long as possible. You are a witness to the aftermath of catastophe rather than a saviour." Wheter this is true or not is up to debate. Another interesting feature is the ability to either start fresh, or start as a new character in your old deceased characters world. Certainly a game im looking forward to Here is the link to their webpage http://www.pamelagame.com/ But what are your thoughts ?
  7. Greetings Locals of the Forum. One of my favorite series that i ever played, is the Metro series, and as someone who creates content over the internet, i wanted to share this series with you. I play on the hardest difficulty, most of the time, depends on how hardcore i want to play this game...and of course it comes with a lot of death. I will try to share with this community as much as I can, because i haven't been here for so long, and perhaps disappearing was a mistake. But as a military soldier, it is a problem to appear when it is impossible that is why everything is scheduled in advance. I hope you will stick around and stay tuned, and perhaps give me the power and will to continue with this. Here are the shared at the moment episodes, more to come in the future.
  8. Yes, yes i know that there is so many survival games out there But i still thought that this looked interesting. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f6ZfnQo4pbE The game is supposedly a mix between Dayz,Rust, Spore,Risk and Tribes:Vegeance. an odd mix of games, but it could work It is currently in Beta and you can sign up here https://docs.google.com/forms/d/162Ns9xELiF68me4Gqf14KO3qktLcZLE3FnMS8uEUriQ/viewform?edit_requested=true And if you're interested you can greenlight it on steam http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=493758977 What do you think about it ?
  9. I want to thank everyone that participated in the Insurgency Survival Competition and I hope that you all enjoyed it. This competition was mostly a test to see how something like this should be executed. I'll personally be using the feedback that I've received from this competition to better improve future events/competitions in the future (e.g. better prizes, more accessible challenges, etc). Now onto the winners of the competition. Congratulations to Dodge Ram1500 for successfully destroying everyone in the competition with a record of Level 35. You'll receive both your game code and MVP Ribbon as a prize. However, we have a second MVP Ribbon to give out to Redjakk for successfully getting to Level 18, by himself, armed only with a knife and a silenced pistol. Even Sam Fisher would be impressed! If you have any ideas for what you would like us to do for an Insurgency event/competition, please don't hesitate to comment below.
  10. Attention Soldiers! We have a brand new competition taking place for Insurgency! For the next 2 weeks (19 February – 5 March), the AJSA will be hosting an Insurgency competition on the AJSA Insurgency Coop server. The game mode being played will be Survival (Wave defence/Horde mode). To take part, you must follow these simple rules: 1. First, join the AJSA coop server. If you need help finding the AJSA Coop server, please click this link and follow the instructions given: http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/topic/25722-welcome-to-the-insurgency-sub-forum/ 2. Next, survive for as many waves as possible. 3. Once you have completed a round, take a screenshot of the rounds results (you can do this in-game by pressing F12 or by using a program such as Fraps). Here are some examples: 4. Post the screenshot of your best round (the round with the highest waves survived) here on this thread (or on the front-page article) along with your in-game name and a picture the end scoreboard. Once you've done all of this, you'll be entered into the competition. The person with the highest amount of waves survived will be declared the winner. The winner will receive a copy of Interstellar Marines (Spearhead Edition) which also comes with a second copy of the game that you can share with a friend. The winner will also receive the AJSA Champion Award to adorn their forum profile! · Do I have to play on the AJSA server to take part? Yes. In order to keep track of player stats, you have to play on the AJSA Coop server in order to take part. · Can we change the difficulty of the AI? No. The AI’s difficulty will be locked to the hardest difficulty (Brutal) in order to make things even more challenging J. · What if I’m playing together with a group of friends? In the event that you and your friends have the highest score/waves survived, the winner will then be decided by score. The person with the highest score will be declared the winner. If you have any questions regarding the competition or anything Insurgency related, please contact the AJSA Insurgency game officer, AverageSpacePope.
  11. What do you think of this game as of right now? Suggestion for the dev (hes only one who made the game) Likes,Dislike Post your Servers Heres Gun Additions ECT...)
  12. Honestly I'm getting kinda tired of all these survival-zombie-building type games that are out now. Let's see, we have Minecraft, Starbound, Rust, DayZ and those are just the ones I know. I'm also a bit tired of the retro 16bit, 8bit style games that are all over the internet, especially steam. I play Minecraft, but that's just for the creative and building stuff with my friends, I don't play survival much anymore. The thing that bothers me is when I see someone on the internet go "on I only play indie games because everything else is just copy-and-paste" or something like that; and a lot of indie games are like that. Now don't get me wrong, I still like a lot of indie games and I don't want to start a flame war but it seems like a lot of these types of games are drowning the market.
  13. I was part of the first 200,000 to get into the mod and now that the Stand Alone has been released I was wondering if anyone willing to band together and prosper in these times of uncertainty. We are not bandits, we represent the AJSA and we will be saviors not demons. The Stand Alone is new and we can prosper during this learning time. Add me on steam through my AJSA profile if your are interested.
  14. So a game that has increased in popularity over on Steam,it has a similar premise of other games in that genre. (DayZ, WarZ, 7 days to die, Etc) https://www.playnether.com/ here is a link to their website if you wanted to know more about it. Now the game is still in Beta so alot of the ingame features changes. Personally i actually enjoy the game. The map is smaller compared to other zombie survival games out there, which makes for more of a tense and closed of feeling. The gameplay is hard and punishing if you're not careful, and other players tend to be hostile. But that's something i like about the game, you are most of the times looking out for other players, either to kill or to avoid. Also that it changes it up with some Nether demons instead of zombies, because zombies was getting repeditive. But why choose this over some of the others out there? The REALLY popular game DayZ are getting it's standalone and you can also buy access to it's beta. But personally i think it's because Nether is played on a smaller map. Because it is in a city and not more. There arent that much akward travel where nothing happens other than your character runs through a huge map with nothing on it. But what do you thing about the game ? Does it look good/bad ? Is it good/bad? or what ever you want to say about the game.
  15. This is my experience with "Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs" in a nutshell: Walk along the right wall (using ladders whenever they come up), while you test and re-test all doors, levers, buttons, and so on, just to see if they work at all. :-P This game is incredibly bland, as you just walk around, trying to figure-out what you CAN interact with, so that you can solve/trigger overly-simple puzzles/events. It doesn't even matter what you do in the game anyways, since there's no penalties for acting like an incompetent fool in the game. One example is that you quickly regenerate any health lost from being damaged. In fact, no matter what mistake you make, the game will act as if you never made the mistake at all. "Oh, you died?... I'll instantly respawn you a couple of feet away at full health, without even taking away any past progress!" If you want a great "horror" gaming experience, then buy yourself "Amnesia: The Dark Descent". You get to interact with so many things; and you have to actually pay attention to whatever is going on with the game, including the story (as it helps you solve fairly elaborate puzzles). Your resources are also limited; and you often get punished no matter what you do. For example, you go insane if you don't have a light source, but you're incredibly limited in the way of creating/getting any of them. There's even times where you need to avoid light, since you don't want enemies to notice you.
  16. I am completely in love with Rust at the moment, the game is much smoother and polished than DayZ and the plethora of other zombie survival games currently available (In my opinion, you can enjoy whatever you wish). The first night I had the game I stumbled across two guys with shacks, we met and I made my house with them. Over the next hour the area expanded and we eventually had a walled town with 20-30 people inside it! We would go on hunting expeditions, craft together, socialize and take turns on tower watch duty. Unfortunately on the sixth night while I was inside my shack the town was set upon by bandits with automatic weapons, they murdered everyone who couldn't get to their house in time. I was petrified with fear of them hearing me so I didn't dare move until morning when some of the other survivors came back. Needless to say that was awesome! Who else has had some time with the game? I'd love to hear your thoughts and stories!
  17. What do you guys think about the DayZ standalone? The video shows the pre-alpha testing by Dean "Rocket" Hall showing us all the new content that's coming in the DayZ standalone (Warning:This is raw footage,and any bugs that may happen during the video will not be on the release version,after all its only Pre-Alpha) DayZ was due to come out in 21.12.2012 which was an almost a year ago. As for the DayZ standalone,its completely separated from ARMA franchise,its a game of its own.If anyone played the mod,most of you guys know that the biggest problem with the mod is the hackers,cuz all of the procesing was on the client side,so hackers had very easy job in scripting the game how they wanted it.Now the game is run on the server side,which makes hacking much more difficult. What can you expect in the DayZ standalone (quoted from the http://dayzdev.tumblr.com)
  18. Has anyone played No More Room in Hell yet? Evidently it's been out for a while. I finally played it with a friend and HOLY CRAP is it fun. Intense survival gameplay mixed with some really good, if not completely finished, game mechanics. Although we use Skype, the radio system is a great idea, and the fat that you can get infected and slowly die and become a zombie without telling your teammates (kinda screwing them over if you want) is amazing Check it out if you haven't here: http://store.steampowered.com/app/224260/
  19. Just started a new series.... MC because it's so creative and orginal and it has never been done before, but with a twist we are creating our own relgion from sticks and stones. It's going to be good. http://bit.ly/I7uQCG
  20. Before you automatically start hating on me for ever thinking/feeling that way about the game, I'd like to say that I did enjoy some of the aspects of the game. In survival mode, it's fun at the beginning, because you have the end-goal of surviving, which then leads you to making various farms, shelters, storage units and so on. I even liked defeating the ender dragon when I finally found him. Although, after doing all that stuff, I didn't find any point of doing anything. Even though I'm generally not into PVP, I did try lots of different kinds of servers with their own unique play style (PVP, survival, islands, guilds, towns, mini-games, twilight forest, etc.). I was able to hold my interest, and enjoy, the game during the relatively "short" times that I was in survival mode (whether modded or not), progressing towards the end goal of "survival maintenance". I'd build all kinds of different practical things every time I found a new place, but then I would completely lose interest after I'm "set for life" in the game. Generally, I need practical goals to a rewarding end; and it has to be an actual reward, even if it's something like a rank or achievement title (although, practical rewards are best). Doing something, in itself, should not be it's own reward in my opinion. In creative mode of the game, and after the whole "survival maintenance" situation in survival mode, there's no point of me doing anything, beyond just showing-off some visually-appealing creations. Mini-games have a certain short-lived charm, but the game's PVP (exploited greatly in "hunger games" servers) generally sucks. The PVP is usually based on luck, since you basically open random chests to get whatever's inside and hope that the items can help you survive through the massacre. Even when you're equal to your opponent, it all comes down to spamming the same key, hoping that you've hit the guy more than you've been hit, based at least partially on server responses and delays/lag. There are way better well-known PVP games out there that you can enjoy for free. Honestly, I totally "get" the charm of Minecraft overall. To put it simply, it's a virtual and more modern version of building block toys (e.g. Lego's)., where you can potentially build anything to your heart's desires. I've seen great videos and photos of people's creations online. Things can get pretty impressive. But that's pretty-much where it ends for me. If you so happen to adore Minecraft, then by all means, go ahead and spend endless hours trying to build an entire living planet; and go ahead and upload that stuff to YouTube or whatever. Meanwhile, I'm gonna stick with games that revolve around specific goals (at least for the most part).
  21. (First I want to say sorry for the fact this little review thing is written pretty poorly, I was hoping Joe may eventually review it.) This game is awesome, I definitely recommend it. The game is early release, and things are still being patched, but it is still amazing. I have never seen a zombie game this good. It is like the Left 4 dead and Dayz had a child. You take control of many survivors, some are always the same (story ones) and others change every playthrough. You do nto get attached to them the way you would characters in The Walking Dead, but you feel sad when you see one of your people ripped to shreds, and you know it is your fault. If the AIs have a bomb or molitov, they will go out in a blaze of glory (You can to, but it is emotional when you see a character you've grown to like, explode.) It is incredibly replayable, based on the amount of random factors you will never have playthroughs that are even close to identical. The game plays while your off (hear me out) if you leave your group with low morale and few supplies, you may come back to learn somebody took their own life, or that people are sick and starving. Check out is only 20 dollars on steam and is worth every penny. Of course you should do a little more research before buying, just get the idea of how it plays. I suggest the video linked below. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xiv8VwnNgQU
  22. So I was browsing steam today when I saw a game called "NETHER" in the featured section. It looked like a post-apocalyptic survival game, with a ton of different enemies. I looked through some information about it, but I honestly couldn't get a sense of what the game was about. As far as I know, you can buy the early access build on steam for $30-$50. Does anyone own this game, or know enough about it to give me some background? -Thanks!