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Found 4 results

  1. People, Check out Grey Goo, made by Petroglyph Games, an indie studio formed from the creative minds of Westwood studios, creator of the Command and Conquer Series and the progenitors of RTS.
  2. Hello as stated above my name is PhatomMiG. I play on wii u, xbox one and PC. I play a wide range of games from Civ 5 to Call of Duty and Destiny. I am trying to graduate to a new tactical and strategic level of gaming thinking but I have trouble either A. playing strategy games with people that I know or B. being beaten so badly before I can learn. I hope to find some guidance and hope to play and learn with everyone in the AJSA. I also want to point out that while I am from the USA I am living in Sweden using a decent laptop so there could be time zone problems. Also below is a list of strategy games and the level of knowledge I have. Steam Total War Shogun 2 and Rome 2 (Never completed a campaign) Company of Heroes 1 & 2 (Only played 2's Vanilla campaign on Normal) Starcraft 2 Wings of Liberty and Heart of the Swarm (Beat campaign on normal ) Civilization 5 All Dlc and Expansions (I win on prince and lower and am working on getting higher difficulty. Glory to Sweden) Civ Beyond Earth (Beat on normal) Wargame European Escalation and Airland Battle (never went past the first missions) Want and will probably get soon EU:4 (Glory to Sweden) Crusader Kings II Thanks alot and I do play other games and I am always willing to help if I can
  3. So I want to make a dual wielding rogue character and I just started out yesterday. Currently level 8. For range, I want to get a overall quick getup that can take out things at range AND up-close. For close range, I chose dual daggers but am conflicted for the at-range part. Do I farm for some pistols or just level up to level 14 so I could equip the shortbow I got by grinding yesterday? Bear in mind that the choice will carry on till the end. Currently on TS and doing the daily activities. Help will be extremely welcome.
  4. This is to help people that want to be a more effective squad member. Some Do's and Don't if you will. The opinions expressed forth are my own and are by no means me saying I know better than you but is just my take on the subject. IF I offend someone, I don't care, grow up. I apologize for typos in advance. Also foul language ahead. You have been warned. Introduction Hello again Angry Army And thanks for swinging on by. By now hopefully you have played the game a bit and your looking for doing something more than just running around with a bunch of pubs shooting at anything blue or purple. Maybe you've been in a bad squad, maybe you want to know if it was your fault. Maybe you just want to be a better person. Well I'm here to help. In here I'm going to do some ramblings on and maybe there's a tip in here you can pick up and apply it on the battlefield. I guess you could call these some basic tactics for squad members. I just call it somethings that shouldn't be said........but here we are. Sad yeah.... Anyways lets get going. Fight together First of all lets think to other MMO games. I'm going to use WoW in this example. (I think I threw up in my mouth a little) When you go to run a dungeon on it you need a party, right? What makes up your party? Well there's a tank, a healer, and some DPS classes. Now do they go in there and just bash the shit out of whatever they want...... OK sadly yes, nowadays the game has devolved into that. BUT back in the day it wasn't like that, the tank had to chose targets carefully, crowd control was important, and each person had to know what they were supposed to do, otherwise the group fell. Then your running back to your body and people are mad, its just not so much fun. You needed a team to survive. We all in agreement on that? Good, I see a lot of yesses. Good, good. SO WHY THE FUCK IS EVERYONE RUNNING AROUND AIMLESSLY IN PS2! Sorry had to get that out of my system. OK lets play some Planetside 2. Your in and you've join a squad. First thing, know what the hell your class does. There are a few guides on here about it, such as http://www.angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/topic/7041-how-to-play-ps2-properly-planetside-for-dummies/, or http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/topic/7289-the-planetside-commandments-guide-and-tips-for-gameplay/. So I'm not going to tell you how to play your class. But as a basic infantry rule of thumb, Maxes go in first, then heavies, then medics/engies. Light assault and infiltrators are really the only classes that should be "lone-wolfing." And the reason for that is they can flank or get to hard to get to areas while the main force moves as one to the objectives. They sow chaos in the enemy by attacking from unlikely areas. They keep them off guard and widdle them down. Cause them to look in different directions. Basically they make their force weaker than yours. EVERY squad I have been has had an objective. Everyone. Not once have I played PS2 in a team death-match mode. OK Bio labs might be kind of a gray area and I can see where you would be confused. But think about it, every time you attack somewhere your squad has a goal in mind, take A point, bring down the shields. So don't go into a building or location one at a time with several meters between you and the guy in front of you. Because you know what happens then? He gets shot, then the guy reloads, reacquires where he was looking or guarding, then pops your ass. Why does everyone drop at the same time in a gal drop? Why do all the maxes run it AT ONCE in a Max crash? Because its more effective! Sure people Die at different times and respawn at the different times, but would it kill ya to wait a second or two for even one guy to breach a room with ya. Look it comes down to this. By moving together it makes that your attack more crushing and harder to defend against or recover from. Sure you three die, but you took two of the bastards to hell with ya. Now there's only one. That next guy behind you takes him out and we start capping the point. Wow that's funny. Also next time you go into ANY room look around at all the places you would take to defend this building. Both sides of the door, other side of the console, up the stairs, looking down from up top. Wow that's a ton of places for your ONE gun to look at. Bet you wished you had brought some friends to check the left side as you turned right........ Yeah that's where the guy that just shot you was. In the end: fight and die together: You have a way better chance either attacking or defending if your moving with several buddies than by yourself. And less likely for an infiltrator to decloak and SMG your ass down. Man fuck them. I hate those guys. Talk to your squaddies You need to communicate with your squad. Really if you are trying to be more effective as a squad member and cant communicate with your fellow Joes, Stop reading right here. Nope I don't want any more of your time. Ok is he gone? Good, lets continue. I dont care if its by in game chat, voice chat, TS, pressing Q or damn smoke signals. Let your buddies know something of importance. Where the enemy is, what door they are breaching through, if you need help, if you need a gunner. I will put money that says a poor skilled team that communicates effectively will beat ANY squad that cant. Why? Do you use your minimap? Sure you do, you see those red dots and arrows, and as you see one close to you, you change your tactics, you go from an open, whats in front of me, to where is this guy at, mode. Now lets apply that same thing to a capture room. There nothing on the mini map, seems clear. Sure there are some friendly guys nearby by there's most likely no one there because they would of been shooting at your light assault friend flying nearby. Time for some quick certs and to start the count down on this outpost. You run in like John Wayne, and end up back at the respawn room. Why? Because of the three guys holding it down. Now lets take this scenario and apply some communication. Your buddy on the hill just saw three guys run into A point. Your nearby so you head over. Now if you read the section above you know to work as a team. You tell that guy to breach on the door away from you. As you are doing so you wait a few seconds for another buddy to run up. You both wait for your friend to start firing into the room then burst in there and wipe them out. Could you do that if you couldn't communicate......ehhh maybe, but it falls into more luck than skill. Alright good look at you guys, working as a team, talking to each other. Let's listen in. Ohh your reloading, OK, good, yeah we are on Indar. Ohh he needs a gunner for is Lib. The enemy is taking C, Snipers on the hill, mags are coming in. Cloaker, You need a heal, max down, two guys...........SHUT THE FUCK UP! Alright, I'll admit it, I set you up for failure. But something I forgot to mention. Communicate effectivly. When to speak, and when to shut your yap Well at least your all talking, that's a plus. But see the thing is, everyone does not need to hear stupid crap. Really, learn to say whats important and whats not. This is something that's not a science, its more of an art. And its not something that can really be taught but you just have to get a feel for it. But there are a few rules. And from here on out I'm assuming your using a microphone, because if your not, well your not as effective as you can be. Now that being said I'm not bashing those that dont use their mic. Hey, if I sounded like i had something up my hind quarters I wouldn't talk either. Some people I've played with don't use mics and are sharp as a switchblade. This for those of you that do talk, sometimes too much. DON'T TALK OVER THE SQUAD LEADER. Or more so the platoon leader. really it drives him up the wall, and it takes time away from him trying to relay orders. When PL or SL talks its time for you to shut your mouth and listen, then do as your told. OK its great that you found the enemy sunderer. Cool but guess what, we aren't staying here, so hogging the mic for 30 seconds trying to get some friends to help, is now 30seconds wasted because while you were talking louder that PL he wants you to move out and attack a new location, or new continent. The quicker that your squad can assemble, and roll out means you can put pressure on the enemy sooner. And that wins battles. And its easier to do do when everyone isn't saying EVERYTHING into their mic. There are two phrases that when you hear them means stop talking NOW, not at the end of a sentence, but NOW. Those are: BREAK BREAK BREAK! CLEAR COMMS IF you here that either stop talking or lift your finger off the transmit button. Sure the only one you are talking to is your dog now. But hes over there licking his ass. He doesn't mind. PL or SL will use this when they have some information they have to say NOW. It needs to be done NOW. Not in three seconds but NOW. It goes back to that pressure on the enemy thing, every second, EVER SECOND, (I know I said it twice) that you are putting that pressure on, if crucial. On to the next rule. Report what NEEDS to be reported, and keep it short. Well what needs to be reported? That's a bit of the art part. IF you just dropped a Max, that doesn't need to be reported. HOWEVER if someone had just said that there was a max at A, and you just blew him into the next county. That should be reported. And remember keep it short. I go with, there WAS a max there. Or whatever, cloaker, heavy, tank, whatever the case may be. Why would you report this? Well your buddies that breached downstairs as you were going upstairs might stop and wait for a max because they think one is up there. they may circle around, that means less people where you are, which is the capture point. That is kind of important because you better believe the enemy is going to be defending or assaulting that point as hard or harder than you. And Every second you can keep the pressure on them is good. Wow sounds like a broken record. Anyways back to my point, by reporting that max is down is a few more seconds of pressure back on the enemy and not wondering where the max went. If its something obvious, just pipe down.... "Yes we know they are coming from down the hill, there only about 30 rushing this way." But if its something new or maybe could effect the squad..... "4 guys just ran into alpha." Following up on that, think about what you want to say before you say it. If its unclear, or you studder, or pause, or hell just don't know what something is called, you taking time away from important things and that means less effective communication with your buddies LEARN YOU DAMN NAMES AND SQUAD NUMBERS! "I need a medic" over TS3 does exactly two things. Firstly it hogs up valuable mic time with the medic of the group asking who's me, then you responding, them him asking where you are, then you responding. Secondly, it doesn't get you Rezzed any quicker than the medic already seeing your body on the ground. OK, maybe a little quicker. If you haven't played medic, or haven't payed attention, you can see your squaddies corpses, through walls, rocks, vehicles, dead hookers. If you do need medic, ammo, repairs, ect. Remember to keep it short and sweet. Tell them who you are, and what you need. and even maybe where you are. Alpha 4 needs a Ammo at Charlie. Takes 2 seconds to say, and it now the engi who's nearby knows you need ammo, he can pick your number out on the minimap and head over. And all that time that you would have gone back and forth asking who and where can be filled with another request, or maybe some info on troop movements. LEARN TO USE DIFFERENT CHAT CHANNELS. By now I hope you are realizing to not hog up TS or Squad chat with useless drivel. Good job. But what if you are trying to tell your Harasser gunner to fire at the tank on your left instead of that Sundy you found. This is important and NEEDS to be said. Sure you could use squad chat or TS to say this, but PS2 has another chat channel that works just as well.......most of the time. Proximity chat. You should NEVER mute this entire channel. Yes there are people that play music are just annoying as hell on it in the warp gates, but should a few bad apples ruin it for you? The answer if no. Press enter on the number pad when they are talking and it will mute just that person. Now hes taken care of. Vehicles crews, people working a choke point, and just getting that damn Engie to drop ammo next to you are prime example of when this works so so well. Start thinking about what we have already talked about. Does the entire squad need to hear you and your gunner go back and forth about about where you are heading? IT takes up time that can be used to relay more important in formation. Remember that comment about every single second? Also if your Platoon starts getting large, like at least 2 full squads, stay off of Platoon chat. IT goes back to the art of what NEEDS to be reported. The maxes pushing in at Alphas doorway are important, and need to be addressed, but Bravo Squad is at another base, they don't need to hear about it. Use Squad chat instead of Platoon. You might get more people talking-over one another from platoon or TS, its the nature of the beast. But once you have reached this large of a platoon really only the SL and PL should be using platoon voice and be the primary speakers on TS. Any PL or SL worth his stones will be repeating orders a few times. If you saying to your nearby peeps, MAXES DOWNSTAIRS! in Proximity chat drowns out the PL trying to tell you to press onward to A, hes going to say it again, usually before your brain will think, hey what was that he just said? This whole thing goes back to the art and not the science. Its something you have to get a feel for to master. See all the ways communication can be more effective. Look at that your learning. Good boy! Following Orders You know what grinds my gears, when people use that phrase to tell you something that pisses them off. That being said, you know what really pisses me off? When people don't do as they are told. Makes me want to just shoot them. Really, I have seriously trained my sights onto friendly people because not only are they doing the exact opposite of what they should be, but they are being a retard about it. But hey you can't fix stupid, but you can put a Cycler round through his skull. This should be a really easy thing to grasp but people don't. Why? Because we believe we are different, we are special snowflakes. That we are one man killing machines that the enemy trembles before us. Well your not. You are part of the larger force, a small cog in the wheel of PS2 war. And if you want to win that Alert, or cap that base you need to start following some orders. Sometimes they suck, I dont want to sit on the blown up generator. I don't get any certs that way. Well you know what gets you less certs?, when you leave that Generator and go get shot by NClovesSMGS, and then that genie gets repaired. Now all our friendlies inside the Amp station are trapped and WILL get widdled down to nothing because you wanted to try and get a few more certs. Or you just pulled that Prowler and are about to go crush some VS lightnings pressing on your location and SL says, "Redeploy to the warp gate we are going to Amerish." But you don't like Amerish, and you just pulled this prowler. Hey war sucks and if you think, well I'm still going to fight here. Just get out of the squad now because you haven't been paying attention. When a PL or a SL gives an order, such as, redeploy to the warpgate, hes expecting EVERYONE to do it. Not when you die, unless that's going to be really fucking soon, like in the next 10 seconds. Not after you find this cloaker running around. Not after the point changes in 2 minutes. RIGHT NOW! Because the part that takes the longest when redeploying or Squad deploying on the squad beacon, is mobilizing. Getting everyone to do it and into the new location. And the less time the squad is waiting for you to get shot, or your tank to blow up, is vital time taken away from putting pressure on the enemy. And pressure on the enemy.......... if you don't know where I'm going with this...... just stop, please. Go play CoD or something. Sure there are going to be a few problem in every squad, and few people that want to do their own thing. Just don't be one of them, if SL says hold C. Get your ass in there and hold that damn point till you run out of bullets, enemies or Joes. Bottom line, not all orders are fun, not all orders are fair but if you are playing as a team and working for a greater goal, then it doesn't really matter. You make up thise few certs in the long run. Also the game is WAY more fun when your making the NC or VS into your bitch, taking everything from them. And most importantly your here to become more effective right. You've read.........HOLY SHIT! I've had more than enough of your time, lets review. Think, think, think Sorry, I said we would review but I couldn't find a better place to put this section in anywhere else. I'll keep this short. Part of being more effective if thinking about what your doing, how can you be better, and why things did/didnt work. It just makes you a better player. Always in your mind be thinking, should that be reported? Should I move with these guys to that point? Analyze what you are doing, how you are speaking in chat, and mostly why did you die. Learning from your mistakes will cause it to happen less frequently in the future, making you more effective. Thats what we are here for right? Finally think about what others are doing and saying. Hear that guy on TS that keeps asking for a Rez but never says who or where? Its starting to get on your nerves huh? Me too. Why did JohnTRlovescats die on A point? What is taking the squad so long get to the warpgate so we can load up into the Gal? Learn from these fine members of society, don't be that guy that's not following the items we have talked about. Conclusion I've kept you this long, lets just sum it up 1.Fight as team, a team that stays together is more effective than one man. 2.Communicate with your squaddies 3.Don't hog the mic, and NEVER talk over the squad leader 4.Don't communicate things that are obvious and dont really need to be said 5. Learn your squad numbers, DON'T EVER SAY, I need a rez. 6.When you need help remember to keep it short and simple 6a. Use different chat channels to keep more important channels clear for those that need them. 7.Follow your orders, even if they suck and are unfair. 8.Assume your Squad leader knows more than you, cuz he should. 9.Think about what you are doing, and what others are doing and learn from it. Alright there you have it some simple things that can make you a better team player, and make your squad a force to be record with. None of these can happen overnight, but remember to practice practice practice. You'll get better, we will get better. Thank you for reading, and I'll see you on the battlefield. Paragraphs that start in this color are from the first edit.