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Found 22 results

  1. First, I would like to say that if any of you are in the World of Tanks AJSA clan or are interested in this game, then you should follow this forum, as I am making this the official one-stop-shop for our small events and general information about the what we are doing and the game. (When your on WoT please use the TeamSpeak CH) Second, I will be posting some links that many will find helpful and should answer many of the questions you all might have. I will also use this post to ask questions on what days will be better for certain events. If you can’t find the answer to a question or mechanic you may have PM me. I will get back to you as soon as I have the answer or can direct you to the answer. Third, the following is a list of links to credible YouTube/World of Tanks players that do and have done informative tank reviews and covered basic tactics. I will do my best to add new sources of information as I become aware of it and will add/remove links as necessary. QuickyBaby-Tank reviews and game play tips. https://www.youtube.com/user/QuickyBabyTV/videos The Mighty Jingles-Tank reviews and game play tips. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpnjlvS2zxhbNJuGNo_TxkQ TheFochYou-Quick tank reviews and game play. https://www.youtube.com/user/TheFochYou WoT Labs-This is a great resource for strategies and tactics for every map and every tank type use it if you want to make large improvements to your over all game. http://wotlabs.net/articles/ The Official WoT Wiki-Some very good and detailed information http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/World_of_Tanks (Thanks to MetGreDKo) And last, I will post a list of our key members, and their rolls, so you can PM them for questions you might have, getting friends added to the clan, give us event ideas, request information on advancement in the clan, and eventually how to become a member of our competitive team - when we get to a point where we make one. Griever IGN: Griever42605 - Commander (Clan event planer, leader, all of the not fun stuff) NightFox042 IGN: NightFox042 - Executive Officer (Does all the stuff I need help with) Cabooses IGN: PooonTangPirate - Personnel Officer (Recruitment, Clan events assistant) If you have any questions direct them to Griever. To apply to the clan go to http://na.wargaming.net/clans/recruitstation/ and put Banana Beer in your comment.
  2. Then come join us this Saturday we will be on most of the day. If your new to the game we will be hosting some lite training as well as platooning to get you up to speed with the game mechanics. If your a returning player we will be platooning on and off all day because games are just more fun with friends. If you have any questions PM me or post here I will also be in the WoT teamspeak channel if you want to chat. If your interested in joining the AJSA clan in World of Tanks head on over to http://na.wargaming.net/clans/ yes this is the only way to apply until they add an invite system in game just put Cheetos in the message.
  3. Come and join us this weekend in World of Tanks. We will be running some clan wars if enough people join up. For everyone else we are also going to do some training sessions to help get everyone up to speed on the basics of the game and how to properly use what ever class of tank they want to drive. We have seven people in our little clan and our looking to grow it even more so we can keep clan battles going and ramp up construction on our stronghold to take full advantage of the new features that they implemented in patch 9.6. Hope to see you all in game.
  4. GAME: "WARGAME: RED DRAGON" INTRO: This game is really Fun its like the "Next Level" RTS game its a combination of General, Red Alert, total anahilation, Battleship: Pacific and other RTS game in 1 game. No need to build Factory,barracks and Etc.just deploy your units that you want to use like (Jets for air superiority)(tanks for bringing the big guns) (arty for long range barage) and ETC(includes Infantry,APC,tanks,anti air units, helicopter and SHIPS-crusers) THE NEXT LEVEL RTS GAME..FOR ME! AND THE BEST! PEOPLE WHO WILL ALSO PLAY: well to tell you the truth i dont have yet any AJSA member to played with but a have friends on wargame:red dragon willingly to join any CLANS that have teamspeak for better cooperation. PROS: Has great community system, free dlc, lot of players, no bugs(non that i seen so far), you feel like you at a real modern battlefield on their ERA Cons: if your not patient on this game then its gonna be frustrating, you get really gonna be piss of when you start lossing a lot of units especially the costly and advance weaponry units. HEHEHEHE but still fun. EVENTS: well clan vs clan battle, Ranked battle, ordinary multiplayer rts game BONUS: COOL STORY LINE(alternate story line some like korean war,the commonwealth vs china, USSR vs CHINA) I just want this game to have a own Teamspeak server dont realy care if its official or unofficial just wanna have fun and win battle for the AJSA IF YOUR PLAYING or HAVE PLAYED THIS GAME plss...give me your Opinion on this Game... LETS MAKE A "AJSA" Number 1 clan or group on the WARGAME Franchise. PLSS add me on steam if you like https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IoXwdVJIlk0
  5. So the new patch just launched and with it came a pretty major change to tank junglers in the form of the ancient golem item's revamp. So I personally love this change as I mainly play jungle tanks/utility champions and it gives you better clear(in most cases) and sustain than the old item, ontop of that it also gives the awesome passive increasing your bonus health by 25% making already tanky junglers even more tanky. The added ward is also a welcomed addition making you a stronger contender in the vision game. This mechanic however makes some balancing issues when concerning some champions that is heavily HP based like zac and after some theory crafting I set out into a customgame to try it out. Turns out that when zac aquires his spirit mail(replacement for spiritstone in AG) he can clear without ever having to back, can solo dragon without help(and reasonably fast) with two items and is also one of the few tank champions that can almost effortlessly solo baron later in the game(though at a snails pace). It is also worth mentionning that the machete changes will drastically reduce the effectiveness of "pet" junglers as the removal of the butcher passive significantly slows down junglers like elise, yoric, shaco and zyra. The nerf to elise is by me very good, but at the same time I wish they would take time to reduce lee sin's earlygame presence while at it. What do you think, do you like or dislike the changes and why?
  6. I just started a few days ago and was wondering if anybody else has given it a shot
  7. Livestream Ram

    From the album Ground Forces CBT

  8. Livestream Ram

    From the album Ground Forces CBT

  9. Livestream Ram

    From the album Ground Forces CBT

    These last few pics were taken during the Tank Marathon Russian Livestream. Where I rush my KV-1 across the battlefield and ram the developer filming for the livestream. I successfully showed people that ramming is a viable tank tactic, however is still a work in progress.
  10. T-34

    From the album Ground Forces CBT

  11. KV-1

    From the album Ground Forces CBT

    This was probably the most intense moment I could capture for today. The only thing I regret is the fact that almost all of these had to be reduced in size to upload here. Also, all the tanks you see in those garage pics are all of the tanks that are currently available to us. It's a very limited selection from only two nations because we're mainly testing the basic mechanics for now. All of the in-battle pictures you see are from Acrade. I wanted to try the Realistic battles, however they were taken down for the time being.
  12. KV-1

    From the album Ground Forces CBT

    I run into an enemy Panzer IV, and we have an unexpected guest coming to interrupt our duel.
  13. KV-1

    From the album Ground Forces CBT

  14. T-70

    From the album Ground Forces CBT

    Same with that other Panzer, I don't like this tank so no decals for it.
  15. KV-1

    From the album Ground Forces CBT

  16. PnzKpfw IV Ausf C

    From the album Ground Forces CBT

    No decals because I don't play/like this tank. :/
  17. Flakpanzer I

    From the album Ground Forces CBT

    Garage pic of the German AA tank.
  18. So, yeah, I just got the email from Gajin Entertainment. The tanks closed beta is beginning before December 4th. But to get in you have to complete challenges from the air. So yeah, I won't be getting in since I haven't played in ages and couldn't really be bothered to download the game again. http://warthunder.com/en/news/337-Ground-Forces-closed-beta-announcement-en