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Found 9 results

  1. I've played quite a bit of Smite, but most of it is in Arena matches. I've tried Conquest a couple of times with random matchmaking but that always feels like a disaster. Everyone rushes out and as soon as anything goes wrong everyone starts shouting blame and it all falls apart. Since, I'm don't have the experience in Conquest to lead a team, I'm wondering is there a good way to try and get some teamwork going in a random match or should I try getting a reliable party together for Conquest?
  2. NOT OFFICIAL Hey guys! Anyone interested in creating a PS4 Overwatch team? This is for people who want to play Overwatch in a group and to help each other in competitive To enter, please type in; Your PSN ID The hero you are strongest with Your age My PSN is KyloFett5 so feel free to add me up! I do best with Hanzo, Reinhardt and Reaper Thanks Guys!
  3. Hey guys i'm fairly new to the guild and I realised that the League of Legends Teamspeak section is usually dead. I have recently started to get a few of us together online, for example recently there was 6 of us in the channel which is actually pretty high for its current activity state. I would appreciate it if you guys did your best to come on the Teamspeak whenever your on League of Legends to try and get people a game from both EUW and NA. Personally I play on EUW because of ping reasons etc but that doesn't mean if you are NA there won't be anyone there because if we all come on we can all share our knowledge and make friends to play together with because thats what guilds are for! So thats me done my part I hope you guys will do yours now and make an effort to get involved on TS and also the AJSA public chat on League itself. I hope you guys help out by coming on TS and i'll see you on the rift soon! - Joennerzz
  4. Hello fellow angry army xbox one gamers. I created an idea on a website that I wrote in the topic above, that was about Microsoft giving gaming communities on the internet like the Angry Army and also physical established gaming communities in the EU/USA/North America the ability to form e-sport teams, (for example EU team vs North America team ) for international gaming tournaments for games like Destiny, Cod(Advanced Warfare) and compete against each-other. Whatever game that fits the e-sport genre.To clarify, for example one gaming community team from Europe faces another gaming community from another country in Europe, the same for other gaming communities in North America.Whatever country wins most matches goes up against the AJSA's xbox one Army. Microsoft could give gaming communities on the internet like Angry Joe's AJSA community aka the Angry Army and also other physical existing gaming communities in the Europe and North America the ability to recruit a team, (for example EU team vs North America team)) for international xbox one gaming tournaments for games like Destiny, Cod(Advanced Warfare) and compete against each-other. Whatever game that fits the e-sport genre. Different teams could exist for various games and the teams could be rotated depending on what game is up for the tournament. If you guys think this idea sounds good and is possible to execute please let fellow angry army gamers know about this idea here on the forum and tell them to vote if they like this idea, you can click on the link below this text to log in to the website with your xbox one/360 gamertag and vote on my idea. Please click on the topic when you find it for additional info on what I mean, and read the comments to. Many thanks if you could do this and share it on twitter from the website if you wish to for more and faster votes. I've already forwarded this to a gaming community in my own country and will reply back here if they do respond. I think this could be a good thing for the AJSA xbox one community as well if executed right. Update: xbox one game officer doshka 17 is maybe going to forward my link/ idea to his commander to maybe try to advertise it better. Thanks guys. https://xbox.uservoice.com/forums/251647-gaming-achievements/suggestions/6192466-arrange-tournaments-of-numerous-multiplayer-games
  5. Hello, so I saw that there are quite a few teams already. I viewed 2 Tournaments in the AJSA my self as a spectator. But sadly I see only 2-3 Teams from the AJSA actually joining the TS server and playing with other people there. So I will make this thread to help the teams that are interested in more serious training In-Hause. The Team Challange idea is simple. You have a team of 5 players on your side. You post your desire here that you like to Challenge a Team. Then the rest of the teams PM the one that put up the challenge and you both arrange the times suitable for your players. With private massages pls. If the challenge have been accepted then edit your post and mark it as accepted by team "whoever" so that no one else continue to pm you for the same challenge. This is not official AJSA Idea just mine. It's just In-Hause training for the AJSA Teams. No games will be recorded or supervised. Everyone should act according the AJSA Codex and manners. I hope to find better, harder and more important consistent opponents here, then in the regular ranked/unranked Captain Modes. I hope this will be helpful to all the Teams in the AJSA. I know most us started making Teams after we joined the AJSA, so don't wary I am sure that there would be some very good teams and some beginner teams. Please show understanding that we all love this game and we want to get better and have better opponents.
  6. Hello Community, My team the Holy Poro Empire is currently looking for a bot lane (Support/Marksman). We have won both tournaments hosted by the AJSA Community and will continue to participate in these events. We would also do Ranked 5v5s and Go4Lol on Sundays. I'm looking for people who are at least Gold ranked, love to play the game, and have a willingness to learn. In a special case if you have a buddy you work really well with who is under Gold, I'm open for discussion. I know bot lane is a partnership and you need to trust who you lane with . We are all friendly and open minded people. If anyone is interested please message below your username and ranked. What I'm looking for is friendly players who want to have fun and a good time. Thank You
  7. Anyone know when platoons will be added to battlelog? I read somewhere that they said sometime in February, which i was hoping would mean it would release the same time as the DLC, but considering the DLC released yesterday, i guess not. Thanks for the replies.
  8. Alright This Tournament has concluded: Results: 1st place: Personal Space Invaders: Charlie, tThorns, Wusha, Hard, ProGi 2nd Place: Dwelling in Wisdom: Mantarias, Wei, Cake or Death, KanKraken, Ziggy 3rd place: Nooooooooova: DOFR, Miku Miku, Radish, Vetus Ludaeus, TOPT tourney page: http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/tournaments/details/11-pre-season-2014-dota-2-tournament/ Registration ends: Jan 30 2014 Tournament officially starts: Jan 31 2014 Tournament ends: Feb 3 2014 apparently up to 3 reserves(stand ins) are allowed? Requirements: must have teamspeak, must be atleast recruit(atleast a forum member), games must be played during the period and screenshot of the endgame scorescreen are to be submitted to confirm the game(im guessing to Craigr910 who is managing the tourney) positions: Format: Double Elimination Current number of teams: 8 teams out of 8 team slots. Registration Period for this tournament has ended, Now its time to play(god ofc) Scoreboard: Streams: Personal Space Invaders has said they will be streaming their own games as well as hopefully cast some of the games played in the tourney. http://twitch.tv/tthorns Otherwise we(casters) will probably be livecasting and hopefully will have people join the live event through the ingame dota 2 tv Team List: Dwelling in Wisdom: Note: "Kankraken mid, Son of Dendi, Winner of 1v1 AJSA Tournament, carry of the team, without him doing well we can't win -Wei 2014(excerpt from a pretournament interview upon the formation of team)", Wei wanted a note here that says he feeds. EU based team Noooooooooova: notes: It is Confirmed, DOFR has brought an All Russia squad to the tourney , cant wait to see how they do. DOFR has said the 4 & 5 role players do tend to swap roles occasionally. He has also stated that this set up has played previously with DOFR mid, Radish & TOPT support, Vetus safelane carry and MIku offlane. Milestone Gaming: notes: EU based team. apparently team sweden? NiP note: This team has forfeitted the tournament OrganicFireGamers: notes: One of the two US based team in the tourney O_O, mostly from Florida from the forum accounts data so Go Go sunny florida i think. Ive gotten some info from Amper44 but would definitely like more info. I see that Jihad-ed is the only one who has wished the rest of the teams good luck on the tournament page so should we expect bm from the rest of the teams(*sarcastic laugh*) -> well then Charlie and DOFR have both said good luck on the tournament page... PERSONAL SPACE INVADERS: notes: Well then team europe it is "We will invade our enemies personal space, we will make them feel as awkward... because we are the PERSONAL SPACE INVADERS. Fear us when you take a shower. -Charlie(excerpt from messages)" will we see an aggressive early game? we will see. Currently the team most taunted by OrganicFireGamers, hopefully no flamewars erupt IFBWT(In First Blood We Trust): notes: In First Blood We Trust was the original name of the current dota 2 guild, pre ajsa times. DasTeam notes: another US based team, wohoo! glad to have more US representation. "We all speak English -DasPeople" Interestingly the only team with a reserve that has been noted so far. I guess this means most of the teams are confident they will be able to play during the time alloted for each match? General notes: First AJSA tournament for DOTA 2, It will definitely be nice if we could have an idea of when teams have scheduled face offs for the tournament once it gets started and the brackets are known PS: If the mods want to hijack the thread go for it ive put this one together mostly so people who havent seen/gone to look for the tournament can see what its about and who is currently in it and ill probably update with scores when i can see it Edits:
  9. Ok as many of you have heard from various sources yes there is going to be a DOTA 2 tournament starting next weekend. I wont go into too much detail just now as i will save that for when signups go live for it so form your teams, prepare and practice and when you are able to sign up your teams then make it fast only the first 8 teams will be allowed to compete. More details about the tournament will be made available shortly along with the ability to sign up for the tournament.