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Found 2 results

  1. It can be more than one and doesn't have to be related to video games. My personal favorite shows to watch are "Firefly" and "The Walking Dead"
  2. "What the fuck." That was my initial reaction when I watched the most recent Family Guy where Seth McFarlane or whoever decided to kill Brian off. I know that the show was going a slight downhill slope, but I still found it funny and enjoyable. But after this episode, I'm in a state of disgust. And what's worse is that the whole episode felt rushed. It tries to force the audience to be serious and sad for the first 15 minutes or so and then does a complete 180 in the rest. And then they shove down the replacement for Brian, Vinny, who is voiced by Tony Sirica who played in The Sopranos. In my opinion, Sirica is an actor for the drama genre of TV, not a comedic one. And this really showed in this FG episode because he uttered nothing that I considered laughable. He's not even random and sparatic like the rest of the cast! Could he be funny in the next episode? Maybe, but I don't see it. I hope that the writers fix this or FG will not last for long. Hopefully, they'll listen to the community because so far, many people are upset about the change. IGN held a poll for everyone's opinion on Brian's death and the introduction of Vinny and abut 47% of people who participated think it was a terrible move and then another 32.5% finding it intriguing but a mistake. So what do you all think? Do you want to see more of Vinny (and why on earth would you) or do you want to see a full return of Brian?