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Found 3 results

  1. Hello! I have been a fan of Angry Joe for a couple years now and just recently (somehow) saw that he had a website. From his ODST review. I only watch on Mobile so that's probably a factor, I never see the descriptions but that's not why I'm here. I am looking for people! People to play anything with! To be apart of the Community! Friendship! I have a clan already in just about everything I play and I have grown attached to them, and the people I have met in them so I will not be joining Joe's Clans but I would love to make friends, especially people who feel as I do about the art. THE ART. It's so widely overlooked that it's art. Even Developers, not all of them but there is a great deal of developers and publishers who just don't care. "Oh you just drone mindlessly when you play video games" "You're wasting your time" "That won't get you anywhere in life" NO inVALID they are SOLID OUTLETS and are truly MORE than art! Anyway, I am looking forward to seeing where this thread goes. The tags I included are the games I play most frequently, in order. Though I have over 100 games I picked my top 7, logically. One Love all! and one last thing; CLEM GRAKATA, CLEM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xgh_d43DDLg (More Clem, not made by me.) "YOU CANNOT STOP THE CLEMULARITY" ~ My Warframe apprentice
  2. So after recently checking out this Steam game the Forest, I bought it because it looks awesome. I'm enjoying the gameplay because of the realistic mechanics of having to scavenge for food and pick up things to build shelter, and it feels suspenseful at night because your only source of light is your bonfire and your lighter. Unfortunately, I notice that the game has one fatal flaw: the framerate of this game runs like fucking shit. It's 15 fps or even lower than that, exactly like this game I thought it's because I ran on high graphic setting, so I lower it to medium, and it's still the same, and I don't get it because I played Watch Dogs, a game that's told to have poor optimisation for PC, and I can run the game well on high texture, medium setting and it runs at 30 fps. Is it because my RAM is not high enough? Here's my specs: Intel i5 4 DDR3 RAM Ati Radeon AMD HD 8570 2GB Can someone tell me why it's like that? Thank you. Update: it's the motion blur. I turned that thing off and now the game finally runs on 30fps.
  3. i guess this is the place to put videoes so here goes nothing i guess...