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Found 2 results

  1. The Great War With the release of a lovely little game Valiant Hearts: The Great War, it reminded many of us that today July 28 2014, is the 100th anniversary of the The Great War, also known as World War I. At first like many of you may had, I thought "Oh cool, to be alive for such a thing!" I wanted to do something for the PS4 AJSA guys. The more I thought the more I felt this weight. The weight of that entire war, the weight of something there. This weight of respect, honor, sadness, horrified, confusion, and etc. The more I thought what could we do, what meaningful thing could we possible do. How do you sum up The Great War. I Ask of You... I turned to video games, and found an answer. I like to leave a passage from Valiant Hearts: The Great War below. This passage to me sums up the view of the Great War, no any war, in the eyes of a soldier. First, I ask of you to read it.Second, I ask to please take time today and give a moment of silence for those who lost their lives. As well for those here today who have or are fighting still.Last, I ask you to post something below. Something in memory, can be a quote, a picture, a screenshot, a recommendation on good war games, anything. I ask these three things of you, Thank you all of you. "Dearest Marie, As the war ends for me, I’ve seen too much horror. I hope fate has been more merciful to you. Our time on Earth is brief, and mine has been filled with so much joy, that I can only be thankful for how much I’ve been blessed. Most specially for the wonder you brought into my life. This letter is my last. I’ve been found guilty by a military court for the death of an officer. It was not my intention to kill him. War makes men mad. Though I failed Karl, I know my sacrifice has not been in vain. I fought for my country and my liberty, My honour is assured. Since it is the will of God to separate us on Earth, I hope we’ll meet again in heaven. Keep me in your prayers. Your loving papa, Always."
  2. So recently i discovered an interesting animated comic adventure game It is set in the first world war and follows a set of different protagonists. so what do you think about this game ?