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Found 1 result

  1. Well... people have been waiting 7 years. 7 years to receive a big, fat middle finger apparently. 2020 has already been a really... really bad year thanks to the Coronavirus pandemic, the chaos following George Floyd's murder, etc. So for many people I'm pretty sure The Last of Us Part 2 was supposed to be a beacon of light. Something to help us cheer up after all the chaos that went on, after people had fun (and definitely still have fun) with Darksiders Genesis, Doom Eternal, Final Fantasy VII Remake, maybe even the Resident Evil 3 Remake. Especially since it's been 7 years. But it seems... that we had several red flags... that this was going to become a disaster of epic proportions. It began with someone leaking important scenes online, then everything starting falling into a much deeper chasm. News came to the surface that Neil Druckmann was a big Anita Sarkeesian fan and was actually influenced by her... work. Next, the way Naughty Dog, Sony and Muso tried protecting the game was more than just abysmal, with the disgusting abuse of the Youtube DMCA Copyright System. Especially with the leaks sounding absolutely disgusting and people that decided to read 'bout the leaks being absolutely mortified. Neil Druckmann especially trying sooo desperately to control the narrative and having a genuinely gross attitude followed by voice actor Troy Baker trying(in a bad way) to calm people down and asking them to have an open mind for the game. And the harrowing news about crunch so excessive that 70% of the staff left... this really wasn't looking good. These were the biggest red flags that a dark cloud was slowly getting closer. Alas, the game releases to universal praise from critics all around, perfect scores showering the game with the velocity of a waterfall during a flood. So maybe people were just overreacting, you may say to yourself. ...right ? Well... there's 1 way I can answer that, which is: MAY ODIN AND THE VALKYRIES HELP THE ONE WHO LEAKED THOSE SCENES ASCEND TO VALHALLA SO HE CAN REST IN PEACE AND GLORY. Personally... I cannot believe that after 7 years, we get this. There's sooo much wrong with this game it's almost mortifying. The choices made here are so intensely baffling it's no wonder it feels influenced by a... certain con-artist that pretends to be a feminist. First, a little bit of history. The Last of Us Part 1 was released on 14th of June 2013 for the PS3 before being remastered for the PS4 on the 29th of June. Directed by Bruce Straley and Neil Druckmann, with Druckmann as the writer, it is regarded even to this day as a masterpiece of storytelling thanks to its exceptional writing, phasing and character development. Ellie and Joel became the most beloved and recognizable duo in video game history thanks to the reasons I mentioned. Ashley Johnson and Troy Baker's masterful voice acting also contributed to making these characters so lovable, believable and especially memorable. It's without discussion a Must Play for anyone who happened to not play it. Now that we're done with the very short history lesson... it's time to discuss what folks came here for. Aka... The Last of Us Part 2. Since 2013, people have been waiting impatiently for a sequel. Finally announced in December 2016, people got extremely hyped. While waiting, Naughty Dog kept people satisfied with the release of Uncharted 4, which offered the fans a satisfying conclusion to Nathan Drake's crazy adventures. But sadly, the sequel was already plagued with a number of issues, with Bruce Straley, the director of the first game, leaving Naughty Dog in 2017. Neil Druckmann took over, with Anthony Newman and Kurt Margenau joining as directors, while Druckmann and Halley Gross took care of the writing. The game finally released on the 19th of June 2020, to universal acclaim from critics. Fans however... did not have the same response. The Last of Us Part 2 soon came under enormous backlash from fans of the original, the game getting torn to shreds on Metacritic, the User Score currently sitting at a 3.8 from 48 624 users at the time of writing, with massive criticism towards its plot and characters. A massive contrast compared to the perfect scores given by the media and the average score of 95 given by only 96 critics. For those who are wondering why... it's time to give the game a proper dissection. So let's finally dive into... The Last of Us Part 2. I'll start with the positive aspects of the game, due to unfortunately being fewer compared to what the negatives have in store. The graphics are incredible. Dare I say... next-gen jaw-dropping. The tech team deserves massive praise for their hard work here and I can only hope they got paid well before quitting. They truly deserve every penny. The amount of detail for the environments is absolutely spectacular to behold. Hands down the best looking PS4 game. The grass moving against you when you pass through it, the visceral damage detail and reactions when an enemy is being shot at or attacked during melee combat, the buttery smooth and fluid animations, the facial expressions, all these contribute to making this Naughty Dog's greatest technical achievement. For this one, the game is worth a 10 out of 10. Buuut... all this hard work may have been for naught. And we know why, but we ain't discussing... you know what... yet. The gameplay is basically the same, only slightly improved. Mainly for the melee combat. Like in the original, it's still a Survival Stealth game at its core, requiring you to make every bullet count in case you're forced in gun combat, or you can preserve ammo and other goodies you scavenge from areas by sneaking behind enemies for an easy kill. The player also has Survivor Sense that's a must in order to locate enemies and carefully plan your next move. Melee combat itself still feels good to use and it's far more brutal than the original, mainly thanks to the graphics and absurd amount of detail. You'll use whatever you can in order to defend yourself, from Ellie's pocket knife that lasts forever to axes, baseball bats, wooden boards and lead pipes that deal significantly more damage but they have a number of times they can be used before they break and you gotta look around for something else or try finish off the enemies with bullets or your little pocket knife. The game also throws dogs at you, which can smell you easily if you get too close to an enemy and gotta quickly change your position so you won't be found. Careful though, because if they find you, the dogs will immediately pounce on you, forcing you to do a QTE to push them off, during which you'll have enemies going in for the kill. What's worse is that the game pretty much forces you to kill them. And avoiding them is next to impossible unless you use a bottle or brick to distract them. For gun combat you pretty much have the same arsenal like in the original, such as pistols, rifles, shotguns and even the bow, which is excellent for stealth since it's basically a silent weapon and on headshots you have a chance to get your arrows back, allowing you to preserve precious bullets you can use on tougher enemies. The enemy variety is almost the same. We get The Infected once again, which are just as disturbing. Especially... the Clickers. Oh... those terrifying Clickers. They were terrifying to confront in the first game and are just as terrifying here. We also get some new Infected, the first one being the Shambler, a pustule-covered infected that releases gaseous acid when sufficiently damaged or if it tears off a said pustule and throws it at you. The other new Infected is the Rat King, an amalgamation of Stalkers and Clickers. They're by far the toughest Infected enemy to confront, making even the Bloater blush, requiring a huge amount of firepower in order to be put down. What's worse is that Stalkers and Clickers can break away, giving you even more enemies to eliminate. As for the humans, we have 2 new factions to confront: The WLF(Washington Liberation Front), which are like the Firefly soldiers from the first game that use rifles, pistols and occasionally melee weapons... and the Seraphites/Scars, religious fanatics at war with the WLF that mainly use melee weapons for close combat and the bow and arrow for ranged combat. The one thing that makes the Seraphites a bit intimidating to confront is the fact that they communicate through whistling. Gustavo Santaolalla returns to compose for this game, and it's just as good, if not even better. And these are pretty much all the positive points I can bring up. And now... it's time to dive in the negatives. And oh is there a lot to discuss. Starting with... the story. The Last of Us Part 1 is remembered for its masterful storytelling and character development. It tells the story of Joel, a father whose daughter gets killed during the Cordyceps Quarantine, is requested to help escort the potential savior of humanity, a teenage girl named Ellie, to a Firefly base so a potential cure can be created thanks to her immunity to the Cordyceps. Joel starts off tough as nails, ruthless and with great trust issues and as the story progresses, his chemistry with Ellie grows more and more. The story dealt with the themes of survival, loss, sacrifice, bonding, and inner struggles in a masterful and emotional way, with Joel and Ellie becoming the most beloved video game duo in gaming history. Well... all of that is completely GONE here. The Last of Us Part 2's story is a petty revenge story with poor writing to compensate. We play this time as Ellie, 5 years after the events of the first game. She'd grown into a darker and fiercer survivor and lives with Joel in Tommy's settlement in Jackson, Wyoming. Everything seems fine, until tragedy pushes her on the path for revenge. And oh what a tragedy... Calling the story poor is being quite the understatement here. And I really wanna find out who thought this is good storytelling, besides Druckmann. During the first 2 hours after Tommy and Joel save a group of survivors from a horde of Clickers... Joel is killed in the most undeserved, pathetic and disrespectful way imaginable by Abby, the leader of the group, who also turns out to be the daughter of the surgeon Joel shoots at the end of The Last of Us 1. Ellie unfortunately can do nothing but watch as Abby finish off Joel with a final strike. Now Ellie seeks revenge against Abby for killing her father figure and travels to Seattle in order to hunt down Abby. Sounds bad enough... but the writing puts even more salt on the wound. Joel, who in the first game didn't trust anyone he met and needed a long time to open up to someone and gain their trust, acts COMPLETELY OUT OF CHARACTER here. He and Tommy casually introduce themselves to these goons as if they forgot they're being HUNTED after the events of the first game. Are we supposed to believe that Joel and Tommy softened up after 5 years and now they trust any individuals they comes across ? Let alone A GROUP OF ARMED GOONS HE JUST MET 10 SECONDS AGO, WHOSE LEADER IS COINCIDENTALLY THE REVENGE-HUNGRY DAUGHTER OF THE SURGEON HE KILLED YEARS AGO ?? This sounds abysmal already. But... it only gets worse from here. Later, after Joel's disgusting death, a unceremonious burial and some empty padding , for some dumbfounding reason... all of a sudden we play as ABBY. Hold the phone... WHAT ? The same sac of filth that kills one of the most beloved characters in gaming history in the most disgusting and disrespectful way imaginable... and you want me to play as HER ? And for what ? Oh yeah, to try make me feel sympathetic for her not through good writing, but cheap emotional manipulation that sadly DOESN'T WORK. We're shown that her father was a nice guy, at one point freeing a zebra from a wire trap with her and her bf Owen's help, then Abby coming at the Firefly base only to find her father shot dead and now we should cry crocodile tears for her ? NO. But oh... let's discuss Abby in more detail. A good character has both strengths and flaws. If we are to look at beloved female protagonists from movies, for example, we have Sarah Connor, Ellen Ripley and Wonder Woman, to name a few. For good video game female protagonists, we have Lara Croft from Tomb Raider and Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn. Actual characters with great strengths, but also flaws they have to overcome. Abby...however... is made entirely out of flaws. She's introduced(horribly, may I add) in the first couple of hours, showing what an iceberg she is. You'd THINK that as the game progresses we could get at least some character development for her, yeah ? Well, we kinda do. But if you're hoping for good character development... you ain't getting it. She doesn't show any regret for what she did, she never has a shred of inner conflict or change of heart, she's just a cold, psychotic and evil monster that would kill anyone standing in her way if it weren't for her friend Lev to keep her in check. Oh, are we supposed to feel bad for her when later she also finds her boyfriend killed by Ellie ? No, we do not. Even during her flashbacks we see other characters confirming this. Even when she was part of a group called The Wolves at one point and we find out that she wasn't the best because of her teamwork or anything like that. Nope, it was because even then she was a cold and psychotic killer with ZERO emotions. Joel killed her dad and that's all we get for her motivation. Proper character development though is flushed down the toilet. For the entire game she remains the same bland, repugnant, monotone, emotionless and evil psycho who tries sooo hard to be a badass it makes you detest her even more than you already do. We never see an inner conflict from her. We never see any kind of regret for her actions. Nothing. I mean after the boss fight against Ellie where you play AS Abby... she was getting ready to murder a pregnant Dina, until Lev stopped her. She never... improves... as a character. So WHY did the game want me to even play as her in the first place ??? Oh, because Lev is the only one keeping her in check or something ? Or because she's this angry girl because her daddy was killed ? Even at the end when she's thinner and weaker after getting captured and tortured for who knows how many days I didn't give a damn. I simply wanted to murder her, but because of a sorry excuse for an ending(seriously... what the hell was that ending?) Ellie doesn't even get her revenge. We simply let this repugnant, psychotic sack of filth just... go. Even after she bites 2 of Ellie's fingers off. Why ? Cos violence bad. As for Ellie... she's given more character development compared to Ma'am. She's protective, she's caring, she's emotional and she's clearly traumatized by Joel's death, often having flashbacks about him. And yet... she also falls victim to the poor writing, especially with... that ending. Oh... that sorry excuse of an ending. After murdering her way through hundreds of people just to get to Abby, we hope that she can finally avenge her father figure... but oh wait, we don't. Cos Druckmann probably dreams that this is deep and poetic. After finally getting to Abby and getting ready to drown her... she has another Joel flashback and... lets Abby go, as I already mentioned above. Oh, are we supposed to believe that Joel wouldn't have wanted this ? Or are we supposed to accept what happened and just move on ? NO. HELL... NO. SHE JUST GETS AWAY WITH EVERYTHING, WHILE ELLIE LOSES EVERYTHING. Yes. After the confrontation, Ellie returns to the farm, only to find it abandoned. Dina left with the baby and Tommy is gone too. Ellie is now alone. She tries playing the guitar, but thanks to her missing fingers... she apparently can't do that anymore. She puts the guitar down and leaves for an uncertain future. Oh, Druckmann. So stunning and brave. Thanks for nothing. And wanna know what's the greatest irony ? The flashbacks with Joel and Ellie are far... FAR superior compared to the main game. It almost feels as if a different person wrote them. The difference in the dialogue and tone is so clear it's almost painful. It almost feels like a mockery. Mainly because they make you wish this was what the sequel looked like, and not the poorly written, disgusting and downright insulting drivel that was offered to us: A revenge story without revenge because Druckmann dreams that he's being very deep and poetic about revenge and how it affects a person psychologically. Oh please. Don't you dare. Don't even try it. You may have noticed that I hadn't even discussed Dina or Jesse. Well it's because they're so underdeveloped they feel like filler. So they're not even worth a tiny discussion. Seven years we've been waiting... and here we are. This is what we get. And Skill Up comparing this... filth... to Star Wars The Last Jedi and Game of Thrones Season 8 is so spot-on. The fact that someone looked at the story and said in his tiny mind ''Oh yeah, fans will totally love this'' completely baffles me. The way Ellie and ESPECIALLY Joel are treated is absolutely vile. There could've been several ways Joel could've gotten a proper, heroic death, similar to Arthur Morgan from Red Dead Redemption 2... but no. Instead he gets... this. As if he wasn't the most important character in the first game. The character we played as for 90% of the game and grew to love for years. But oh wait, fanboys are desperately trying to defend this thing. They can't accept that this game is just awful. And the fact that Druckmann had the sheer nerve to mock the fans by showing how many users reviewed this game on Metacritic but oopsy daisy forgetting to also show the user score for this game AND trolling the fans by using gifs of Joel for Father's Day truly makes my blood boil. With this game, Neil Druckmann/Cuckmann showed what he is: A hack. A disrespectful, egotistical, soy-filled hack that tried appealing to the wrong people. If anyone is still reading this... I only ask you this one very simple thing: Don't even dare give this game a chance. After everything Naughty Dog, Sony and Muso did... these disgusting people really do not deserve your money. Period. From dumping on the characters from the masterpiece that was the first game to attacking and desperately trying to silence youtubers and mess with their livelihoods and even some of the voice actresses(Laura Bailey who voiced and mo-capped Abby and Shannon Woodward who voiced and mo-capped Dina) accusing bots, and I don't think I even need to discuss the false advertising used by Naughty Dog in their trailers, it really is not worth it. For those who want to have only the good memories... stick to the first game and just forget this one. And no. This game ain't worth it even for the graphics and gameplay. Save your time, save your money and buy something else. Like Cyberpunk 2077 or Dying Light 2 when they eventually come out. I still cannot believe that after 7 years... we get insulted like this. Yeah, it looks gorgeous. Yeah, the gameplay is acceptable even if it feels outdated and it does have some good moments here and there. But these 2 things fall flat on their face when the most important aspects that made the first game so memorable and universally loved, which are the story and character development, are so shockingly awful. It's like playing Hellblade for the gameplay or Dying Light for the story. It takes a steaming dump on the legacy of the first game, it MASSACRES the 2 characters we adore and even FORCES US TO PLAY AS THE FILTH WHO KILLS JOEL, HOPING THAT WE'LL FEEL SYMPATHY FOR HER AND START LIKING HER BY USING CHEAP EMOTIONAL MANIPULATION INSTEAD OF ANY KIND OF GOOD WRITING AND CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT. NOBODY ASKED FOR ABBY. NOBODY WILL CARE ABOUT ABBY ESPECIALLY WITH THE FACT THAT SHE GETS ZERO REDEEMING QUALITIES BY THE END OF THE GAME. ZERO. EVERYONE WANTED AND CARED ONLY FOR JOEL AND ELLIE. AND THEY GOT ABSOLUTELY BUTCHERED. THOSE FLASHBACKS WITH ELLIE AND JOEL PUT EVEN MORE SALT ON THE WOUND BECAUSE THEY SHOW GLIMPSES OF A GAME FAR SUPERIOR COMPARED TO WHAT WE GOT. My final verdict for The Last of Us Part 2 is a very... very bitter... 3 out of 10. With the most well deserved EPIC FAIL SEAL.