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Found 5 results

  1. Hey Tenno, so this idea has been in my head for a while and I was hoping to get some feedback on it. Its mostly based on a few personal experiences but I'm wondering if there's anything to it. Just in case I'm putting a link to an article here I read a while back: http://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/gadgets-and-tech/violent-video-games-dont-make-you-aggressive-difficult-games-do-says-new-study-9246838.html This is something I agree with as I've also had experience with getting violently frustrated with certain games, namely: Assassins creed unity and Red Faction Guerilla. But I'm going to talk about some other games here, one in particular you might not expect. TBH the title is a little deceiving as its more about whether video games can alter behavior, perhaps more so as a result of repetitive actions than just violent behavior. For example: Some years ago, I was playing skyrim on my 360 (ah, a simpler time... Kinda) and this particular play session lasted for.... Honestly I'd say at least 12 hours. By the time I stopped playing through the night, its was day and I figured before I hit the hay I'd get some fresh air, and went for a stroll. I remember being pretty gosh darn tired at the time, and as I was walking I passed a property with a front garden growing a plant that looked a lot like lavender (as seen within skyrim). All of a sudden I felt the urge to go over to the plant and "Harvest" it. I often add to this story when I tell it, saying that I did go and pick the plant and that the owner came out to ask what I was doing, to which I reply "I need it for my invisibility potion." A stretch of the truth for the non gamers I tell the story to, but for all you skyrim legendaries out there, I am indeed aware that lavender cannot be used to create an invisibility potion. Another story comes from extended play sessions of Saints row the third, a challenge mission/quest/objective from the character oleg, in which you are to blow up some very tiny cars. In real life there are cars that look very similar to these, and on occasion I would see one, and immediately have the urge to whip out my RPG from hammer space, Lock on, and let rip. Of course is that this was not possible. (Car in question is similar to: Toyota IQ ) My last example is quite strange, and comes from playing Ass Creed (to memory it was black flag) and also GTA V Online (though mostly the former if I recall). The strangeness comes from the fact that after playing for about 4 to 5 hours or more a day, when going out, I would tend to run, or feel the urge to run or jog to my destination. I'd like to mention that I am not considered to be neuro-typical (aspergers and Torrettes) and so perhaps that is an important factor to consider. This post is a result of my thinking about those news story (usually regarding rockstar and GTA in some way) where a lad, will acted violently and end up getting arrested. I often wondered if there was anything to it. Obviously what I'm suggesting is that yes, a violent video game like GTA can make you violent, but only provided you've been playing it for such a prolonged period of time and that you have for a large part performed certain violent acts in the game over and over. TBH I would imagine something like this would be very useful for military simulations, and perhaps if you have the know how and the eagerness for inappropriate deeds, you could construct a real life bank heist simulation or similar. Perhaps my real question is this, can a violent video game be a simulation by accident? After all, if simple repetitive actions and extended periods of play were all that were required, surely many more people would be out "ducking 5O" as the kids say. Is it also possible that the people who committed crimes "because of GTA" (to quote so many uneducated) met other requirements in regards to suggestibility (as I understand it you are more easily suggestible when tired) and neurology. Well, that's it. I hope to hear what people think. Also, I didn't proof read this, yes, terrible habit I know. See ya Tenno.
  2. Hi folks, Yesterday I played a lot of PvP and I was realy frustrated by the way how people plays PvP. So I decided to write some basic so our members doest not dishoner Angry Army. I will be editing post so you can check it regulary. Also I expect that our PvP officer will add his post or will Edit mine. Basics Rule 1 - PvP is not about YOU its about yor TEAM I cant stress this enough. None of the PvP arenas can be won by your selves. Every is about goals. If you focus on completing them you will do much more than by just killin 100 players.. I will remind you of goals in arenas. Huttball - Love or hate it. Your goal is to score more points than enemy team. You are scoring point by bringing ball to enemy line. Team who scores 6 points first wins even when there is time. When there is a tie on time out victory goes to team which holds the ball in that time. Tips: Huttball is only arena where by killing oponents you actualy can ruin chances for your team! Attacking - When you have ball you need to push aside your oponents. Outmanuever them and lock them in local fights. But DO NOT KILL THEM. If you kill them they will spawn in their home base and if their shield is down you will find them defending place you need to go. Support, Heal, Protect your ball handler. Try to force oponents to attack you idealy in larger numbers... drag them out from the handler - whatever suits your role. Also you can move forward and wait on tactical places to recieve a ball. If you are carrying the ball - pass it forwand if you cant survive or if you see well placed team member (Idealy on different floor than you are). Stealth, Speed and good passing is far supperior to anything else you can do. Defending - Now you can unleast predator in you. When you are defending kills are encouraged. You will send them back and hold their push by that. Allways watch for ball handler. Its better to leave unfinished enemy than stop focusing handler. Slow is the key here. Slow their progres. Do not let them pass your main defence line. Keep few guys back just to kill anyone who is positioning to recieve ball and score (Mainly operatives and assassins) Final note: Huttball is mode where shine unbalance of the classes. If there is enemy who knows what to do and has good group for it. (Power tech tank, Assassin tank, 2x operative) You cant win - dont get frustrated its a game. Voidstar - Use your head and tactical positioning Your goal is to reach the data core (if attacking) or Defend it (if defending). Attack - Best known tactic is send majority of team on one door and to second you send 2 steathers with infinite stun. Then can capture it without sweat if enemy is not prepare for it (usualy he is not). During attack its needed to move through doors as soon as posible. Because times are compared during tie. Also if you defended last round first doors. When you as attacker break them, you win the game. Defend - Defence is crucial. When you do not let your enemies to place a bomb you have good advantage to next round (if there is one) or you have good chance to win. Never NEVER let the door guarder by only one person. If you do your propability to loose is near 100%. Tips: This is game of atrition. Most important thing here is to be able to fight long time. So resource management and healing are crucial. Try to save your resources to be able to make spikes if enemy is let say about half health acros visible team. You will be able to start avalanche of death. If you use your resources at the begining you risk that their healers will have time to mitigatge that and you will lack firepower (or healing power) when you need id most. Keep calm: PvP can be stresing but Voidstar is tactical game. You have to be avare of state of door you are protecting. Also you need to be avare of your resources, healtch and idealy positions of your team mates on map. Also watch chat. You can learn about problem and solve it. Hypergate Goal is to hold as many pylons as you can. If both teams have 1 pylon you gain points by transporting energy and by killing enemy players. Tips: As in Voidstar game is about defence and atrition. Keep your team together (Always guard Pylon with 2 or 3, rest can move the map). In combat remember that your death (or death of anyone in team) will cost you much. So usualy its more important to not give up life than take one. Dont be greedy. Play safe. Also if you have both pylons when reset comes you gain points of oposing tema (points are lock to pylon and are finaly writen to the team who holds it before reset) So it is good tactic to send 2-3 stealthers to get it lets say 30 secs before reset. Coast battle/Alderaan Goal is to capture control towers. Towers controls guns - Guns do damage to the target (Ship on alderaan and Bunker on coast) On coast you need to hold two at once to do damage (one tower does nothing) On Alderaan every tower does constant damage to the target. Main think is to decide whitch towers are important and focus ONLY on on two of them. Its pointless to split forces to try to get all three (Its good idea to sometimes send one man test the defences on last and thus force them to guard it and let you have one free man)
  3. Xûr, The Agent Nine is one of the most mysterious and interesting characters within the Destiny universe. Xûr and the Nine he servers are unclear, and barely spoken of. Xûr’s own Grimoire entry gives little, if not any insight to his own being. “Xûr sells objects of legendary power. He accepts his own currency, in service of his own enigmatic goals - or those of equally cryptic masters. Mysterious, too, is the nature of his presence in the Tower. Does he have some arrangement with the Vanguard or the Speaker? Are there those among the Guardian elite who understand Xûr's nature and ultimate purpose? Or have all efforts to control his comings and goings simply failed?” But what of the Nine he serves? What insight do we have on them. Because if we know who the Nine are, maybe we’ll find out more of Xûr. Well the Nine have their own Grimoire entry, and at first glance it confuses you. “The Nine are survivors of the cis-Jovian colonies who made a compact with an alien force to ensure their own survival. The Nine are deep-orbit warminds who weathered the Collapse in hardened stealth platforms. The Nine are ancient leviathan intelligences from the seas of Europa or the hydrocarbon pits of Titan. The Nine arrived in a mysterious transmission from the direction of the Corona-Borealis supercluster. The Nine are the firstborn Awoken and their minds now race down the field lines of the Jupiter-Io flux tube. The Nine are Ghosts who pierced the Deep Black without a ship and meditated on the hissing silence of the heliopause. The Nine are the aspects of the Darkness, broken by the Traveler's rebuke, working to destroy us from within. The Nine is a viral language of pure meaning. The Nine are the shadows left by the annihilation of a transcendent shape, burned into the weft of what is.” At first glance you question this entry. How could the Nine be bother a warmind and the first Awoken. You question this until you start to count and notice, there are Nine sentences of Nine different things. Each sentence gives us insight on each one of the nine that make up the Nine. With that thought, if this entry has a sentence about one of the nine, Nine. Than that means, one of these entries must give us an answer to Xûr’s possible origin. At this point it’s making the most educational guess, so lets go over some of Xûr’s features. Xûr’s psychical features suggest he’s a being we haven’t seen before. Not a machine or an Awoken.Xûr is an Agent of the Nine, which means he isn’t a Nine.Xûr’s has connections to the Tower that allow him to enter freely.Xûr must have been apart of a group of people who became one of the Nine. There are more, but these are key things to take into account while looking back at the Nine entry. From my own opinion, the first sentence in the Nine entry is Xûr’s origins. “The Nine are survivors of the cis-Jovian colonies who made a compact with an alien force to ensure their own survival.” A group of colonist who made a pact with an unseen alien race for survival, possibly leading to changing their own features throughout the ages. Do you think my theory is wrong, do you think Xûr is one of the other eight sentences in the Nine entry. While one theory might shade light on Xûr, another question lingers. Who’re the other eight, of the Nine?
  4. Anyone seens this yet? this is from bungie.net http://www.bungie.net/en/Forum/Post/70492651/0/0 Credits to 'Rx Affliction' Beware guys, it is confirmed by a bungie dev that this is false. but you never know. we could say god doesnt exist but we never know as well so people still kept praying.. so if you want luck. why not buy this prayer emblems and wish for the RNG GODS to give you LUCK good luck and happy hunting guardians^^
  5. Anyone seens this yet? this is from bungie.net http://www.bungie.net/en/Forum/Post/70492651/0/0 Credits to 'Rx Affliction' Beware guys, it is confirmed by a bungie dev that this is false. but you never know. we could say god doesnt exist but we never know as well so people still kept praying.. so if you want luck. why not buy this prayer emblems and wish for the RNG GODS to give you LUCK good luck and happy hunting guardians^^