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Found 5 results

  1. I just checked this forum with the search button and couldn't find a main thread for DayZ Standalone, so I figured I'd create one. So you can talk about all your experiences, find groups, post videos and stuff about it without messing up other threads which are more about one group etc. I've recently been playing the hell out of it with my squad of 3 friends, and I got some footage of a NWAF encounter. Also before you ask, yes we're bandits, no we're not KOS....mostly. Here it is! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dp9fWxhcTII
  2. The last person to post in this thread wins the internet. Who wants it?
  3. Hello all! Shaun, here, saw a previous thread by johnnythehero about giving away a copy of Garry's Mod since he got it on Humble Bundle; So I just got an idea to create this thread where members can post offers to other members without creating a dozen threads for specific giveaways/free games/cd-keys/etc since alot of us have games from Humble Bundles, sales, or just old cd-keys lying around that fell into misuse. Guidelines (give feedback if possible) 1. DO NOT POST CD-KEYs/GIFT LINKS HERE - Instead, send it through PMs 2. First come, first serve - the first 'bidder' that calls out on the offer gets the offer. 3. Be cool - don't call out on every, single, offer, thanks 4. Quote your Offerer - This way if there are more than two offers of the same game, nobody is confused. 5. Refresh! - Cos I will post offers in OP and other stuff. I'll start! I have a bunch of old humble bundles games, making it rain~~~ OFFERS MOVED TO STEAM GAMES AND GIFTING THREAD. REFER TO EDIT. SORRY~~~ Happy Holidays, Shaun EDIT: Ahhh dang it, looks like I'm not that original, somehow overlooked this This. Moving all of my offers there! Sorry mods! Please lock/delete :S
  4. Dark Souls. I'm a sunbro. I like helping people, I really do, but there are sometimes when enough is enough. I'm SL 100. I play Dark Souls just to co-op play now. I get summed in Anor Londo to help some moron in GH Robes and Estoc. I kill three invaders by myself. One with some Heavy armor and weapons that outmatched mine. I'm down to a shrivel of health. I beg the host to use a single estus, the asshole decides not to heal me and uses humanities instead. He goes in to fight O&S. I follow after him. I spend the majority of the fight fighting alone, while the idiot hides in the corner taunting me. Ornstein kills me, I die. Luckily, I watch as Smough beats the living hell out of my no-good summoner and kills him. Today was a good day.
  5. Now if you've gotten past my horrible ''play on acronyms'' in the title and clicked the actual thread, hello! Happy to see people are excited about the relaunch of the Angry Army just like I am, I find AJ's ideas very interesting and hope it all works out. I hope to make this my general ''gaming hub'' where I go to check out community stuff on different games, participate in forum discussions (we all know how fun they can be lol) and of course play games which is what we're (hopefully) all here for. A bit about myself if anyone is interested. I've been a gamer for as long as I remember. One of my favorite genres is space; in particular Freelancer (which I still play from time to time), Privateer, the X games, Frontier, Privateer and of course the upcoming Star Citizen which I backed and from which my wallet is hiding... Furthermore I like music, browsing the internet, running and jumping around, voice acting and generally trying to have as much fun as possible. So nothing out of the ordinary there. That's it for now guys. See you on the forums!